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  1. Waterman is also from good Neanderthal stock….
  2. Wowee,so much angst after 1 loss (a bad one no doubt)…or even based on the last 2 games. im going to support the boys no matter who is picked. They are my team regardless if i disagree (from my seat up in the stands) with selection. We have some interesting scenarios to play out, a lot of upside to find, but we ain’t done yet… GO Dees
  3. We can f-s inside top 20, can GC match or pre list academy players? It depends on the rules if we are in front or behind on this one
  4. That was simply awful. Thrashed in ground balls , contested possessions, efforts and skill. TMac had a mare. On the basis of the last two outings , we are at best making up the numbers, Pathetic. They owned the corridor and we did nothing to stop them. They marked at will and controlled the tempo and the game, Poor by many, bad by the coaching Staff to leave things as is for so long we were done,
  5. I really dislike the pies. Cheats. They throw the ball in tight so often,duck their heads, get all manner of 50/50 frees. Sucks.
  6. A game with zero defence. Both of these teams let in 100 points! Good for ch 7 ad revenue,, though
  7. Billing’s, Woey and maybe the Kolt?
  8. BBB looks cooked. Couldn’t kick it over a jam tin, let alone from 35m. May have moved and marked well, but struggling to get anything going by foot.
  9. We started ok, just couldn’t score from our entries like they did. Didn’t help that Kossie and Frittate short stepped and avoided a number of early contests, and we were lazy in Defence leaving too many fast 1:1 s. We did our Richmond thing and simply bombed the ball into hf, only for Weitering to mark, uncontested and unpressured. Was asked ‘can they win it”? At3/4 time. I said they can but they wont…. liked the fight back, hate the start and the loss
  10. Funny place for a hamstring…. In the shoulder! How hard is it to be mildly accurate??
  11. And watch the umps ping us the first time we try such things!!
  12. I tipped us - and we kept the cats to the target score or 60-70 points. We can beat anyone if we manage that from a defensive perspective. Simply want to shout out to the crowd - it was great to be a demon amongst that crowd. When we won, it was wonderful! Go Dees!
  13. No to McAdam. Not yet. We have set ourselves for this 2 game block so no change unless needed. Hold the blues to 60-70 points and we will take the chokkies.
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