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  1. A bucketload of booing Roos supporters…
  2. Glad its not our coffers that will take a hit!
  3. Already voted. have a wedding tonight so cant make the game. Best team in the league getting the worst time slots, WTF? Anyway, hope the boys switch on, knowing there are many hungry players at Casey if they dont. Today is an opportunity to work on inside 50, forward leading patterns and front half defence. Hold them to under 24 points and put on a cricket score would be my goal, with continued forward connection development.
  4. You dont get a gig unless you play your role. Milkshake must have done enough to earn his spot. maybe most like for like for Harmes?
  5. I have longed for the days where we don't have to be the laughing stock of the footy world. I have suffered the insufferable - particularly Hawthorn and Essendon supporters. I hope that I have learned my lessons. Always support they boys and hope they smash opposition. Don’t be a smarty pants or goad opposition supporters. Commiserate and have some empathy. I hope we play really strongly and smash them, but my focus will be on what we do, rather than ‘how bad’ the other mob are. At the hawks game, one of their numpties was carrying on like a peanut, goading the dees supporters around him, being derogatory towards our players. He soon shut up, but lord please never let me be that [censored] ever.
  6. Chandler result is not unreasonable. Rode him into the ground with arms pinned and he was concussed.
  7. The afl app is sucking the big ones - links to live feed not working. Can someone please post a link?
  8. We have the system and cattle to cover most scenarios. Hunt on the small forward, May and Petty, Viney and Harmes doing shut downs if needed. Forward pressure on Danirel-types….. matchups from within, not as a key decision for inclusion. Play your role is the mantra.
  9. Save unforeseen circumstances, unchanged plus Chandler as sub.
  10. Worked for us in Perth…. But 2 hours less celebratory drinking time. a tough call….
  11. Need to apply a no DH filter to any list. Play your role.
  12. We should try holding them scoreless. That would be a great outcome.
  13. If Max doesnt get up, the next #1ruck on the list is Daw, not Weids. He would be next in for that role. Suspect max will be OK and the scan is precautionary only.
  14. Interesting all the MFCSS emerging. I reckon we have not been at our best, but have got games out to 4 goals and shut up shop. Our defense has been good, but our midfield and forward 50 pressure has been down as teams have tried different ways of going fast/slow/around our setup. Our f50 connection has been poor at times, and our position for goal kicking along with crap execution have led to inaccurate shots on goal. Think we cover king and Higgins (petty and hunt), midfield too strong, Hill to get smashed by Angus if he blocks for King. Max and Dogga to outpoint Marshall and Ryder. We may need to rev he engine a bit harder today, but no reason we can’t win. Dees by 32.
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