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  1. Glad we didn’t try to hang onto Hogan
  2. Not to mention Footscray was also who we had to beat to make it in 1987 😉
  3. Funny I mentioned it to my dad today and he said it actually reminds him of 1976. Obviously I’m too young to remember that year, but he said it all went down to another side winning. Ironically it was also Footscray then that ruined it for us. Only difference it was more likely we were going to qualify then. He even said he felt certain we were going to make it in 1976, but in 1987, he doubted we would. He only went to that game to farewell Robbie Flower. Anyone remembering 1976 and 1987 want to share their memories and feeling of those times?
  4. Is anyone getting the 1987 feeling right now? Granted there isn’t much at stake as there was then
  5. Thoroughly enjoying this game. Best performance all year. Well done Demons.
  6. Anyone listen to the commentary on Foxtel? How ridiculously biased were they to St Kilda. What have they got against us?
  7. Beating Collingwood. The next best thing to winning the flag
  8. Beating Collingwood. The next best thing to winning the flag
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