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  1. Why are we so bad at recruiting. Maybe we should be targeting recruiters. Eg Geelong or Richmond. It appears they can identify football talent. Unlike Melbourne.
  2. I’ve thought about this long and hard, ie which of these teams do I dislike more. Well I’ll be barricking for one of these teams to lose with a kick after the siren. Just imagine the tears!
  3. I'll keep this short. The Melbourne Football Club need to learn how to become RUTHLESS!! They had numerous chances to run up big scoring margins but decided to ease up. This really cost us.
  4. Well the Eagles are about to pass the bombers on percentage. The reward is they get to play the Swans in Sydney.
  5. How long does it take before the coaching staff realise he is a liability
  6. I cant understand why there isn't more urgency to dispose the ball. On 5 occasions players were tackled from behind. When I played soccer, team mates would call "Man On" when a player was about to tackle you from behind. It frustrares me when a player thinks he has unlimited time to dispose of the ball. Only to be caught in posession.
  7. You'd think Saints could spell the name of their sponsor when it's all over their jerseys It's Dare not "Drae"
  8. Just watched the fourth race at Caulfield. Fantastic run from a horse called Sistine Demon. Set a frantic pace and hung on to run 3rd at a SP of 50/1. Really worth following especially with a name like that.
  9. Prelim Final at spotless stadium with a capacity of 24,000. Funny thing is they'll stuggle to fill it.
  10. I'm intrigued to watch the rematch between Bernie and Dangerfield. Remember the last time they played Bernie smashed him which resulted in mass whinging. You can't lay a hand on Patty.
  11. Garlett can''t mark and hopeless at set shots. Other than that he's OK.
  12. I can't believe the number of posts supporting the booing of Adam Goodes. Well if you feel so supportive of the booing, I suggest you go to the Swans games and boo your hearts out. Grow up.
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