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  1. I think the Ticketmaster etc applies to all AFL clubs. A lot of that is managed by HQ.
  2. Pack 7-12 Bills 1-6
  3. Boards always promote the status quo. Nothing sinister in that.
  4. Packers 7-12 Bills 1-6 Browns 1-6 Tompa Bay 7-12
  5. So want to pick the Browns. I do believe they have a genuine chance of winning.
  6. Football Director is a bit different to the other board roles though. I wouldn't think Brad would be as heavily involved in other aspects discussed by the board, just as the others would not be with football related ones.
  7. Browns will need at least 10 more points to win this I would think.
  8. May be incomplete?
  9. Buffalo 17 Indianapolis 9 Seattle 27 LA Rams 17 Tampa Bay 23 Washington 17 Tennessee 24 Baltimore 21 Chicago 20 New Orleans 17 Cleveland 19 Pittsburgh 14
  10. But they could have let us fly to Cairns a day or two before the game, instead of making it on the day.
  11. I got a pin but it might vary by membership category? Port gave a keyring. Some clubs upgraded everyone by one category.
  12. Ravens, Seahawks, Packers
  13. Good start to the year. Did Parkrun here in Hobart wearing my MFC cap and got at least 3 or 4 'go Dees' from other runners.
  14. Happy 2021 to everyone. Top 4 beckons. I love beer. And MFC.
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