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  1. Swans will go incredibly hard for JUH as well, will probably trump our offer, they’ve already thrown the kitchen sink at Larkey and Naughton
  2. Doesn’t matter how good Windsor and Jefferson turn out to be we will always lose the Jackson trade, generational player
  3. Out of contract next year
  4. Not a free agent but surely we’ll throw a massive offer to Ugle Hagan? Would be a great partner for JVR
  5. Because there’s just so much to be positive about at the moment hey !
  6. How can you say that with the way he played on Curnow in the last quarter of the semi final? He was extraordinary, almost carried us to a win
  7. Hasn’t had an amazing day by any stretch but it’s good signs from JVR you can tell he’s taken a step
  8. Interesting that Kynan Brown is getting a gig with the main squad and Tholstrup isn’t
  9. Weren't they only offering their pick 13 or 14 though? That's no where near enough for him, would rather take the punt on him getting healthy again, that pick would've been pushed out to 20. If they had of offered something better than that you'd think about it but pretty sure they lowballed us
  10. Well it changes it if you're saying 21 and under. Amiss (20) , Ugle Hagan and Logan Mcdonald (21) you'd have to say are better forwards than JVR at this point and the King brothers are still young. Love JVR though, hoping he will improve this season
  11. So Petty won’t be playing footy for a long time by the sounds of it
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