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  1. It is interesting trying to guess. We have no line of sight on any of the list and what the coaches think without VFL action. Before the last 2 weeks, Baker would have been on people’s chopping block, but now he is a ‘retain’. People calling for Smith to get cut may not be on the same page as the coach - they selected him over and over again. OMac? Horses for courses sort of defender that may have lost his place to Tommo. TMac? What was up with the big fella? Players like chandler, Dunkley and Nieshke may get rolled over if we can’t replace them with better options. There is n
  2. Second offence - Spargo and Kozzie were the first - no suspension of fines, all in cap
  3. Thanks again rusty. I think that is all for this year. The stats show that we have a few major gaps - a bit more class in the middle (outside run), a T-Mac (interesting that he ranked the same last year and this year) and a small forward to support Kozzie. Ollie, Trac, May and Langdon had great years, and I expect to see them at the top of the Bluey. It will be interesting to see the Bluey top 10 vs this list. Appreciate your efforts in 2020.
  4. Our forward line and mid to forward connection is a huge problem. Our whole gameplan is based upon getting the ball into our forward half and controlling it there until we score, and not letting it out easily to stop the opposition scoring. Weid is important to this, and has certainly played well without scoring goals. He needs decent support. I think we need: An additional small lock in forward who has speed and goal hunger to pair with Kozzie. A big lump of a target that can pair with Weids that will scare the pants off defenders - clunks marks, smashes packs. (Not sure th
  5. Trac was just trying to pick up an extra vote in the brown-low. I’ll see myself out.
  6. Thanks, Rusty Here’s hoping this is not the last one for the year! Interesting to note we had more players above 3, and less below 1 than we seem to have most weeks. To have the full back at #3 is really unbelievable - May has been fabulous. I know the stats don’t show H/o to advantage, but in the first half Max had a day out at the fair!
  7. I was a bit unhappy that out midfield waltz was countered, and we had no follow up response. We seem to have a few outstanding players regardless of the situation, then a whole raft of middle tier players that look great when things are going well, and look poor when we don’t. These middle tier players need to have greater resilience and not compound momentum shifts away from us with poor play. We have too many of these in the squad. Weids kicked no goals, but he worked well up the ground and presented well. I think he gets a pass . If Petty and Nietchke can put pressure on for s
  8. Picked up the wrong needle. Estrogen will have that effect on you.....
  9. I think we will win it. We are much better in the contest, and if we commit to maintaining defensive structures we will force them backwards and down the line. Bombers look terrible when they do this. If we let them work with speed and through the corridor, then we are in big trouble! The hardness of the contest wins and the two way defensive running will tell the tale for me. We should do it by 40+. Will it matter? There may be a few coaches and players that will need this and to make the finals to make a case to be on the roster next year. So hopefully they come out and take
  10. Would have been nice to get a little more recognition of our ‘donation’ from this year. It was a bucket load of cash , and what did i see for it? A few thank you videos? They have missed a trick with building loyalty, especially with what they dished up on field
  11. Billy the work experience kid would get nominated amongst that rabble!
  12. If we tie with either Saints or GWS we go though as we beat them both!
  13. That free and 50 to Crisp was a disgrace
  14. The Nibbler celebration was an obvious homage to Angus. A nice touch I thought.
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