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  1. Please Kozzie kick the last goal and beat them by a few points
  2. How much ACTING do these [censored] do?!!!!
  3. Weve taken the crowd out of the equation so far
  4. Oh yeah for sure me also but i didnt ask that, i asked do you think Maynard should have gotten off?
  5. Feel sorry for the 12,000+ schoolkids who will get poleaxed next season I just cant fathom this. Weve been beaten up on again by a bunch of thugs and fully sanctioned by the AFL including several other incidents in that game.
  6. If the goal umpire is unsure or unsighted then why call it anything? Just say no call!! Then the system has to decide and WHEN it cant, they can start to fix it.
  7. Offscreen you cant see the brown paper bag that was delivered to him by the runner
  8. I hope all the bodies crashing into the turf dont ruin our ground for next week....
  9. He could have broken Petraccas leg doing that. Really dangerous, irresponsible and childlike. Cite. What gets me is the whole competition knows Gus is a concussion survivor and plays on a wing and prayer and is the one player you dont deliberately knock out. Maynard knows Gus and knows this well. 4 weeks.
  10. My little rain optimism from yesterday is fast disappearing with some very ominous looking dark clouds approaching Ballarat from the west.
  11. Anyone know what time the gates actually open?
  12. Excellent recommendation Uncle, id forgotten as i'd used 2 x bottles at the Carlton game..
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