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  1. Thanks for the report @george_on_the_outer - halfway through, I realised I was reading it in your voice, after hearing you on the DL podcast recently!
  2. Sounds like it, doesn’t it? Bit weird, telling members in an email that the Board don’t support his nomination. Surely, it’s the best person for the position, unless there’s something Trump-like that’s wrong with him and that’s what’s being alluded to by Bartlett? edited to add: Not really a fair fight is it?
  3. The Davey boys will not be too far behind. Can you imagine?
  4. Nothing on the official site yet, but I just spotted this on the MFC Insta feed: Jake Bowey #17?
  5. I hear you, but the entitlement of the younger generations was born from the generations that preceded.
  6. The photographer has a bit of a thing for Marty Hore 😉😁
  7. Wow! What a fantastic and enthralling article - thanks for sharing it 👍🏼
  8. Interesting post @WERRIDEE - I love how we all see the playing list in different ways. What I do take from your list, however you look at it, is that we are still probably 2 or 3 strong players short of a consistent Top 4 list. The Casey team looks great, though!
  9. We might be looking at the Rookie Draft?
  10. One can only assume that our allocation from the State government will also be significant.
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