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  1. Macca


    Playoffs Week 2 Schedule (all times AEDT) Sunday 8.30am Bengals @ Titans Sunday 12.15pm 49ers @ Packers Monday 7.00am Rams @ Bucs Monday 10.30am Bills @ Chiefs
  2. Macca


    Leaderboard Tipping Comp* 9 - Gorgoroth, Go the Biff 8 - DemonDave, layzie 7 - Dee Zephyr, JV7, Clintosaurus 6 - titan_uranus, Macca *I'll give the tallies another once-over directly
  3. Macca


    All Rams so far!
  4. Macca


    I'm 50/50 on 9th & 10th playing finals in the AFL ... good for the clubs involved and the supporter groups but it dilutes the strength of the finals. If they brought it in I wouldn't be bothered As for the NFL, I haven't been tuned in as compared to previous years but it seems that the Steelers, Eagles and Raiders fell into the playoffs whilst the Pats got found out as well Niners did well though (against Dallas) and now you have a match-up at Lambeau next week against my Packers ... and if Rodgers is rusty, you're a definite chance Should be a good game regardless, given the recent history between the 2 clubs The game is on next Sunday 12.15pm (AEDT) so that's ideal!
  5. Macca


    Live Leaderboard Tipping Comp 8 - DemonDave, Gorgoroth, Go the Biff 7 - Dee Zephyr, layzie 6 - JV7, titan_uranus, Clintosaurus 5 - Macca
  6. Macca


    Live Leaderboard Tipping Comp* 6 - DemonDave, Gorgoroth, Go the Biff 5 - Dee Zephyr, titan_uranus, layzie 4 - Clintosaurus, JV7, Macca *Subject to a proof read
  7. Macca


    The Bills were ultra-impressive today, Gorg Their issue is that they are almost certainly @ KC next week (barring a Steelers win) So as good as they were today, can they beat the Chiefs on the road?
  8. Macca


    Live Leaderboard Tipping Comp 4 - Gorgoroth 3 - titan_uranus, Dee Zephyr, Macca 2 - DemonDave, JV7, layzie, Go the Biff 1 - Clintosaurus
  9. Macca


    The Bills are on fire! Dare I say it ... 'The real deal?'
  10. If a player has got the right stuff he'll play early ... at local level I've seen any number of teenagers playing in the seniors (early) because they just can't be held back And there is nothing like learning on the job if the structures, systems and those surrounding you have got what it takes Test them early but only persevere if worthwhile. Or, if they are really raw, give them an extended run in the 2's. It's not one size fits all Equally, I've seen any number of players waste their talent and not make it. Some were so lazy (and not switched on) that they weren't even given a chance. And rightly so too And we now have real proof that the current match committee & coaching staff actually know what they are doing
  11. Macca


    Live Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp 2 - Gorgoroth, titan_uranus, Go the Biff, Macca 1 - DemonDave, Dee Zephyr, JV7, layzie 0 - And the rest
  12. Macca


    Don't forget your tips you blokes!
  13. I've had various euphoric moments since the win A few examples ... Once it sunk in that the flag was in the record books and can never be taken away from us, that was the moment. Often hearing or seeing 'Reigning Premier' is another reinforcement ... we get that for the whole year too especially if we go deep into the finals again And it's OK to brag when the overwhelming majority recognise that we were clearly the best team in 2021 There were no unlucky tales from the opposition either ... we were too good for them We could win more flags with this group of players but 2021 will remain the breakthrough moment and probably the most memorable for that reason Much like 2005, 2007 & 2017 could be the most memorable premiership years for Swans, Cats & Tiger supporters. 1990 for Collingwood? 1975 for North? And speaking of '190' (the Fitzroy loss), our combined margin of victory during the 2021 finals was .... 190 points!
  14. I distinctly remember when Fitzroy beat us by 190 points in 1979 but because we defeated a strong Essendon line up by 7 goals the following week, that game seems to have been forgotten somewhat. Again, I'm not sure why as 190 points still remains the greatest winning margin in VFL/AFL history Can't say I have given 186 a lot of thought over the years since it happened but it does serve as a reference point to how low we had sunk back then ... and most of the matches in 2012 & 2013 were just more of the same Interesting that Jordie Mac picked up 25 possessions in that infamous game though. A reasonable effort when considering that the Cats seemed to have the ball on a string for most of the day And the Demon's Graham Gaunt picked up 33 possessions in that 190 point loss all those years ago! That's admirable!
  15. They're all power hungry crooks at heart (and incompetant!) Or, he might have been a sociopath like Lance. Win anyway will do!
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