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  1. Ming Dynasty was a long time ago layz, but you're happy to recognise it in all its form (?)
  2. An emphatic yes from me! Why ignore history and footy was huge before 1897 The breakaway league formed in 1897 was effectively the same league minus a few teams Similar to how the AFL was formed back in 1991 (was it?)
  3. Macca


    Years ago when the team (Demons) was crud I once made mention here that if the team was as competitive as many of the posters, we'd never lose a game!! Hard luck on your 49ers layz, but you needed a fit and fiting QB just to have a sporting chance ... especially in the Eagles house And it's always an achievement to at least compete in the championship game. 28 teams didn't make it that far
  4. Macca


    Ha ha! The current leaderboard resembles the 2003 Brownlow ... if I recall, 3 won on 22 that year, another 3 had 21 votes and yet another 3 had 19 votes. 2 more on 18? With us it's who blinks first or we all hold off as long as possible! We're a competitive bunch
  5. Macca


    Well, there's been some real movement in the tipping comp! Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp* 21 - JV7, DeeSpencer 20 - Go the Biff, Clintosaurus, Gorgoroth 19 - Dr.Gonzo, Macca 16 - Dee Zephyr 15 - layzie 13 - DemonDave In theory, anyone can still win with a rotal of 10 points to play for next week *Subject to a proof-read
  6. Macca


    Yeah you're right ... good pick up I was bound to make an error sooner or later!!
  7. Macca


    Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp 20 - Gorgoroth (KC 1-6) 19 - Dr.Gonzo (Cinci 1-6) 17 - Clintosuarus (KC 7-12) 16 - Dee Zephyr (Cinci 7-12) Macca (KC 7-12) 15 - layzie (Cinci 7-12) DeeSpencer (KC 1-6) JV7 (KC 1-6) 14 - Go the Biff (KC 1-6) 13 - DemonDave (Cinci 13+)
  8. Macca


    Niners 20 Eagles 27 Cinci 18 KC 28
  9. Macca


    Well here's hoping the 49ers get through to the SB for those fans here on this thread ... titan/uranus, DemonDave, Go the Biff & layzie are all fans but I believe @Whispering_Jack and a few others that have been on this thread are also niners supporters For what's it's worth I'm picking the Eagles and I'm sure Dappa Dan is out there somewhere trying to boot Philadelphia home. Not sure there will be much separating the teams at the end of the match anyway The other match could be a close one as well. Cinci seem to be playing with house money right now so they can win at KC
  10. Macca


    @Go the [email protected]@[email protected]@Dee Zephyr @layzie Don't forget your tips fellas!
  11. Macca


    Schedule for next Monday 7.05am 49ers @ Eagles 10.30am Cincinatti @ Chiefs
  12. Macca


    DemonDave & Dee Zephyr as well 12 points on offer next week and a total of 10 for the SB so anyone can win
  13. Macca


    Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp* 17 - Gorgoroth, Clintosaurus 16 - Dee Zephyr, Dr. Gonzo 14 - Go the Biff 13 - DemonDave, Macca 12 - layzie, JV7, DeeSpencer *Subject to a proof-read but it should be right
  14. Macca


    Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp 14 - Dr.Gonzo 13 - Clintosaurus 12 - Go the Biff, DeeSpencer 11 - Gorgoroth 10 - Dee Zephyr, JV7 9 - DemonDave, Macca 8 - layzie
  15. Macca


    No (they didn't) And they are going to be hard to beat in the NFC Championship match (no matter who they play) Today's game was over at the end of the 1st quarter
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