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  1. Kinda sad that it’s all over. Now that footy is finished for the year, there’s nothing for me to watch. BTW I loath cricket and soccer
  2. Now there’s going to be an ongoing debate on who we’e premiers for 2022. Adelaide or Melbourne
  3. I think people just criticise her on Facebook because she supported the indigenous players right to not support the moments silence for the queen. They need to get over it
  4. I bet the papers in QLD will be full of pictures of the lions girls bawling their eyes out
  5. Lol how could you scream like that after losing the GF? I guess we’ll have to be content with the premiership. Hope she gets fined for that. Foul-mouthed ingrate
  6. If we could get the next goal I’d just play keeping’s off and protect the lead
  7. The commentators are hopeless. They keep saying we hit the front for the first time. We kicked the first score, even if it was a behind
  8. We can’t do that all the time
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