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  1. He always was a good cash cow in a trading sense. Get him mentored by the best ruckman in the competition (NicNat AA again that is a joke) and trade him up when his currency increases No doubt there will be a trade with someone like a Ben Brown
  2. I met his Dad at a port game at the G a couple of years ago. He was sitting behind me the whole game. Lovely bloke as was his family that were with him. Before leaving I said to his Dad, that I would never wish any harm on Jack, he's copped way more than he ever should have in terms of criticism and was badly managed earlier on and that I hope he does well. And I meant every word of it. I hope he gets on the park again
  3. Harmes looks exhausted. Has turned it over a lot in the last couple of games and could be rested. Lots of calls for Jones to be dropped... I must have watched a different game thought he played pretty well. Can't work out who else to part ways for Max, although someone will have to.
  4. May is playing a blinder. Best on ground for me at the moment
  5. I hate Murdoch and wouldn't [censored] on him if he was on fire, but I am rationalising my current subscription to Kayo purely based on the fact that it is costing me less per month than it would if my boy and I went to the MCG to sit in the outer, get rained on and watch our team almost always lose before we commiserate with a couple of kebabs in Oakleigh on the way home!
  6. Yep 💯 Everytime they do this idiotic hot potato hand passing or throw it on the boot we lose it GC goals so far have been a bit flakey though
  7. Says it all really, can't fault what Derm is saying. Everyone here is mentioning it about the poor kicking and it is patently obvious that is the problem - but it is not the only one. I am of the view that our backline is actually pretty good and the problem is not there. The problem is that we just don't have a forward line that works well enough. It's bad enough that we still have players just blasting kicks into the forward line, not putting them out the front of leading forwards and not putting him in a place of advantage so a player can run goal side. The other is that we have
  8. Probably both really. I think in the last quarter when the scores levelled the reality set in. Maturity is a good call too, there was some idiotic disposals and players trying to palm the ball like NBA players way too much as well.
  9. Carlton did the same thing in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters that teams did all last year to beat us. Put a ring on the outside of the contested ball and never over-match our players on the contest on the inside. This works in two ways. If we win it (which we mostly do) the players run into a wall of opposition players and in a panic just throw it on the boot (Brayshaw is the worst offender), which is at best a 50:50 cough up. If we lose it then the opposition knows if they get it out they'll have players to get it to and they can run off with it The solution is what Viney said at half-tim
  10. Yep I can't imagine why they would have gone out in that weather given the size of the wind gusts and the swell.
  11. What suburb do you live in? I want to avoid driving there knowing she could be behind the wheel!!!!
  12. Must have been, which is why this is my front runner for the laziest piece of AFL journalism of the trade season. Go home Bucky you're drunk A: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver B+: Jack Viney, Tom McDonald B: Nil B-: Nathan Jones, Christian Salem, Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Kade Kolodjashnij, Jake Melksham, Bayley Fritsch, Steven May C+: Christian Petracca, Jake Lever, Sam Frost, Aaron Vandenberg, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neale-Bullen, Marty Hore, Josh Wagner, Neville Jetta C: James Harmes, Billy Stretch, Mitch Hannan, Oscar McDonald, Joel Smith, Corey Wagner C
  13. He gives 110%, which is great. and his core skill of being able to bolt out of the backline to clear it along with being a pretty good 1-on-1 defender adds to it. But those massive gallops often result in turnovers and once that happens and he's past the centre circle, the ball sails back and we're out-manned. Lever and May are much smarter players. They intercept, set up plays and generally hit targets. Much like Salem. Frost is better because of them, not in spite of them When ex-players like Roo-boy say Frost is better that just demonstrates that they don't watch enough of
  14. The same Gary Lyon that pushed the appointment of Mark Neeld and goaded his old mates like Connolly and Schwab to tank behind closed doors that led to the horror of the last 10 years? You were a great player Gary and you gave great service to our club, but you have no effin idea about how to coach or build a club/culture in the year 2019. Our injury list has been woeful, our pre-season was heavily compromised and we do not have enough forward line players with games of experience under their belt. The most is TMac and has spent 80% of his career as a full-back. It's just not o
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