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  1. It looks like Richmond are seeking a soccer style with regrouping across half back, shifting it then advancing the attack from there. We tried to take riskier options on the 45 and this got us unstuck early. Lever in particular turned it over on exit far too easily early, but cleaned it up later. Q2 the Richmond system got us and we didn’t execute. After half time, we ramped up our contests and managed to connect the run better. Think if we can get confidence, the game style can work with the pieces that we have. Jones showed class. Bit worried about Baker and Harmes based upon that
  2. First off Hawks vs Doggies. ‘rebuild’ versus ‘contenders’ (apparently, according to AFL.com.au report). Hawks win in a last quarter comeback. Hartigan and Phillips as imports to Hawks said to go OK, and Stef Martin did OK teaming with Johnnie English. One 50m for manning the mark infringement (Bont).
  3. I reckon this is brilliant and would buy a men’s xl if it was available? dees versions so much better than other clubs, in both AFL and AFLW
  4. Then Majak gets 11 and Deakyn gets 7
  5. Don’t give them a number until they sign on. Numbers are for Melbourne players and continue lines of tradition. When the have earned the right, then they have earned the number. Should also apply to Farmer imho.
  6. We will need to understand how long this will hold him up. I think he and Hibbard might be more backups this year, and other young players might be ready to step up. He will certainly add value to the squad and will be missed if its long term.
  7. Agree. Teams will need 6-8 genuine ‘around the contest’ type players. Ones that can rest forward and be dangerous will be highly prized. Also may need additional players who can support the running backs and wings. The new man on the mark rule May see a lot more running through these zones. training reports had Kozzi running through from half back, as an example. Given our list and plan, this could put us in good shape. A broader balance of inside and outside players that run for longer might be better than 2 superstars looking for their pension and a group of nuffies. this
  8. Hop on an aeroplane and make the best pilot into the cabin crew because you are short there?? Max is the best ruck in the league. Lets not lose that. Short stints to rest - ok. Max is #1 ruck, lets not have him serving peanuts. Even with sideshow and Sam out for a bit, this would be a death knell for the club in 2021.
  9. I believe the protected zone goes in all directions around the player. This idea might be useful at a kick for goal, but having essentially 2 on the mark leaves an opponent unmanned somewhere in front of the ball.
  10. Does invitation to train offer us first dibs? Is there anything stopping someone offering them a contract, or us offering other club’s train on players one?
  11. My condolences to the young man at this terrible time. Richo’s response was a great example of how to do it (Eddie, take note). Something along the lines of ‘we dont know, but we have Matty Whelan who can help us get it right’ in terms of the cultural needs at this time. Listening with respect is the first step. Well done Dees. I look forward to Kozzie getting back and really taking his game to the next level when it is right for him to do so.
  12. I think it is also about matchups. How do you take opposition structures and processes and find ways to leverage advantage? Teams worked the demons out (corral the aggressive cattle dogs) by outnumbering outside the contest. Geelong played keepings off from half back and opened us up like an aging porn star. Each team will have its core way to play, and as we have seen, Richmond’s fierce pressure game was enough to beat most sides on most days. Once we develop a more robust and flexible game concept with the team we have compiled, it then needs to be shaped to take advantage of the o
  13. MD may not even make ‘demon colors’. He has to impress to gain even a rookie spot. HB - broke all his agreements and cost himself a contract. Bubble and family issues not ideal for someone in his situation, but it was his spot to lose. OMAC - please, please, lets not go there again. How many pages of threads have there been on this poor bloke? He is not in the frame to be a Demon next year, so let it go...
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