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  1. It’s all over and the Casey Demons retain top spot - just! 2021 VFL Mens Casey Demons 1.3.9 4.5.29 8.8.56 12.13.85 Sydney Swans 0.4.4 4.6.30 5.8.38 6.9.45 Goals Casey Demons Munro 3 Bedford M Brown White 2 Baker Chandler Jones Sydney Swans McDonald 3 Gray Maguire Morrison Best Casey Demons Munro Baker Lockhart Sparrow Bedford M Brown Sydney Swans Gould McDonald Bell O’Riordan Gray Brand Statistics Oskar Baker 1 goal 22 kicks 4 handballs 25 disposals 13 marks 3 tackles 131 dream team points Toby Bedford 2 goals 1 behinds 9 kicks
  2. At the final break the Demons lead by three goals with Lockhart the possession leader with 21, followed by Sparrow on 20 and Baker and Bowey with 18.
  3. Chandler joins in with his first. Up by 2 goals.
  4. Toby Bedford gets his second. Casey down by a point.
  5. First blood after the break to the Swans. They lead by 7 points.
  6. Half Time: Casey Demons 4.5.29 to Sydney 4.6.30 (thanks to 2 late goals) Goals Bedford M Brown Munro White Disposals Lockhart 14 Baker 13 Bowey 12
  7. Toby Bedford makes it a 13 point lead.
  8. Jimmy Munro and Mitch White have restored Casey’s lead.
  9. QTR TIME: Casey 1.3.9 lead Sydney 0.4.4 Goal Mitch Brown Disposals Oscar Baker 7 Jake Bowey 6 Majak Daw Nathan Jones Tom Sparrow 5
  10. Game starts soon - won’t be able to provide regular scores till after half time.
  11. Unfortunately, Deakyn Smith is out of Casey’s game for tomorrow against Sydney. I’m heading “mystery injury of the week”.
  12. CASEY DEMONS B: M. White 52 J. Hutchins 60 J. Lockhart 41 HB: N. Jetta 39* C. Ellison 79 J. Bowey 17 C: F. Rosman 19 O. Baker 33 T. Sparrow 32* HF: K. Chandler 37 M. Brown 38 T. Bedford 12 F: Z. Foot 53 M. Daw 28 B. Brown 50 Foll: A. Bradtke 46 J. Munro 47 N. Jones 2 I/C: J. Bell 73 G. Gray 68 M. Lewis 63 C. Stockdale 49 Emerg: T. Freeman 67 L. Goonan 78 M. Shepherd 77 R. Sparkes 76 NOTE: Subject to change as a result of final team for today’s MFC game v Adelaide * Based on the final MFC team, Neville Jetta goes out. If Tom Sparrow is used
  13. Are we good to with the teams tonight? AFL and VFL?
  14. Yes Bob. He’s very much entrenched up on the Coast and expected to make a comeback to reporting on Demonland when Casey comes up here later in the year to play Gold Coast.
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