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  1. Jones, Gawn & Jetta turned out alright. T-Mac might get back as well. Not many others made it through although the same sort of thing happened during the 70's & a lot of the 80's. Good players find a way Too much is made of development & coaching in my view. Of course that side of it is very important but it's not the be all and end all There's not enough on the players themselves. The good players often coach themselves or don't need to be coached per se (or over-coached)
  2. Neale being a pick in the 50's was going to be a story one way or the other And recruiters don't go out to pick poor players ... that's just the way things turn out Prendergast picked Gawn at pick 36 and we've done well more recently with trading or swapping top end picks or reshuffling picks or in fact the use of them ... May, Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw, Viney etc etc Melksham, Hibberd, Fritsch etc have been good pick ups for 2nd rounders as well Drafting - you win some, you lose some The reality of drafting is that it's an inexact science and probably always w
  3. Well it's not a complete lottery as you've got a much better chance of unearthing a star with a top 10 pick as opposed to a pick in the 50's but nonetheless, drafting is flawed.
  4. The same people who moan relentlessly about skewiff results re drating also often freely admit that drafting is an inexact science. Go figure. Trying to place high school age footballers into some sort of numbered order is an exercise in futility. Lachie Neale joins an extensive list of late draft picks who turned out to be guns. The reverse applies of course ... top order picks are often complete busts I don't see what the big deal is. It is what it is
  5. Macca


    Ravens, Packers, Rams
  6. Macca


    @Dr. Gonzo @DeeSpencer @Dappa Dan Tipping Comp 4 - Gorgoroth, Clintosaurus, Go the Biff, titan_uranus, DeeSpencer 2 - Dee Zephyr, DemonDave, Macca 1 - Layzie, JV7, Dr. Gonzo
  7. I got a number of collects but all the dividends were small. For instance got both exactas in the 2 feature races but was hoping for some value runners getting into the finish. I still haven't seen any of the races yet but the class prevailed in the Everest & Caulfield Cup. I'll post up the replays with some comments soon enough Might fare better at Ascot (UK) tonight. 4 Group 1's & a Group 2 beginning just after 11.00pm tonight. And Sha Tin tomorrow!
  8. I'm all in with the Team ADATR pick You don't like Behemoth? haha
  9. And now the give in the ground is in Verry Elleegant's favour ... and she was the nominal favourite beforehand. The one to beat I'm including a couple of the lightweight chances though. The Everest is arguably a harder race to evaluate as nearly all 12 runners can win. But if the big boy gets the right run from barrier 2 (as he often does from the inside barriers) he'll at least get into the top 3 Could be a blanket finish though with so many classy sprinters assembled. 2 really good betting races and probably the best Caulfield Cup line up for a time too
  10. Going to have a couple of box trifectas in the Everest & Caulfield Cup I really like Gorg's tip in the Everest (Behemoth) and there are a few other swoopers like Classique Legend & Libertini who could future. And Gytrash has done nothing wrong. Bivouac and Nature Strip are 2 others that can get into the finish. But which Nature Strip will turn up? It's a high class field and we might see another track record on a fast track As for the Caulfield Cup, there are any number of good chances. I've got Verry Elleegant on top but Anthony Van Dyke looks the real danger. Master
  11. 3 best bets in (so far) with all 3 choices capable of getting into the money. Big big chances, all of the choices All 3 at the place paying 15-1 in a 3 leg multi whilst if all 3 salute you can get 400-1 That's got to be worth the price of a coffee for a wager
  12. Macca


    As it turned out the Bills game was the trap game and caught a lot of us out. So no one picked up any points in a week where only 5 road teams won (but who was ever going to pick the Raiders or the Dolphins!) Only the 1 point on offer for week 6 but any points are valuable of course. And with regards to any future postponed games, it might be best to wait & see or just wait things out Leaderboard Tipping Comp 4 - Gorgoroth, Clintosaurus, Go the Biff, titan_uranus, DeeSpencer 2 - Dee Zephyr, DemonDave, Macca 1 - Layzie, JV7, Dr. Gonzo
  13. Best Bet Saturday Caulfield Race 5 No.3 Starelle 4.40/1.65 Damien Oliver should be able to find a nice run for the horse in the straight. Especially with the gaps appearing over the mile and a quarter. The place dividend adds nicely to a multi but it can definitely win if at its best
  14. Group 1 replays from the weekend
  15. Macca


    Bills Cards Rams
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