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  1. Great game. Shouted myself hoarse and cannot talk tonight. May even need Monday off 🙁 I thought we played well. We let them back but in reality I thought it was more because we were playing tough opponent rather than our weakness. If we win one more, it will be our best start to a season since 1956 (our best ever season)
  2. Front left is Hassa Mann. 2nd row is not sure, Dixon, Barassi and Addams. Last row only player I recognise is John Lord 3rd from left.
  3. There’s no such thing. It’s a poor excuse for bad performances. That’s like saying St Kilda had a curse. We’re just not good enough. Other factors, Barassi leaving, the fact that our 1964 team wasn’t our best team, very poor player list from 1966-1987. The idea that Norm Smith returned and played under his own curse is laughable. IF he put a curse, he would have removed it when returning. We had 2 more very poor seasons under Smith (I suppose conspiracy theorists would claim he was “deliberately” losing 🤣) Swans fired him and still won the premiership. Lets stop making excuses
  4. Put it like this... If we finish on top and go out the same way as in 1988 or 2000, we could argue this has been our best season since 1964. The only way we could argue that 2000 was better than 1988 was the we finished higher.
  5. They talked the other week about how Jones has played nearly the most games with his team without his team never being on top. Now he has, they don’t want to talk about it. So used to the Demons being the whipping boys, they only want to produce negative news about the Dees.
  6. A win’s a win, but gee we struggled against the bottom team. Things I’ll take away from this match: Hopefully it’ll be a wake up call coming down from our Richmond win that we are not unbeatable. We have the ability to come back in danger. Hobart is never kind to us. North may not be as bad as we believe they are. We need to stick to our handballing game. Now I’ve said that, I’m going to enjoy the win and be proud of being top of the ladder for the first time since 2004. GO DEES!
  7. Let’s hope we both have no clue what we’re talking about. 🤝
  8. Wasn’t expecting this. Good effort but we really need to put the pressure on this quarter. This lead is way too easy for them to overcome.
  9. Don’t feel comfortable, but feeling a bit better. We need to be way further in front
  10. Was really looking forward to winning this and bring on top. Now I’ve just accepted that we will lose and I’m just praying that it’s not a smashing
  11. We are being outplayed, outmatched, outmarked snd outsmarted by the bottom team. This is ridiculous. Pull your head in dees 😡
  12. I am so hung over today, but holy hell what a good match. I thought they had us, but we stayed calm and fought back and ended up smashing them. Not sure about Petracca being BOG. He was great, but I felt Salem deserved it. Oh well, it’s hard to judge until you see it on tv (which I’ll do when I’m feeling a bit better.) Saw a bit when I got home. Of course after OUR win the camera goes to Dusty. The media is in love with him. Is it just me or are Richmond supporters becoming the next Collingwood supporters? Rude, feral, boganish, can’t see anything wrong in their own. Don’t get me wro
  13. Thought we came back great in the last quarter, but man did we struggle with a bottom team most of the match. I will still take the win though, go Dees! I really hope the return of Brown lifts us for Richmond. On a side note, I can’t see any demon winning the brownlow. Too many shining stars and they really share the talent around. Not that that’s an altogether bad thing 😉
  14. Had to post today. Was so exhausted when I got back, I fell asleep fully clothed (apart from shoes.) Was a good game apart from letting them come back. Glad we fought back and had the lead. Pickett was outstanding. It was like there were two of him out there. Lever very good as well. I was fearful playing against St Kilda and especially at Marvel. So glad we beat them. Was a bit concerned how both teams played so well then suddenly one would stop and the other team would dominate and vice versa. I put it down to early season nerves. Also both teams were victims of dodgy umpire call
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