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  1. The consequences for England in producing flat wickets for 'bazball' is that the opposition can tee-off on those same decks ... West Indies closed at 5/351 off 84 overs on day 2 of the 2nd Test last night You have to wonder how the Windies would have fared on the traditional seaming wickets. Or how the Aussies would have fared last year if we were faced with traditional green-tops
  2. Macca

    US Masters

    As per The Open The following might happen on a Sunday Social game Joaquin Niemann ... Bunker to bunker to (same) bunker to bunker eventually leading to an 8 on a par 3 Went from -1 overall to -6 ... hopefully he gets back on track and makes the cut
  3. The NHL Finals start on Sunday at 10.00am between the Panthers & Oilers (best of 7) Foxtel/Kayo are covering the games but picking up an audio broadcast of the games shouldn't be too hard a task Interesting that Florida has never won the Stanley Cup whilst Edmonton has won the Stanley Cup 5 times Players to look out for ... Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Sam Reinhart, Matthew Tkachuk, Evan Bouchard, Aleksandr Barkov & Zach Hyman Footnote: The great Wayne Gretzky played in 4 successful Stanley Cup triumphs for Edmonton)
  4. Macca


    First game of the best of 7 NBA Finals kicks off tomorrow at 10.30am (Celtics vs Mavs) Those wanting to listen to the game can pick up the broadcast on ESPN Radio. Otherwise, the games are on Foxtel/Kayo
  5. Socceroos playing Bangladesh tonight at 8.45pm in a World Cup Qualifier but it's only on Paramount (streaming) Ch10(Bold) are replaying the match at 10.00am tomorrow (Friday) And Euro24 is on OptusSports exclusively No matches on free-to-air at all
  6. Amazon/Prime only but they are offering the first month free as a trial And the final is set for June 30th so if you can be bothered signing up and then immediately cancelling, Lex, go for it! I've heard Prime have the exclusive rights to the next ODI World Cup and the next Test Championship final so it's a worrying trend (the money grab by sporting bodies)
  7. This list (below) came out a couple of months ago but the panel of judges amounted to 218 pundits and experts Interesting that 11 of the top 54 are Manchester City players. In a world-wide sport, that is an incredible number Best 100 Football Players The Bookies have Man City as having a 53% chance of winning the title, 35% Liverpool and Arsenal 12% So the season definer is set down for next Monday morning (2.30am) - Liverpool vs Manchester City Highlights from the Manchester Derby (Including the Haaland miss from point blank range - he is human after all!)
  8. One of the great medleys ever, if not the best The Beatles left their best till last
  9. Macca


    Regular Season Tipping Competition Year Winner Silver Bronze 2023 Dr.Gonzo DemonDave layzie Gorgoroth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2022 DeeSpencer Go the Biff layzie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 Go the Biff Clintosaurus DemonDave JV7 layzie Gorgoroth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 titan_uranus Gorgoroth Go the Biff Clintosaurus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 JV7 Go the Biff Gorgoroth Macca Dee Zephyr Clintosaurus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 DeeSpencer Clintosaurus Gorgoroth Dappa Dan Dee Zephyr Macca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Clintosaurus Go the Biff Dappa Dan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Gorgoroth cowboy_from_hell Clintosaurus DeeSpencer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 Gorgoroth cowboy_from_hell Macca JV7 DeeSpencer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 Dappa Dan DeeSpencer Gorgoroth --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 cowboy_from_hell pantaloons Gorgoroth Strafford Macca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post Season Tipping Competition Year Winner Silver Bronze 2023 Clintosaurus Gorgoroth BDA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022 Go the Biff layzie JV7 Clintosaurus DeeSpencer Dee Zephyr ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 DemonDave Gorgoroth Clintosaurus Macca -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 Go the Biff Dee Zephyr Macca -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 DemonDave Go the Biff Macca Dee Zephyr Gorgoroth JV7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Gorgoroth Go the Biff DeeSpencer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Macca Clintosaurus Go the Biff JV7 Gorgoroth --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Gorgoroth JV7 Clintosaurus Macca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 JV7 cowboy_from_hell Gorgoroth Macca DeeSpencer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 JV7 pantaloons Gorgoroth Go the Biff Macca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013 titan_uranus DemonDave cowboy_from_hell Macca --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall Medal Tally Gold Silver Bronze Gorgoroth 4 5 7 Go the Biff 4 5 2 Clintosaurus 4 3 4 ---------------------------------------------------- JV7 4 3 2 Macca 4 2 6 DeeSpencer 2 2 4 DemonDave 2 2 1 titan_uranus 2 0 0 cowboy_from_hell 1 3 1 Dee Zephyr 1 1 3  Dappa Dan 1 1 1 Strafford 1 0 0 Dr.Gonzo 1 0 0 pantaloons 0 2 0 layzie 0 1 3 BDA 0 0 1
  10. India demolish England in the 3rd test! They (India) have got a seemingly endless supply of class batsmen too They could go on and win the series 4-1 at this rate. 4th test starts Friday (24/2) And then next summer it's Australia vs India for 5 Tests in the battle of the heavyweights (although, to be fair, the Aussies just lost a test to an undermanned West Indies) Australia play the first of of 2 tests in New Zealand beginning 29th Feb. Might be a drawn series (1-1) as the Kiwi's always take it up to the Aussies
  11. Don't often back roughies but Rich Fortune can run into the money if it can handle the pressure of a G1 race. Been running excellent times at G3 & Listed level Flemington R8 No.6 Rich Fortune $150/$15
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    Here's a few reactions from the SB
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    Remember that year when we followed the Canadian league? haha My team was the Hamilton Tiger Cats and I reckon one of the originals here (Stafford) was the one who was keen on the league It was back when the Demons were really struggling and we needed more American Football (might gave been 2013?)
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