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  1. As a fairly regular observer at Gosch's training (and a very occasional DL contributor), I've recently moved to Italy and am even more appreciative of the training reports. This current crop is exceptional and the fact that they aren't tainted by the petty vitriol that would often emerge in the past is an added bonus. Thanks lads.
  2. This is exactly what I'm suggesting i.e. let him know (if he doesn't know already) that he's let a lot of people down and that there is only one final warning. That tells everyone what is expected and demanded in order to be on our list.
  3. Absolutely an idiot. How many years has it taken to establish the 'no [censored]' policy at MFC? Well, it's possible that we have a [censored] in the making. Of course, the Leadership group needs to reinforce that there can be no exceptions and all players are subject to sanctions if they cross a line. I'm not suggesting that we trade him because of this but I would be making it absolutely clear that any further breaches will result in much more serious consequences. For those who think this is just a stupid, immature boy and that he shouldn't be punished, I disagree. He is now a professional footballer and needs to show that he can repay the faith that the club has shown in him. With regard to Hodge, I cant't remember the details but I think he's probably done a bit more to earn the right for forgivwness. Oliver certainly hasn't so far.
  4. It might have been explained somewhere else but I've missed it. My question is how many slots does that leave us with to fill? FWIW, I'm happy with all four of these delistings given that all had multiple opportunities to impress in the AFL but none did so. Time to move on.
  5. Two comments: 1/- if this happens, I suspect HFC is rewarding Lewis for years of loyal service and the winning of multiple premierships. Just like Mitchell. 2/- Lewis will add some much neede mongrel to the midfield because I don't think he ever takes a backward step. It will take some pressure off of Jones and provide sone protection fo r our young blokes. Fingers crossed.
  6. This is unbelievably good news, if it happens. To have a genuine established A grader want to come to the MFC is almost unheard of in the last 15 years. If it doesn't happen, it's still a feather in someone's cap for creating the possibility. We also have Hawks to thank, I think. Who was our last genuine, established A grade pick-up?
  7. I'm with the dissenters....Weed, I think, was just given a taste to keep him focussed. I think Pedo is considerably better at this point and can relieve Max in the ruck. Weed is very much a work in progress and needs at least another season or two of development. My guess is that he and Pedo will be in and out of the team according to form, needs and the opposition.
  8. I think it was purely a matter of poor selection leading to our being beaten by an inferior team. How can any one justify Mitchie , Weed & ANB being brought in at this stage of the season, off of the back of 3 wins. Dumb selection backed up by dumb coaching and dumb playing. We deserve better service. Some idiot suggested that we would be hurt by playing finals this year hence the selections. Big picture! Nuff said, just an idiot!
  9. True, Chook. I was at Gosch's on Friday and that's what he does. Of course, all the players run & bounce during the simulations but I haven't seen anyone else do it while doing the multiple 50m sprint practice. Nor do I see any of them consistently trying to develop the 'other' foot. No wonder the opposition can work out what side of our player they need to stand on to limit their effectiveness. As they say in the classics, 'it's not rocket surgery'.
  10. Some very unusual selections this week, perhaps born of unrealistic optimism. Weideman for Pederson made no sense to me nor did the preference for ANB & Mitchie over Grimes & Trengove. When we're still a mathematical chance of Finals, it's not the time to experiment. At least, G & T always give it their all and are playing for their future. And they are both smarter footballers than the alternatives. On top of this, our normal core did not perform. Our forwards could not convert and our skills were very ordinary. The exceptions were our back 4 were great. All performed well. I noticed at training that when Hunt is practising sprints he always takes a ball and bounces it while he's running at full tilt. He looks like a professional who knows his strengths and is trying to build on them. What a shame that others on the list don't apply the same focus and use it to also overcome their weaknesses e.g. Kent, Viney, etc who can only kick off one foot. All in all, a cold & miserable day matched by the quality of our football. We'll probably win next week when it doesn't really matter. And Nev should do well in the B & F.
  11. And, at least he can kick with either foot. I've just come back from the 'G watching one-footed player after another butcher the ball. Kent, Tyson, Viney, Wagner, Frost, etc should all be instructed in the off-season to develop their non-natural foot. I think Grimes is worth another couple of games before the decision is made.
  12. Jack has set an example of honesty and loyalty that stands up alongside the likes of the Hawthorn OAPs. Hopefully it will prompt the likes of Tommy Mac & Hogan to display similar qualities. For one who has been the target of no end of sniping and disrespect from coaches and supporters for so long, it is amazing that all he has to say about the club is positive. Good on you, Jack Watts. You have been an absolute beacon during the dark times.
  13. They trained til about 11. Senior squad only, I think. No Grimes, Harmes or Brayshaw seen by me. Guess they're playing at Casey.
  14. There for an hour. Salem, Oliver, Kent, Grimes seemed to be in a rehab group. Garlett training separately with Crossy but being watched by a few others. Kicking really well off of both feet. Hard to believe how hard and low he kicks. Much better than the easy floaters you see so often. I don't understand why Kent & Tyson aren't told to practise kicking with their right foot. It's such an obvious shortcoming in their game. Pedo, Weed & Hulett (I think) were in a group practising goal kicking. Great to see how competitive they are and how much pleasure they get from the others' misses. Did not see Vandenberg. Spencer, Petracca, Trengove all look fit.
  15. Hogan trained with the main group. Looked fine. Further to Watts query, watched him exchanging 30 metre passes with Kent for a few minutes. No sign of a problem. I left at about 11am so it's certainly possible that something happened after I left.
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