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  1. Macca


    I'll post up the highlights from the NFL later but in the meantime this NFL Primetime upload should be available for a few hours ... nice to see Boomer front & centre again
  2. Macca


    Leaderboard - Tipping Comp 22 - Dee Zephyr 21 - Go the Biff 15 - Macca 13 - Gorgoroth, JV7 11 - Clintosaurus 6 - DeeSpencer* 3 - DemonDave* *Denotes started late in the comp Just a reminder that we play for 10 points in the SB (5 for the win & 5 for the right margin) As for the 2 out in front, who blinks first! haha In actual fact, 5 participants can still win outright with 6 combos available (Tampa 13+ anyone?)
  3. Watched the first episode of Vienna Blood the other day - looks the goods already. Period Crime Drama set in Vienna in the late 19th Century 3 episodes (90 mins each) out with another 3 to come soon ... on SBS & SBS Demand
  4. Macca


    Live Leaderboard - Tipping Comp 19 - Dee Zephyr 18 - Go the Biff 13 - Gorgoroth, JV7 12 - Macca 11 - Clintosaurus 6 - DeeSpencer
  5. Macca


    Well done to Tampa ... they go to the SB in their home town after winning 3 games on the road in the playoffs 13 years in the wilderness. Brady comes to town and they're at the big dance
  6. Macca


    The coach calling has been below par by the Packers. But Tampa have been too good anyway despite Brady being intercepted 3 times Thus, the Packers have had their chances on offence ... but the last 3 drives yielded just 3 points. No decisive running game being the biggest issue and the defence is average
  7. Macca


    Take the 3 points and give the ball back to Brady with 2 minutes left? Don't poke the bear On that last drive GB's lack of a running game shown up again. The opposition know we had to throw it and plan accordingly Too one dimensional
  8. Macca


    GB running game not a factor ... we've reverted to kind. Jones is too small, gets hit hard, out of the game. We needed a running game on the last 2 drives 8 point game now (should be 7) 31-23 So the Packers need a TD & a 2 point conversion just to tie things up. 4:33 left in the game
  9. Macca


    And GB can't make the most of it ... twice
  10. Macca


    Brady's receivers have now dropped a few catches ... or through the hands Agreed ... tactically it was a poor percentage play going for 2
  11. Macca


    28 - 23 now but Brady & Tampa will probably get at least 2 chances to score points. And Rodgers maybe only the 1 time if Tampa eat up the clock Unless there is an error/turnover from either team that leads to a score
  12. Macca


    7 from 10 now which is a poor ratio on defence. Brady should have been intercepted (the corner didn't commit) on that last TD drive before half time after that Rodgers throw was intercepted. 2 errors within minutes 2nd fumble by Jones costly as well. They have targeted him because of his lack of size ... the ball pops out accordingly. Points conceded as a consequence. Brady knows how to take advantage like no other. 28 - 17 now but we need to curtail Brady (somehow)
  13. Macca


    Apprehensively confident* we'll get over the line Gorg but I'm always aware that in this sport 2 errors can lead to 14 points That's the beauty of the NFL ... no game is parcelled up until it's done. Steelers found that out the hard way with their errors against the Browns So if GB have zero turnovers and Rodgers is at his best we should be good enough to win. But Tampa could have a day where everything goes right for them on offence ... if that happens they probably win But for the neutrals the QB match-up is something to look forward to. 40% chance of snow with a crowd of 6
  14. Here's an intricate and eye-opening article by Greg Chappell about the state of cricket in India and how we fare as a comparison 'Only Surprise is that Anyone can Compete with India at all' Footnote: The good news (!) is that we don't play India again in a Test series until October 2022 (4 Test series in India) Personally I'd rather be playing India earlier than that but we've got nearly 2 years to prepare at least
  15. Another fine win to Streets of Avalon in the G2 Australia Stakes. Seems to improve every season Next up is the Futurity Stakes (which the horse won last year)
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