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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Through the SEN app is the only one I know
  2. Always looks to be jogging. I would too if I played for Norf.
  3. Surely GWS argue he was contesting the ball. It did hit his arm but I think he lost sight of it, which would explain why it hit his arm and wasn't marked or dropped. He is paying the tax for sure as their are other players who most of us could name fairly quickly that would not be having to worry about an appearance this week.
  4. And yet taking the least dangerous option (bracing) results in a suspension when continuing with the marking attempt likely results in no case to answer and a possible fractured skull for Boyd.
  5. I can't believe he got a week. Was going to mark then the ball changed trajectory, so he braced for contact. If he marked it the conversation would not be being had.
  6. If he played for certain other clubs, he would have been cleared and playing again already. Most of them won this weekend.
  7. And with the umps on their side.
  8. HQ be very happy with Bummers, Filth and Cheats all doing well.
  9. Umps and Fox commentators both lifting for the Pies
  10. Still laughing at this. Their whole club gets this by default.
  11. NGA rule changes costs us Mac Andrew and now possibly Kalani White? What a joke. I think the bidding should be before the trade period. Not sure how it would work but allowing teams to trade out first and second rounders for 15 junk picks is ludicrous.
  12. And there are people on here who scoff at my repeated comment that WWE is the only honest sport in the world.
  13. It's clear they do whatever suits their interests. Want Lions to beat us, give Kossie a week. Want Lions to beat Geelong, get Charlie off. Maynard, Cripps, the list goes on.
  14. Random thought - does the AFL have to follow any rules, or are they able to do whatever they like? There's no legislation regulating their decisions and we all continue to buy memberships, merchandise and go to games.
  15. Winning a flag probably didn't help over their darling Bulldogs.
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