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  1. not far off tho, Hagan and D'Aloia both made the U18 AA side and didnt get drafted so realistically they could not have done more!
  2. 2. matthew jefferson 6. brodie grundy 12. lachie hunter 19. josh schache 26. jed adams 28. will verrall 33. oliver sestan 43. kyah farris-white imo
  3. official press release from the swans this morning, theyve been renamed the sydney half back flankers/assorted outside running players
  4. yes, angus mclennan was a 19yo mature ager who was nga listed by the saints this year, and the dogs did a similar thing with cody raak last year after initially passing on them in their 18th year, i'm not sure if theres certain rules about whether they have to still be playing nab league as an overager or whatever in order to still qualify as i imagine a 26yo playing state league who was once nga tied cant be taken but not sure
  5. the saints may have the most Jacks on their list, but we must go close to the most unique 'J' names in one squad James (x2), Jake (x3), Josh, Judd, Jed, Joel, Jacob, Jack -and add in Jeff(erson) ;)
  6. sestan could be a really smart get, with the jury out on chandler long or short term and melksham at the end as well as harmes not really being a natural hf it could be really astute business
  7. ah yes professional institution of 163 years cannot concurrently develop 4 players amongst a squad of 40, doh! why didnt the recruiters think of this first!! what a waste!
  8. alphabetical except for adams, gonna have to delete the whole thread and re start it, cant handle that ahaha, kidding love ur work luci, a great reference point all year long. i'd have a strong watch on harmes throughout the year if he continues to get moved around positionally he could seek a move, and ditto tomlinson again so we may less less uncontracted players depart than expected, big years required for 3rd year rookie Deak Smith, also chandler and jordon will want to keep taking steps forward. and where do dunstan and schache fit in come eos will be interesting too. definitely a flag list there tho!
  9. that's gonna go down as one of the worst draft photos of the year, instant fine week 1 ahaha thats horrendous. "lads sit around the inflatable kiddy pool with just ya feet in the water and pump your fists can ya"
  10. see unlike some, if i'm less interested in something than another thing i just don't read it rather than type negativity! i hope you enjoyed the sunshine out at goschs yesterday
  11. can you explain why youve come here to contribute nothing and grumble rather than just clicking on a thread that does interest you and reading that instead? its interesting and a bit of fun
  12. eagle eyed observes would've seen grundy in 6, hunter 12, schache 19 and KFW ?7 (looked like 17 to me...however the only one that would make sense would be 47 due to availability) in the recent training gallery and footage, a matter of we had them in stock due to who wore them last year or an indication of their 2023 numbers i wonder edit: looks like 47 actually
  13. this is how i view our list, the two orange spots are interchangable between a cat a or a senior player, thats why they asign us both those picks in the 70s, because theoretically we could take someone there, however due to the position of the pick its more likely to be 1-2 A rookies and and 2-1 open train on spot/msd carryover edit: i had already moved chandler to the senior list in this clipping but it doesnt change the facts
  14. the rest of the picks as they stand -club by club Adel 69, 79 Bris 50, 71, 81, 83, 85, 86 Carl 32, 46, 57, 67 Coll 28, 30, 47, 74 Ess 25, 49, 54, 59 Freo 33, 41, 42, 58, 63, 72 Geel 52, GCS 43, 61 GWS 22, 34, 51 Haw 37, 45, 80, 82, 84 Melb 38, 73, 78 NM 26, 56 Port 36, 53, 65 Rich 48, 55, 70, 77 STK 31, 35, 44, 66, 76 Syd 27, 40, 62, 75 WCE 23, 29, 64 WB 24, 39, 60, 68 wtf are freo doing?, adelaide are out (strauchan and butts upgrades), pies-eagles-saints in a good spot
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