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  1. It seems that @Demonland has been lurking around in his DMC DeLorean again. I have elicited a promise from him that he won’t get ahead of himself or go back in time for now. We’re back to taking things one week at a time.
  2. I believe the soccer genius you refer to might have been Niall Quinn who played Gaelic football and hurling as a youth in Dublin, including the All-Ireland Minor Hurling Final in Croke aged 16, in 1983. He once captained an Irish GAA youth side on a tour to Australia, and was offered a professional contract to play Australian Rules Football with Melbourne, but opted for professional football, in England where he played with Arsenal, Manchester City and Sunderland, and was ex-chairperson of Sunderland FC. He played for the Republic of Ireland from 1986 to 2002. Quinn was a 193cm striker and I believe that had he chosen to play our football, he might have been a key forward or defender and taken us one step up the ladder in those years in the late 80s and 90s when we came close to challenging for a flag. Needless to say, I remain disappointed that Melbourne has apparently chosen not to test the waters in this arena in recent years. Without the likes of Jimmy Stynes and Sean Wight, the club might well not even be in existence today.
  3. Mark down the name of Jack Behnk, a Casey lister who also plays for St Bedes Mentone Tigers and was nominated as VAFA Mens Rising Star award on the back of a starring 5 goal performance. He has represented Casey this year during the practice match series.
  4. The 2024 Mid-Season Rookie Draft will be held on Wednesday, May 29. The AFL Free Agency period commences on Friday, October 4 and will run until Friday, October 11. The 2024 Continental Tyres AFL Trade Period will commence on Monday, October 7 and will run until Wednesday, October 16. AFL confirms dates for 2024 free agency, trade and draft periods
  5. I have for some time, advocated that when developing players are not performing in the VFL then it might be of benefit that they go to an appropriate local suburban competition to work on their skills. I recently cited the case of a Collingwood Category B rookie playing last year or the year before in the VAFA. Now, it seems that Richmond has the same idea with one of its Category B rookies. The player in question is obviously being given time to adapt to the game in a less demanding competition. Unless, there is something happening with KFW that we’re not being told, this would seem a better course than seeing him struggle for kicks on limited time in the VFL. From Herald Sun online
  6. Injuries are injuries but if we look at Richmond’s current injury list, we should definitely not be complaining about our lot.
  7. The persistent Tigers held on for three quarters before the Demons, powered by some accuracy in front of goal (for once), ran away at the end of the game. Harry Petty kicked 6.0 while Jake Melksham and JvR managed 4.0 each. Unfortunately, all three were missing when the team was ousted from the finals in September. MELBOURNE 3.5.23 8.5.53 14.6.90 20.10.130 RICHMOND 5.4.34 9.7.61 13.8.86 15.8.98 THE TEAMS RICHMOND B N. Balta, D. Grimes T. Young HB N. Vlastuin N. Broad D. Rioli C K. McIntosh T. Taranto J. Ross HF J. Graham J. Hopper L. Baker F J. Riewoldt D. Martin M. Pickett FOLL I. Soldo D. Prestia S. Bolton I/C S. Banks, T. Cotchin R. Mansell B. Miller SUB M. Coulthard EMG N. Cumberland H. Ralphsmith S. Ryan No Change MELBOURNE B T. Rivers, S. May, J. Lever HB C. Salem A. Tomlinson J. Bowey C L. Hunter J. Viney E. Langdon HF K. Chandler J. Melksham J. Jordon F A. Neal-Bullen J. Van Rooyen K. Pickett FOLL M. Gawn A. Brayshaw C. Petracca I/C J. Harmes J. McVee H. Petty T. Woewodin SUB J. Smith EMG B. Grundy M. Hibberd C. Spargo IN J. Harmes H. Petty OUT B. Brown T. Sparrow
