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On 8/10/2022 at 5:06 PM, Demonstone said:

From the early 80s in fact but I'm rolling down the stair's, too drunk to fight.


On 8/18/2022 at 5:57 PM, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

 " Dead Kennedys" was a slightly irreverent name, I alway's thought!


On 8/18/2022 at 5:59 PM, Demonstone said:

Slightly?  It's up there with the Harold Holt Swim Centre in Glen Iri's for mine!


1 hour ago, roy11 said:

Omac not being offered a new gig at Carlton, poor lad had a horror run of injuries whil'st a blue


1 hour ago, binman said:

Is that the woke ver'sion?


Come, on guy's, get it together

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3 minutes ago, Spirit of the Demon said:

Has Setterfield of Carlton been delisted?

I think it's been reported that he's been told he will have to wait until the end of the trade period before Carlton make a decision on his future. That's not exactly the same as being delisted but more of an invitation to other clubs to make them an offer?

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8 hours ago, The Great Pretender said:

Mitch Robinson has announced his retirement from the AFL after last night’s Preliminary Final. Fitting that he bows out after his team’s bruise free performance last night. And he wasn’t even considered good enough to play.

and he had a solid sook about it too

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4 hours ago, whatwhat say what said:

and he had a solid sook about it too

justified imo, in a must win final theres not many players in the league youd rather in ur side. especially if he was retiring. he woulda died on the field if youd asked him too youd think. imagine how much it woulda killed him seeing them roll over like that

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Just saw that on the demon website

can understand brown but I thought Rosman was a player who had an upside . Obviously our FD did not

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To those that are in the know there have been a lot of delisting so far are there any that we would be interested in , any diamonds in the rough?

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Liam reidy is worth a look

my son played bball with him and I’ve seen him play

he has a beautiful left foot field kick is 204 cm and is a fwd ruck



  • Liam Reidy had 3 goals, 27 hit outs and 116 fantasy points.

he is understood to be looking at a move to Adelaide having not been picked up by an AFL club

played junior at Brighton east so he will fit right in with the picnic rug and hamper set

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Now that both Josh Kennedys have announced their retirements, it’s time to revive this annual thread that starts with our farewelling of some old favourites and ends after the drafts with the introduction of some of the stars of tomorrow.


In: Hugh Bond (GWV Rebels) Tyler Brown ® (Collingwood) ** Billy Dowling (North Adelaide SA) Mark Keane ® (Collingwood) ** Andrew McPherson ® * Max Michalanney (Norwood SA) Izak Rankine (Gold Coast) Paul Seedsman ® *

Out: Luke Brown (retired) Ben Davis (delisted) Billy Frampton (Collingwood) Fischer McAsey (retired) Andrew McPherson (delisted) James Rowe (delisted) Paul Seedsman (delisted) Brett Turner (delisted) 


In: Will Ashcroft (Sandringham Dragons) Shadeau Brain (Cat B ®) Nakia Cockatoo ® * Josh Dunkley (Western Bulldogs) Jaspa Fletcher (Brisbane Lions Academy) Jack Gunston (Hawthorn) Darragh Joyce  ® (St Kilda) ** Ryan Lester ® * Darryl McDowell-White Junior (Cat B ®) Conor McKenna ® (Essendon) ** 

Out: Tom Berry (Gold Coast) Nakia Cockatoo delisted) Mitchell Cox (delisted) Ryan Lester (delisted) Connor McFadyen (delisted) Dan McStay (Collingwood) Mitch Robinson (retired) Ely Smith (delisted) Deividas Uosis (delisted)


In: Blake Acres (Fremantle) Jaxon Binns (Dandenong Stingrays) Lachlan Cowan (Tassie Devils) Ed Curnow ® * Oliver Hollands (Murray Bushrangers) Harry Lemmey (West Adelaide SA) Hudson O'Keeffe ® (Oakleigh Chargers) **

Out: Will Hayes (delisted) Liam Jones (Western Bulldogs) Oscar McDonald (delisted) Jack Newnes (delisted) Luke Parks (delisted) Will Setterfield (Essendon) Liam Stocker (St Kilda) Tom Williamson (retired)


