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  1. Melksham was OK today. Did some nice things. I can handle players making mistakes every now and then but not lack of effort or laziness. Personally didn't see any of that from him this week. (As opposed to last week).
  2. I would have had Langford as BOG tonight. Fantastic effort throughout.
  3. Maybe Collingwood are tanking so they can get him back.....
  4. Always wondered if Satirycon from ology was Saty from here. I think I recall he wasn't. Can anyone confirm?
  5. Would you sign that contract,. If we get unexpected cap space you get more? If not is it bad luck, or do you just shift the guaranteed money difference down the road to be dealt with later. Sounds a little too much like the Collingwood scenario for me. Pay him what he is worth, phased over an agreed timeline. I think the flexibility in all this will come in a few years when/if 900k now (for instance) is 1.2mil in later years.
  6. I thought Sparrow was BOG last week and I'm quite bullish on him. But I won't loose sleep over Harmes being selected. He provides a different balance. Can't wait for Sparrow to get back on, but I think he has been the sub enough lately. Also think the sub is best suited to snr players like Jones. I think in future there might be a 'jack of all trades" specialist developed for the role. Jordan Lewis would have made an excellent sub. My Yum Cha is settling now.
  7. So funny, I Almost spat out my Yum Cha!!!
  8. Didn't help that when they did go to the draft it didn't work out well. Scharenberg and Freeman for example would be filling those gaps now. I don't think they have been scrutinised enough for the drafting over the years.
  9. I could never decide whether being called Kane or Chad was worse. And all this from a simple Graeme....
  10. She must be devastated she is missing the current Collingwood kefuffle. I'd imagine Buckley is happy not to have her on his tail at the moment. Look forward to seeing her back, hopefully in time to join the afray.
  11. I couldn't remember if he was on ology or land, such is my memory. He was a riot and cringworthy at the same time. Loved the stuff about him going to be drafted, as well as outlandish statements and commentary on his fights on Big Footy.
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