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  1. Interesting take, I would also like to hear your thoughts on this.
  2. (Joke already made. My attempt now as wet as the joke…)
  3. Defence wins finals. I am much happier giving away a lower score than other teams - like the cats, that played ping pong most of the night. I think this was why Goody was rapt with the result and why I was very happy with what we did. The blues players went hard, but we went harder. Still significant upside is available in our gameplan, in our key players and structures. I think we will win against the pies due to our defence and pressure. I would welcome your insight into Collingwood’s defensive structures and how we should play to defeat them. eg two extra at contests etc.
  4. What if the VAR reviews the act and issues a red card. Player is immediately subbed out of the game. If sub has already happened then bad luck, also subbed with no replacement. Seems to align with current processes. Should only be used where VAR feels case goes immediately to tribunal (not just across mr Christian’s desk).
  5. DeGoey, goin’, gone! we can win if we bring our defensive game. That and stopping the poor turnover skills under no pressure. oh, and kick straight
  6. Best bit of the quarter was when the BT of Southport was turned off for a few minutes.
  7. Oh, and the umpiring, my goodness it was terrible!
  8. My take: It was a hard contested game, played hard by both squads. We hit th e contest harder than they did (big positive) and won the clearances and contested ball numbers. We kept them to a ridiculous first half score, so the defensive stuff was pretty good. Max had a bad game - took some marks but some of his giraffe kicks were awful, Lucky he kicked that goal to redeem himself. Poor goal kicking tonight, the trend continues. A lot to like in JVR, McVee, lingers and hunter. May did an excellent job and Trac was sublime. Happy to take the4 points and move onto next week. The defensive side if our game was very good tonight, so if we can being that next week and straighten up our goal kicking and transition work, we stand a red hot chance to dack the filth.
  9. about to grab a pre game bite and a beverage. Then onto public transport for the ride in. Go dees! Lets Make some noise!!!!
  10. Do the emergencies from tonight head up early tomorrow for a kick?
  11. Reckon we will go ok. Sit someone on Sard wonder soap, win the middle and we got this. Dees by a handy 33.
  12. I would bring in Tommo to free up lever. Need 2 talls to cover Curnow and McKay Hunter back in. Harmes out. radical alternate plan j Smith in, TMac back and Hunter in
  13. We reverted to a lot of ‘bad’ habits in the game. Like forwards leading into the pockets. Like kicking it onto the heads of out big forwards. We were outnumbered at most stoppages (i counted +1 to Freo several times) and only once did I see our players really get on the move to maximise the tap. These dinky handball chains with lots of underground handballs is not pretty, and is often a turnover source. we had almost no overlap run and avoided the corridor like it had herpes. Some good marking by Max and May. However support around them seemed weak. If they missed these grabs, Freo had easy outs. Goody talked about efficiency. I see effort but a lack of cohesion. Spargo cost us 3 goals by being selfish, and the simple shots missed cost us dearly. End of the world? No. Worrying? Yes
  14. It was really disappointing. We pooped the bed badly all day. Charlie cost us 3 goals alone with his selfish play. Harmes was in it early but then MIA. Gotta think about some serious changes to reward performance and start patching some of the holes. How can we accept the smashing in clearance week after week? Each lost clearance served the suckers an easy entry. Kicking for goal as abysmal. Marking and basic skill execution was poor. No excuses, this was as bad as I’ve seen the team play as a team in a long time. Time to shift gears if we want to be in it.
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