In: Ed Allan (Claremont WA) Billy Frampton (Adelaide) Bobby Hill (GWS Giants) Daniel McStay (Brisbane) Oleg Markov ® (Gold Coast) ** Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn) Cooper Murley ® * Joe Richards (Wangaratta) Jacob Ryan (Glenelg SA) Oscar Steene ® (West Adelaide) **

Out: Callum Brown (delisted) Tyler Brown (Adelaide) Isaac Chugg (delisted) Brodie Grundy (Melbourne) Ollie Henry (Geelong) Liam McMahon (delisted) Jack Madgen (delisted) Cooper Murley  (delisted) Caleb Poulter (delisted) Jordan Roughhead (retired) 


In: Alwyn Davey (Palmerston NT) Jayden Davey (Palmerston NT) Lewis Hayes (Eastern Ranges) Rhett Montgomerie ® (Central Districts) Anthony Munkara (Cat B ®) Will Setterfield (Carlton) Elijah Tsatas (Oakleigh Chargers) Sam Weideman (Melbourne) 

Out: Cody Brand (delisted) Tom Cutler (delisted) Joshua Eyre (delisted) Aaron Francis (Sydney) Brayden Ham (delisted) Tom Hird (delisted) Michael Hurley (retired) Garrett McDonagh (delisted) Devon Smith (retired) Alec Waterman (delisted)


In: Josh Corbett (Gold Coast Suns) Hugh Davies (Claremont WA) Josh Draper (Cat B ®) Tom Emmett (Sturt SA) Luke Jackson (Melbourne) Ultan Kelm (Cat B ®) Max Knobel (Gippsland Power) Jaeger O’Meara (Hawthorn) Liam Reidy ® (Frankston) Corey Wagner (Port Melbourne) Conrad Williams (Cat B ®)

Out: Blake Acres (Carlton) Connor Blakely (delisted) Mitch Crowden (delisted) Rory Lobb (Western Bulldogs) Griffin Logue (North Melbourne) Lloyd Meek (Hawthorn) David Mundy (retired) Darcy Tucker (North Melbourne) Joel Western (delisted)


In: Jack Bowes (Gold Coast) Tanner Bruhn (GWS Giants) Jhye Clark (Geelong Falcons) Ted Clohesy (Cat B ®) Phoenix Foster (Norwood SA) Ollie Henry (Collingwood) Oisin Mullin (Cat B ®) Oscar Murdoch ® (Geelong Falcons) Osca Riccardi (Cat B ®)

Out: Luke Dahlhaus (retired) Francis Evans (Port Adelaide) Shaun Higgins (retired) Quinton Narkle (delisted) Joel Selwood (retired) Cooper Stephens (Hawthorn) Nick Stevens (delisted) Paul Tsapatolis (delisted) Zane Williams (delisted)


In: Jed Anderson ® (North Melbourne) ** Tom Berry (Brisbane) Connor Blakely ® (Fremantle) Bailey Humphrey (Gippsland Power) Lloyd Johnston (Cat B ®) Ben Long (St Kilda) Brodie McLaughlin ® (Frankston) ** Jake Stein ® (GWS Giants)

Out: Jack Bowes (Geelong)  Matt Conroy (delisted) Josh Corbett (Fremantle) Jez McLennan (delisted) Oleg Markov (delisted) Patrick Murtagh (delisted) Rhys Nicholls (delisted) Izak Rankine (Adelaide) Rory Thompson (retired)


In: Toby Bedford (Melbourne) Aaron Cadman (GWV Rebels) Phil Davis ® * Jason Gillbee (Cat B ®) Max Gruzewski (Oakleigh Chargers) Darcy Jones (Swan Districts WA) Toby McMullin (Sandringham Dragons) Nick Madden (Cat B ®) Harry Rowston (GWS Giants Academy)

