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  1. Drawing against the second bottom side? I am seriously concerned. I’m glad we’re still number 1 but we hardly deserve it. We seriously need to rearrange our game plan. Take this as a warning.
  2. Yeah collingwood were eliminated fair and square in the finals twice during their “4-peat”, but unfair rules allowed them a second chance by the right to challenge. If this existed nowadays, Hawthorn could possibly have equalled it in 2016
  3. Been away on vacation, so missed the last two games. Couldn’t believe we lost against GWS. Glad we came back against Port. I hope we win again. I’m getting used to being on top of the ladder
  4. Did see the 88 one once. Can’t find it again. Was at Weg’s world a few years ago. His son-in-law told us if we won one ours will be the one we would have won if we’d won 4 in a row in 1958. Personally I thought the 88 one was the best I’ve ever seen. I must have been like Weg in 1998. I thought that was the year we were going to win it. Even more than 2000.
  5. Sounds like a great read. I have to admit I still have my fingers crossed the title become redundant this year
  6. I have not seen one shred of Evidence that Nicky Buckley supports us. Where did you get this from?
  7. Did anybody read the match review from AFL.com? Who writes this rubbish? You wouldn’t even know there were two teams playing, it’s just Essendon, Essendon, Essendon.
  8. Essendon were fantastic tonight. So tough to penetrate their forward line, but we got it done. Tough win. I hope this makes the club realise that wins aren’t going to just come. We have to work hard for them and we did. If we make the grand final, I hope the game is not like this. My dad’s heart can’t take it
  9. Horrible. Outmarked, outkicked, outmatched. They went through us like we weren’t even there. Too many players holding the ball too long, weren’t doing our handballing game. And to lose to the filth. Just gutted. One thing we can take from this is at least we won’t play Collingwood in the finals. I just hope each loss bring us closer to a win
  10. I’m hoping that win took a lot out of Collingwood and they’ll be unprepared for another tough slog
  11. I think the last one produced was from 2000. We had Demon Attack (1994) and Hotter than hell (1998). It seems the only way they will produce them is if you win the premiership. Luckily there’s a few that have been uploaded on YouTube.
  12. I don’t believe in “curses”, like like I don’t believe in leprechauns.
  13. With the theme of #allfiredup I’m surprised no one has done a video of us to the Pat Benatar song. Anyone one old enough to remember it was used for the 1988 VFL season
  14. Can you block someone here? I have a particular pest who has an issue with me (won’t name names) who I’d love to block
  15. This year no, but look at as. I was even criticised for calling people out on those statements when I joined. Saying you’re Leaving the club because of a loss is emotions? Come on
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