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  1. Felt like an 8 goal win. I note in todays HSun the “expected score” measure from where shots are taken has us winning 102-49. More like a reflection of what happened. It is so foreign to watch us, the Demons, play each week and have very very little nerves that we’ll win anyway. Never thought this would occur in my lifetime. Trying to get my kids (7 to 15) appreciate this - but certain they won’t, don’t or can’t.
  2. Thanks DV fettersflyers not sure league
  3. I think this is perfect! gets us up and about. If we lose it’s a wake up call Round 1; if we win we roll the momentum on. mindset is our biggest risk in 2022, maybe alongside injuries. This helps remove complacency from day 1. go demons!
  4. I had some similar views having been at today’s game. I actually thought 6-8 could come into the seniors and play a role similar to how Petty has filled the third tall back. Déclase could do a job on the wing if we lost Langers for a bit. Very impressive today. Bowey a lot to like, many have said, great skills, goes when it’s his turn. He’d have played 10 games for the Kangas or Hawks this year. liked Joe Smiths game, marshalled the backline, lots of talk, attacked the contest, couple of hangers, good skills overall. actually thought big Bradkte did well on Buzza as the FB I thought Melky was very good; his skills are elite, hit great dangerous targets; young Ellerson appreciated him a few times. bedford showed some real signs on ball. Just needs a few more touches as his pace and dash really break a game open. Sparrow and AVB solid in the contest; Jetta played his role, wonderful leader on the ground. a lot to like!
  5. Ch7 said NO Weid or Brown!!! May back
  6. It appears our strategy with the draft is ALWAYS trade our "next years" 1st rounder - effectively getting the player asset one year early. i.e. Kozzie. Then next years we'll get a 1st rounder by trading out 2022's etc. So far the Clubs have delivered on this. I like it. At least they have a clear strategy.
  7. Pretty happy with this fixture. We get to test ourselves against the best (Lions and Power) while in good form with a healthy deep list. We get the SA clubs how we’d prefer, Crows in Adelaide, Port in Qld. We get to play in Tassie again. We know this ground well, play this game every year, and North are struggling. We both come off 4 day breaks; seems fair. We get the Pies amid their, and our, travel bonanza! And without De Goey! Then I read that Melbourne Storm has just played 7 games in 7 different venues across 4 states while fully relocating to Qld - no complaints and once again they ease back into the top 4 in dominant form. Guess where the Storm are staying in Qld? Maybe Goody can buy Bellamy a few lattes..... And we have Burgess - have no doubt the players will get confidence from that, call it our X Factor. Carn Demons
  8. I’m in the USA, they cancelled the #1 food trade show this week with many of us visiting from all over the globe; yet have kept Disneyland open which is across the road with tourists from all over the world. they have declared a state of emergency in LA, enabling a bunch of health government things be done. and nba teams have been asked to plan for playing games with empty stadiums! the virus is coming for all communities, stay well everyone.
  9. I’ve heard more an attitude issue than on field. Belief he will do well at Hawks but attitude didn’t fit model and wasn’t good for the young group coming through. not sure what to make of it.
  10. Not really, assumed it was bordering the current ground. Most of my questions were about on field.....why so crap this year. Much pointed to small things adding up....but highlighted we wanted May and Lever ALOT due to defence weaknesses, and they hadn't played at all, and we were weak on the WINGS and had plans for VDB and KK as first choice wingers this season.....that didn't pan out!
  11. I had a chance recently to spend 20mins asking one of our senior exec questions about this year. Including the home base, seems there are 4 live options all around Goschs Paddock. He was very confident.
  12. Had a good chat to Pedo on the long weekend minutes after the Phillip island vs Cora Lynn blockbuster finished in a draw. He was BOG alongside the CL full forward. Played Ruck all day for PI. Lovely guy.
  13. Sat behind the bench, Oliver tried to get back on for last 5mins and couldn’t. Ordinary. I think they wanted Melksham off but couldn’t get him. Got to fix that.
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