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  1. North scragging everyone and not being pinged for it.
  2. Eagles are making this the ugliest game of the year.
  3. Rutten will start getting described as 'not Essendon enough' soon and that is the path to the door.
  4. Shocking umpiring against Crom there.
  5. But the second half Meggs? Media thought they were awesome. We were in neutral for most of it.
  6. Norf are a beggar bowl club. Will go anywhere for some $$$$. $10 could buy you 2 reserved seats for the game. On the goal cameras, they are good but when it suits look like VGA quality.
  7. Very much looking forward to watching Brodie play. Wanted us to draft him, but at the same time, very happy with our picks.
  8. Geez Carlton get a great run from the umps. Almost Bulldogs like.
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