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  1. Sorry I’m so late, but damn that was fantastic. Watched it fully expecting to lose. We made the top team look average. All without our captain. Our players really stood up to the challenge. This is by far the best game we played all year. Well done, boys
  2. Just awful is all I can say. Our season is in serious trouble. How many times they kicked to a Collingwood player in our forward was embarrassing
  3. I’m not upset we lost, I’m upset how we lost. We had them down and they came back and had the momentum and we didn’t even stop them. Many played below expectations. Bedford had a good quarter then stopped. We weee outmarked, by the taller players. Every time they got it I couldn’t bear to look up. Eventually shut off the tv in frustration. It’s like we just have to. I know we can learn from a loss, but that wasn’t just a loss, it was a humiliation. Now we Sydney and Collingwood (who beat Freo)
  4. Well since that practice matches are considered training, not real matches, I’d say ANB has his facts wrong
  5. I have some blues supporters friends who claim we don’t have 15 wins in a row because they beat us in a practice match. The stupidity in some people beggars belief
  6. My word I thought Bombers fans were bad. They have nothing on north fans. Every time that there wasn’t a decision that went any other way then their, all booing and carrying on. The amount of abusing and whinging I heard all day was really pathetic. Considering how bad their team is, you’d think they’d be more humble
  7. Didn’t post for a while, but I actually got to go to the game in person. The guy I gave my barcode to, actually fulfilled his promise to pay for me to go to the game and stay over in WA. Really had a lovely time at Optus stadium and we got on really well and had a lovely weekend together. It was my first time at a game interstate (have only been to SCG and Canberra previously.) All this for simply giving my barcode away from the grand final. He promised if I did, he would. I didn’t really expect him to fulfil his promise, but he did. It shows there is some kindness left in humanity. Thank you very much to (asked not to say his name in public) for a wonderful time 🤗
  8. In his premiership diary, he stated that Daw thrashed him in a scratch match. If Daw still can’t get a game, I can’t see the point of keeping him. I’d say he’s too much expensive for a player we won’t use unless exceptional circumstances
  9. Yeah but he stuffed up a few times. Held on too long and got caught which is happening a few times with him lately
  10. Wasn’t too bad. A very sloppy quarter in the third allowed them to come back. Still glad we came back and won the 4th. Gawn a bit quiet. Clarry had a quiet game. Bradshaw was fantastic. Top notch game. May another standout. Really glad to see that we have finally beaten a top 4 team so critics can shut up a bit
  11. Lol I’ve lost relationships over that. Also, coming home can be hard. Luckily a friend drove me home last week, but I couldn’t ask that if him every week.
  12. Much as I’d like to, I can’t afford to go to every game. It’s not just transport, inconvenient times, getting home late, idiotic fans, it’s also costs money for drinks and food. Being single, it also depends on whether my family can go and they’ve got their own families too. I guess if I end up dating a demons supporter it might change *sigh*
  13. Daisy Pearce is the featured article on Wikipedia today. Not a bad feat, being there are millions of articles featured
  14. I meant if it was a goal or mark 🥱
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