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  1. Hi @Kiran - have to say, that was the first time I’ve heard your podcast and I thought it was a fantastic interview. Very measured and direct questioning, with the answers from GB as candid as you could probably hope for - hence the 5 + page thread on Demonland! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to hearing more from you guys.
  2. If he doesn’t listen at the moment, he won’t have much of a choice now that Pert has got involved.
  3. It’s a long way, he needs to talk a bit louder.
  4. Maybe TMac in the equation with Preuss to GWS? Probably not enough to snare 9 on its own, but would move us closer to it.
  5. Sounds like Voss could be in the reckoning for North, who would be a great get for them. We really must step up this year - I think Top 5 is the minimum now.
  6. Well, I don’t mind that we have a player that is hungry for it: I don’t think that he is a selfish player, but I do think he craves team/personal success. Of course, I’d love him to sign up for 5 years today, but I don’t blame him for waiting to see what happens. Since finals, we have finished 17th and 9th, with some quite good and also pretty poor performances. That’s two years, without a sniff of finals. For a player of his ability and ambition, he’d want to make sure that the next contract he signs (which is going to probably be the biggest of his career) is going to be with an or
  7. I know, right?! I’m not sure whether that’s a specific recruitment policy (I reckon it was, in the past) or a long standing cultural hangover that still rings true at coterie and board level. Maybe once we have our home base and Melbourne supporters of all backgrounds can mix together, this might change? I love it when we recruit a genuine hard nut, like Steven May or Clayton Oliver but I must say, I was very impressed with Ed Langdon’s tenacity and contest, when my preconception had been of a one way runner. Perhaps it’s inverse snobbery, on my part?
  8. Tend to agree - still a bit of the old boy, ammo stuff about our club. I cringed a bit at the last Captain’s Run podcast, with Gus and Wattsy chewing the fat like a couple of Church St retirees.
  9. Also Oliver’s hero growing up. But I think he has said he’ll stay at Port. I would LOVE Hodge!
  10. Dodoro RARELY Saadisfies!
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