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  1. Rosman, DSmith and McVee all play that similar defensive role but statistically none has really stood out from any other and none has had a noticeable game with 20+ touches and real impact. with all three OOC i wonder if they decide to keep 2/3 all three or none i feel like as many have said it's really lineball. If in fact Rosman is the standout of the three so far (i havent seen any vfl footage only opinions based on the statistical evidence which i know isnt the be all and end all) then maybe dropping him to the rookie list in place of chandler who has to come up and MBrown who has to come up or go too is the way to go. the comp wide average each season is 8. i'd imagine we'd be on the lower side of that at around 5-6 but if jacko/gus or both or even an OOC fringe player like hunt or Jsmith decide to move on we'd be closer to bang on the average
  2. wonder if the writing is on the wall now for jsmith at the end of the season being OOC, he was really adding something in the early rounds, offers good depth
  3. was at the coburg gcs vfl game on the weekend, despite the loss mac was incredible in the air taking 5-6 intercept marks in pack situations, once he fills out his frame he's going to be a special player, don't go writing him off any time soon
  4. they can be, when sam murray left sydney for collingwood 5 or so years ago it was as a rookie onto the senior list via trade
  5. we should take jackson broadbent, a 200cm west aussie ruckman so he's coming into his prime just as darcy hits the age of thirty and then we can try and fight both WA clubs for a 7mil 8 year contract, that's probably not a very realistic storyline though so maybe it won't play out like that
  6. Tommo came in on 4yrs 500k if i recall correctly, you'd imagine that was front loaded given Trac, Oliver, Gawn, Viney Brayshaw AND Harmes werent resigned past 2023 at the time iirc therefore i'd imagine they would have had the money to spend at the time knowing they had big deals to secure towards the end of his deal
  7. i mean if its 1year playing vfl for us or 1yr playing vfl for north you'd take north and be a one clubber wouldn't ya, knowing even if gawn went down LJ might be the preferred 1st choice
  8. from here i see Baker and Meksham being in trouble, Weid and Hunt might test the waters but i suspect the rest of the senior group will stay on. wonder if the crows ask about chandler again but unlikely therefore he gets promoted on the back of his 2yr deal last season and maxing out his time on the rookie list meaning i'd suspect 2 live picks if weid and hunt stay on. Mbrown and to a lesser extend dsmith might be borderline expecting 1 year deals for JSmith, AMW, McVee, Hibbo, Bedford and Rosman. and hopefully nice 5+ yearsers for Gus and Dogga
  9. you'd think the swans wouldn't stand in the way of either naismith (likely to retire due to injuries) or cal sinclair (32yo OOC) if we asked the question given they've got hickey and ladhams backed up by mclean, amartey, reid and at a stretch mcdonald plus a youngster in mcandrews who played some pre season games on their list already
  10. ill throw in Lloyd Meek who could be an option particularly if LJ is freo bound, he'll be pushed further down the order but regardless he could be an option. and i wonder if we decide to go in for Lobb if he requests a move east again to play CHF and pinch hit instead of a tmac possibly
  11. the phrase "scrap the FS" should be permanently muted/banned on all forums, it ain't happening and it won't ever happen. just enjoy the romance and move on. No one ever praises when it works against a club. Noah Anderson went pick 2, dad played 97 games for the hawks, stiff [censored], bet they were wishing they just put him in their for 3 more before the end but thats football. the rule is 100 games and there's plenty of 'sons of' running around in the league for different sides to their fathers because of that.
  12. 196cm 21yo FF Boyd is currently playing VFL for the Northern Bullants, he's kicked 22 goals from 12 games at an average of 1.8 a game to sit 10th in the Jim 'Frosty' Miller Medal. He's the highest ranked non afl listed key forward. the Blants are sitting second last with the second worst percentage meaning he's doing well with minimal service. Put him in our vfl side and he's probably closer to 3-4 goals a game. at only 21 years of age an afl pre season or two would give him the chance to properly bulk up and seeing as the likes of McKay and Lewis have taken till about 23-24 before they've really begun tearing games apart, i think this could be a worthwhile investment. My thinking particularly is that he would likely slide through the national draft without issue so the chance would be there to replace MBrown who despite continuing to tear vfl games apart would be unlikely to receive a new deal (particularly as he requires being upgraded to snr list after 3 years as a rookie) with a younger player with upside who's showing a bit and could be anything in time with further development
  13. as of right now i believe they can but i think this year that'll change and they'll go back to having the same number of list spots as the rest of us
  14. bowey could be riv if u wanna be specific but its a no change for me
  15. my opinion on him has definitely changed. We need to add him in. with doubts over MBrown's status this off-season, Weid's lack of progress and potential to request a move if he gets an offer of regular senior football elsewhere, Jacko's lure home and TMac's consistency and form issues in McStay you're getting a forward target who is at least on par with the rest of our options talent wise but in a much healthier age bracket and on between 500-600k a year its about 50-100k more than we're paying tomlinson and he's played more casey footy than dees footy since he came. Not many alternatives across the competition who are gettable. off the top of my head -one of the giants riccardi/HH/hogan, burgess at the suns who's leading the vfl goalkicking or ratugolea or reid/amartey/mclean at the swans or schache
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