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  1. You expect him to come back after he was hounded off here by some of you keyboard warriors? He was a different cat, and some of you might have disagreed with him, but you treated him appallingly. Now you want all to be forgiven? The guy was passionate about the same team we all are. I hope wherever he is he is living the dream.
  2. They were both found guilty of playing for the second best team and have to live with that forever.
  3. A quick shout out to Ross Lyon - [censored] goose. No wonder he didn't get the Carlton job when he had no idea about who the best team actually was. Couldn’t say a good word about the demons and couldn’t get off the bullies. When someone says ‘touch up in the west’ he doesn't think of the 2021 GF, just a hush payment he had to make because he is a complete tool.
  4. I always like reading the oppo take on the preview or post moretem. However, I think this is not the time to gloat - we smashed these poor bastards into the dirt, they are in enough pain already. We have been there for so long, I still feel shadows of their pain. Time to NOT be like tigers supporters, but to follow the lead of the team and be better than that. The Doggies did well all year, and were the second best team in it. They clearly know that now.
  5. Shut the space in front of them like we did to Rich in the Lions game. Without space, they will struggle.
  6. I hope they focus so much on max they fail to pay due respect to the rest of our squad
  7. No omens. Just Demons. This group looks from the media that they are focused, gracious and understand its the team aspects that will get the job done. This bodes as the omen that I see - not ahead of themselves, not focusing on a messiah, but ready to go and do a job. In with a good chance, I reckon.
  8. I am on autopay. Happy to be a member again. In fact, very happy!
  9. Yes, but we need to alert the umpires so they call it, and don't let it go. Other teams have tried this in the past, and Max seems pretty tough and resilient.
  10. I can envisage heaps of off the ball blocking and bumping of Max. They will want to rough him up and bring him back to Stef’s level if they can.
  11. I just don’t get the Angus talk. Deeply invested, about to enter a dynasty type window, plays a critical role in a way no-one else in the comp does it. Gets to be smart, tough, effective and lead every game, stats count regardless. he is worth way more to us than Cerra. If we get a pure wingman, he gets more centre rotations. But atm he plays about 80-100% game time. he is an absolute keeper for me.
  12. They really are blowing bubbles in the bath water. The bit where Bevo comes up with something to crack our system like ‘Batman’ is hilarious. We know our system and back it. If we execute it, then any cute tricks wont change things much. This game will require brilliant execution of our fundamental plan, regardless of what they ‘try’. Massive pressure on the outlet and the ball carrier, dont over commit to contests and roll through Gawn and Jackson as significant differentiators. Port were rubbish, they scraped past the Lions with help, and looked dodgy leading in. Lets see what they bring.
  13. I hope not. This is where the tactics will be worked through that will deliver the win. Lets not give Bevo a leg up!
  14. We are the best team in the competition - advantage us media tyre pumping - advantage them umpires - advantage them we are the best team in the competition - still advantage us. All this talk of ‘how do we stop their midfield’ - like they don't have to stop ours? We have 2 ruckmen to their none (what a guy that looks like officer plod from Noddy and a guy that can hardly jog?). Yes, they have good players, and are the second best team for most of the year. They have to plan to deal with 5 all Australians. if we bring our best, and don't over commit inside the contest, then this will be a ding dong grand final and we should get it done if we are reasonably accurate. Hold the doggies to 10-12 goals, kick 14-18 ourselves.
  15. shows Tim Lane is one of the best callers, and MMM are the absolute worst. Without the vision, their meaningless drivel would be impossible to listen to. Example “Oh! He is taking the p1sz! He is taking the p!ss! Would not tell me wtf is going on. These guys are grandstanding Nufties. BTW, unbelievable and brilliant performance by Max!
  16. I am a victim of the Melbourne lockdown. I doubt the rules will be changed in time for me to even have one other person over, let alone a party. I expect to be sitting alone on the couch watching the game. Without the pandemic, I would probably start Friday and after watching the game at the G, and then celebrating/commiserating hard until some time on Sunday or maybe Monday. I am double vaxxed, and would love to get out and enjoy this special moment, but I will comply with the law at the time.
  17. I hear the allocation is sold out. Hope you got your tickets, bobby.
  18. I remember us beating them at Whitten Oval to make the finals. Garry kicked a bag. Great times. most doggies fans seem ok, although every team has its nuffies. btw, that lady who damaged the Dees property, did she get caught yet? (Speaking of nuffies)
  19. Sideshow did this to Andrew’s in the Brisbane game. It worked a treat.
  20. And whist the panic is high here, I wonder who the doggies fans are worried about? the 5 all Australians? the rising star? kozzie? We can do this, if we stick to our method and bring the pressure.
  21. Wouldn’t even make our emergencies.
  22. I just watched the Garry Lyon interview with Max. OMG, I fair dinkum have tears in my eyes.
  23. I just feel ecstatic after that. Brilliant performance, we pantsed them. Thanks, Dees
  24. Gawd! Like blimpey the lactose intolerant cat….. roll on game time!
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