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  1. Good morning everyone - I’ll be on a self-imposed media ban til first bounce, so enjoy the game - it’s been a long time coming - and see you on the other side! Come On The Dees
  2. BUMP! Driving past so many houses with Maxy on the flags and banners, I was reminded of this song.
  3. Looking good! Where did you get those banners?
  4. My MFCSS has kicked in now:I can’t help but think that we may come out a little flat after the extended break - may be a week too much for us?
  5. Razor Ray is not umpiring finals.
  6. I don’t like participation medals for doing nothing either, but for a bloke like Hunt to miss out, when he has played and made a huge contribution for the bulk of the year is deserving of the recognition.
  7. That’s right - also harks back to a time where football clubs didn’t have massive squads: if you were not in the first team, you were competing for the Reserves Premiership or U19 Premiership, so would have had a dip at one of the titles.
  8. Exactly right - the fact that there is only 1 prize per year, makes it bloody hard to get any recognition: in the English Football League, there are 3 different cup competitions as well as the 4 leagues to try and win or get promotion from. From memory, I think that a promotion or championship medal is given to any player that’s played a game. I think after the upheaval for these players over past two years, it would be a good time to start squad recognition for each player that’s played a game that season.
  9. Why do people still use that dreadful logo? I have only bad memories of that era!
  10. I heard Garry and Tim interview this guy on their show a couple of weeks back: absolutely fantastic.
  11. I was thinking exactly this: I’m sure they’ve explored this option, but could he run things from Adelaide, with a trip over each week? Maybe it’s a job where you need to be always amongst the players?
  12. Just chatting to my mad Bombers neighbour: says he and all his crew are right behind the Dees.
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