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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. He could need more roughage Perhaps Metamucil?
  2. Great stuff and even better Carlton lose two players to hamstring injuries great!
  3. How about Curnow and McKay? serious KPF
  4. “You would never pay big money for a tap ruckman” sheesh blasphemy on Demonland given our love of Max but reason says if you don’t dominate around the ground and can’t connect taps to clearances then you are wasting money clubs who have a relatively [censored] low cost ruck Adelaide Geelong port Sydney Carlton gws west coast Brisbane others? it’s academic I suppose because we aren’t trading Max …. But money ball says….
  5. Interested in your take on our apparent lack of clearance “connection” from centre bounces. In centre bounces the idea that we play an extra behind the play can’t apply and arguably centre bounce clearances provide great opportunities for forwards because there is less fwd congestion. max has a 29% hit outs to advantage stat considered “average” what is the stat for hit outs to advantage from centre bounces? Is this an area for improvement?
  6. According to afl app Max has hit outs to advantage 29% considered “average “ he is highly rated and I don’t doubt that but as a unit the midfield group are under achieving on clearances presumably because we play one behind the play that can’t apply at centre bounces though
  7. Was it? I have an open mind but if your taps aren’t resulting in better clearance numbers it doesn’t matter. it seemed to me that we were losing the clearances - what do the stats say? it’s like bombing the ball into the fwd line with “no connection” there is not the connection we used to see between Gawn and the midfield taps without connection are worth what?
  8. Great highlights for his first game speaks to why he has calmly slotted back into that role this year
  9. Why have Brisbane started badly? any key outs for them?
  10. The amount of territory the guy covers is amazing it means effectively we have more cattle on the park In his first game against Geelong (memorable win) his second effort and goal announced what he had massive tank always wins the 2k trial
  11. The thing BBB does that Schacke doesn’t is present to the half back line to get a mark that helps us exit defence I think Schacke has been tried and tried with us and other clubs and is just too lacking in impact it’s what you bring when the ball isn’t delivered lace out - Jvr bbb make it a contest
  12. ANB is not only an unsung hero but also a great spokesperson for the club This is only a recent example 29 possessions and 2 goals aerobic beast but it’s his leadership his passion for good that most inspires i think he will be captain soon
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