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  1. Have a listen to Tom Morris on SEN. He is the one driving this story and his careful language taking it up but not being in anyway definitive about anything, points to it all being speculation and I felt better about the situation after listening to it.
  2. Yeah the great line they always use is " the player X to club y talk just won't go away" . That's because they are the ones who keep talking about it to fill airtime, after just usually making up the rumour or getting it off a fan forum in the first place.
  3. That's being generous. Softest bloke going around if you think Schace is lacking in his appetite for the contest this bloke is a while other level
  4. I consciously stopped consuming most footy media other than some demons and footy podcasts that I was interested. I used to consume 360, on the couch, SEN , Classified (worst of the lot) each week and watch something pretty much everyday. It's mostly toxic rubbish Other than gameday Demons games and the odd big game, I didn't watch any football shows and it certainly made the year more enjoyable.
  5. It really should be, play each team once, alternate home and away each year. Especially once Tasmania come in. Will never happen but each game would attract more interest and be a fairer competition
  6. Well prepare to be disappointed. That, one away game with Essendon and an interstate game in the last round are MFC fixture locks every year. Personally I'm hoping for less night games yes good for club exposure etc but I hate attending them other than Anzac eve and finals.
  7. Collingwood the first team I can remember to just hang in there for the campaign and get it done. Usually 1 team had a great September and plays great footy in the finals to get it done. Collingwood not so much. A premiership is a premiership but a really forgettable one for the neutrals
  8. Just feels flat. Usually have some happiness for the premieres even against Hawks and geelong teams I despise. But this just feels [censored] can't even feel the emotions from the screen that I usually can.
  9. Could have lost their 3 finals won all three sometimes just meant to be
  10. Advantage Collingwood. Ridiculous Collingwood get the rub of the green yet again.
  11. Bobby hill having the game in a final that kozzie always threatens to have
  12. GF crowds not as loud or parochial as they are in other finals, due to the huge amount of corporates and cost of tickets. I actually think that and heat will play into Brisbane's favour
  13. 💯 agree, so many posters on here assume Petty will be back ready to go next year and just slot back into the forward line in the form he had before he got injured. He had a great couple of weeks and showed he might be the answer permanently but I'm not assuming it will just happen
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