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  1. I think that clubs will probably keep a spot for the supplemental place like we did with Mitch Brown and Bennell. Get them to train over the summer and see who excites. Given the nature of the draft, there might be some that have higher risk that dont get drafted that need to be closely looked at over the pre-season. Hopefully we can find a diamond in the rough and hold one spot for SPP and get them to prove themselves over the summer. It nearly worked with Bennell. I would then use mid season draft to top up from mature leagues to cover any injury gaps.
  2. Don’t think we are looking for a tall, and we won’t have enough points to grab a top flight one anyway. Looking at the phantom drafts, I reckon there are about 6 kids that any two would be great pickups for us (wingers and small forward types), so 18 and 19 is a great hand. Who knows this year- might get a lot of value with some quality kids slipping with all the lack of exposure. it won’t take much to get back in round 1 next year if a name player leaves. Otherwise I think the whole points thing changes with the restrictions on top 20 picks for academy picks. We simply get a 12 month
  3. Would be lucky if he slips through to 18/19 22/23 or whatever we are holding on the night
  4. Thanks, Oscar. I wish him all the best in future, whatever comes his way
  5. Possibility 4: we expect to lose an a grader and get a first rounder back, or lose a few b graders and get some second rounders we can package and trade for a first rounder in that draft?
  6. Agree with this. For this guy to call it was massive- he was welded on. He was the last one I thought would leap off. For him it’s culture, he has stuck fat with poor performance, but he thinks this is the deal breaker.
  7. I have a very good pies mate who is filthy about this. He’s out till Buckley goes. Will cost the club over 1.5K just from him. How many others will vote with their wallets?
  8. Smart move. Two first rounders for next years first. 25 will be pushed back this year and we get their second rounder next year (say 30) - about equal I’d reckon. Very smart trading, but do we go higher again??
  9. Cameron 2 first rounders plus Sideshow 33 and change Wright for a fourth rounder Tmac - no suitors Its a mugs game. No logic at all. No market value, just value to trading parties
  10. Goody was told by Pert to build a gameplan that played to our strengths. If TMAC is up to scratch, then lets see Goody’s genius emerge!
  11. In 2020 the forward line was a joke. In 2021 it is going to just be a SIDESHOW!
  12. It’s Mac-happy day this weekend. But will it be?
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