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  1. We need to finish top 2 to give us the best chance of winning the flag. This season it is likely that 16 wins will secure top 2. As such the only significance of our 9 - 0 start is that we now required just 7 wins from the last 13 games to achieve this.
  2. Its a absolute disgrace. Ended up with seperate seats for my son and I on level 3 MCC as the system seemed upable to cope with buying more than 1 ticket at a time. Hopefully we can shuffle this around on the day as as we can sit next to each other. Its time the Government let a return to normal ticketing proceedures.
  3. Weids is yet to sign his contract extension. If I was he I would not gave either. I feel it is likely we will lose him. He is going to be offered silly dollars by a line up of other clubs. It could end up in a bidding war that Dees can't compete.
  4. Disappointed to see Jones dumped. I think he has been very serviceable, provides leadership and inspiration to our team. Out Melk & Jones in BBB & ?
  5. Tommy was simply outstanding v Hawks and has played well 4/5 games. The club must and will reward this. He is a certainty for this weekend and should he maintain his first 5 rounds form he will remain in the team till season end. If he starts playing like 2020 he will be dropped. No matter how big the name, the romance and fantasies...... You can’t drop Tommy on form.
  6. Gawn a bargain at $19 for the Brownlow.
  7. The day the 10 year fog lifted. A glorious day well inside my top 10 days (in 45 years) as a Dees supporter.
  8. Jack in the soul of the club. Only a fool would sell his soul.
  9. As Melbourne supporters we are all jaded!! Since 2006 I have known we have not had the cattle. Every win was a great day, any final was an outperformance. But this is no longer my thoughts. I believe we have the best list we have had since the mid 90s. We have the combination of experience and raw talent required to win a premiership. The core of our group are peaking. We no longer have excuses. Only poor player management, bad coaching or extraordinary bad luck (of non soft tissue injuries) will see us outside of the top four. We should expect top 4. Anything less is a
  10. Pretty sure Melbourne walked him to the door in 2018 allowing him to smell the roses......... he is indeed a strange cat. Would love to see him back, but on the basis we were relieved he left I cant seeing us taking him back.
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