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  1. No! It's got Britpop in it! Noel, Damon and Liam!
  2. You could be right here: David Watts, Walls Come Tumbling Down...
  3. Number 5 is The Grateful Dead (I think?)
  4. I know - it’s great listening to SEN on Saturday mornings after a Friday night win.
  5. @DemonOX Hope you enjoyed that win, mate. Stay well.
  6. I’m so sorry to hear that @DemonOX. My condolences to you and your family - I’m sure all Demonlanders will be holding you in the light. That’s a lovely story about telling her the ladder position. Go well in these difficult times.
  7. My hatred for them is also irrational! I don't know what it is about them (everything, actually), but I despise them. And I'm a Buddhist!
  8. Hopefully, you still are able to go, mate, and pay tribute to your great Dad.
  9. Obviously, you don't want to be relying on those free kicks to win a game, but the holding the ball before Walker's goal and the deliberate out of bounds at the end were very poor.
  10. Have to win today - we have seen Tigers, Doggies and Geelong all turn it on this weekend. If we're to be on the level with them, we need to be clinical in the way we go about Carlton.
  11. I can't work the permutations, but the three outs are huge, especially Viney, who drives the standards in the mids and lets Trac and Clarry do their thing. I would put Sparrow in, to rotate through the guts with Jones and Brayshaw. Jones will be the old head v Kennedy and Parker. Put Petty back - May really rates him, according to a recent interview, so let him find his feet down there. TMac to the wing and maybe Weid in for Melk (not direct swap)? It looks a bit too heavy, but who else do we have to put the pressure on in the F50?
  12. Love it WJ - I’ll read this to the soccer team I coach, who looked yesterday as if they had been up playing FIFA until 3am. Regarding today, I’m not nearly as bullish as some. The Kangas are on their home deck and would be desperate for a scalp. We, on the other hand, have rolled the dice with a big team change and a reputation for drinking bath water before these games.
  13. I think I read somewhere that Watts, Frawley and Rivers were the others, hence my beer snake question.
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