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  1. i was gonna say neitschke but aidan riley is definitely more niche
  2. freo look to be coming to the table this year, already shipped acres and logue/tucker reportedly about to be signed off on and its only day 2, priming them to complete jackson deal in the next couple days and then then they can do as they please with lobb and call it a week hes OOC so unlikely
  3. are u going to be updating this per deal @Lucifers Hero or just on mass at the completion of trade period
  4. i was all over this that off season, had him above BBB due to his upside and age to grow with our group, have absolutely no grudges given BBB took us to a flag but geez we coulda used him, hindsight 20:20 given weid stagnation but would be more than handy right about now
  5. i was young-ish when harmes first came through but i remember him being really dynamic forward of centre had an awesome goal sense, good sidestep and fend off and laid tackles and forward pressure. i distinctively remember him taking a huge hanger one day but have never been able to find it again since back in his #43 days. my memory might be wrong but we should be trying to get that side of him out of him more often when he is forward he definitely should still have a role at the club in 23
  6. weid should've gone to the club and asked them if they had heard the names esava ratugolea or billy frampton. having listened to the lamb interview and their acceptance that tommo was allowed to go if he can find a suitor it opens up an interesting few options, have we seen someone around the comp to bring in as depth or at vfl level who is cheaper, remembering we do trust smith to play 2nd tall regularly and turner is in favour too so 5 key defenders is possibly too many for balance. but what does weid do well, jump at packs and not get out marked. what does weid do poorly - run to good positions, actually hold onto marks. as a key defender he can just aimlessly follow his opposition to the ball and just knuckle the thing wherever he pleases. he will easily find himself back at league level either with us or elsewhere in future if he does this
  7. i was gonna say something dimilar, exit interview probably went something like this JH: my best position is midfield i should play there more often and i want to play there more often coaches: we agree, but youre behind a few there right now so we want to keep playing you at HF/W/tagging or stints in there when necessary JH: hmm ok not sure, go dees but gee wonder if someone will pay me to be a permanent mid dons: hi James
  8. we're in a premiership window, we need to change our way of thinking, if howes is good enough and consistent enough at vfl level then he will earn his spot and be selected, until then he isnt relevant to our senior 22. hunter would be relevant from round 1 all the way through the season and the next 3 seasons after that as well. the cats didnt baulk at isaac smith to get games into holmes or baulk at touhy to play jordan clark or even cameron to play sav its just the way football works sometimes if you want success you've gotta be ruthless
  9. pete ryan tweeting riley bonner could be available, yes hes worse than bowes and a bit of a squad player but given hunt's exit (and i spent 20 minutes comparing them on the afl website statistically bonner is 2x the player hunt is) could be a handy player off hb as a kicker even tho he has no inside game, 3yr deal pretty average 300k coin low risk high reward? thoughts?
  10. freo have so much to come in they'll be able to do a bundle job elsewhere and get the picks necessary, nothing to etress about yet theres no way the deal doesnt get done eventually
  11. i can't believe this thread has made it the last 4 pages without any mention of Laurie, was rated as highly as bowey when drafted, has the composure and kicking skills we like about spargo and hopefully does a better job of finding the footy, but this will give him the opportunity to get some minutes and push into the side, i realise he's not exactly a like for like with toby but a small forward is a small forward is a small forward and this will present him some more opportunities in '23
  12. surprised petty was only 15th not as surprised to see brown, lever and harmes where they were or salem missing (given injuries) surprised jordon was as high as he was given he was dropped when it got tot the business end
  13. i think theyre saying its the difference between an EO1st round and where it ended up at 27 weirdly
  14. thought this was going to be a weridee thread
  15. i think the deal ends up being something like tom berry and a couple of future picks for bowes, 7 and a stack of the suns 2022 draft picks, points for all (suns have a couple of academy boys highly ranked for next year including a big forward jed walter)
  16. i see him more in the greene mold, can go up the ground and impact and also is super crafty around goals. or like a rozee
  17. we probably did offer him the contract and then took it away when we reassessed our options and when he asked for something outrageous and its kinda just followed that trajectory to where it is now ironic given he signed witherden from the lions for that exact reason and then realised he just disposes of it sideways and backwards and gets 25 of the least effective touches and drops him every other week
  18. twomey and riles just discussed bedford, expect him to stay a dee due to NGA ties and we want him to stay/offered him a deal but has been in NSW talking to the giants and seeing what they have to offer him.
  19. crossleys not an old man and IMO should still be on an afl list, only left the suns coz of his coke ban, we should rookie him. gawny will straighten him up
  20. they looked heaps better with daniher out and a more mobile quick forward line in the finals, mcstay out for gunstan adds more zip and craftiness around goal which will make them a slicker and more high scoring unit overall
  21. i dont mind that he's leaving i've always thought he was a limited player and had a ceiling but we need to get capable replacements in to continue to improve the list and that's the frustrating part is that that isn't the case we seem to be content with players leaving and we're putting a lot of faith in senior 22 not getting injured or some young, fresh players who haven't set the world alight at vlf level making the step up
  22. we're never winning another flag if we lose even half the players linked to the exit this year. firstly losing majak and mbrown is a blow to our tall depth given the injury history of the blokes in front of them and the maturity of their bodies. then LJ goes and suddenly we have about 3 tall players on the list and now Hunt, Bedford, Weid and Tommo are all gettable and suddenly we have literally zero mature bodies outside our 22. one injury on each line and we'll be exposed and playing injured blokes by round 8. something HAS to be coming the other way. i know JT is an excellent draft recruiter but he's built the list now we need to plug holes, buy smart and top up. not keep going to the draft again
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