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    @[email protected]@Dee [email protected] the [email protected] @[email protected]@Dappa [email protected][email protected] Just the 1 point on offer in the comp this week All 3 of the evening games are eminently watchable (on paper at least) Jags @ Philly, Bills @ Ravens & Washington @ Dallas are good match-ups as well
  2. That Stones doco is outstanding Final installment next Wednesday (Ch9 Oct 5th)
  3. There's zero stress involved as far as I'm concerned. If Kossie wants to go then I'm not sure I'd want to keep him anyway So you do the best deal possible in that scenario. Don't really have favourites unless that player is pure A grade. The rest are tradeable Right now I'd rate Kossie as a notch lower to the best. He has the potential to be an A grader but he might not get to A grade status. That's all up to Kossie
  4. I don't take any notice of trade radio and I wouldn't even know where to find it However, my opinion on a talented uncontracted player or a talented player nearing the end of a contract remains constant. Secure the player or you may lose the player Even Gysberts, Martin & Morton were traded whilst contracted and none of those 3 are in the same conversation as Kossie. Most here were happy to see all 3 players leave Mind you, pick 88 hardly qualifies as a 'trade'!
  5. As much as I'm somewhat confident that Kossie will re-sign, I'm a bit concerned that we haven't secured him past the 2023 season So it's the optimist vs the pessimist in me that arrives as the realist Boring hey?
  6. But a club does have more bargaining power with regards to a trade with a full year on a contract as opposed to a contract that is finished The Luke Jackson example for instance ... many here are saying that we might have to accept unders as we don't necessarily hold a strong hand That may or may not be true However, I'm reckoning that Kossie will re-sign an extended contract. If that doesn't happen, the speculation will heighten So there's a few different outcomes (more than 1 club might want him) and none of those possibilities can be ruled out Have Port said they are not interested? Why the hell not? The bloke can play and who wouldn't want him? Many here have stated that we can't afford to lose Kossie ... so it could be assumed that he is valued highly Do you reckon we've offered Kossie an extention? If not, why not? I understand that we've been busy securing other players but we can do more than 1 deal at the same time
  7. With only 1 year left on his contract the offers for Kossie (via his manager) would be there. Stands to reason. And it might be more than 1 offer That doesn't mean that Kossie has any inclination to leave but the reality is that he only has 1 year left on his contract so the vultures will circle I'd be surprised if the our club hasn't at least offered a 1 or 2 year extension as he is obviously a required player. We're not talking about a fringe player All clubs are always on the lookout for available talent. For instance, we made a play for Cerra but by all reports, we didn't have the trade value to acquire the player And what did Paul Roos say about about a required player only having 1 year left on a contract?
  8. Macca


    lol 7 road winners too and very nearly another 6 away victories! Go figure Haven't seen any games or highlights yet due to work commitments How on Earth did the Packers win? I didn't have us even getting close
  9. Macca


    @[email protected]_uranus Don't forget your tips Bills, Bengals, Chiefs
  10. It's a good point you make We have to go back to the Smith days to see how we influenced how other teams played during and after that great era The late John Kennedy sr is on record in saying that Hawthorn based their way of playing and recruiting on the great Melbourne team of the 50's (all about the team, great teamwork etc etc) So in turn, aspiring to be better than Geelong after their win yesterday is related to the standards that we have set for ourselves. A reinforcement as such Back in July a Geelong mate of mine mentioned that Chris Scott made big changes to their style of play after the PF loss last season ... finished off with "Thanks!" Again, that was back in July
  11. Geelong have had any number of years much like the year we had this year (a terrific H & A record and then fall short at the pointy end of the season) But I'd like to think that our strike rate will be better than Geelong's if we can get into contention as much as what they have done in their last 10 years or so And there's no reason why we can't get into contention consistently Keep improving the list, get our fitness right, get our game plan back on track and we can win big again I'm quite confident those outcomes will happen. We've got the right managers in place and we've got plenty of talent But nothing happens automatically, success requires a lot of hard work and a good dose of luck Our biggest areas to improve on is our ability to run out games and our forward line functionality (method & talent) Total defence all over the ground was fantastic in 2021 but not very good in 2022 (I believe our pressure rating went from 1st to 17th in one season) So there's a bit to work on In my view we looked battle weary from earlier in the season. Even in that 10 match winning streak we decided to lock down the last quarter's in nearly all those wins (played the boundary line, didn't play on, didn't use the corridor, worked for stoppages to waste time) Specifically in those last quarter's after we'd set up the wins And if you're trying to save your legs early, there might be trouble ahead (and that's how it panned out) Yet we still won 16 games despite having a few issues. Absolute talent can take you a long way *The above are observations based on hindsight. For the most part, a huge percentage of us (85% plus?) still believed we could win big this season right up until the point when we were knocked out of contention And there were still any number of people who had question marks attached to Geelong right up until their PF win (they just got over the line against the Pies in a QF)
  12. Oh yeah, great film. Top 10 all time For some add-ons ... google 'Harry Lime audio plays' Orson Welles starred in about 70 half hour audio plays based on his Harry Lime character ... available at archive.org They're all very good Anyway, back to Grundy ... Could it be that the end of Max (as Max the main man) is not that far off? And we need a ready made replacement sooner rather than later? He's taken a lot of punishment in the last 5 years and is a bit banged up right now. So no time for another understudy The time is now
  13. Cats have set the standard. Our best from last year would have provided a fierce contest today. But not this year, in the end we weren't good enough to make a PF But we've got to get back to our best to challenge. Or more importantly, achieve a new best. Reinvent As for the Cats and the other decent teams, it could be assumed that they are looking to improve on their best So we have to catch up, then catch up again and then exceed to succeed. Good luck Demons As Selwood said today, GF's are hard to win and he had to wait 15 years in a side that has been very competitive (throughout that hiatus) So it's hard work and you need luck with injuries along with loads of talent (and top level coaching)
  14. Last year we looked really fit and were playing out games full of running. The phrase often used - 'Running on top of the ground' Eapecially in the last 2 games of our year (PF & GF) That was Geelong this year. Today (collectively) they were a metre in front of the Swans all day. And then they outran them constantly Us this year? We looked tired and listless before and after the North game. Full of running we could have beaten North by 20+ goals in that game. We had 74 inside 50 entries that day but couldn't finish. We had the skill & ability but not the legs No legs means 2nd & 3rd efforts dissipate, running hard to position disappears, all over the ground pressure is at a minimum, tackling intent and sticking tackles subsides etc etc So against the best teams, the game plan gets broken down The reasoning (why's & wherefore's) for that has been much debated here however, what our eyes told us is that we often looked and played as if tired (especially in the last quarters of many of the games) Even in the 10 game winning streak in the first half of the season So get the freshness back in the legs and we'll challenge again. We've got loads of talent (which we'll add to) but talent alone isn't enough (as we found out) You've got to have the legs
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