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  1. He does appear to be lacking pace and agility. Like his competitive mongrel though. On a similar vein, I was pleasantly surprised by Tomlinson's agility today.
  2. He would start his run up for the centre bounce from the goal square!
  3. As a whole its overly too negative. Way too early to be telling Windsor to look around for a better team.
  4. Yep reactive, totally agree. Have to admit though, I thought the Suns reached a lot taking him at pick 5. Astute in hindsight though.
  5. And they gave them a priority pick to gift them Anderson with Rowell, us missing out, and they changed the NGA zone to gift them Darwin just as there were a couple of good prospects coming through. I'm not bitter at all though.
  6. Good to see Corey Wagner getting a run. Good luck to him.
  7. I'd like to know the Grundy story?
  8. They had Ron Barrassi at number 1. Hard to argue with his record and all. Had really good things to say about Robbie though.
  9. I'll second Isaac Quaynor. Wish we had him.
  10. I must have missed some full moon crazy solstice thing again. Seriously, settle down.
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