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  1. I really hope that Goody ends up being successful with Melbourne, but he seems to have the same bemused expression I have when I am being sold something that I'm not sure I really want.
  2. Sorry for the bum stead. when I questioned my mate about an exact time, he says it was “delayed” - whatever that means (maybe it still is the 25th). apologies again - I hope no-one had already made plans.
  3. My well placed Tigers source said there will be a 6 quarter scratch match vs the Tigers this Thursday at Casey.
  4. great - If May was wearing a Geelong jumper how would he go? Probably called "play on" in a real game
  5. Shows we have poor coaching and a VFL quality backline at best, which will get toweled up by Dixon, Lynch, Hawkins etc. 6-8 wins in 2021 is all we can hope for, with everyone below us except North and Adelaide going straight past us. Just thought I'd get in before the usual glass half full posters.
  6. probably explains their interest in Nev. He is an asset that we can not afford to lose. I hope our current Board are working on how we keep him involved with the club once his playing days are over.
  7. interesting to see this re Kossie and also the comments about Hunt training with the backs. Perhaps we are looking at our fastest players to receive the ball in the middle of ground and speed towards goal to break defensive zones and give our tall forwards one on one opportunities. This will be a feature of the game this year because of the change in the manning the mark rule (ie the man on the mark can not slow up the game and then be replaced by a team mate coming from the side or forward of the ball carrier, which allows him to flood back to congest the defensive zone for the next kick
  8. Change of rule re manning the mark might mean that Hunt back on the half back flack (or wing) would be very difficult to stop running through the centre of the ground. Whilst not the best kick into a leading forward, if he is a designated handball receiver running 50 metres and having shots at goal he could be back to the weapon he was in 2016.
  9. If Tmac was third that could be encouraging. Anyone know how he went last year? I know he used to win it regularly before the last couple of years.
  10. Normally I take the time trials with a grain of salt (after all, ANB is currently our best runner), but I think it will be really interesting to see if tmac is back close to the levels he was at a few years ago. That could be a portent of a much improved year. With reduced interchange, I reckon having a player who can play key forward or back, a few minutes in the ruck, and possibly even pinch hit on the wing could give us valuable insurance on match day and more flexibility with team selection.
  11. I think if we have to play at the cattery round 23 is probably the best time. Most likely they will have already stitched up a top 2 position and have nothing riding on the game, or hopefully their all-in for 2021 strategy has spectacularly backfired and they are imploding outside of the 8. Only issue with that could be it results in multiple retirements and they fire up for the last game of the likes of Selwood. At least Gablett and Taylor have already gone!
  12. He’s “hard work” according to a mate in the inner sanctum at Tigerland, but maybe that’s what we need. I’m normally a glass half full sort of guy, so obviously I have no place to be on demonland!
  13. Tiger mate of mine who is very bullish on the Demons in 2021 said this is the last piece of the puzzle for us. Tigers lost Dan Richardson to bombers in 2017, and look what happened for them!
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