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  1. ....and were back in the 8 again...opps not quite
  2. Gary Lyon letting us know who hes barracking for.....
  3. Ok well might be good to hear from a few others as well mate. I thought the idea was to put together a FF and thats what i was working on solving. You wanna move the goalposts fine. 8 picks is not too expensive either. i had 3 x 5 x7 x 9 yesterday and had 3.30% of the pool which paid more than the trifecta. It cost 11 dollars. The point of an exotic bet is a decent collect, ie 1K+ which is very doable. With the good punting brains around here its a very achievable outcome and nobody is going to get bored. As far as next week goes, the first race i would look at is Russian Caravans r
  4. I think the exotic went very well, both weeks 3 out of 4 with only 6 picks is pretty good going. We need @Biffen to find us the roughie we keep missing. I think half the battle is selecting the right race to begin with. I think both weeks thats been spot on. I do think we need a few more picks, maybe 7 or 8 for a successful FF. Perhaps we can find some others or maybe give the people who select correctly 2 picks the following week. But very well done team on what was a tricky day.
  5. I can feel a touch of 87 all over again......
  6. I agree and also Banquo, but we cant have em all......you can always add a few in yourself on your own bets as Macca mentioned, I sure will. Should be a good race.....
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