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  1. Scam. Three year deal is not worth first round compo.
  2. Massive overs. Would need to play pure midfield and be better than Cripps to justify that sort of cash.
  3. This is also my view. Trade options don't always present early on.
  4. Allan Hird having another crack: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/essendon/james-hirds-dad-urges-bombers-to-name-and-shame-board-moles-who-betrayed-his-son/news-story/18ebf2faa820a7857e02df477e13ca38
  5. Dangerfield is pushing for shorter quarters to be the norm. Knows normal length disadvantages his club. Watch it happen.
  6. He is teflon. Rutten goes before him. Dodoro is an 'Essendon person'. Expecting Hird to be in some role soon.
  7. Effectively a coaching position in the salary cap instead of the significantly reduced soft cap. Smart decision.
  8. Has too much influence on the game being President of AFLPA and also on the Competition Committee. 16 minute quarters and limits on runners on ground really suited the Cats with all their 200+ game players. Looking forward to 20 minute quarters returning and younger teams getting an advantage through fitness.
  9. I actually watched that game on the weekend and thought he was pretty good in a team that was well beaten.
  10. DK Metcalf was the Hawks best defender on the day. Budda Baker is seriously quick but Metcalf not only spotted him 10 yards but timed his tackle perfectly.
  11. 4 premierships. Other 2 never happened. Still ****ty Parra got cheated out of winning in 2009.
  12. Hard to argue with stupidity mate. Brown would be a great addition to the club.
  13. Geelong have onfield coaches on every line. Taylor, Danger, Ablett, Selwood, Hawkins. Be a huge benefit.
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