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  1. Other than that great day. I got a tad emotional when Neale got up. Was also a great touch passing the cup to different generations before it hit the stage. The ox and wiz got a massive cheer
  2. Mcg really put on bare minimum for the catering stands , lines where a joke
  3. Not even beer o'Clock yet. What's half time going to be like , crazy
  4. Not good for those of us with a young family. I've 3 kids between 6 and 12 Thursday, Friday I'd be taking them. Wednesday no chance.
  5. Spoke to two people in different AFL footy departments today and both said to me unprompted that they where looking at Blake seriously for picks they had before we got him. One ended up drafting based on "needs" he was filthy as he wanted him but got overruled. Said he was a beauty and would've gone higher if he played more this year.
  6. https://central.rookieme.com/afl/player/blake-howes/ Decent write up, like the sound of him. Trust the recruiting team
  7. Fingers crossed I can get my premiership merch delivered before the day to wear it to the event. Also hoping full strength sherbets are on offer and I can sit in the stands with my mates and sink a few
  8. Same. Ch 7 commentary sucks and not a bt fan. Best commentary was final against Brisbane Jason Richardson just calls games but amazing but didn't get in the way and make it about him. Hamish can't stand the bloke in presentation mode but is passable commentating and generally just calls the play
  9. Was great til injured can't see who he replaces next year unless there is an injury
  10. Got an email today saying my premiership plonk had left the vineyard on route to the sunshine West depot aka mail's resting place. Got about 12 packages sitting there some for 3+ weeks
  11. I'm going to go all Karen and send an email, but not sure who too. Surely our major partner could produce a commemorative beer to celebrate a 57 year drought for the fans. charge 25% extra or whatever there has to be a business case to make it work. The produced 57 cartons so surely they could do a limited run of a few thousand
  12. Lost sales opportunity for furphy. I'd buy a six pack to display one in the normal furphy is quite good but the crisp is cats p.. surely they could do some commemorative cans of the normal furphy. I'd buy a summer's worth in one hit
  13. Our percentage in the 87 finals would have been up there but definately not the same ending
  14. Thanks guys, hungry for new content. Don't know what I'll do until March next year. Just have to comfort myself with watching the premiership replay. Might watch the whole season again
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