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  1. Yep, time to get on a roll Gorg I do like the 2/3 parlay bet ... it's a lot of fun when all 3 salute! 4 decent collects speaks for itself Gator is on RSN tomorrow around 11.00 - 11.30 and there are sure to be people messaging in about his 2/3 parlay saluting The 3 winners were Annavisto, Nonconformist & Bella Nipotina. All highly fancied to boot
  2. Hard luck Had my best day In quite a while ... mind you, I was due! Gators 2/3 parlay helped and I was on Sierra Sue and got the exacta up in the same race
  3. Sierra Sue wins!! The unlucky Feehan Stakes run was the pointer Not sure what happened to Probabeel & Behemoth. Beau had every chance 3 lightweights filled the placings
  4. Eduardo continues to impress and is a specialist at the 1100 (or 1000m) Now an 8yo but it isn't slowing down! Hunted down Nature Strip like only a good horse can
  5. Prizemoney is very good all the way down to 8th in the Caulfield Cup so the connections would be thrilled. These days, only the real class horses generally win the Caulfield Cup but the race has opened up for the locals with not nearly as many overseas entrants. Certainly, Nonconformist is in with a show!
  6. And Nonconformist now gets into the Caulfield Cup ... these entry races add so much more interest (as in the 'Shorts' raced earlier becomes a great trial for the Everest)
  7. Well done you, Gorg!! You little beauty!! The ADATR crew lands a double (finally!) At 25-1, that is a decent collect for a coffee or 4 as an outlay Happy days!!
  8. Macca


    Manly are all over the Roosters here. Certainly have come to play
  9. Masked Crusader in a small field is the real danger in the race ... shouldn't get too far back and will be flying home you'd reckon Eduardo can't be dismissed either ... as well as Gytrash if that horse reproduces its stellar form in the last year (2nd in this race last year and won the Galaxy over the same distance (1100m) back in March)
  10. I don't mind Rothfire ... has trialled very well and might be back to its best Good field though with early speed and late speed
  11. Reckon Jamie wins her case too. As she said, it's about the alleged lie and her reputation All the jockeys obviously did the wrong thing but a 3 month ban is more than enough of a punishment (and deterrent) I'll post up the 'Shorts' field directly - good race with 6 genuine winning chances
  12. Best Bet Caulfield R7 No.11 Nonconformist 4.60/1.80 In other news Jamie Kah has been given another 2 months suspension (extending through to late Jan) for allegedly giving false information to the Stewards But Jamie is taking the matter to the Supreme Court to defend her integrity & reputation
  13. Cascadian would have to be a chance as well Kolding if it can regain it's best form
  14. What do you like in the George Main St.? I'm going the exotics
  15. Golden rule of footy ... play in front Our forwards are now doing that quite consistently and look at the difference it's made First 2 lines in that team of the century painting with Smith pointing at the blackboard Expect to win First to the ball And there can never be a connect if the forwards play from behind. In a split second what can the ball carrier see if that happens? Opposition colours (obviously) In finals, the basics are often even more important (with all the pressure involved) 7 or 8 of every 10 free kicks are awarded to the ball player or the player playing in front. And hurried kicks in finals often fall short. Play the percentages The advantages are enormous
  16. Interesting that Gator has I'm Thunderstruck on top. It's a trifecta race for mine and I reckon Sierra Sue can run a bold race Beau will be hard to beat and maps well from gate 1 Behemoth & Probabeel have got inside gates as well A very good rendition of the race
  17. 2 big Group 1's coming up on Saturday ... will we see an upset or 2? Sierra Sue, I'm Thunderstruck & Amish Boy are down in the weights in the Rupert Clarke St whist Verry Elleegant may not have it all her way in the George Main St. Play the exotics?
  18. Macca


    @Gorgoroth @Dappa Dan @DeeSpencer @JV7 @Dee Zephyr @Go the Biff @titan_uranus @layzie @Clintosaurus @DemonDave 2 points up for grabs this week - good luck!
  19. The talent levels are spread thin throughout the league especially with regards to KPF's so Sam might get offered a 2 year deal elsewhere on ok money ($300k - $350k per year?) If we let him go what do we get in return? A pick in the mid to late 30's? Otherwise we could keep him on a lower amount of around $225k - $275k. Entering his 7th year, anything less than that is entering delist territory I still believe what is holding him back is self confidence. If he can overcome that he might be a player. Needs more aggression & needs to learn how to play in front (even just to feed our small forwards as T-Mac often does)
  20. Hibberd came into the team without any match practice as well (and it showed) ... dropped 2 or 3 times this season as well Had the perfect chance to cement his spot against weak opposition. Didn't see it Jones is regarded as having lost a yard, too old and the game passing him by. Hibberd? Similar category By the way, I don't dislike Hibberd at all. If he plays I hope he plays well and has an influence. I will be barracking hard for him But if Hunt is fit I'd have him replacing Hibberd. And it's nothing personal, it's a GF
  21. Macca


    No points won in the comp ... 2 points up for grabs next week before a couple of 1 pointers in weeks 3 & 4 From then on the odd numbered weeks are worth 2 points except for the final month Week 15 - 2 points Week 16 - 2 points Week 17 - 3 points Week 18 - 3 points
  22. Macca


    Rams did it well with Stafford Aaron Rodgers benched? Jeepers! Could be a long season and we're in week 1
  23. Hard to guage either Preliminary final as neither the Cats or Port bothered to turn up. In the end, a practice run for both teams with a fortnight's rest upcoming (that might help the Doggies more than us) I'd rather judge our team & the Doggies on their respective best in big games throughout the year We win out in the ruck (Gawn) so in theory, we can at least match them at the stoppages (with hopefully a win in that area) But our all over the ground defence, pressure acts and zoning is better than what they do as well (at least to the eye) ... our forward line defensive pressure is a standout feature as well. Not by a huge margin but if we bring our best, we are advantaged in those key areas Midfield, defence & forward lines are line-ball Demons by 30 points
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