Out: Jarrod Brander (delisted) Tanner Bruhn (Geelong) Matt de Boer (retired) Bobby Hill (Collingwood) Jacob Hopper (Richmond) Zach Sproule (delisted) Jake Stein (delisted) Tim Taranto (Richmond) 


In: Karl Amon (Port Adelaide) Josh Bennetts (Cat B ®) Fergus Greene (Box Hill Hawks) Henry Hustwaite (Dandenong Stingrays) Bailey McDonald (Oakleigh Chargers) Cameron Mackenzie (Sandringham Dragons) Lloyd Meek (Fremantle) Seamus Mitchell ® * Jack O'Sullivan (Oakleigh Chargers) Cooper Stephens (Geelong) Josh Weddle (Oakleigh Chargers)

Out: Jackson Callow (delisted) Connor Downie (delisted) Jack Gunston (Brisbane) Kyle Hartigan (delisted) Daniel Howe (delisted) Ben McEvoy (retired) Seamus Mitchell (delisted) Tom Mitchell (Collingwood) Jaeger O’Meara (Fremantle) Tom Phillips (delisted) Jack Saunders (delisted) Liam Shiels (North Melbourne)


In: Jed Adams (Peel WA) Kyah Farris-White (Cat B ®) Brodie Grundy (Collingwood) Lachie Hunter (Western Bulldogs) Matthew Jefferson (Oakleigh Chargers) Josh Schache (Western Bulldogs) Oliver Sestan ® (Mansfield) Will Verrall ® (South Adelaide SA)

Out: Oskar Baker (Western Bulldogs) Toby Bedford (GWS Giants) Mitch Brown (retired) Majak Daw (retired) Jayden Hunt (West Coast Eagles) Luke Jackson (Fremantle) Fraser Rosman (delisted) Sam Weideman (Essendon) 


In: Blake Drury ® (Oakleigh Chargers) Hamish Free ® (South Fremantle WA) Brayden George (Murray Bushrangers) Cooper Harvey (Northern Knights) Daniel Howe ® (Hawthorn) Griffin Logue (Fremantle) Harry Sheezel (Sandringham Dragons) Liam Shiels ® (Hawthorn) ** Darcy Tucker (Fremantle) Kayne Turner ® * George Wardlaw (Sandringham Dragons)

Out: Jed Anderson (delisted) Atu Bosenavulagi (delisted) Kyron Hayden (delisted) Jason Horne-Francis (Port Adelaide) Tom Lynch (retired) Matt McGuinness (delisted) Jared Polec (delisted) Kayne Turner (delisted) Josh Walker (delisted) Patrick Walker (delisted)


In: Nathan Barkla (Cat B ®) Francis Evans (Geelong) Jason Horne-Francis (North Melbourne) Tom McCallum (Tassie Devils) Kyle Marshall (South Adelaide SA) Junior Rioli (West Coast) Tom Scully (West Adelaide SA) Dylan Williams ® *

Out: Karl Amon (Hawthorn) Martin Frederick (delisted) Robbie Gray (retired) Sam Mayes (delisted) Steven Motlop (retired) Taj Schofield (delisted) Sam Skinner (delisted) Dylan Williams (delisted)


In: Seth Campbell ® (Tassie Devils) Steely Green (South Fremantle WA) Jacob Hopper (GWS Giants) Kaleb Smith (East Fremantle WA) Tim Taranto (GWS Giants) Tylar Young ® (Richmond VFL)

Out: Jake Aarts (delisted) Josh Caddy (retired) Riley Collier-Dawkins (delisted) Shane Edwards (retired) Kane Lambert (retired) Will Martyn (delisted) Matthew Parker (retired) Sydney Stack (delisted)


Zaine Cordy (free agent, Western Bulldogs), Olli Hotton (Sandringham Dragons), Isaac Keeler (West Adelaide), Angus McLennan (category B rookie), Mattaes Phillipou (Woodville-WT), Liam Stocker ® (Carlton) **, James Van Es (GWV Rebels)

Out: Jarryn Geary (retired) Dan Hannebery (retired)  Darragh Joyce (Brisbane) Dean Kent (retired) Jarrod Lienert (delisted) Ben Long (Gold Coast) Paddy Ryder (retired)


