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  1. ...and they owe us a point....as they clearly ran the ball behind the post. WE really need a crowd. We play better and the umps cant get away with what they did tonight. WE played clever football, they played smart football. They might just be the better side but id like to play them again in the finals in front of a big crowd. (at Marvel)
  2. Theres something just wrong with long hair, a man bun and a mustache
  3. We are currently 3rd in the line of betting for the flag at 5.50 Lets see if that changes after this match
  4. Looks like all the money is coming for the Dees....1.73 now
  5. 25 years....god that went fast..... ...and still no Flag.
  6. Just comin through Ballarat now...... its not really heavy....but its consistant. It will be a pretty wet game i would say judging by this... Over to you MFC.
  7. Trick question? Some think that anyway... I dont know really.....as a few have already said it depends how we lose. If its less than 20 points its not the end of the world. I think injuries is more important at this stage. We have done so well in this department it bodes well for us as we approach September.
  8. Great point DeeZ. I didnt notice that cause it was hard to watch the game on TV after it went through the window.
  9. Robert Harvey just looks so weird in Black and White......dont think hell be there long somehow. Go coach the Saints Rob.....at least that would be bearable.
  10. You think wed play Doggies in the big dance? If we got there i would be more inclined to think it would be Geelong. A cold crowdless day at the G scares me a bit. Seems we play better with a crowd, even a hostile one. I think well win but it might be pretty close.
  11. Ha, this country has not even had a pandemic. I have friends in other countries who have lost family and every single person they know has had the virus. This is nothing. Seriously, its just attitude. Be thankful you live in such a safe place. Look at what you have got and not what you dont.
  12. ....and RICHMOND are back in 9th spot where they belong.! Brilliant.
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