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  1. I had to sleep on this but could hardly do even that. 6. Max Gawn 5. Christian Petracca 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Jack Viney 2. Christian Salem 1. Kysiah Pickett
  2. Before he does that, he might want to have a quiet chat with Isaac Smith.
  3. Local footy umpires satisfied message sent in Toby Greene case
  4. … not to mention that it’s not a good look for football!!!!
  5. Troy Simmonds got a nice whack in the windpipe too.
  6. After seeing what a depleted GWS can do, it might not be such a big deal but the loss of Tex and injuries to Smith and Hamill tonight puts the Crows under the pump big time.
  7. History will tell that the debut games of Jackson and Rivers were significant for Melbourne. Harley Bennell’s, less so.
  8. According to this bloke on Twitter, one of the best for Vic Country in the Colgate game was Kobi George who is also a Melbourne NGA. Quite interesting that our NGAs are attracting attention at the moment.
  9. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Tom McDonald 4. Christian Petracca 3. James Harmes 2. Christian Salem 1. James Jordan
  10. With all of the NGA selections, where will our pick 50 actually fall?
  11. Tom Papley wasn’t a Casey player as such - just a Gippsland Power Under 18 player who filled in a few times at Casey.
  12. The big question is what do you do in circumstances where due to the number of academy and father/son selections, your own first pick effectively sits in the early 30s? Do you give up on the draft this year and target specific players to fill your requirements or punt heavily in a field where there are a lot of unknown quantities?
  13. I think there are only about eight players who would be assured of playing this week.
  14. Braydon Preuss has injured his hip. To be tested before team selection tomorrow night.
  15. Well, there’s every chance that it could be Braydon Preuss pitted up against Mason Cox. Now, that would be interesting.
  16. That makes two of us. So upset that I just won’t go to the game on Sunday. Dammit!
  17. Call of the season before it becomes a complete and utter shambolic embarrassment.
  18. Remind me which team played West Coast this year on their home ground?
  19. What I would give for a 113 point win against anybody?
  20. There have been enough mistakes on the part of Essendon, their player and the AFL to entitle us to the 4 points. If it happened to Collingwood, Eddie would already have a foot in the door of the Supreme Court over this.
  21. One question that doesn’t seem to have been resolved is whether the setback is the one that was noted on Demonland on Monday as a “tight spot” and from which he had already returned to some light work including kicking with either foot on Wednesday or whether it’s something new altogether? If the media are relying on Demonland for their news, then they’re behind the times.
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