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  1. AFL clubs average 8 list changes every season across the board so 6 is hardly surprising and given our current OOC list i'd suspect 1 or 2 more post trade period as we'll likely want to carry over some picks to invite players to train on over PS imo likely Baker and Bedford as they are the most genereric replaceable players remaining on the list that don't have obvious places in the senior side to fill should injuries affect us that wouldn't be able to be filled by other contracted or younger players.
  2. the writing was on the wall when he couldn't even hold down the ruck spot in the vfl but hopefully at 204cm he can find a contract in the nbl at judt 21yo could still make a bball career out of his undoubted athleticism best of luck to him
  3. Lord Nev, an absolute star of this football club and proudly my favourite player of the last 5 years. outstanding loyal servant who got absolutely everything out of himself and put his body on the line week in week out. what a leader and role model. all the best to our No. 39 games record holder
  4. whats said about every mature age player to ever leave a list since 2011 probably the only position they have a stack of is inside mids. i think its wishful thinking that he'd get another go with other inside mids constable, dunstan, brodie, blakely, sier also on the market but best of luck to him none-the-less. i had such high hopes for bradtke its a shame he never kicked on, and nietschke is the unluckiest player i've seen come through the MFC. lockhart extremely stiff but we've found a couple of young jets recently but he can certainly to a job on another list somewhere where he's more likely to get a look in. best of luck to all the lads ❤️
  5. had this thread bookmarked all season and it's taken a couple weeks longer to bump than i anticipated but gee whiz it was a bloody amazing couple weeks. personally i didn't see the ANB resurrection, got that very wrong and JSmith resigning at all let alone as early as he did completely caught me out particularly after the MSD recruitment of cousin Daniel but otherwise i don't think im too far off, guess time will tell. but this is certainly some fun reading ahahaha gg's everyone
  6. 6. fritsch 5. petracca 4. brayshaw 3. jackson 2. salem 1. oliver
  7. wouldn't be the worst thing if he went undrafted after we nominated him and we can slide him onto the rookie list same same with andy moniz-wakeford. but i gues we do have to take 3 draftees minimum again
  8. admin can we request a mute on all comments including any reference to geelong and recruiting veterans, gotta be the least funny and most over used gag on this site ahaha cmon now fellas... yawnnnn
  9. not surprising given his comments on SEN a while back in regards to brad ever going back in to coaching when he was initially being linked with the afl gig he officially began last week idk if you've seen much of brander play but he's hardly "big, lunky", plays as a wingman has a great tank and good foot skills had 20+ touches multiple times, problem for him was he was too flexible. was sort of always a stop-gap, sort of became a defensive, forward and wing reserve and never settled and got the chance to develop in just one spot and now he's on the scrap heap
  10. 36 davey pickett 24 robbo jurrah rivers
  11. are the geeling links actually there or is it just the easiest one for your average punter to make coz of the stereotypes so therefore the rumour goes around like a wildfire
  12. i think it should be more than the 22 but i higher threshold like 15 games or 80% of games so that it rewards players who genuinely make an impact but your oskar bakers or chandlers who played once or twice and spend 12 games as an unused sub are excluded as they ultimately didn't contribute to the results
  13. sorry i don't think i explained myself properly, tigers recieve pick 20 off north for CCJ and its them who takes mac, thats my thought process anyway. CCJ was drafted with pick 21 so would be around that price still in trade value a few years on as a highly rated and now developed big man
  14. slight error in daw and nietschke games @ start of season
  15. r they tho? jonas, clurey, aliir, mckenzie, lienert all very serviceable
  16. connor blakely and luke valente would be crying themselves to sleep right about now, cannot get a lookin to save themselves and brodie has rarely shown enough to be selected ahead of them but the suns r desperate to clear some list spaces (all 38 snr players r contracted) and the dockers do need mids i can't be the only one who sees archie as being a reasonable investment for the dees? hes only 25, he's super athletic and u chuck the learn under gawn carrot in there and suddenly you've got a 3yr reserve ruckman instead of maj (31yo and unreliable fitness) and with bradtke unable to even get a go in that position at vfl level. preuss 2.0 really. i'd say the suns, dogs, crows, saints and pies will also want a chat but they don't have gawny
  17. hard to see much of a market out there for him, and if there was it would likely be in exchange for a packet of chips, call it a gesture of goodwill, player gets a chance to play at afl level, we get space in the salary for a player likely to have more impact long term(cerra) however would not be upset at him seeing out the last year, offers reasonable depth especially if say fritta went down and is a wiser professional around the club which can't hurt
  18. the cats play Henry, Stewart, Blic, Kolo and Henderson all 190+ with speed and lockdown by touhy, o'connor and bews and it works. so yes i can see them all playing together, grimes, astbury, balta(rance), vlaustin is a similar scenario Sam Weideman is widely tipped to depart, so the Dees could have some additional draft capital. They currently do not have a first-round pick, which will make it harder for them to get deals done in the trade period. - Edmund? SEN so which will it be hmmm
  19. i had this exact thought today too, losing CCJ and chol hurts them for the future but i think they'll really load up for the now and risk dropping off in 2years time. pick 20 of NM is being speculated and the tiges might pounce then if mac is still on the board as its the last NGA free pick
  20. has to be a 2yr deal imo coz FA after that and he wasn't far off getting picked more consistently throughout the year, if this wasn't finals rn mcdonald woulda been close to being dropped had as lean a month as ever if weid was playing ressies and performing he could be in the side. patience is thin yes but ur right he gets another gig we don't need to, we have 3 elite keys and lever
  21. it comes from team rampage in the aflx, cripps and fritsch have both done it as a celebrating and then harmes got on board and its being used to signify slow play or red time when we want to see out the quarter before the siren without conceding again. may and lever do it alot ball in hand as obviously they dictate the speed of the ball on the last line of defence
  22. i think jones will announce his retirement this week and fly home to be with his wife, hes unlikely to be selected as much as we all want him to be, (and an on the run thought, could we name him as the sub even if he's in another state and just pray no one gets nick vlaustined in the first quarter) may is clearly [censored] but grand finals have a way of healing would be injuries, just ask zac dawson and jeremy mcgovern
  23. i've always thought damon greaves was capable of playing afl level and just got unlucky that the hawks had impey, jiath, scrimshaw, day, hardwick all at HB already, but maybe i just liked his name, his hair colour and his jumper number (44) all combo'd up, could be in the mix as a rebounding small defender around the comp as a DFA
  24. or we could leave it as is considering we're a win off a grand final, just a thought... wanted to be the big dog, knew he was stuck behind fyfe at the dockers hard to predict a global pandemic preventing all border travel
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