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  1. I don't feel devastated as after our other losses. I got a sense that we were not playing our full hand so as to not reveal our plans for them before finals and allow them to counter. In a final, Bont won't get all that space and no way Daniels will be left on his own. I am a little optimistic as well after last night.
  2. Since they closed the AFL app to live streams Kayo has been a godsend. If you are interstate you don't get many games otherwise.
  3. I was being a smart Alec naming him. Just whenever I hear about someone on Demonland doing something outlandish I think of him........and chuckle.
  4. He disappeared years ago. In a blaze of glory.
  5. No idea, but the lad was as mad as a cut snake and quite funny...
  6. I just got what the D is for! I really don't think you needed to do post graduate studies to accentuate it though.
  7. All I will say is that the umpiring, especially in the 2nd and 3rd qtr, was deplorable and momentum changing.
  8. Is that Welsh?? Or just some really good Shiraz?
  9. I never like it when a player gets a freaky haircut before a game, always seems like their mind isn't in the game.......
  10. Yes, and for a while we thought we were the winners in that one. Maybe the compo pick from Frawley helps balance it a bit.
  11. I take from your comments you don't like him, and he isn't my favourite by a long stretch, but I think this is way off the mark.
  12. In the heart mate, directly in the heart. I don't care where they play. I just really dislike them and their self entitled attitude. They are they AFL team equivalent to the famous Middle aged woman called Karen. 😡
  13. That would be one scary mother bird. Cross between a Cassawori and a scrub Turkey.....
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