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  1. Brothers booked in for Saturday’s right on his a-s-s. I declined to go watch it. he’s nuts
  2. 😦 I’m still told that it won’t be available until November. I’m officially jealous
  3. Well if it’s coming where I live, I won’t bother about the December date. It would be akin to Elvis playing at your local park
  4. Can’t wait to watch it again when the DVD comes. We were the only Victorian team that had no premiership DVD. Now we have one in glorious colour. I remember when the grand final videos were released in 1996 (some people might remember them with the Barassi sticker “watch ‘em when you WANT to.”) I was dismayed to find there was nothing for the 1964 grand final. There was even the 1961 one, but there was no more until 1966. A while later, they rediscovered the 1965 one. I was hopeful that 1964 would be rediscovered too. Alas, it never happened. I was so jealous of Saints having their 1966 one (in great condition too.) Now I know they’re jealous of us having a recent one (and an AFL one.) I’m going to treasure this DVD for years to come.
  5. Always wanted one. Could have got the 1964 one but it just wouldn’t feel the same.
  6. But that is the topic. Us seeing the cup. IF there is a photo opportunity it won’t be worthwhile with a mask
  7. Again it’s my personal choice. I do not want to be reminded of COVID and really this is a time I’d much want to put behind me and forget. Maybe I’m too vain, but a photo of my completely covered up may as well be a photo of someone else. I do not like wearing a mask and hate the way I look when I am wearing one. Every time I’m asked to take a photo, I always take it off. I wear it to help out and because it’s law, but it’s a thing I don’t like. I do not want my one chance ruined by having a photo of me where I hate the way I look like in it. Like I say if that’s the cost I’d rather not have the photo. I’m grateful for the premiership, but as for a photo with the cup having me in a mask is akin to having a stand-in be taken with it. It’s my personal choice
  8. I love their massive celebrations after kicking it. Like they already had it won
  9. Actually yes I do. I don’t want to look back on it and be reminded of COVID. My face covered, I may as well not even be in the photo. I’ll wait for the next one
  10. Ahh the stubbie holders. The one thing in my order that held up everything else
  11. It sounds good but if you can only get a photo holding it wearing a mask, I’d rather not bother
  12. I know. But any loss as insignificant as it is will be a downer compared to know. And a drought-break like this will never happen again (at least not in my lifetime.) I just want to enjoy this a while longer
  13. Sounds nice but I don’t get the appeal of taking a photo with a replica cup
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