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  1. Nah, just in general. They prey on the hopes of all teams supporters who didnt win the cup. This week is conjecture, no real news. I come on here (DL) to get my hopes built up and dashed - i reckon people on here can make the same ‘educated guesses’ as Trade radio muppets. When things warm up it may get better. Want something different to listen to? There must be some paint drying somewhere…
  2. And 2022 they slid back in form, not stepped up to another level (Kozzie excluded, but without consistency). Top 6 played with niggles, bottom 6 dropped away. Need to see the list- or the players on that list - do much better next year.
  3. If he didn’t think he was likely to be a bad boy again, why not sign as a show of good intent? I understand the fairness issue, but saying no to behave yourself is how this rejection could be perceived, rather than saying no to an unfair set of clauses.
  4. Has his medical been sorted? Are we buying Fine Cotton or Phar Lap?
  5. Toby has apparently been looking for more ‘opportunities’ and is considering a move, with the giants a likely target. Thoughts on his value to us/ at trade? Will Toby flourish somewhere else, or will he get more time in ground with us next year?
  6. Before we get to ‘winning’ the post season, what are our needs? I’d say: a ruck forward (established + developing) - replace dog an X-factor midfielder = outside run and brilliant decision maker a lockdown small defender= replace hibbo an X factor small forward - pairing with Kozzie a capable swing man utility.- flexible player that can go forward and shift up the ground as needed Some may already be on the list, but these were our holes. What are your priorities?
  7. New item in the demons shop Grundy Reg Grundies?
  8. Game day. Last year i was confident but nervous. Stuck in lockdown and couldn’t go. this year its Geelong and Sydney. I dislike Geelong, but admire what they have done this year in taking the [censored] gameplan and improving it (we did nothing of the sort). I hope they lose. Both Sydney and Geelong get armchair rides from the AFL in different ways. We were not good enough this year, but until about 5:30, we are still reigning premiers. After that, I hope we win the off season… Swans by 11 points (“Luke {Parker}, you are my only hope”!)
  9. Looks like a bag of dropped meat pies with those heads
  10. New blood on every line Players injured must return through VFL Defence + contest + speed of ball= success.
  11. Would suggest Melk and Hibbo deals are lower than before, bringing more cap space anyway. If hunt goes it will be as anFA not a trade deal, so we would get compo back (maybe 2nd round at best). Bowes then an option for us, taking 7 and his contract. Same logic applies to Grundy = what do they give us to take him off their books? Reckon they have a heap of pressure on their cap and 3 new contracts at least to include.
  12. Imagine it comes out whilst Fagan is still coach of a team in contention? It almost had to wait until now, to provide a minimum of natural justice. He has stepped aside. on the behaviours involved, I would be horrified if it was us. At least we have a strong and positive indigenous leadership (M Whelan) and a history of recruiting and supporting indigenous players and programs. telling a young man his partner should have an abortion to focus on his footy is completely unacceptable. This was only about 10 years ago…. this will be career ‘pausing’ (nothing is career ending in the AFL, look at Hird, Carey etc…)
  13. What? No love for forward half genius Stafford??? well done Chappy
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