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  1. Also chasing 1 x Tier 1 code? I know I’m late to the party but was just waiting for my dad to confirm he’d be there so hoping to secure him a ticket, who has flown up from tassie
  2. Does anyone have footage of this game? Noticed the YouTube link doesn’t work anymore :( would love to rejog to our last finals win
  3. If the Dees do win and host the GF, what venue would it be at?
  4. Does anyone have highlights from that Round 5 2006 game v North Melbourne. Still vividly remember Nathan Thompson coming off in the final minutes, Byron Pickett playing one of his finer games for the Dees and Bate dominating with a goal outside 50
  5. Wow why did I not know this? Is this for the regular MCC/MFC Membership ($79 option) or the Premium member ($200 option)? Where can I find more info about this, looked on both membership sites.. and how do I claim my spare ticket? Have bought them for mates to all games thus far like v Freo
  6. Heard on the radio that he wants out of North Melbourne, worth a look? IMO Great small forward/super sub
  7. There's still hope for those who want him.. "Mark Stevens ‏@StevoHeraldSun Strong mail now that WC only lukewarm at best on Wellingham. Won't be Freo either. Coll or Melb I reckon"
  8. well lets now turn our FULL attention to Kurt Tippett
  9. With the Q-Stick going to Collingwood does that give us a legit chance at Tippett?
  10. http://www.heraldsun...o-1226470914423 Terrible news. More to come. I remember reading that Moloney and some mates were heading over for he's wedding :/ . Let's hope for the best...
  11. Daniel Nicholson had a good mad monday, and a good night. Out at the turf, mingling with my friend. Well at least what she told me so anyway
  12. Why is everyone hating on Jurrah? Had an extremely tough year on and off the field. Wants to live with his family where everything is stable and first and foremost, but also wants to play footy, So Port/Crows seem logical. Why all the negativity to a man who brought us many highlights in his short time, I'm just appalled and confused by the language being used from people who can hide behind their screens and abuse the man. I agree the AFL should compensate if we do not get anything in return if he transfers to another AFL club. Failure to see the whole picture, I wish him the best of luck for the future and for he's case outcome..
  13. When he resigned and didn't head home back up to QLD i was rapt. But this year either due to fitness, game plan, form and other reasons, he is one man i am missing in that forward line. Still remember the excitement he brought in round 1 against Sydney when he truly was the super-sub in the 4th qtr!
  14. my mate summed it up when he told me he send out the annual 'f**k you essendon' message to his bombers mates including dyson heppell haha
  15. I took part in a tour of the MFC facilities followed by a function all hosted by Chris Connolly. He brought up his name about 6 times, as the club highly rates him and is excited about the prospects of our back 6
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