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  1. One point he made, which I think is absolutely spot on, is that the younger players coming through don't need to do the 3 years o cultural change that ANB, Gawn, Petracca, Oliver etc etc had to do. They are now learning 'on the tools' from these guys, which I think is the key to a successful club and dynasty - look at how the Swans have stayed up for so long. You think about the likes of Garland, Trengrove, Sylvia, Watts etc - really, they never stood a chance to learn properly.
  2. Fabulous interview. Honestly, I thought at the end of 2020, he would be on his way out. Since then, he has become one of our most important players - I thought he was the player we missed most in the Hawks game. His endurance and toughness has ensured that our game plan works from the front. Superb individual.
  3. Not sure if you’ve seen the Gary Pert announcement to the players, but Goody left a lot of money on the negotiating table, in order that the current coaching set-up could remain despite the soft cap restrictions. He was entitled to ask for much more dough, but preferred that his team could stay as is. Probably also the reason for the 2 year deal. Thanks Goody!
  4. I don’t understand why people think Dogga is so desperate to move back to WA.
  5. Another fantastic podcast @[email protected][email protected] - the depth of analysis and insight into each week’s game is absolutely fascinating and always a measured and balanced. The contributors really complement each other - keep up the great work
  6. Bingo - exactly how I saw it. We could not expect to run over the Hawks with the outs that we had, so did really well to grind things out. I thought Melksham did some okay stuff Q1 but unfortunately let a few tackles slip and that kick from 30, he used to do with his eyes closed. You could see on each line that with the significant player out, the others had to lift more: Petty will make a huge difference, so will Jacko. For me, the guys we missed the most were ANB and Sparrow: their gut running pressure in the forward line would have stymied the Hawks transition out of defence. I thought the Hawks were good: playing the right way, they will be a force soon.
  7. Preuss getting a lot of hit-outs, but is static afterwards - makes you appreciate our incredibly mobile ruck duo!
  8. Agree 100%. I thought that was pretty much his best game for the club: he seems to be playing a slightly higher role, where he pinpoints kicks into the F50, rather than just crumbing deep. His vision and kicking precision are excellent and he’s really able to use his reading of the game to great effect. In general, it seems as though our younger brigade are really beginning to shine through, but what an apprenticeship they are being given!
  9. I noticed this, too - also after Trac’s second, where Harmes’ contest created the spillage - Trac was straight over to Harmes to congratulate him.
  10. Agree on all 3 points @CYB - JUH looked deflated and lost out there - I’m sure he’ll work his way into the AFL, but talk of him being the next Buddy Franklin looks off the mark at the moment. Shai Bolton is fantastic - I was thinking the same re Kozzy: he has the smarts, skill and toughness to be as good as Bolton: something to aspire to.
  11. Warning! Warning! A depleted Dons does not historically bode well!
  12. You’re dead right - the recruitment has happened at the same time as the culture has changed on and off the field, which has led eventually to the flag. Every aspect of the club, it seems, is being run in the right way, which leads to harmonious outcomes. It’s been a long build, but hopefully one that will now breed sustained success. The fact that all these draftees, no matter if a defender, midfielder or forward, are able to learn their craft from (now) elite players is something we haven’t had at our club for many, many years. Imagine if the likes of Watts, Trengrove, Garland etc had the same opportunity…
  13. Would be a good move with Nev now at the Pies.
  14. I would urge anyone that hasn’t done so (or is sceptical) to get out to Casey, Covid permitting, and watch the women play. Absolutely fierce and an opportunity to get close up to the action.
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