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  1. Always defend the honour of women? Nah don’t love that. If men cared about the honour of ALL women maybe, but that’s not the case. Do we think Bolton or Rioli would step in if they saw some random girl being harassed? Not likely. This is about ownership. They should’ve just walked away.
  2. 8-0 and I still cannot get over the lack of love Oliver gets from the demonland crew. Loved Tmac & May’s game and impressed with Jordon.
  3. Don't forget Chad. They named their sons Kane and Chad 🤣
  4. Agree - Bailey was the victim of our hot mess of a board. He was treated badly.
  5. The way Howe left always left a bad taste. He was a sook who didn't want to play in the backline of a rubbish side and then was a jerk about a club that had given him a chance. Think of all the smashings someone like Colin Garland put up with, he had the fortitude to keep going. Of those who left in that era - Frawley, Rivers etc - I was wishing them well. But Howe acted like a clown.
  6. Same, it was right in front of my seats. We must be MCG neighbors ✌️
  7. Did anyone else notice the huge hit Viney took in the last 30 seconds of Q2? It was a massive contest, Viney took a huge hit and the crowd collectively winced. He was down for a long time (Viney-wise) afterwards and it took some time for him to walk off the ground. I thought for sure he's cracked some ribs but he was back out in the second half. Viney is insane but you have to love him.
  8. Please delete this post - Norm Smith's angry spirit can read it 😁
  9. Have to disagree with the assessment of Oliver’s game
  10. We all love Nev but have to accept that’s he’s getting near the end.
  11. Andrew looks an exciting prospect - it's great to see talented Sudo kids moving through the ranks.
  12. The fact you're nuffing out over a woman president talking about equality is proof enough. Just because you dont experience or see gender inequality in your own life doesnt mean it doesnt happen.
  13. Karen Paxman is a superstar. Also enjoyed how much her mullet upset the sooks of the 7AFL Facebook page.
  14. On Saturday night I was sitting 5 rows behind our bench and was watching to see what Williams was doing. There were three clear occasions where I did notice him yelling out to Clarry, Brayshaw & Pickett. Clarry was after a contest where he found space and took the option to kick into our forward line (Q3). Gus was after he laid a good shepherd (Q4), and Kosi...I can't remember 😊. Clarry and Gus' effort both resulted in goals. These examples make up exactly 1% of what Chocco is doing so I'm drawing no conclusions other than to say they might be some of the players he's focusing
  15. THIS Trac is fantastic but he's had one good season. Clarry has been consistent since 2017. They are two different beasts, but it amazes how the posters on this site are blinded by Trac's flashier efforts and rate these over the consistency of Oliver.
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