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  1. I would personally be disgusted if our team instigated or planned to take players out of the game to win dirty. Leave that crap to the Hawks, Bombers etc clubs. No-one has forgotten the acts of Wallis and Long in 2000 and I would not want that kind of cloud having over a premiership win for us. Play hard, play on the edge, but play fair
  2. Watching from Los Gatos, California! Brought over all my supporter gear and will be zooming with the family Have already procured ingredients for a nice cheeseboard from a Whole Foods Market in San Jose and selected a nice Napa Valley Red to go with it. I don't give a stuff if it's on at 02:30 in the morning - 21 years is a long enough gap to do something a bit out of the ordinary!
  3. Bloody hell we are going to win the Grand Final.
  4. I moved to California over a year ago which means the bounce will be at 02:15 on Saturday morning! But our family will be getting up for it and I will ensure that an appropriate cheese board is ordered through Amazon Whole Foods to go with a nice bottle of red from the Napa Valley I picked up in March! I'm nervous but mostly I am just happy that we made it to a Grand Final. I shed enough tears at the end of the Geelong game from 20+ years of sticking by this club, so come what may I'm just grateful that we made it to the big dance. Hopefully we can make it again in future years and I will be able to fly back for the game
  5. I have a $400 bottle of red that I picked up in the Napa Valley in March. I don't care if the bounce is at 03:00 in the morning over here for me in California, it's going to go down with a bloody nice cheese board to boot
  6. This is the best team I have seen in 45 years. Easily.
  7. Be prepared for either the Eagles or the Dockers to throw the absolute kitchen sink of all kitchen sinks at him. Mark my words, it's going to happen
  8. Yep the AFL is a business, it doesn't run on sentiment alone. There is no money in Tasmania, relative to SE QLD.
  9. 1) Open an Incognito window in Chrome 2) Search for the title of the article in double quotes "Max Gawn credits Demons MCG fortress to outer-Melbourne training base" 3) Right click on the links and select open in new tab It doesn't always work but sometimes it will. This is because the web server assumes this request is from Google directly, trying to index the site so it lets you thorough. It's also worth setting up a browser VPN like SurfShark or Bullet and hopping around different countries when you do this - I think by default it will not work if it detects the request originates in Australia. Those are paid VPN's by the way but they are dirt cheap and worth it so Scummo, via his corporate and business masters, can't watch everything you do
  10. Yep still around. I joined Ology in 2003 I think. Was very active on there as I loved the discussion and banter for about 5 or so years. Conversation was definitely better than here back then, but DL is a great site now Looking back I probably went a bit too far at times, put it down to maturity and the petulance of youth, but it was fun and there were some great posters Like a lot of things life got in the way, had kids, moved house, got better jobs that were more demanding etc... something had to give and our beloved team was hardly something to enjoy taking about for a long time so I faded away. Always kept my membership though even if I hardly ever went to a game. I moved to California last year, got an amazing job opportunity that I couldn't say no to. The irony that the moment I moved away our team is doing better than it ever has in my lifetime doesn't escape me but I haven't missed a game and don't plan to!
  11. Non-MFC: Luke Breust - beautiful action and usually very accurate MFC: Fritsch - same reason
  12. Me either, I think she is the best football journalist by the length of the Nullabor Plain and has been for decades. The hatred stems from lingering misogynist tendencies by the consuming public and because she doesn't pull any punches, it tends to ruffle some fragile egos. I've heard her speak several times at private functions and I have all the time in the world for her, highly intelligent, sharp-witted and not afraid to call anything out.
  13. I remember that season well, and Sheahans comments in the paper that we were "flaky". He wasn't wrong. I think we have been through enough of the proverbial to not get ahead of ourselves, I am still expecting the wheels to fall off at some point
  14. I would take him back. Great player, still has a couple of years left to run and I think it's reasonable to think that if we end up in the situation with Lever and May out at the same time we would be struggling with Tomlinson. Tomlinson is doing well right now but I'd argue so would Oscar McDonald or Sam Frost with the way the team is playing. Knowing we had Howe down there would give me more comfort. He would be good for depth and would increase the competitiveness for players to get a spot, and keep it. Very nice problem to have Really don't care about the past, he was younger, more arrogant and could see way more upside with the Pies. Thought his comments for Jones' 300th were very nice and says a lot about him as a person.
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