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  1. 'Jack Irish' is back starring Guy Pearce and in this new series, Gary Sweet. Good show 2nd episode of series 3 airs next Sat on the ABC at about 9.00pm (episode 1 is available on iview)
  2. The team had an off-day. If these sort of days are inevitable (as they often are for the best teams) then the team just has to make sure that we bring our best against the best sides (especially in the finals) We haven't lost a game to a top 8 team as yet but if that starts happening, we are in trouble. We're in uncharted territory as supporters as the expectation can be that we bring our best and win all the time. I don't believe that is possible with our current list. We are very good but we're not a superstar team Collingwood played very well too ... their lesser lights c
  3. The BBC are covering all the games ... the audio feed can be found mostly through their 5live service Just go to www.bbc.co.uk then click on the 'more' dropdown tab then click on 'sounds' ... then scroll across to 5live and there you have it
  4. The Euro's got it's first must-watch-replay last night with the Netherlands-Ukraine game last night ... and the big guns are already starting to rack up the wins
  5. Make that Friday the 18/6 for the New Zealand/India World Test Championship And the Kiwi's wrapped up the test & series against England about an hour before lunch
  6. New Zealand are all over England in the 2nd test at Edgbaston ... they should wrap things up before lunch tonight and take the series win. England lead by a mere 37 runs with only 1 wicket in hand in their 2nd innings. A nice warm up for the World Test Championship where the Kiwi's will take on India. Begins on Thursday (18/6) ... being played at Southampton (4000 spectators per day will be allowed to attend)
  7. And the G1 replays from the last few weeks (including the Stradbroke)
  8. On a brighter note England play Croatia at the fan friendly time of 11pm tonight ... if you haven't got access to the matches a quick google search will take you to a few streaming sites. TalkSport & the BBC are probably covering the games from an audio point of view. I subscribe to tunein radio and the BBC have recently joined up with tunein
  9. The latest news has Christian Eriksen in a stable condition and the players have spoken to him. You have to wonder what brought things on to have his pulse stop and then needing to be revived Could have been worse as what happened might not have happened in a public place
  10. Well I believe we're a bit of an eclectic group here HT so alternative rock/modern rock/progressive rock/classic rock or whatever other type of rock fits the bill. But I reckon European rock misses out a bit in terms of recognition. As well as other parts of the world apart from the U.S, the U.K and here in Oz Even back to were it all started - the 50's and beyond, speaking of which ... I stumbled across www.digitaldreamdoor.com whilst doing a google music search and that site has lists of music from all sorts. As well as movies, books etc. Good site if one needs a short cut or 2
  11. How 'bout some Italian rock! (these guys are good)
  12. Euro's kicked off last night with Italy/Turkey opener ... and the Azzurri absolutely dominated Here are the highlights (not sure how long the video upload stays up for - maybe a couple of days?) ... I'll try and post up some other highlights when they are available (time permitting)
  13. Yeah it's a tough game at the best of times Gorg. Still, you've got to be in it to win it Speaking of which, for the horse racing enthusiasts out there, Royal Ascot kicks off with 5 days of G1, G2 & Stakes racing starting on Tuesday night (all 5 days to be shown on the racing channel from about 10.30pm) www.racingpost.com has all the form, odds & tips. Haven't perused yet but there is sure to be some sort of Aussie representation
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