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  1. Chris from Camberwell's call to Dwayne Russell/SEN on Monday.
  2. We've got a number of players who I reckon will be taking extra special delight and satisfaction from our demolition job. Some players like Petracca and Oliver, much like Dusty, Selwood, Hodge, seem pre-destined for flags. But then you get the guys who do it the hard way. Steven May - Gold Coast captain who aspired to higher things, only to find himself on the outer at his new club. Jake Lever - got the "don't let the door hit you on the way out" treatment from his old club, then did his knee. Max Gawn - larrikin youngster, failed to apply himself, nearly a "what could have been" story. Michael Hibberd - suspended for 2 years at "another club" under severe duress, came looking for a clean start. Tom McDonald - on the football scrapheap. Unloved and unappreciated. ANB - same as Tommy. Ben Brown - tossed out by his ungrateful club. Clean start at another club that might conceivably push for a spot in the 8. Does his knee, then gets dropped. On the other side of the slate ... it's a cruel game at times, and all of us would -- did! -- want Jonesy, Nev, Hunt, Melksham, Tomlinson, etc etc, to share in the on-field glory. Some players see their opportunity slip through their fingers, through no fault of their own, like Hunt. Some have it seemingly land in their lap. For every Nathan Jones, there's a Jake Bowey who walks into instant success. For every David Schwarz, there's a Luke Jackson who has the universe move for him instead of against him. For every Hunt, there's a Spargo whose injury didn't put him on the sidelines. Every year has these "but for the grace of God" scenarios. All we can do is watch, cheer, hope, commiserate, and (after all these years) soak up the success. GO DEMONS!!!
  3. It's because he is mad as a cut snake and no club will entrust their expensive playing list (costly in time and money) to his charge. On the other hand, our now-excellent football department has found a way to use his best attributes to the advantage of our team, and to the gratification of "Mad Mark". Win-win. Win-win-win. Win win win win win win win win win win win .... (sorry, got carried away. GO DEMONS!!!)
  4. When Tracc kicked his second, and had that determined look on his face, he was thinking "Bont's got one hand on the Norm, and I think I've left my run at the Gary too late. Oh well ... there's always next year." And Max was saying to Fritsch: "Focus, son. We've blown the Gary unless you can grab a few quick sausages in the little time left. Think of the jumper!!" (Not having a shot at you, OMD, just having some fun.)
  5. Doesn't really matter if the timing's accurate or not. This game is already going into footy folklore for the MIGHTY DEMONS kicking 3 goals in a minute, twice in one quarter, in a GRAND FINAL. It won't go down as one of the great GFs, but it will be ever memorable for the overwhelming blitzkrieg avalanche of devastation rained on the Dogs to blow them off the park. Can expect to see the 3rd quarter in future pre-GF "footy marathons". GO DEMONS!!!!
  6. I would like to thank the football department, or the directors, or whoever the fluck it was, to re-organise our coaching to maximise its effectiveness. Goody on the boundary with the personal touch: that's his best possie. Yze in the box calling the tactical shots: best possie. "Mad Mark" Williams for his influence on individual players. Still not sure exactly what Richo does but it obviously worked. It has been a masterstroke equal to the recruiting of Lever & May, scooping Kozzie and Action Jackson in the draft, etc. Big picture stuff that has worked brilliantly. Whoever orchestrated that can give themselves a big pat on the back, and keep patting until the ball is bounced in round 1, 2022.
  7. Was it anything to do with what was written here, or is it just because you're still sozzled from Sat nite?
  8. Well, Jesus. This makes it tough. R57 has first dibs on the gold, but can we give you the consolation prize of the Gary Ayres award for second best superstition?
  9. As I was walking down the street one day ♪ A man came up to me and told me I had won the Gary Ayres award And I said ... Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? ♫ If so, I can't imagine why We've all got time enough to cry As I was walking down the street one day A pretty lady looked at me And said I saw you in the Dees blitzkrieg ♪ And I said ... Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? ♫ If so, I can't imagine why We've all got time enough to cry
  10. He'll treasure that one. "Yes, 2021 ... the year we stumbled into the finals, and only beat Brissie with the umps' help, flogged Port who weren't even on the ground, and then got blown away in that historic ten minutes of football ... yeah, well, I was the best player in the finals that year ........ no? Well .... do you want see my collection of etchings maybe?"
  11. I loved that. Everyone else is going berserk, but Tommy is just like "you guys start without me, I've still got work to do."
  12. I hope I'm not giving anything away, but what happened next was terrifying. Mauled bulldog corpses all over the field.
  13. Their style of play depends on getting away with short kicks, and with throwing the ball out of close-in trouble. It's not bending the rules, it's deliberately breaking them, and they're coached to do it. It's just wrong. Maybe the AFL are waking up to this.
  14. How many times have you watched ****ers you hate from other clubs, celebrating after the game, thinking "we'll never get to enjoy this". AND HERE IT IS!!!! After so many years. GO DEMONS!!!!!!!
  15. Fair point, but these Angels are in red-hot form now and on a roll.
  16. We are grateful you were able to re-focus your efforts and lift when all was on the line. Game changing moment, I suspect will be forgotten in the fullness of time by all but us die-hards. (Not having a shot at you, just having some fun.) GO DEMONS!!!
  17. I read through that game day thread on the WOOF web site and just reading their comments on "that 10 minutes" gave me chills all over again. From hope, confidence, belief, to shell shock and trauma. On Sunday I read through some neutral clubs' game day threads and their post match comments. They weren't shell shocked but they were awed, amazed, impressed, and frightened by what they saw. Shock and awe. Each GF has its story. Some that come to mind ... 1970: handball handball handball. 2005: whosit's game saving mark in the last minute. 2010: but for one crazy bounce of the ball ... I think the "story" of 2021's GF, when people talk about it at the pub or whatever, will be ... oh yeah, that was the one where the Demons exploded and blew the Dogs off the park in 10 minutes of devastating football. "That 10 minutes." How fitting. We played like Demons and put the Dogs through hell. Supporters of all clubs will remember this game, and "those 10 minutes", always.
  18. How about five in a row? It's just as impossible, and now we know the impossible can come true.
  19. When will Melbourne break these embarrassing records???
  20. Once again, many thanks to our WA supporters who gave the boys such a great reception. They deserved to play in front of a big crowd backing them in, and they got it! GO DEMONS!!!
  21. Kozzie's pressure and assists were important when the game was on the line. Play the game over again and maybe Kozzie kicks 4 and Fritsch 2. Or Brown 5 and Harmes 3. Different players bob up at different times because of our team-first style. Kozzie didn't have a big night on the stats sheet but he absolutely deserved his part in this historic win. GO DEMONS!!
  22. All the other teams take their cues from the premiers on how to improve. Recruiters from 17 clubs have been given their instructions: scour the land for lanky immature beanpoles who will throw up on Tom Scully's bed.
  23. Just watching the replay again. The after match. Great reception from the WA supporters. How wonderful that our team could have such a great reception. And those kids giving the medals! Man, I hope they remember this. Such a special occasion. What luck to be in that situation. Well done, WA Demons. Thank you! The team deserved your support and you delivered. One for the ages. The drought broken and the WA Demons were the ones on hand to enable the celebrations. Thank you again and .... GO DEMONS!!!
  24. Awwwww. Wasn't it cute seeing young "David" Bowey playing AFL football just like a real grown up AFL footballer? With luck, young "David" might be able to make a career as a real AFL footballer, With a bit more experience, of course.
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