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  1. Haha, I was going to crack that joke. Kept it to myself. BTW, I finally rewatched on Thursday night - and we still won!!!
  2. Surely the old 80s Cairns Draft should get a special mention. It was like drinking a bowl of peanuts.
  3. Thanks La D, I didn't see you post until after my last response.
  4. I bow to you Mazer, it was Willium, and the episode was Histories of Pliny the Elder.
  5. I'm not sure Mazor, I don't think it's that one. I wish I still had the tapes. I am remembering it was about WW2. I don't recall hearing a Roman one. I'll check around a bit to confirm. BTW, my favourite episode was always The Red Fort, where they built a gun boat in the dessert.
  6. Hard, I love the Goons too but only knew them through cassettes. Was the Telegoons a TV show or video of them doing the radio show? My favourite quote has to be "He said said that's a nasty lump on your bonce mate, and I said where? And he said there, and he pointed it out with a dirty great club!"
  7. No, sorry, can't agree. It was a concession too far. They should never have got pick 19.
  8. Ridiculous waste of a priority pick concession. AFL should be livid and asking GCS for a please explain why they should be given any further assistance into the future. Been made to look like chumps.
  9. Hope you are alright, seems an odd time to leave but wish you all the best. Enjoyed your contributions.
  10. French potatoes. That would explain Casboult being on their list so long!
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