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  1. The problem is it's either feast or famine - there's no grey. Our forward line is either amazing or it doesnt work at all (See the Queen's Birthday game). Both types of conversion are an issue; inside 50>marks and set shots>goals. There was that nightmare moment in the Q3 of the grand final, Bont had kicked that goal and we were 5.10 and I thought 'we've been horribly inaccurate all year and it's about to bite us'. Thank god the tide turned.
  2. I fully endorse this level of irrational crazy
  3. Gus can be very casual with some of his kicks. Especially when he’s on his left.
  4. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but the umpiring was decent. They let the play go and didn't pay too many technical/soft stuff. Yes there were some decisions missed and I was spewing on the three frees paid to Daniher but overall, that's the umpiring we want.
  5. Back 6 looked good Viney was a monster Credit to Dogga for a great ruck performance Our 2nd tier guys really lifted Clarry is next level
  6. Taking a mature view - anyone but Carlton
  7. Not a go at you but pretty sure Darcy Moore hasn’t faced sexual assaults charges. They’re two different cats.
  8. Steven May has only held the title ‘Australia’s Dumbest Footballer’ for a week & in comes Bazlenka to steal it 😂
  9. I'm not saying it's time to panic but I am saying the uneasy spirit of Norm Smith has awoken and we're doomed for another 57 years 😁
  10. Got mine todays and it’s fantastic quality. Like you I was expecting the standard junk.
  11. This is the ultimate in idiocy from May. And he’s my imaginary football boyfriend 😂
  12. Off the topic - when I was a kid this book freaked me out 😂
  13. Am I misremembering, thought No2 was retired for a few years after Robert Flower retired?
  14. I would be disappointed in the club if they went after Walker. We can’t talk about supporting our Aboriginal players then recruit someone who made a stupid racist comment.
  15. First tier players - out of form (except Max) sscond tier - have plateaued
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