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  1. For decades i have watched other teams get players of this caliber and use them to smash us to pieces as we watch on sighing. But for us to have not one but two elite midfielders and the best in the competition at that, i can hardly believe it every time they play.
  2. Wow Weids first mark in the first quarter flying twisting......Where did that go??
  3. Hi Craig.....can you take your songs to your local kindergarten, maybe they will listen to you. Please close thread mods.
  4. Yep was just think no footy on this weekend....WRONG !
  5. Cup coming home today im hearing? Only flight from Perth today sheduled 18:25. Anyone within 15kms pictures please !
  6. After everything weve been through?....and i mean everything....if there was ever an AFL 9/11 ..it was us! God.... think about it .... from Jack Watts debut against the Pies to everything else....how we all felt... God...just smashed it all....smashed.
  7. Its rare air Ding....it really is weve watched other supporters from other clubs go through this........now we breathe
  8. Andy its 4am and your still posting......you....have been here always....through the darkest and i mean darkest of times....without Demonland, we would be an ubunciuos lost rabble graffiting on walls somewhere... Youve done a mans job. Just sayin.. Thanks from me anyway ....and probably most everyone else
  9. Seriously tho....Maxys (point)....12 minute mark 2nd quarter....... I mean i know right ....goal ump in the best (shuda gone to specsavers position).......that so looked like a goal. If the game went down to the wire....oh boy...but it did not thank f...
  10. Lets do it again at the G in 12 months huh Mazer........
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