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  1. That’s a fair point - Top 4 in the past 3 seasons is some achievement. I guess I was highlighting the fact I haven’t been convinced over the past couple of years - I get that the ladder doesn’t lie - but I don’t quite believe this team at the moment.
  2. That's certainly the other way of looking at it! Hopefully, you're right.
  3. I don't disagree with what he says at all. Even though we made Top 4 the last 2 years, I have to say that there weren't many games that I didn't go home feeling underwhelmed at the performance - even though we might have got the win. Winning ugly is all very well to get the Top 4 opportunity, but you need to back that up where it matters - so far we haven't. It felt at the games, over the last couple of years, as though it was a real slog for the players. Where there was a real freedom and joy in the way the team played in 2021, the past two years have seemed very heavy and burdensome (I get that we had a target on our backs in 2022). I'm not sure what the answer is, by the way, although I believe we should be using Kozzy in a Bobby Hill type role. Hopefully, in Billings and Windsor, we have recruited some better ball users, although we can't load Windsor up with expectation at this stage. It will be interesting to see if there is a marked difference in game style this year - certainly something needs to freshen up, to put a bit of spark back: at the moment, to me, it all feels a bit stale.
  4. I know - but I’m still salty after they changed the NGA rules to give Mac Andrew to GC. It does sound as though those players are rated quite highly, though.
  5. Yes …And the Dees begin their influx of F/S with Kalani White in 2025 and Marley Davey the year after, I believe. Although, I think Noah Yze is available next year, but that doesn’t fit my narrative 😂
  6. AFL to overhaul draft on Father/Son picks “What’s that you say? The Dees have got three gun father son picks coming up? Time to put a stop to this!” It’s about making clubs part with first round picks to secure F/S if their selection gets nominated in the first round, to stop what happened this year, with R1 bloating out to 29 picks. The idea will be overseen by Geoff Walsh and was proposed by Graeme Allen (and Steven Wells) as soon as the Daicos boys were picked up for nothing.
  7. 💯- WCW has a great blend of sass and humility. And a proper grasp of grammar.
  8. Top job, Andy, as ever. Perhaps my biggest take out was that Kalani White, Noah Yze and Marley Davey are all being closely monitored for upcoming F/S. Hard not to get excited!
  9. True dat. Looks like GC are on the right track.
  10. Maybe clubs should be restricted as to how many of their academy kids they can bid on each draft. Gold Coast pick up 3 top 15 picks in this draft and another at 26. They could do that each year: bring through the best 3 or 4 players in Queensland and pay nothing for them. There’s no way clubs get 3 or 4 gun F/S selections each year. I’m all for the equality of the competition, but surely GC and GWS have had enough concessions now?
  11. Jake Melksham and Kynan Brown have both been taken in the Rookie Draft - confirmed via AFL Draft show.
  12. Dump kicks into 50 reminding me of another team 😂
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