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  1. Not overly rapt about this - I don’t see Melksham as much of a team player: his pressure is non-existent. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but if I see any spaghetti arm tackles tomorrow, I’ll SPEW!
  2. I feel your pain - we have a family GA membership, purely because (for us) we prefer the view from L4, next to the MCC Reserve. I don't know why they haven't opened it up - there were people up there during the Freo game - but maybe you can just wander up?? Meanwhile it's behind the goals tomorrow, but at least we're at the footy!
  3. No, it's not the case: we have a GA family membership, so you just enter the barcodes and get the tickets. Ironically, the reason I got the GA membership was that I prefer sitting on L4 wing, right next to the MCC Members, as I like to see the full ground, whereas we previously had reserved seats on L1. At the moment, you have to take whatever seats they give you, which for us are L1 behind the goals!
  4. I find SEN pretty lowbrow these days, although I actually don’t mind Off The Bench on Saturday mornings. It’s become a vehicle for horse racing, punting and adverts, with a bit of sport in between. Even Gerard Whately’s show, which I used to rate, has gone a bit 3AW as someone said previously.
  5. Earl, I had problems too, where I couldn’t choose a delivery option and so could not proceed with tickets. This was on my desktop computer, so I tried on my phone and it worked straightaway. Hope you get it sorted.
  6. Fantastic piece - well balanced and insightful, I really enjoyed reading it.
  7. Fantastic! Got me hook, line and sinker!
  8. No thanks - I’d just about erased that shower of merde.
  9. That’s a good idea - have stipulated times, each club paying a proportionate amount of the upkeep fees, council pays the rest which ensures pick up games can take place at all other times.
  10. I think there’s a lot that’s right about those figures, but I believe it points to success for Melbourne in the next few years, rather than this, once the list has organically developed to that age/games demographic. Another positive thing is that recent recruitment (past 5 years or so) will hopefully lend itself to sustained success.
  11. A great point W4TA - if you look at the pressure acts inside F50, watch how many repeat efforts Spargo and Kossie make. They harass the first guy, who gets rid, they then harass that guy and so on. It leads to hurried kicks out of defence, which are then gobbled up by a Gawn/Lever/May, ready to rebound again. I still believe we have even more room for improvement, but the pressure all round is so much better than last year.
  12. Great summary - the only element that’s lacking is cleaner kicking and skills. We have become much more confident and calm.
  13. We won a lot more out of the middle today - some great passages of play. Our turnovers and inaccuracy were the blight on the game. Fix those things - or at least reduce by 50% and we have the makings of a v good team. Loving the toughness this year, also.
  14. We are keeping StK in this game - should be 4 or 5 goals clear. Only ourselves to blame if we duck this up.
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