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  1. Well 7 had made it all about Buckley. It is sports entertainment these days.
  2. Hawthorn website has an article on how their players plus a few Pies went in a scratchie against some of ours also with a few Pies. Has the club put anything out about this?
  3. If the club picks BBB to play against Essendon, I'll back him in. A mini pre-season and the scratchies that have been played should be enough fitness wise. Viney the other in from my perspective. Sparrow and Weid out. Hopefully VFL is back next week.
  4. 16-6 will be enough for top 2. Teams below will take games off each other.
  5. Contact below the knees no longer a rule?
  6. Game going to the narrative of Buckley going out a winner.
  7. What are we doing? Pies have free men everywhere.
  8. Chandler is the sub. Baker out after being the sub last week.
  9. The Thilthorpe free was there. Poorly explained but there was an arm over the shoulder and a hold.
  10. TMac travelled with the team and will play. Jon Ralph just said this on Fox.
  11. I've had it since 2018. Would be brilliant to actually get to use it.
  12. The holds etc they are getting away with are unbelievable. These umps need taking to the tip.
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