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  1. Holding Sydney to 3 goals till halftime....gotta be happy with that.
  2. Trac seemed to be having a go at Milkshake after that goal....
  3. As long as there is no GA tickets on the gate there will be lower crowds
  4. Its funny Ch 7 saying ...."Petracca, is there a better player in the competition"? So much hype... I feel like hes still got a heap of improvement to come and hes really just starting to hit his straps now....
  5. The advertising boards at the footy are atrocious. Who the F allows them to be that prominent and that bad. MCC selling our soul i guess? These boards are such a huge distraction during games especially twilight. They seemed to just come along and nobody even said boo about it. Good to see it at least being mentioned here. Im not sure if where you sit makes any difference? The above poster @Craig Hutchinsonis correct in saying at least stop them moving during play. Petition anyone?
  6. Totally different side and confidence than it has been over the last decade. That much is apparent. Sydney will come to play with some confidence. Should be a close one...6-7 goal win to us.
  7. I think we were all just having a bit of a laugh....
  8. Melbournelike football from Geelong.... :
  9. i believe the phrase is downhill skier....
  10. Geelong will be favourites after this....advantage us.
  11. Yep didnt have Cameron, Toohey or Rohan and Dangermouse to come in.....still looking a very fair team. I guess we find out in the return match
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