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  1. We are letting them play slow more than I would like.
  2. Ump 4 should never umpire again. Just a cheat.
  3. Anyone going to defend the umpires? Disgraceful.
  4. Umps helping the Cats big time already.
  5. Playing as bad as the Collingwood game. No flow or structure.
  6. Reckon the Casey Twitter feed will be more active today.
  7. Often in soccer, or the NRL last year, the loaned player cannot play against their home club.
  8. I like it. As Dimma says, the Suns could do with a ruckman. No different to what soccer does, and the NRL had clubs loaning players to the Warriors in 4 week blocks last season. Still kind of happening this season, as on Monday the Parramatta NSW Cup team had 2 Warriors players running around for them who would normally be with Redcliffe in the Qld Cup, but could not due to COVID restrictions. I do not think it should be for more than 4 weeks at a time and certainly not in the finals series.
  9. TAB odds now $1.95 us $1.85 Geelong. Pretty sure we will start favourites. Those who got the $2.30 will hopefully be very happy 6pm Sunday.
  10. Some hilarious responses to Tracc on 360. As if he would say one way or the other.
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