  8. A versatile player to look out for in this year’s draft.
  9. Joel Smith is also out for reasons that are well documented.
  10. PORT MELBOURNE vs CASEY DEMONS Saturday 13 April, 2:05pm, Kinetic Stadium Head-to-Head: Casey Demons 32-29-1; At Kinetic Stadium: Never Met; Streak: Casey Demons 1 Last Time: Casey Demons 18.11 119 def Port Melbourne 8.13 61 (July 2, 2022, Casey Fields) PORT MELBOURNE B: B. Smith (22), T. Highmore (35), G. Barnes (25) HB: T. Watson (11), F. Rosman (3), L. Rankin (15) C: T. Hird (4), H. Hooper (37), J. Green (14) HF: A. Anastasio (19), J. Miller (23), H. Stubbings (12) F: B. Gowers (10), J. Conlan (34), M. Signorello (17) R: F. Flockart (27), R. Smith (18), S. Philp (9) INT: C. Walker (29), L. Coghlan (30), A. Curry (13), L. Modica (56), C. Henness (7) EMG: N. Stuhldreier (31), J. Johnston (20), A. Manton (16), H. Maguire (38), T. Hofert (21), S. Johnson (8), M. Moschetti (6) IN: J. Conlan, J. Green, C. Henness, L. Modica, S. Philp, H. Stubbings OUT: O. Mulady (hip), K. Viccars (concussion), M. Gahan (unavailable), T. Hofert, A. Manton, M. Moschetti NEW: Jacob Conlan, 24, 191cm, Albury; Cody Henness, 25, 193cm, Sandringham; Sam Philip, 22, 187cm, Carlton AFL CASEY DEMONS B: T. Freeman (67), A. Tomlinson (20), J. Adams (26) HB: A. Moniz-Wakefield (45), D. Turner (42), L. Connolly (55) C: N. Moodie (74), B. Laurie (16), T. Edwards (58) HF: R. Steele (54), J. Schache (19), O. Sestan (38) F: M. Jefferson (21), T. Fullerton (33), L. Hunter (12) R: W. Verrall (28), M. White (52), K. Brown (41) INT: B. Laplanche (68)*, M. Szybkowski (56), K. Windsor (66), P. Cross (64), K. Farris-White (43) EMG: H. Neocleous (75), C. Peters (63), T. Sheridan (53), M. Gregory (57) IN: L. Hunter, B. Laplanche, B. Laurie, A. Tomlinson, D. Turner, K. Windsor OUT: K. Tholstrup (AFL), C. Hustwaite (foot), M. Gregory, C. Peters, T. Sheridan, Z. Toledo NEW: Brayden Laplanche, 18, 189cm, Rowville/Eastern Ranges; Kai Windsor, 20, 180cm, Box Hill Hawks
  11. Based on the above and the club's published injury list these are the AFL listed players we can expect to see tomorrow. Jed Adams, Kynan Brown, Kyah Farris-White, Tom Fullarton, Lachie Hunter, Matt Jefferson, Bailey Laurie, Andy Moniz-Wakefield, Josh Schache, Ollie Sestan, Adam Tomlinson, Daniel Turner and Will Verrall. However, based on some of the training reports, one or two of the above might not play.
  12. This is usually a big game on the draft calendar - one in which reputations can often be made. PREVIEW | AFL U18 Australian Academy vs. Coburg VFL
  13. The squads have started coming in for the U18 National Championships and high-flyer Ned Bowman (see post above) has been selected. 2024 South Australian U18 squad finalised
  14. He’s the Kolt but not from Snowy River. Still, it’s worthwhile recognizing the work of one of our great poets who knew quality when he saw it.
  15. Ollie Sestan was not named on the injury list. Mystery injury of the week?
  16. Five games in and they’ve already named a railroad station after him!
  17. ANB not there? That’s a surprise.
  18. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We have a full match preview ready but now await the tribunal verdict on Kozzie to enable the final edit to be done.
  19. I really haven’t noticed it - probably because I’m more interested in the content.
  20. Good start … and the clubhouse leader. Where are all of our expert commentators?
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