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  1. My favourite. Used it in many presentations over the years.
  2. I have never been more confident he will stay then.
  3. I'd stack Trengove's first 2 years up comparatively against Brayshaw's. I am not however saying I would take him over Brayshaw, but was responding to a post basically saying Tenners was a dud. It is an interesting comparison though. Both started well, Angus had setbacks through concussion and looked close to finished at one stage. His comeback and development has been remarkable and a joy. Trenners first few years had him on track for something special, even if it would be solid and reliable special. Natural leadership and great work ethic. I saw him at Maroochydore one year in a moon boot and on a scooter still being involved in training, including doing push ups with the group. I rate Angus, but lament Trengove. Worse luck than the Greeks with Achilles tendion!
  4. This is very interesting and combined with being a little off in our own gameplan, is a big reason we have been brought back to the pack. Hopefully we can work it out and counter before its too late.
  5. Trengroves first two year were fantastic for such a young player.
  6. You may be forgetting how good he was at the start before the dreaded foot settled in.
  7. I'd take a fit Trengove any day of the week.
  8. No for me. Too big an advantage to Richmond!!
  9. I would, but then again, I am not very fond of either of them!!!
  10. CHF, love that region and can't wait to get back again. There used to be a restaurant called the 'The Caves' in town that was an excellent experience in quality country french cuisine. The pub in the town square was great after 9pm as well. Let's hope you get to celebrate a win and prolong the hangover!!
  11. I don't, but it is usually humid!!!
  12. Yeah, what is it with the orange on the Blues jumper. Have they decided it's not enough to poach the GWS players they have decided to become them as well?
  13. McCartin and Hickey would be a good start......
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