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  1. What dribble. 2 minutes I will never get back. Everyone on this site has better insight than this........... even the DL snowflakes.
  2. Firstly, let me congratulate the Dees for another extraordinary trade period. For those wanting to know who the KPF Melbourne is after. Its Mitch Georgiades. We have super currency next year. 2 firsts and 3 second round draft picks when Mitch is out of contract. We will continue to go hard for him. As I said before, the club thinks they can get him. They think he and JVR are the two-pronged KPF for the future. No doubt if Mitch is unattainable, they will look elsewhere for the medium-term missing piece of the puzzle. Again, congratulations to the recruiting team.
  3. True, we may not be ready for this year. We may be preparing for a major play for him next year when he comes out of contract when we have lots of currency. I just don't know. What I do know is we have targeted him for years; we have had interest back. I was told yesterday we are still in the market for a KPF this trade, but I am not sure if this player is him.
  4. We did target Tim Membrey a couple of years back but got BBB instead. Membrey is not the player.
  5. It was not Shache. If we don't land the KPF we have been targeting I will let DL know at 8:30pm who it is. If we don't get him this year I am certain we will try again next year. He has been on our radar since he was a junior even touring the club as a16yo. We were to take him in our next pick in his draft year but were beaten to him. The club see this player and JVR as the perfect two pronged KPF future.
  6. Mate, when I have given names in the past I get smashed when the deal does not eventuate. In this case I have sworn to secrecy on the contracted KPF we have targeted since mid-season.
  7. I am hearing Tomlinson want out but no suitors at our asking price. We want to keep him. Saying that it's still possible as part of KPF deal we are trying to manufacture. I have heard nothing on Hunter and thus probably a dead deal.
  8. We may not be done! Apart from likely departure of Weeds we are working hard on a KPF. Brace for a possible 6pm surprise!
  9. Thanks Jimmy, Disappointing Gunston decided to go to Brisbane. Behind the scenes we went hard. Apparently, he had some family or something in Brisbane. Unfortunately, I have nothing at the moment. I have not spoken to anyone from the club for a number of weeks. However, in saying that I like the way the trade period is unfolding for us. We seem to be working to a plan. Make no mistake we are working towards much more than just good draft picks from Jackson and getting Grundy. Just not sure who it is we are targeting outside a contracted KPF. As far as that player goes, I have no idea how things are going but there has been a small amount of speculation in the press in the last week. Cheers!
  10. Not a chance. Simply we have not enough $.
  11. Agreed but would replace Mitch Brown on the list. This would be a significant improve. Gunston is a superb kick, has fantastic forward craft and is a difficult match up. If Fritch and he could get their forward craft working together it would create headaches for the opposition and less scrutiny on BBB.
  12. My apology got the uncontracted and contracted the wrong way around. I have since fixed via edit. Gunston "uncontracted", the other key forward is contracted.
  13. Hi All, We are currently courting a contracted and uncontracted player both "A Grade" Key Forwards. The uncontracted player is Jack Gunston. We are well and truly in the race despite some contrary media reports suggesting a move to Brisbane or retained by Hawthorn. I have been told we are odds on! (that's better than 50% chance snowflakes not a certainty). The contracted player has also been responsive with quiet discussions since July. I have no idea of the chance of success. If I say who it is this has the real chance of wrecking the good work our recruiters are doing and would undermine the chances of success. Snowflakes, please refrain from abusing me...........I quite enjoy your D-Grade dibble, it's just super boring reading for the rest of DL. If you don't want to hear what I have to say BLOCK ME.
  14. Confirming some news and giving the snowflakes enough opportunity to block me. I am hearing a bit of stir. We certainly have targets outside of Grundy. Grundy a cert.
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