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  1. Picketts goals came after dry spells, so it was probably over time for a rest for him and others anyway
  2. Was there no Goody presser? Can’t find it anywhere…
  3. I think it is about interfering with the marking contest/genuine attempt. Players who don’t have eyes on the ball and collide with a marking player are deemed to be interfering with a genuine attempt.
  4. Hi CHF, happy to step in. Our result against the hawks - advantage them Midfield chaos thanks to Covid - advantage us MCG - advantage us no crowd - advantage them. Yo-yo result - advantage Sportsbet. This is an interesting game and the outcome depends on how we show up. If we keep the ball in front of us, dont get sucked into the contest and win the contested ball, we win. If we let them win the middle and fail to stop their throws/pinball out of the contest, we will get done. We need to see increases in accuracy in front of goal, and lifts across the park in terms of ball handling. This is not a make or break game, but it is important for how we see ourselves. Are we (cough) premiership material or are we falling over? A chance for the 2021 deMons to show up. Hope Brown gets a few, and we are cleaner by hand and foot. Dees by 25.
  5. Collingwood will probably need to go into a rebuild under the new coach. It would be time to shed a few names and bank a few picks, looking 3 years down the pipe. This squad isnt going to get near a flag, so turning over some names will be inevitable. Maynard might be spilled in such a situation
  6. No FTA coverage I’d reckon. Seven will be hips deep in the olympics. Doesn’t matter when it is played.
  7. I agree, we won’t win finals with that DE%, overall score or pressure. Our ability to handle pressure and even get clean ball in the clear was way off. Dogga is a worry, indeed. Thanks for posting the data, Rusty
  8. A look after a lie down and a cuppa. We have come from being very poor (2019), average (2020) to being a good team. We have not created a dynasty, or even understand what ruthless would look like. We are a team that has ‘something’ and is competitive (how big are our losses - we have not been smashed once this year). There are still massive holes in what we do, but when we do our basics well, we are a very good side. Not great. Not yet. Last night was particularly disappointing with the way we gave it up. A long way in front and we simply wilted. Very poor. But this is our first year being ‘up there’ - we still have a lot to learn. Take a look at the top 4 and we are surrounded by teams expected to be there and with histories of being there to draw on. There is the bones of something here. Last night was unacceptable as the ‘new Melbourne’, but I am not unhappy with where we have shifted to. Its the next bits that will win us a flag.
  9. I cannot express my contempt strongly enough for that. Over 20 points up and put the cue in the rack. Ball watched. Outworked. Over-using. Outcoached. Poor attention to structures. Goodness, we snuck away with 2 points. feels in every way like a loss.
  10. I think he plays the defensive midfield role and jv becomes more attacking. Sparrow would have been a possible choice with Jones out. Lets see what he brings.
  11. Was it just me or was the umpiring completely biased to Geelong? The shockers did themselves no favours, but as a neutral observer the umpire bias was breathtaking
  12. No, I thought there had perhaps been a stuff up and i was sent someone else’s. I have my barcodes saved in a word doc - just copy and paste into Ticketek each time I use them. I got my result and just moved on….
  13. I got sent 3 barcodes completely unrelated to my usual one. Ignored these, used my normal one, all good.
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