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  1. Man City score first - after 13 seconds!! Fastest ever I'm Cup history (apparently)
  2. The FA Cup between United & City is being broadcast on SEN Radio from midnight tonight Not on free-to-air TV which is a real shame The Champions League Final will be broadcast live on 9Gem (Next Sunday morning (11th June) from 4.30am ... Man City vs Inter Milan
  3. van Rooyen 16 possessions ... he's coming on nicely
  4. 9GemHD are showing the Europa League Final tomorrow morning from 4.30am (Sevilla/Roma) Jose Mourinho aiming for his 27th trophy!
  5. We didn't play very well with way too many below their best. Skills below par and not nearly enough corridor football. Forward line pressure again not up to standard In other areas of the ground they offloaded the ball very quickly to good effect and subsequently, we weren't able to pressure them The good news is that we can play a lot better, hopefully beginning next Friday evening
  6. 'Silo' is excellent ... didn't think I'd like it but it's won me over. Good sci-fi 5 episodes of season 1 are out
  7. Gotta love the banjo in the Swans song Smacka!!
  8. Blues don't have an extra gear in crunch time
  9. Ok so that's feasible as 2 draws is on the cards for the Everton & Leicester games Big Sam has done a few Mr Fixit's over time but as you said earlier, a lot has to happen for Leeds to stay up I'm old enough to remember when Leeds were a powerhouse under Don Revie. Billy Bremner, Peter Lorimer & Gordon McQueen were 3 of the stars back then but you had a lot of good players
  10. Yeah going to be tough ... of the 3 possible upsets, I can see Leeds winning as Tottenham are not in good form (also, avoiding the conference league qualifying might appeal for a bigger club like the Spurs) My Hammers are playing well but Leicester at home will be desperate to win. Same for Everton vs Bournemouth But you never know
  11. I mentioned Essendon because he played there previously You know, favourite son and all that But landing there is not probable unless the Bombers cut short Scott's contract Remembering that 6 months severance is all clubs are up for these days if they dispense with a coach And with that short payout we might start to see more contracts cut short if KPI's aren't met People are the same all over so sacking coaches could become more prevalent in the AFL like it is overseas Whether we like that or not is often irrelevant
  12. The bigger issue is where does it all stop? And the class actions have a real connection
  13. If Hunter is guilty then the Essendon player who braced for Spargo's head first action needed to be found guilty as well But that player wasn't even cited (not that he should have been, the contact was on Spargo) The inconsistent citing and outcomes from the MRO & Tribunal is astonishing
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