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  1. The Irish are only made out to be stupid, so the English can understand them.
  2. I think only the 1st-4th year players are due back at the moment, although a few of the older guys have already returned.
  3. How come we don’t get the home advantage of Casey?!
  4. Yes - a clumsy response if this is how it played out. Especially after the May/Melksham incident.
  5. Yes - he honoured the promise he made.
  6. Who knows which side Hunter and Schache fall into. Dunkley had obviously been keen to get out for some time!
  7. Listen to the interview - he’s clearly keen to be at the Dees. Comes across as a good guy, in the Lingers mould.
  8. Exactly right. You could argue that we paid overs for Lever, but we were determined to get him, so you pay what you think they’re worth. You can’t go after a player during the season, offer them huge dollars and then try to screw their parent club - bad form.
  9. Sadly, it isn't embarrassing for them, it's the new norm of low level journalism - not only in footy, but across a lot of the mainstream media now. Look at the sensationalist headlines around the current Hawks story in the Herald Sun: there's a cleverly worded disclaimer in each of the pieces, but the rest of it is pure conjecture, that may have little or no truth to it. Our standards, as a society, seem to have slipped so low as to what we consume media-wise, that the muck rakers and bulltish artists are no longer held to account.
  10. No doubt the Casey facilities are great, but the Club still needs a spiritual home, where the clan can gather.
  11. Whilst I’d be glad to have Ooze at the Dees next year, it must be incredibly frustrating to be scuppered by the AFL Boys’ Club.
  12. It’s on Channel 7 or 7HD in Melbourne. Come On Boys!!!
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