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  1. Anyone know if the Maroochydore Training Camp is dead forever, or is there word it will be back?
  2. From the AFL website MELBOURNE B: L.Birch 9 T.Gillard 17 HB: S.Heath 30 M.Gay 3 S.Goldrick 23 C: S.Lampard 8 T.Hanks 5 B.Mackin 31 HF: A.Bannan 16 K.Paxman 4 K.Hore 10 F: D.Pearce - C 6 T.Harris 7 Foll: L.Pearce 15 O.Purcell 2 E.West 11 I/C: M.Chaplin 13 C.Sherriff 18 L.Mithen 14 E.Zanker 29 M.Fitzsimon 24 Emerg: C.Wilson 20 J.Ivey 19 M.Caris 21 In: None Out: None
  3. Probably doesn't know how to find the place.
  4. In fairness, I'm pretty sure Pickett is very pro MJ. And vocal, (sic)
  5. Joke of a spot to hold the Grand Final. AFL should hang their heads in shame. Ony hope there are no injuries due to the premature surface.
  6. Thought Gillard was good today Kev. Threw her weight around a few times. Really becoming a talent.
  7. Healthy scepticism. I think I'll join you in your vigilance. I think there is an overvaluation happening.
  8. Can't answer that, but wanted to say what a cracking username!!.
  9. Have high hopes for Woey. Look forward to how his pre season goes.
  10. I thought it was Smith that got turned inside out by Cameron in that final?
  11. That's sounding like Lynch. Taken before the Lucas Cook debacle.
  12. Now Mr Leg. I suggested no such thing.....
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