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  1. But late to this, but it was great to see us play so well. Don’t think hawks will do much this year but it’s good to start our conference early. Petracca was outstanding. Fritch and Kozzie good too. Worries about the injuries. Hope we can replace them and that they won’t be gone too long. Both are important keys to the team. Pains me to say but Gawn is looking really slow out there. I’m starting to think he’s coming towards the end of his career
  2. I haven’t been in because of my sadness for losing the sf. But after this, it really puts it all in perspective. In the end of a day it’s a football game. We lost our greatest player ever. The only demon as a player in the team of the century.it’s just sad to think that the great Ron is no more. He was a great ambassador for the sport and the Melbourne football club. Hard to believe he’s gone. Now only John Beckwith and Max Gawn are the last two living premiership captains. RIP Ron 😢
  3. Really glad with the win. Knew we were going to be forth no matter what. So happy that even though it was interstate we still tried hard and got the win. I’m glad our boys didn’t treat it as dead rubber game as many people have suggested. Great to see Fritch back and playing at the top of his game. However, I’m very worried about Melksham. I hope it’s not 2021 all over against for him. First Petty and now him. Why do all our form players go down at the worst possible times?
  4. “Everyone gets beaten once in a while, Parker!”
  5. Just got home from the game and watched the replay. Was gonna say Salem had a shocker, but he was much better than I thought. May, Melksham and Lever all solid. I think Hawks are much better than the position they’re in. They outmarked us for a lot of the game. Glad we rallied to beat them. Was great to see Gawn and Nibbler’s milestones celebrated with the win. bring on the finals.
  6. We should start a petition for unfairness that we’ve played there more times than any other club (Barr cats of course.)
  7. Hard to say how I feel. I was disappointed to think we struggled against lowly North (considering how badly we kicked their butts earlier in the season) but I am glad that even in the face of a 33 point deficit we still found the will never to give up and fight back to take the points. A wins a win and I’ll take it, so at the end of the day, I’m happy. Now and can only hope Freo beat lions. If not that a draw. Failing that, lions only win by one point 😏
  8. I watched it later on the tv. They’re way worse in real life
  9. I’m seriously starting to reconsider going to Richmond games. Yea the game was spectacular. Petty was brilliant and I think Kozzie has definitely answered all his critics. But really Tigers fans are getting worse than Pies. All day trying to boo out any cheers we had. Whinging about every decision thinking Dusty can’t do anything wrong (he overcooked his kicks several times) and the claiming the umpires for the win. I was abused by a disgusting fan (more of the tired thing about being female) and they just act feral in general. I never minded coming before they won their premiership, now they’re the worst. I hope we never become like that
  10. Just waking up and nursing a VERY severe hangover. What a game. We were outstanding in the first. Then let it go. It one 28 down that late, I was certain it was over. Credit to our boys for never giving up. Gawn, Petracca and Kozzie all solid. Good to see Brown playing better. I have no doubt Max needs to be our number one ruck from now on. We beat a too 4 side without Clarry, Fritch and Grundy. I am very satisfied we’ll be here in September. If they ever release a “greatest games” compilation again, I nominate this one.
  11. Just waiting for that. On here while I’m waiting for the ads to finish
  12. Just got back. That is the most satisfying win since our thriller against the blues last year (maybe more so.) we to the game fully expecting to lose. I thought we played brilliant. Was worried about May costing those two goals, but just love how we dug deeper when 3 goals behind. Thought that was going to set the tone and it did. I must admit I HATE going to games against Collingwood. Their fans are the absolute worst. I get booing when your opponent is going for a goal of when they come out, but seriously they boo all the time. If we even have possession of the ball they boo. They boo when we get a goal and they boo at the end of the game when they lost. They do all they can to drown out any of your cheering. The worst supporters ever. Sore losers
  13. Honestly this game is just making me feel depressed. I understand we’re against a top team in their home territory, but there’s nothing to enjoy. They really don’t look hungry. I can not see us winning this. Missed a fastdate session for this as I thought this would be more interesting. I must be out of my mind. Going to have to drown my sorrows tonight
  14. Was good to see a performance to remember. Dunno what happened at 3 quarter time but I’m glad they came back and asserted control of the game. The best part was seeing Van Rooen get the goal after beating the suspension.
  15. Thanks. I don’t mind living alone. But just the daily reminder of being single
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