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  1. I'm 100% petty enough to hope this happens to HFC. Never forgiven them (or Simon Eishold) for 1987.
  2. Don’t question my understanding of the game. Try reading my comment. When Viney tries to do too much it can hurt us. When he’s in good form, he doesn’t do that.
  3. Random comment There’s a few on our list that don’t know their limits & opt for the fancy rather than the safe ANB, Harmes and Viney are my key offenders For a bloke who has no time, ANB cruises around like he’s Scott Pendlebury. Harmes is about the dumbest footballer alive And Viney, I respect his hardness for the contest, but he’s completely one sided and often tries to do too much. ANB & Harmes are role players and need to deliver consistency rather than one flashy contribution every 6 weeks.
  4. As Fritsch is one of the um... 'less physical' players on our list, surely Dermie would be loving the idea of him throwing elbows.
  5. You can’t have three blokes getting no touches in the forward line. Spargo - smart enough to hit a target Pickett - dangerous enough to cause damage ANB - useless Based on this in-depth analysis, ANB goes
  6. Generous assessment of May, he was ordinary tonight.
  7. Not me, but at one of our games on the Gold Coast my dad ran into all the umpires in the foyer of the hotel. Dad introduced himself and the umpires ended up gave him a ride to the ground in their mini bus 😄
  8. Never forget Derm's all time classic of suggesting David Wirrapunda wouldn't like playing in cold weather (apparently in Dermie's world all indigenous players come from the desert). Someone had to tell him Wirrapunda is from Healesville 😁
  9. Last night was bearable because Taylor the [censored] was absent. He doesn't know the rules or the players. And he's not funny. I particularly enjoy his medical speculations regarding injury. Classic example - when he suggested the GPS tracker in the jumper may've caused in injury. And he seems anally fixated...if I hear him mention hemorrhoid cream one more time I will lose it.
  10. Let's be real though - would a club like Collingwood risk going for an untried senior coach like Yze or throw their considerable resources at Clarkson? I just can't see Collingwood taking a risk on someone untried, however talented they are.
  11. You're all a lot less jaded than I am. I'm currently here
  12. We cannot expect to win games when we’ve got players in the forward line contributing nothing. Spargo, Pickett & ANB all did nothing today. Unfortunately the gap between their best and their worst is massive.
  13. Harmes has his positives but has to be one of the dumbest footballers alive
  14. THIS It really grinds my gears that the 'big' Victorian clubs have been protected from playing down there for years while we have to front up every year. The argument about crowd size is void because barely anyone non-Geelong can get in down there. Geelong gets an armchair ride and the big clubs get protected from playing at a ground where the home team have an obvious advantage. Imagine scheduling Richmond to play down there. If Hardwick the germ can't handle Docklands his head would explode at the thought of the hour drive.
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