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  1. I note that pox Kane Cornes suggested that a later tackle on Lycett should have been violent in retribution ‘enforced’, but how stupid? You want to give a brain injury to a guy because he gave someone else a brain injury?
  2. I wonder if that puts them in breach of their contract? Part of the deal for coming into the AFL was that they would leave the ‘iconic’ black and white stripes of their SANFL days behind them. Collingwood had the AFL rights to this, and Port signed off on it to gain entry. The Pies have every right to enforce their contract, and this ‘show’ really is poor form on their part. What did it prove? The Crows were manufactured so there is no traditional SA rivalry before the AFL entry of either team, so the prison bars are meaningless in this context. Imagine if The Lions wanted to be calle
  3. Some observations: 1/4 of their goals were scored at the start, without us even touching the pill. That is two weeks running teams have strolled out of the middle for a training drill goal. 1/4 of their goals! Second quarter we held them goal-less. That is our brand. We had a few lads that the oppo obviously put extra time into (Lever and Kosi) and several who were down on form (Fritta). The good news is there were others who stepped up in moments that mattered (Jordon, Spargo...). Our connection inside 50 was terrible. We still are not used to BBB leading out, and wou
  4. Geez, purple can’t let this go. Has two cracks at it in his ‘sliding doors’ fluff piece this week. Get over it you purple headed custard pumper.
  5. With wet weather possible, would think weids stays out for this one. Don’t think we want to go too tall unless conditions are ideal. sparrow in for Baker. petty in for Tomo jones medical sub
  6. An additional week off for head case McCartin?
  7. They would have expected to be mid table or better, so trading out their first pick to get Daicos made sense. At 17th, this now looks silly as the points loss they take- moving from giving up pick 12, say, to giving up pick 2 on top of having to use up all their (diminished) points plus extras for one player- may cause them draft grief for an extra year. i would have run screaming, too.
  8. If Sam wants to play for himself then he stays out. This year it is all about playing for the team. If he keeps kicking on the door and that best serves the team then he will find his place. I’m sure he has the right attitude and team focus to make it. He would have been in the team but slipped out through injury, now he just has to wait his turn. He plays a different role to BBB, so we easily can have both in the squad. His time is approaching rapidly - a forward line with three differently skilled talls works at WC, and can absolutely work for us. Throw in Fritter, Kossie, Sparg
  9. A full defensive effort and not letting them get a hot start is important. The challenge for us is matching the midfield. IF we can win or halve the midfield and apply our pressure, we are better forward than they are back, and better back than they are forward. Papley kept quiet, Hickey and Kennedy nullified and BBB to kick a BBBag. They lost nearly every stat but still won last week against the slowing Cats. They wont get that luxury this week. Expect we will take the game by 50-70 points.
  10. I’m so glad we had that game against North. Any other team would have ripped us apart. Worst game by Gawn for such a long time. Thrashed in the middle, dropped marks, fumbled and was way down in terms of impact. Hopefully that’s his off week for the year. Many others simply down and didnt go hard enough early. ANB, Hunt to name a few invisibles. Baker kicks hospital balls rather than passes - they always go high and hang. Not a useful skill or style. Jackson, Pickett, Jordon, Rivers were all highly valuable. A future is built from these guys. Fritsch 6 - awesome effort
  11. Hopefully a blip on the radar. Seemed 1/2 the squad were 5% off yesterday, saved by the young guns. Good to see Brown applying pressure in the 50 and not just leading for marks.
  12. Petty for Tommo. Isn’t it nice we have a swing man like Tom who can roll back and cover if needed? Tom is better applying pressure and linking up for us a HFF.
  13. We dont lack depth. If the midfield go missing, it looks bad. The midfield got well beaten in the first half today and we looked terrible. we offered them first use from the first bounce and it cost us big time. we have Oliver Trac Brayshaw, Harmes, Sparrow, Jones, Jordan, Kozzie, Melksham. If Gawn gets back some form we will be OK. If not, we will be smashed by the swans with Hickey having a good run of games.
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