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  1. Is it just me or is Jackson starting to find his form just at the right time of the year.....
  2. Bring on the Filth. Last Pies game i sat in front of the most foul mouthed, bogan, arrogant and utterly pathetic supporters ive ever encountered in my football viewing days. One even coughed all game right on top of us until i finally moved at 3/4 time. The crowd seemed to be worth at least 3 goals and being a Collingwood home game and the way the game unfolded, they definitely had the louder voice. We need to turn up both on the field and off it. With the inclement weather on the cards i think it will be close and decided by a few kicks in the last. Dees by 9.
  3. May punching like hes out to dinner.... :)
  4. If i hear another commentator sending Jackson to WA..... Hope we put this to bed soon.
  5. Strange huh....feels like we are 3 goals down
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