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  1. Pies fans being complete wankers on the socials. Hope everyone is keeping receipts and goes 10000000 times harder when they don't win it next year.
  2. Pies and Blues will get 18 Friday games between them.
  3. We are well and truly in the sports entertainment era. Maximising revenues is God, and a Pies flag with Carlton making the prelim is huge for the coffers. Expect this to be the norm. We have to get to 85-90k members to get a look-in on the gold.
  4. Pies also seem to go into rugby mode in the last 5, knowing the umps won't blow the whistle.
  5. Channel 7 to blame for that. He could have been less conspicuous though.
  6. JFC Pies fans on the socials are obnoxious as hell.
  7. Does the AFL get a cut of all sales? Pies flag would have to the biggest earner. Explains a lot.
  8. Pies fans are [censored] every day so they can't be much worse.
  9. Was never going to be us. Always the Pies. Gil very happy.
  10. Yes, and they did it as instructed.
  11. Sports entertainment. Gil very happy with his farewell.
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