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A Day at the Races

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35 minutes ago, Demon77 said:

Redkirk Warrior is currently $8.00 for the Newmarket. Equal favourites are Merchant Navy and Redzel (Doubtful) at $5.50.

Nice pick by your work colleague. Some of these betting agencies make you turn over the winnings from bonus bets prior to withdrawal which is a pain in the backside.

Yes D77,  the dividend (which was a substantial figure) is minus the bonus bet amount.

One final catch ...

The winnings from the bonus bets can't be withdrawn until he bets the total amount again!  But he can now bet the 'winnings' any way he likes (Tri's,  Multi's et al) 

Sounds complicated but he'll be smart enough to turn his initial winnings into quite a decent profit (He is, after all,  another dyed-in-the-wool Demon supporter)

Everyone else I know had a lousy weekend on the punt!  But they'll all be back :ph34r:

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