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  1. That is indeed the question: where do the Dees rank him? Given the 20% discount, any top 10 pick might have been beyond our expectation. I imagine top 5 would definitely be overs. We may not have matched and moved on to our true targets.
  2. Drivel article. Some [censored] heard…. Freo would be ‘keeping tabs’ on every player, not just MA. Twomey creates news at this time of year - GWS may have an ‘interest’ but that doesn't mean he will be best available at their pick. They also just picked up Brander form WCE for the same role.
  3. I think we wait for a bid and then go, unless we are at our last selection when we just grab him then. Best use of picks and points. If someone grabs him too early to nail us, we just let him go. Have to think in terms of where we see him going on OUR list, and anything later than that is a win for us. Think we have a clear idea where/when that would be, and a clear target for 17.
  4. Be nice if clubs looking at Mac decided on Alleer instead - as a more mature option. Could clear the path for a later bid by us…
  5. we took a punt, gave him a chance, it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s also a timing issue- we may look at a younger ruck prospect who is further back and has a longer development and higher ceiling, given the current Gawn Jacko combo with Daw as 3rd wheel? Bradtke had a number of years, and it would probably be at least another 2 before he got his shot.
  6. Apart from Mac, Pascoe’s phantom has none of our nGA/Fs choices going in these rounds. So we pick them up as Rookies (if at all). How do we assess Moniz-Wakefield and Woey Jnr?
  7. Looks like he should wear an electronic ankle bracelet and is not allowed within 500m of childcare facilities…..
  8. Its called sunk cost bias. We believe we are ‘entitled’ to something on this player because of what we have invested. A good decision for our draft pick recognised then ignores such biases, and looks at other factors against which we select the best available for us. Its like how much you hate to lose 20 bucks compared to the positive feeling of finding 20 (ratio sits between 2:1 to 5:1 depending upon your personal makeup). We dont want to ‘lose’ MA, even if he is only half as good as another player at the same point in the draft.
  9. Very smart pick up. Cost us nothing, experienced and tough to replace retirement Jones and want away AVB, 2 years contract, wants to prove something. At least adds a rotation, at best, covers Clarry if injured. Great get.
  10. ‘How maaahhch for ze leetle girl???’ I wonder what we would have decided on this bloke if Chandler had not yet put pen to paper??? Can’t see us having a crack now.
  11. So we get to draft night, and pick 19 is called. With the 2 f/S choices, it’s now our turn. Do we see who wants it to move way up next year (swap it for a future first from a team looking to stack this year?) maybe include rolling back into 2nd round this year? take the best available? if MA is still there, do we bypass him knowing only one more pick has to roll through before we nga him? our first choice has many options this year. Last year we went after football users with class (Bowery, Laurie), I wonder what our board looks like this year, with so little exposed form?
  12. They have seen that postman pat and a broken down old lion wont win you a flag…
  13. Vanders was good for us when we needed ‘tough’, but the game we play requires different skills. Can’t see him breaking back in to the 22 unless we need to bat really deep with injuries. Good luck elsewhere, might help a young list to get tougher.
  14. It’ll be picks a plenty for the dogs and pies, so we might not move back with these second rounders very much at all. Suggest that our NGA and FS prospects this year will hope to be picked up after the first round anyway - maybe after the second. IF we can grab talent early and not need to cash out on NGAs and FS until late, we can win big with this. We may even try to get the second rounders and move further forward again…..
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