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  1. Like a number of others, Fritsch is putting his body on the line constantly. Occasionally playing on from a mark seems to suit his style too (no time to over-think a shot for goal) He's been our best forward for quite a while now and his kicking for goal has been good in the past 2 games (7 goals 2 behinds) And as someone mentioned, he could be even more dangerous with a fit & firing Ben Brown in the team. His marking skills makes him the ideal 3rd forward in a good team Brown, T-Mac with Fritsch as the 3rd tall will trouble a number of defences ... cameo's from LJ &
  2. They're out on their feet now Take the win!!!
  3. T-Mac has been good again (that's 3 out of 4 weeks now) Our experienced players have stood up and led the way Gawn outstanding
  4. Kozzie gives Selwood a gobful!! Ha ha ha ha ha!
  5. I'm floating between exactas & win bets at the moment ... I do like the idea of having 2 or 3 runners as options for winning but just got to pick the right races Anyway, the Pies, Eagles & Tigers all losing softens the blow ... with punting it's always about the overall!! Because of the above, if we win today, we create a buffer that we can maintain (at least in the first half of the season) Must win! 1-39 Demons is my pick, Freo the same?
  6. Similar story Gorg Got Missile Mantra & Duais up early then went cold. Got a couple of collects out of Ascot late but overall down a fraction Will watch the replays soon enough but Anamoe must have been impressive in the Sires Produce Nature Strip did his thing, Explosive Jack might be a cups horse & Jamie Kah got the best out of Cascadian in the Doncaster by the sounds of it
  7. I reckon everyone saw the errors P-man but the cause & effect on why the errors happened is where we might differ with regards to our point of view (we, as in the numerous sets of eyes and how we view it all) Frantic footy played at that pace between 2 evenly matched teams on a night where the ball was slippery (dew?) is often going to produce errors either forced or unforced ... but mainly forced errors But you'd have to agree that tonight's game was played at a frantic pace and was end to end for most of the night. The pressure was enormous and it was next level The above
  8. Agree with your summation AF but we can finish as high as 4th if the cards fall our way ... the inequities of the draw with regards to the double-ups etc etc 15 wins might snag 4th spot but can we win 15 games? We'll need to not drop games we should win but more importantly, we'll need to split 50/50 or 40/60 against the better teams For instance, we're good enough to beat the Cats & Hawks so we need to get it done. 5 & 0 after 5 rounds and then the playing group can gain real confidence (yeah I know, one week at a time etc etc but we're just onlookers!) But tonight's
  9. That's the best game so far this year in terms of finals like pressure Not sure we're quite up to that level just yet ... pace was furious and even the best players had no time to release the ball End to end, frantic ball movement and about the right amount of goals Neither team deserved to lose and if Costagna had have been able to get a foot to the ball then the Tiges probably win Great match!
  10. I agree ... the pace of the game is furious & exhilarating. And they are playing in slippery conditions I'm wondering if our team could keep up! Thoroughly enjoying the spectacle (with just the right amount of goals)
  11. Best Bet Randwick R9 No.1 Mugatoo 4.60/1.80
  12. But miles better than not being on FTA DJ Having our matches shunted away on cable in a time slot often only suited for those who have cable is not a good result for all sorts of reasons And the Saturday evening FTA games would attract huge advertising dollars for Ch7 so it's a marquee event that we need to be part of I reckon it's a fantastic result ... bring it on In rounds 9-12 we're matched up against the Lions, Bulldogs, Blues & Crows so if we keep performing well we'll get more FTA slots
  13. Well, we're every chance GV ... was having a look at our remaining fixtures last night Run home is vs Leicester, @ Newcastle, vs Chelsea, @ Burnley, vs Everton, @ Brighton, @ West Brom and then vs Southampton There is not a game amongst that lot which we can't win or gain points from If we can beat Leicester we're right in it as 2 CL spots would then be up for grabs Of course Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Everton & Leicester are all eyeing off a spot as well. But Man Utd could drop points in the run home thus opening up a 3rd slot Dare to dream!!!
  14. Macca

    US Masters

    The Masters is on free to air this week ... 9GemHD (Ch95) Coverage starts from 5am Friday through to Monday when the live broadcast will be from 4am
  15. Scapegoating kicks in with the losses ... head coach, umpires, 1 or 2 players etc etc. I have always viewed the multiple losses as being the whole clubs fault ... true leadership would see the best performed person at the club putting their hand up as being part of the problem (in those circumstances) So us supporters blaming one thing or another is not only a futile exercise, it doesn't solve the real issues. Not even close. The argument ends up going around in circles. Besides which, we supporters effect very little ... we are mere onlookers. We're just yapping away pub-talk
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