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  1. It would seem the umpires have their money on a bulldogs v cats final
  2. So who wants my Flemington tips for tomorrow then?
  3. Think Tigers have fired their best shot and are done - for now and 2021
  4. my brother was silly enough to get married at 4.30pm on that famous last Saturday of August in 1987. He and I pretty much took ourselves (as teenagers and younger) to all the games from the mid-70s. Our extended family has been supporting the Demons from before VFL days (ie in the 1800's) - so you can imagine angst this caused. Half the congregation stood as one and cheered in the middle of the wedding when Jason Dunstall kicked the goal at Kardinia Park, and did it again about 3 minutes later when the siren went at Western Oval. Geez it was a good reception too !
  5. Not a chance - I will be super obnoxious during and after our 4peat.
  6. If it comes down to being in a position where one of he and weidemann want to leave for more opportunity, particularly when Tomlinson comes back, I’d keep Petty. Even if he plays forward post BBB or Tmac
  7. I didn’t notice any pace issues, but thought he looked very comfortable at the level. Like jordon, petty, sparrow - a clear and consistent development strategy could result in a good AFL level player in a year or two
  8. Like the look of Turner as a development project similar to Petty for key back depth
  9. Back to the AFL part of this topic. It was nice to see that MFC was excluded from the definition of a “smaller” club in the article in the Age this am that noted that the recent shutdown has cost the AFL $15mln. with the position of both the AFL and AFLW programmes on field, the bloodless president transition earlier this year, the Re-signing of sponsors in tough times, financial position where we don’t need AFL support, and hopefully a solution to the training facility in the wings (although Casey seems to be working well now too) these are heady times for long suffering Demons supporters. A lot of kudos needs to go to the Board and senior management. now for a period of sustained success to become a power again.
  10. I was thinking the same re the lions, but their backline looked really slow to me last night, and I don’t think that the mcg would help them at all.
  11. JJ - gone from depth to so dependable and reliable. welcome to the wingers club! What a game playing Ed Langdon’s role.
  12. I’d try Hunt on the wing. His tank has improved (particularly remember the tandem running he did with Langdon vs the tigers) as has his defensive game. bring Lockhart in to play defensive on either Bailey or McCarthy. Hibbo for Cameron.
  13. Just watched the replay and nibbler’s one touch marking and delivery to the forwards was exceptional last night. He wheeled and went straight after a mark and made excellent decisions on the move with passes to tmac in the second quarter and on the left foot to weideman in the third. If he could maintain this level with the ball, coupled with his pressure, he becomes a weapon. A great one two punch with Spargo at the moment.
  14. Agreed. I heard Craig Jennings on SEN talking about how you stop Melbourne - start with Gawn, tag Pickett, man up defensively on lever and try and limit Petracca from the stoppage. Swans got 4 out of 4 of those and still lost!
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