In: Will Edwards (Cat B ®) Aaron Francis (Essendon) Jacob Konstanty (Gippsland Power) Jaiden Magor ® (South Adelaide SA) Caleb Mitchell (Murray Bushrangers) Cameron Owen ® (Tassie Devils) Cooper Vickery (Gippsland Power)

Out: James Bell (delisted) Josh Kennedy (retired) Sam Naismith (delisted) Barry O’Connor (delisted) Colin O'Riordan (retired) Ben Ronke (delisted) Callum Sinclair (retired) Lewis Taylor (delisted)


In: Jordyn Baker (Cat B ®) Harry Barnett (West Adelaide SA) Coby Burgiel (Gippsland Power) Tyrell Dewar (Cat B ®) Reuben Ginbey (East Perth WA) Elijah Hewett (Swan Districts WA) Jayden Hunt (Melbourne) Noah Long (Bendigo Pioneers) Zane Trew * Isiah Winder ® *

Out: Hugh Dixon (delisted) Tom Joyce (delisted) Josh Kennedy (retired) Zac Langdon (delisted) Patrick Naish (delisted) Jackson Nelson (delisted) Jack Redden (retired) Junior Rioli (Port Adelaide) Zane Trew (delisted) Isiah Winder (delisted)


In: Oskar Baker ® (Melbourne) ** Jedd Busslinger (East Perth WA) Charlie Clarke (Sandringham Dragons) Harvey Gallagher (Bendigo Pioneers) Liam Jones (Carlton) Rory Lobb (Fremantle)

Out: Louis Butler (delisted) Zaine Cordy (St Kilda) Josh Dunkley (Brisbane) Lachie Hunter (Melbourne) Stefan Martin (retired) Charlie Parker (delisted) Josh Schache (Melbourne) Mitch Wallis (delisted)

* re-listed
** SSP

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    RUN UNBEATEN by Meggs

    The Demons withstood a spirited challenge from the Western Bulldogs in the 10th anniversary of the Hampson-Hardeman Cup to run away with it in the last quarter and take their unbeaten run to 12 wins on the trot, an AFLW record.   The Doggies were tenacious and their losing score of 6.5.41 was the highest score against Melbourne since their last loss against Brisbane in Round 4 on 18 September 2022.   With the sad passing of AFL football legend Ronald Dale Barassi, champion player

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    Well, the 2023 season is over for the Demons after a two point loss to the Blues in the First Semi Final. All season WE have been hearing about the “learnings” that the team needed to make after each loss, but how much have we actually learnt when they:   1. Lost four successive finals at our own home ground;   2. Fell in five of their last six losses despite having more shots at goal and in the sixth, they had an equal number of shots;   3. Lost seven games by under two

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    PODCAST: SF vs Carlton

    The Demonland Podcast will air LIVE on Tuesday, 19th September @ 8:30pm. Join George, Binman & I as we analyse the Demons devastating loss to the Blues in the Semi Final. You questions and comments are a huge part of our podcast so please post anything you want to ask or say below and we'll give you a shout out on the show. If you would like to leave us a voicemail please call 03 9016 3666 and don't worry no body answers so you don't have to talk to a human. Listen & Chat

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    POSTGAME: SF vs Carlton

    Once again inaccuracy cost the Demons as they are bundled out in straight sets for the 2nd consecutive final series going down to the Blues by 2 points in front of 96,000 people at the MCG. Bring on 2024.

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    VOTES: SF vs Carlton

    Congratulations to Christian Petracca for taking out his 2nd Demonland Player of the Year Award. With a 59 votes lead over Jack Viney he cannot be overtaken. Your votes please for today’s loss against the Blues. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

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    GAMEDAY: SF vs Carlton

    It's Game Day and the Demons take on the Blues in a sudden death final at the MCG. A win for the Dees will see them face Brisbane at the Lions' fortress at the Gabba and a loss will see them bundled out of the finals in straight sets for the second season in a row.

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