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  1. “If you’re on 10 on your amp where can you go from there?” Amp. goes to 11 (This is Spinal Tap) - Bing video – the answer was 11. It seems our football commentators are channeling Nigel Tufnel and or the Fonz. Please forgive this boomer pedantry but I can’t stand this commentary cleverness arms race. Here are my nominations for annoying commentary overreach. 5 April Fox Melb vs GWS – “buzzing around like a mossy – Kozzy!” Kelli Underwood 18 April Melb vs GWS (?) – “with Grace - Kelly!” - Anthony Hudson – Josh Kelly goal 18 April Melb vs GWS – “slick kick, slick hair that’s why they call him slick Fritsch” – Kelli Underwood - do they? 25 April Melb vs Rich – “a millimetre either way and it was out of bounds on the full” Luke Darcy ANB set shot from the boundary line which went through the middle – actually a millimetre either way and it was easily still a goal 1 August Melb v GC – “a piece of football artistry” Kelli Underwood – GC player kicks ball in the air for a goal from half a metre out 1 August Melb vs GC – “he’s enjoying himself to the Max” – Kelli Underwood – Max Gawn kicks a goal 1 August Melb vs GC – “ Kozzie’s pickin them apart” – Kelli Underwood – Pickett kicks a goal ..and the winner is Kelli Underwood!
  2. I dont get flat from loads - dont other teams have loads as well or dont we have enough midfield depth? It wasnt long ago we were thought to be overblessed with mids.
  3. Footy Show today Cain Cornes says we don't have a compelling forward line - we cant kick a decent score which is my proposition in this thread. I got howled down at the time but the question remains - do we have enough forward talent to win in September?
  4. I’m with you that weed is a doubt to make it Ellis (?) kicked 6 is only 20 with 4 games so special day Agree weed not impressive
  5. Agree with that - good kick good size and finds the ball more than Rosman
  6. A lot of them were cheap joe the goose / out numbers in the goal square. I dont think it marks him as a gun fwd To be fair to Weed he was also rucking against Lobbe and Buzzer guys much bigger than him
  7. At least hunt tried to win it for us he just doesn’t have the tools better to try and fail than to not try at all
  8. It’s like our team is the only one with “niggles”.
  9. No I haven't because he is an option at wing and petty is performing in the backline
  10. it will be interesting to see who plays wing at Casey between Baker, Rosman and DeClase. It may indicate DeClase is more a cover in defense than a wing option given Tomlinson, Langdon, Brayshaw etc as well as Baker and Rosman. If however DeClase plays wing it might indicate a lack of confidence in Baker / Rosman as backups for Langdon, Brayshaw
  11. I think Bedford is cover for Messiah and Spartacus
  12. Perhaps we should be more worried if Troy Chaplin stepped down based on what Gawn, Brayshaw and TMac said to the press after the Brisbane game? He is credited over the last 4 years as having banged on about defence as the ball moves from our forward to defense areas. That pressure contributes significantly to our interceptions in defence as the ball comes in under pressure without good direction. Players have said basically that they are finally "getting" what Chaplin has been saying. See 2:44 below and the question from Lloyd referencing Troy...
  13. Our defence gets interceptions because of fwd mid pressure which isn’t there tonight fix that
  14. Not a sycophant perhaps but call a spade a spade fan boy
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