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  1. Waiting for the Victory Pack on Blu Ray to come out. DVDs are horrid in comparison.
  2. Also thinking there will be more moves today. It's a brutal industry, but even as premiers, we have to keep moving forward.
  3. Would like Parramatta to win the NRL before saying something approaching yes.
  4. Baltimore, Seattle, Arizona
  5. AFL better give us a home game at the G in Round 1. It will be packed.
  6. Maysie chugging a crowd beer, snow angels. Does it get any better?
  7. 7 working overtime to make it look like support going to the ground is even.
  8. It's just set in. Maxy should be holding the cup in a little over 6 hours.
  9. I remember commenting on here after that, there is a premiership in these boys. Tonight please.
  10. Media all seem to want to be first so all saying the same thing so as not to be wrong, or blame the others when wrong.
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