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  1. Sorry mate, auto correct on my mobile phone. Are you suggesting because I quoted a spelling mistake that I a dumb? For the record, I have seen her CV. What I have said is correct.
  2. This has nothing to do with Bartlett. KR was elected President with one ambition, one KPI. That's is to use her close ties with the Andrew's Government to convince them to back our MGC precedent Social Club & Training facility. If you ask KR she speaks openly that this is why she was elected and this is her mission. Her skill set and network outside of this is limited for a football club. Good luck to her.
  3. Demonland, no need to get aggressive. What I have said is true. KR is the best Chair we could have at this time as the Boards main aim is to get the Andrew's Government support for our Social Club & Training Centre in the MCG precinct. KR has little to offer except woke culture change (if you think this is a good thing) outside of her connection with Government. KR is what we need to succeed in the most pressing long term issue for the club. Our home. Outside of this, she offers nothing. This is not a criticism. Like many on our team she is a role player. That we will win a Premiership under her reign is her luck...... but god bless this luck if it gets Dan Andrew's to give us the land we want with some Government funding. The Board has a very diverse set of commercial talents, networks, opinions and skills. This makes them great. At this moment KRs network is needed the most.
  4. She inherited an extraordinary position. Outside of her connections with the Dan Andrew's Government at a time we are pleading for a club centre, she offers nothing. No loss.
  5. I have booked a hotel in Perth to quarantine. Not sure of logistics beyond this, but as a MFC/MCC Premium Member I get a guaranteed GF Ticket. I intend to use it..... even if I am stuck in a hotel for one week or even two. Who is joining me?
  6. We lose to Geelong next week, then Covid closes down the finals and Geelong is declared the premier.
  7. A win with no injuries is that aim of the day. Could be a big day for BBB. Maybe the day he breaks out as a Dee.
  8. Massive game v WC. 1st or 2nd if win and top 4 sealed, 4th if we lose. I think Essendon are a chance v dogs today.
  9. My view is this: Our scoring is a concern. Still 4-6 weeks to make the necessary enhancements/adjustments. Its difficult to tell from the TV but our forwards seem to get up very high and are getting too many ‘cheapies’ in the back half or high wing. The opposition are allowing this and sitting behind us (wicket keeping) and catching our forwards on the way through. Earlier they were coming with us and we were getting out the back more regularly or at least finding more marks I/50. Opposition teams are defending us like we defend our own opposition. Solution: Time to hold a few forwards back and get some quick direct pill to them.
  10. We are targeting Maynard and likely to get him. Its been a long campaign similar to that to secure Langdon.
  11. We need to finish top 2 to give us the best chance of winning the flag. This season it is likely that 16 wins will secure top 2. As such the only significance of our 9 - 0 start is that we now required just 7 wins from the last 13 games to achieve this.
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