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  1. Just say we're better than everyone else
  2. I haven't seen much of Casey for a while, but watching last Thursday night, Zac Foot's forward craft reminded me a lot of Bailey Fritsch when he played for Casey. He has a touch of class about him.
  3. and didn't they say it was a toe not the foot?
  4. Agree - I thought that he was more composed than usual today. And he worked really hard to be an outlet on a number of occasions and marked well. melksham appears to be the new spargo or ANB on this site, but his want to submit to the tackle and try a kick on the way down created a lot turnovers for us. Just focus on getting a handball please! ANB had a bad day, second guessing himself with decision making. Enough credits in the bank so far this season - but also needs to take the first option. god I love our new guys. Jackson, Kozi and even JJ were a big reason we turned it aro
  5. We play the swans next. 1 week probably even though the guy played on
  6. I would have said no, but her he was so much better when he went back today vs his first half
  7. I watched the whole game, and while Sam was a great offensive threat, and he definitely worked up and down the ground with a great deal of effort, I thought the the effort wasn’t the same about his desire to pressure, cover space and tackle. tmac and Jacko have been really good in this area, and our start to the year has been highly dependent on this buy-in. I haven’t seen the other Casey games, but was BBB better in this area when they both played? Maybe this was why he got into the seniors before weid ?
  8. Sparrow is a class above this level
  9. does this mean that we have officially arrived? Most favoured team status is something I could get to like. Just need umpire No 22 and No 4 to get with the programme
  10. Jordon - under the radar But playing really well
  11. We’re not gonna change this theme so let’s give it back to these bastards. We’re got a third of the mrmbers but double the iq our taxes pay your benefits Our club invented the game to keep you guys out of the pub on Saturday afternoons We do think that Medicare should pay for false teeth. etc etc
  12. Disagree - WB are definitely beatable. I think our defence has proven we can lose inside 50’s and still win.
  13. Can’t see petracca going anywhere if 2 of his best mates are signed up who stole my Melbourne Demons?
  14. I was at Flemington. Won on the ponies and surrounded by Hawks supporters watching the last 15 minutes. What a day!
  15. I don’t reckon he’s missed a tackle all season. The biggest thing for me, besides having more faith in his choices and disposal, is how good a one on one defender he has become this year.
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