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  1. jumper numbers at that level are given by size so size 1 is a small and 45 is a 2xl so that's probably why koz had such a low one
  2. super stoked for him, could be a 100 gamer, won't be hard to take a spot off bosenavulagi or josh walker in that back 50 hopefully he gets his body sorted early and can have a real crack at it
  3. the only spot we have is for a cat B and i doubt we've got anyone lined up to fill that spot now as we would have already announcd it if we did, so baring a LTI we have the full compliment 36-6-1
  4. think the cats was one that had a look at him
  5. because we had 2 MSD selections to replace LTIs we had to shed 2 extra players off our rookie list in total, so in Nietschke and declase we did that and that had us level with where we were at pre season last year then the jordon upgrade gave us the spot to take Mcvee today. AMW replaces bradtke but we could've kept him on if we'd wanted to as we can have 2B rookies regardless of the rest of our lists make up and we only have 1
  6. there's the lockdown defender we've been after
  7. add a judd to the list *JMcV calling that an acronym too, if u linguists disagree... bite me 😆
  8. i'd like to see us take another project player one of Camaniti or Rentsch who can develop for a couple years at casey given the age of Gawn, BBrown, MBrown, TMac, Daw and with Bradtke's delisting it would round off our list nicely. Also was surprised Blayne O'Laughlin didnt get picked up however i do think he looked more impressive than he actually was as he was taking kickouts for SA so got most of his touches as freebies
  9. werridee, i want to duel, first one to type a post in all caps loses...u vs me should u choose to accept. and as i said in another thread id be giving the numbers out 2. Dunstan 21. van Rooyen 22. Woewodin 27. Howes 39. Moniz-Wakefield
  10. if we give JVR #27 we'll have a bit of a big boy union between 25-28, hope they don't get stuck in the corner because that could get quite tight for spaces. for the record my guesses r 2. Dunstan. 21. van Rooyen. 22. Woewodin. 27. Howes. 39. Moniz-Wakefield with all existing players to hold firm
  11. the announcement should come around 1-2pm before the pre-season and rookie drafts because as they've slipped through the national draft all the remaining NGA nominated players become instant cat B's so us, hawthorn, blues and there might've been one or two others i don't remember
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