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  1. for the player you're getting there are plenty of better players being tossed out of the system atm who are younger with upside for a similar output. egg smith and cox in particular, we already have experienced players in that part of the ground in hibbo, nev, may, jones we dont need any more vet leaders, we need talented players to grow with the group for the next 5 years
  2. i've said it before but i actually don't think there has ever been a player we've disagreed on
  3. eggmolese-smith definitely worth a year. he looked a real player if u give him a chance in the team imo
  4. appreciate the expert call. i also didn't ignore lockhart. i stated that we had a lot of unavailable players in that role so it made sense to convert him there. none of which has jack all to do with lockhart because he was available
  5. considering as A rookies can be paid 80k outside the cap i find it strange that we haven't delisted contracted players (vanders, nibbler, jetta) or delayed contracts on certain players (any of jones, smith, bedford, jordon) and have in fact upgraded lockhart unncessarily. running a minimum senior list with maximum rookies is the best way to pay ur list no?
  6. looked like a 200 gamer at the suns with his composure and kicking off HB, shame it never worked out for him really liked what he was about. hope he doesn't have any issues in the future
  7. surely this sees KK drop down alongside nieta and then creates another live pick on draft night or at least we'll look to take in 6 A rookies and a senior list of 36 and have more money outside the cap purely for financial benefits?
  8. i guess theres no point him playing those roles at casey unless theres a spot for him there in the 22 everyone can see we're light on or have been for smaller defensive types with hore/kk/neitschke injured jetta slowing down and harmes being trialled and rivers walking straight in so they like his skills and competitveness the best chance he has at cracking it is in this role so give him the best chance at succeeding at it and getting experience playing one set role in the magoos
  9. robbie fox is by far the most stiff delisting of them all, shame we made the call on smith so early on as i believe fox is afl standard for sure. he'll be picked up somewhere easily
  10. i think the only vital role he played was telling the club Brown isn;t going to be held back long term by his knee injury this season i dont think having burgo at the club sold us any more than any other club, i believe the burgo factor is being well overplayed in relation to browns signing
  11. these guys signed a contract extension yesterday and KK still has 1yr to go on his existing deal but has agreed with the club to step away from games and training due to his concussion we believe
  12. if this club was serious theres no way vandenberg plays next year at all, sparrow and jordon have a free run at that spot as soon as jones hits 300 games
  13. considering they just delisted fox and traded aliir, who i thought was strong and played 14/17 games this year theres no chance he's headed there. theyre looking for a forward as tommy mccartin looks the goods at CHB
  14. hore definitely a shout too. well and truly in the mix just because a player is yet to debut doesn't mean they will give us nothing. using ur logic we may as well not even have a draft. u gotta actually put time into players and nurture them. not everyone is clarry oliver. imo Jetta, Jones, KK, vanders, ANB are the five obvious outs, MBrown and chandler off the rookie list too, then another crack at shifting TMac or smith goes instead. and we look at Jkelly, lipinski, tippa, stack as potential targets i can see from this far out
  15. this is like some kind of soft porn, we can only dream
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