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  1. What a night it was. Watched until the broadcast ended and was still too amped to sleep. Prelim got a viewing last night. Geelong were not much different in playing style to this year, we were just so much better. Bring on next year.
  2. Hutchy be making a lot of money out of Trade Radio. 30 minutes of ads per hour = $$$$$
  3. Like most years it will be 95% filler. Mainly about Essendon and Collingwood. And morons with ridiculous trade scenarios.
  4. Guess I'm not the only one who has not watched a moment of game since we got knocked out? Been a Parramatta supporter since 1976 so the NRL has been my focus. One more boys!
  5. Its not a draw, it's a FIXture. It also gave them the ability to manage players later in the season. What a coincidence.
  6. Clintosaurus


    Still can't believe we won. Very much need to tidy up for next week.
  7. Clintosaurus


    Go Parra!! Feeling pretty good about the boys' chances.
  8. Yes, it is pot the club week and truth cannot get in the way. People need to find something else to do.
  9. Pies have had a great run from the umps this year. Got them to the top 4.
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