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  1. discounting the academy picks, i highlighted who i woulda taken instead, notice a distinct lack of inside bullocking types. obvioulsy mosquito showed a fair bit as has jarrod cameron and the two rucks briggs and williams look decent too but don't fit a need for us
  2. he only had one year to go! all we had to do was offer him a standard 3 year deal and flatten the coin out, promise he would walk into the 22 and it woulda been signed sealed and delivered but we didn't and now we look stupid. two players i really like for the wing spot if they become available are lipinski and vandemeer who ironically towelled us up yesterday. but OOC at seasons end and spend some time in the 2s last year even on the back of 20 touch games coz they couldn't fit them in especially with treloar now in there and mclean to come back from an acl next year. ffs ill even take
  3. a lot of what i'm going to say has probably already been said but i'm not going to read every single post on the thread now that i'm a couple days behind. i was at the game and there were some really concerning things which stood out to me 1. the doggies kicked 8 behinds in the first quarter and every time we just smacked the ball to a contest centre wing, didnt mark it, didnt win it at ground level and just saw it come flying back in again. after 2 maybe 3 efforts of that maximum - in one quarter - surely you have to try something else, look for a chest, actually work hard run and block
  4. derek eggmolesse-smith was cat b at richmond for 3 years got delisted and invited to train on and just now signed on as a cat a for this season, running HB 2 to go, thanks to marty and nietschke they'll be taken to the MSD
  5. dumb statement, it's just about the most important thing to have and every club works their [censored] off to set up a spine that is elite and builds out from that i hate that every season the pecking order seems to reset and we see all the hard work he did last year get thrown out but i back him in to work his way in at some stage before the seasons done. he'll thrive off being tossed out, kind of player you know just loves proving doubters wrong and has been doing it his whole career
  6. yep lockhart for salem but pushes hunt and riv to the highest spots and plays as a more lockdown type but i think they really want to draw that attacking side of his game out. he's a good kick i think pretty precise for short 15-30m hit ups into the corridor and to break down a compact defense (even tho that doesn't happen anymore )
  7. meek is the best ruck they've got, dont be fooled by the sean darcy is the second coming of sandilands nonsense. and treacy has done bits since getting rookied and is more than capable to replace his work i50. lobb has been lying to himself his whole career pretending he's not a ruckman. he's very ordinary as a forward hardly ever kicks proper bags and definitely doesn't tally big goals/season
  8. the way i'm reading it, bowey in for jetta at HT/3qrt & laurie for jones at same time vanders in from the get go due to no oliver, viney, gus. the correct way to use him in the squad he's not a best 22 player - full stop. keen to see sparrow, jj, harmes from the get go petty to swap out for tomlinson or to give may/lever a rest as someone on the last page suggested bedford might get a quarter late for chandler/anb i really hope mcdonald isn't playing wing and we're playing small ball in the forward line. u still need to structure up around a tall who isn't a seco
  9. melky and tmac already have '22 contracts
  10. do you just intentionally misspell their names?
  11. absolute star, when he grew the hair and beard out, had to rep him
  12. grundy had a poor year based on his extremely lofty standards and was still top 3 rucks in the comp last season, collingwood will definitely not regret their decision at all. and you reward your captain for their importance to the club as a whole and the extra work they put in off field to lead and create culture and represent the club? how can you not understand any of that
  13. this, and also he's a 30yo on a list clearly bottoming out and would just hold back younger types if he stuck around any longer could be a gun, could be another nietschke hardly a comparison to us and majak. one club wants to play september the other is at the beginning of a rebuild
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