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  1. Traditionally the whipping boy plays seniors.
  2. Haven't seen much love for the big comeback win vs Freo. Big days for Austin Wonameri and Brad Miller.
  3. I think Tassie's timing is pretty good. The money they hand over probably means more at the moment as it will not be easily replaced, and it is not like they are demanding a team immediately, just an undertaking. If I were Tassie I would feel pretty sick of handing over good money as a future investment only be be constantly shunned in expansion plans because they are already a cash cow. Would love to see them pull the money and have the narrative change for a while. AFL will soon come crawling back to them for another deal.
  4. As far as I can work out, I think he is replying to Dieters post from Oct 23.
  5. Daisy did a few things but did not have a great day and was right to be left out of the best yesterday. She will be better for the run.
  6. I think Spargo is also midfielder being made into a small forward. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not ready to write Bedford off. Way too early. I also think Lockhart and Chandler could be worth another chance if they don't make it as defenders. I think Spargo will start to mature into a very different player in the future. He could still be the answer to the other wing spot with his clever ball use. Just needs to get the engine right.
  7. They took Hannant like that from us. Unless the rules have changed.
  8. I think skills point is that he didn't debut until 20/21 yo. So developed heaps in the years after he was 16. I didn't know of him before he came to us but its hard to think that sort of pace isn't pretty natural. Maybe he learnt how to use it better as he got older and more confident.
  9. I agree re Robbo. Could never be seen as a small pocket. Aaron Davey though started there and sort of redefined the role of small forward. I think its a bit of a travesty he never made it to 200 games. If he stayed forward more or had more physical support in the midfield Im sure he would have. Loved his story and career regardless.
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