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  1. Same. Got charged 3.15 too
  2. 3 Jackson 10 Dylan Stephens 28 Dylan Williams
  3. How good does Dylan Stephens look. Absolutely pick him. Dylan Stephens and Kemp look to have high ceilings.
  4. Most def. Teams have finally done homework on him and taken away his jump at the footy. Needs to get more fitter and stronger and find tricks to stay involved in the game. I'm buying low on the kid.
  5. You pick players who will have the better career, not who can play from day 1. Best talent in 3 but if Kemp is there at 8, I'd pick him.
  6. This is a no brainer. Pick him. The kid is talented. He doesn't have off field issues. Injuries, inconsistency and mainly playing for a really bad team has stunted his style of play. Skills, quick, good mark and freakish ability. He has forward nous. Wait, isn't that what we are crying out for? He is not going to sit out for 2 years. Hoping we can convince him to come but we should take him regardless.
  7. He was a late in for Tim Smith. Keilty wouldn't be playing if pruess was fit n pruess should be back
  8. Could ppl stop posting that. He is only 23. He is 23yo ffs. Not a 18 yo finding his way. Alex Pearce is younger, Harris Andrews is younger, Aaron naughton is what 20. Considering we sold the farm for may and lever, I would think omac isn't the future. He loses so many contests when he has the advantage. Wait till he is 27. 🙄
  9. Out. Omac, anb, Tom mac. He doesn't look fit. His strength is his fitness n workrate. Without it, he is a average footballer. In. Petty, stretch, pruess.
  10. Playing as a second defender. I think he is ready. On a Reid or Tom mccartin. Wouldn't let him take buddy but as a second kpp, yes. Reads it well and backs himself to mark it. Skills are OK. Play em
  11. Frost is bad but with may and lever he stays. Oscar does not kill the ball. Has stopped going for marks. And gets purified too often. I like Petty. Play the kid. ANB has concrete hands and runs around in circles. not a fan of stretch but he is a better option. Hibberd, Jones, Tmac, Frost are playing like trash but there is not much better at Casey and they just have work their way through it. Melksham, jetta, kk also need some runs. That's nearly half the team. Not to mention the non existent defensive structure. Sux to be mfc supporter
  12. We need more pace. Jake neade as a small forward for an end of the list option is worth it. He has something we don't have.
  13. Not bad from robbo. Agree on 21 but No way danger deserves a spot in the 22. Conilglio, Ben brown is stiff. Sicily,
  14. Doubt pruess would want to play second fiddle but Tom Nicholls and Zac Smith are very handy players
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