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  1. also all these fellas for being delisted and re-signed as lifetime FA's too or just genuinely FA's that got missed Adelaide James Borlase Mitchell Hinge William Hamill Brisbane Dayne Zorko Jarryd Lyons Carlton David Cuningham* Jack Martin* Orazio Fantasia Sam Durdin Fremantle Jeremy Sharp Oscar McDonald Geelong Emerson Jeka Patrick Dangerfield* Tyson Stengle Gold Coast Jack Mahony Sam Day GWS Lachlan Keeffe Hawthorn Chad Wingard Cooper Stephens Jack Gunston Melbourne Joel Smith Marty Hore North Melbourne Hugh Greenwood Port Adelaide Francis Evans Trent McKenzie St Kilda Mason Wood Riley Bonner Sydney Samuel Reid West Coast Josh Rotham Zane Trew Western Bulldogs Lachie Bramble Lachie McNeil Taylor Duryea
  2. i've known jesse since he was about 12 years old, he's a weapon, seriously profesisonal and will get absolutely everything out of himself, as good as a trainer as there is out there and excellent on both sides of his body
  3. sort of, if he gets bid on in ND we lose him but if he gets through unbidded he automatically becomes a rookie without any consequence
  4. i've been the biggest lobb hater since his giants days, he was always a better ruckman than forward but ego/sooking from his part made him a forward. if he came on the remaining 2yr deal he has but WBD subsidised i'd do it. you're offering something like pick 40, hear me out, hes the ruck/forward behind gawn who can play a role but isnt a total liability forward, he leaps and marks in packs (sometimes) but also at EOS 24, mcdonald brown schache all ooc all leave, so then lobb is extra important for the next 12-24 months after that as that squad depth reserve player assuming we either see jeffo come on and play or sign a big dog FF from elsewhere to take over the mantle (or a KPD to allow petty to stay fwd)
  5. has us putting the bid on ruckman read which is interesting
  6. supposedly to play key back with doedee leaving and murray off a knee, plus dragon himmelberg out the door, no idea how burgess goes as a back but fogarty walker and thilthorpe would still be ahead of him
  7. we couldnt actually do it could we also hearing since then its doggies interested, for macrae, lobb and picks.
  8. how do his numbers stack up ahainst say WHE accross career i wonder
  9. tay adams being injured was one of the great blessing in disguise outcomes for the pies. he and mitchell didn't both fit in as they play the same role with the same strengths weaknesses and lack of leg speed
  10. just freo, drafter young chapamn and recruited clark immediately after wilson
  11. pickett will be so far outside our top 10 itll be alarming imo he had a pretty sub par season. and i wouldn't have hunter or oliver near it either for form and games missed reasons respectively
  12. when tex was 31 he kicked 14 goals in 15 games and was absolutely clawing onto that next 1yr deal and the footy world thought he was gonna roll the legs over one more time and then dip... he didn't and this year he kicked 70g and was an AA could either of these two possibly do that next year?
  13. either would be a genuine backup, casey unless gawn went down, even then when they had 27 fit players jamieson wasn't an emergency, so does he have scope to improve? BJ Williams is at least young enough where he could do a preuss and move on again in 2-3 years but honestly when you're as talented as he is and you're a sides no.1 ruck why would you leave, even if flynn comes in he's garaunteed a game at wce next year
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