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  1. Getting rid of the “fixture” would crush the equalisation fund. Crush that and teams like St Kilda, Bulldogs, North and Melbourne are finished. That’s not a debate you are going to win, you don’t have the numbers. First, you need to build your crowds, memberships & net profits - all very trivial I understand. AFL assisted you in survival by selecting CEO, Board and facilitating key coaching appointments. But is over to you now - best of luck.
  2. Yeah well it’s over to you as a supporter group. A/ to get your club to adopt those requests B/ double your memberships C/ get off AFL life support and function like a successful business
  3. Ironic we are having this discussion a week before the QB game. However, every year AFL accepts requests from ALL clubs for their preferences mfc request 1/ 2 home games in NT against interstate teams financial reason 2/ Anzac Eve 3/ QB home game at MCG The AFL does the best it can with ALL 18 clubs requests - will it please all supporters of all 18 teams - No Dont forget MFC current administration also supports the AFL rights to maximise revenue from its fixture arrangements.
  4. Nope - you earn the fixture over many years not 6 games of fantastic onfield results. Think the AFL prefers to have a proven history - think first game of the season every year.
  5. While he is winning he will be fine, but as a community you are too thin skinned too fragile. When Jackson goes a new CEO will have his hands full. I have seen no evidence you have the support structures in place to run the course. Actually, much of the written evidence in this place & places like Facebook ( assuming you believe it ) suggests your supporter base has a long, long way to go. AFL has some very interesting choices ahead.
  6. As I said at time of release of this years fixture, very important long-term for AFL to make Carlton finically stable on now two key strategic fronts.
  7. How Good is Goodwin? Solid, young AFL coach with much still to learn, has done very little wrong in his playing career, assistant coaching roles and the start to his senior career. Calm, collective and thoughtful with a solid consistent message infront of the media. Developing nicely and has the potential to be a superstar if given time to develop into the role. However, started at the wrong club for a first time coach - many MFC supporters are impatient and doubt he gets the time to develop compared to him joining a bigger club. Immediate results will make or break him once Jackson leaves.
  8. The AFL in a 18 team national competition with only 1 premiership will never please all of the clubs supporters all of the time. You earn your fixture, your supporters earn respect from the AFL by actions not words.
  9. Another fantastic win - was really proud of the boys how they overcome the early setbacks and just powered away to win comfortably. Hopefully, just another game to add to the bielf - that success is a combination of hard work and a positive mind set. Go Dees
  10. Yeah I don’t see it that way - I think all he ever does is try and share his love for the club. Now, Saty and his partner have not always seen eye to eye with me either - but I think I was more at fault there. I’ve learnt more from meeting him than he knows. But each to their own
  11. Ok fair enough well said, but I’m not walking away from saying Saty is one of the most loyal, passionate Demons supporters you will ever meet. He and his lovely partner go to nearly ever game for as long as I can remember- he bleeds red & blue. So he is 10 x a better supporter than I will ever be.
  12. Yeah but some people have been saying that for the last 4 years - it’s the same small group in nearly every thread - same tactics - just they attack another poster. I don’t think they will ever learn. Saty, is one of the most loyal passionate MFC supporters you would ever meet - he is 10 times a better supporter than me and may I add the “trolls” attacking him.
  13. Yeah interesting reply - thanks for taking the time.
  14. Thats the glaring problem when you just focus on pure numbers. The only meaningful number from memberships should be - Net Profit. What I've always wondered is ... How profitable are Armchair Memberships, 3 game MFC members and MCC Demons allocated members.
  15. 99% of the reason another MFC forum was closed down was due to threads like these. I'm not religious so they don't offend me. But I cant see the need for them on an AFL site.
  16. I can only speak from my experience but AFL football is not my number 1 sport. For me the globalisation of other sports has impacted on my AFL viewing habits. If, a Green Bay Packer game was on against any other team but Melbourne I would watch the Packer game. I can now watch Horse Racing 24/7 start in New Zealand, move thru Australia, then Singapore, Hong Kong, Sth Africa, France then UK. And even more I will actually go to Singapore & Hong Kong to watch the races live - 5-10 years ago I never got the global coverage of other sports so defaulted to footy. AFL football is under threat from other sports globally.
  17. Mate...if you haven’t worked it out by now - I barrack for the Demons but I’m happy to support any team in a National 18 team competition. So IMHO the Queensland teams need support and you would not get any complaints from me if the AFL gave them concessions.
  18. As I said each to their own - but I support the rights of all teams to survive in a National 18 team competition. So we agree to disagree.
  19. Champion of the game deserves every accolade that comes his way
  20. Becareful what you call for - was not that long ago we would have been in a similar situation with way too many teams in Victoria. We live in a 18 team competition football in Queensland needs help today - IMHO getting rid of a team is not the answer - but each to their own.
  21. Injuries going into September will be the key
  22. But does the article itself not suggest Queensland is where NRL is prospering irrespective of teams results, Yet correspondly AFL has the lowest audiences in Queensland. Looks like a huge opportunity to me - fix Queensland you fix the problem. I would double the budget for the Queensland Academy, deliver bonus points to them in the draft system by the way of lower draft picks - essentially give them all Queensland academy kids for free. Then would also consider a Queensland only marketing strategy in conjunction with TV channel. If that does not work we get out the cheaque book, install AFL people in both teams and role the sleeves up. Go on a recruiting raid around the country.
  23. Yes, I really like what you have said in regards to the demographic nature of Facebook ads, but ultimately you don’t control your own real estate on Facebook. IMHO the Facebook community is evolving and fine to broadcast information, but less powerful to generate an income or more market specific for the end user to leave Facebook and take the desired action. Google for me is still the big, big money spinner - and again in my opinion where AFL clubs have somewhat missed the boat to derive large amounts of income. Think Essendon was the only club to go it alone but I don’t think their SEO & SEM people really understood what they were doing - and neither would you expect them too - football is their core business.
  24. Here was me thinking "eye-balls" pay the bills - "likes" are only a metric to smash you with more of the same adverting content . Join the new age income streams
  25. What is fantastic is to hear so many positive comments about the club - baby steps but important steps. Plus the publicity for our sponsors is almost unprecedented.
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