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  1. Clayton Oliver jumper bid now = $6,350!
  2. Three great 'recent' wins against the Dogs. '87 last round to get us into the finals, '94 final where Gazza kicked 10 and last night.
  3. Not sure if anyone has posted this: https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/afl-great-greg-parke-dead-in-grand-final-tragedy/news-story/b1ba85ae8b0d369039b5e97bb431f35f
  4. Do you have any special friends, family who did not make it to this day? I went to the footy with Ray from Springvale Under 12s onwards for years. We re- connected many years later when Ray developed an illness and sadly passed away. He was a demon FANATIC, and is survived by his two sons and daughter. Go RAY, Go DEES!
  5. In support of your argument would probably be all the Dees who retired early or went to other clubs. Bromell, Barassi, Roet, Mithen, Bob Johnson, Hassa Mann off the top of my head.
  6. Recruiting zones were changed which doomed the dees. Whoever was coach didn't matter.
  7. The AFL should consider scheduling a bye before counting Round 23 votes.
  8. For me it means re-claiming part of my childhood. It would also mean MFC returning to its rightful place as a leading club. Success breeds success, and a win may usher in years of enjoying the Dees as a power club.
  9. Tomorrow 3.00pm ABC radio will be doing a replay of the '64 Grand final.
  10. There was a message to members from Gary Pert yesterday so scroll down where info is given about using your barcode and purchasing tickets.
  11. I think you can buy ONE ticket per membership, multiple tickets (up to 8) with multiple barcodes. That's what I thought Pert's letter meant.
  12. He has the Barassi-esque will to power, I have no doubt.
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