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  1. Goodwin will want to look at jsmith. He misses Tmacs versatility. Do a job forward but if one of the big 3 goes down mid game, shift Smith back and bring on a runner. We will always have a runner as sub. In most of our losses, we lost the big 3 at key stages n exploited.
  2. We won games from defence last year. We looked safe even under pressure. Now may, Petty, lever fumble, drop marks. Salem looking for form. Sure opposition are devising plans but our defenders are out of form. We've lost our A1.
  3. Cats also playing north, Weagles twice this year. 4 percentage boosters. They also play 3 other teams outside the 8, port, saints and bullies twice. Cats are home and away specialists.
  4. We essentially went small with mbrown n gawn out for weid and Bedford. Unless the weid can show something to be that tmac role, That looks to be the mix now. When gawn gets back. Gawn in. Weid out. BBB as the sole tall forward and gawn/Jackson rotate as the second and a fleet of small forwards.
  5. Interesting, Maybe some analysis is needed to this. Last year, our defensive structure was strong 1st half, conserved energy before running over teams in the 2nd half,esp last quarters. That was our DNA last year. Going hard 4 quarters isn't possible in a 23 games. We only need to do this for 3 games guys.
  6. 1. Backline consistency. Last 3 weeks, when Petty went off for 20mins all 3 games, we fell in a massive hole. Lever has been terrible and fumbly. May, Petty and Lever need to string games together and they must find a way when one of the 3 goes down mid game. 2. Forward connection. A lot of talk about pressure rating but if opposition keeps taking intercept marks, you can't pressure. 3. Fumbling + Goalkicking. Fumbling causes shallow kicks or been tackled. So much fumbling yesterday. A lot of been made of sparrow, Anb, Spargo etc. Nah they aren't the problem. They are role players. Our stars set the tone n playing unders. Petracca not himself. No may. His fault. Lever. Playing awful. Salem. Underdone. Langdon. Playing hurt. Good week to reset.
  7. Melksham Langdon May Tomlinson Weid McDonald Dunstan harmes
  8. The likes of Brodie grundy, Tim English, Coleman jones went pick 18ish and were already more accomplished than Andrew at their age. Ayce Cordy Was a bean pole and v good under 18, went pick 18ish as well. I think the kid gets through. First pick who won't do anything for 2-3 years. That's a high price for that investment. Most clubs let others do the work and try to trade.
  9. Interesting that Ross Lyon last week said Scott would review the Rd 23 tape where they were 44pts in front, fix a few things and cats will get it done. This week, Ross Lyon, Beveridge made the necessary changes in Rd 19 to win, they'll review that again and with the week off, the dogs will get it done.
  10. Watching the first 10 min of both Rd 11 and round 19. Melbourne had control in both but in round 19, Melbourne kicked 1.4. Ben brown missing 30 in front and both kozzie and Viney missing 20 slight angle running towards goal, slight pressure but gettable goals. Both teams have been pretty poor this year with accuracy. Expected scores, MFC is like 21-1 and 2 finals wins. Melbourne's game holds up. You have to nail your shots in front.
  11. 3 Jackson 10 Dylan Stephens 28 Dylan Williams
  12. How good does Dylan Stephens look. Absolutely pick him. Dylan Stephens and Kemp look to have high ceilings.
  13. Most def. Teams have finally done homework on him and taken away his jump at the footy. Needs to get more fitter and stronger and find tricks to stay involved in the game. I'm buying low on the kid.
  14. You pick players who will have the better career, not who can play from day 1. Best talent in 3 but if Kemp is there at 8, I'd pick him.
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