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  1. I don't think we used Hunt correctly in the past couple years. He was made to play more lockdown and we rarely saw him get to use his place in an attacking way.
  2. Surely you jest. Gunston has had a great career. Love fritta but I'd have them at least on par
  3. Wouldn't be against it. Improvement on the Jordan / Spargo combo. Still wonder why we never put Brayshaw back to his premiership winning position at some stage during the year
  4. I'm sure the post where he thanks supporters, the club for drafting him, developing him and giving him the chance to play in a premiership will come at some stage
  5. Can't get through the paywall, but the headline sure looks familiar. We get it every year and trade period always disappoints
  6. As far as wingers go that wouldn't break the bank. I like Lachie Sholl from the crows. Quick, skillful and a massive tank. He is a bit light but we have enough brutes . Melbourne boy who found himself in the twos towards the end of the year.
  7. Cats well deserved after 10 years of nearly they got it done
  8. Game over. Hope we can Jag one when Clarry and tracc are at the end even 1 Soon will do
  9. Tmac just posted a picture on Instagram of the plate and screws he had removed, without comment ready to go next year. Good signs people
  10. Do the dogs have any fringe players that address our needs . I know we where into ed Richards last year who wasn't getting a game, would be perfect for our side. Unfortunately he had too good a year for the dogs to give up
  11. I agree. Gotta be a better option than spargo on a wing which was tried this year. He needs to be more offensive of HBF , although opposition coaches tended to try exploit his poor one on one and limit his offensive run and often dragged their forward deep
  12. I remember Chris Scott also implying danger had the trotts in the rnd 23 match which danger was unsighted in the last qtr along .
  13. Burgoyne was already an 8 year veteran and married with kids to the daughter of an SANFL legend Greg Phillips and sister of aflw's Erin Phillips. When he joined the Hawks. I'd say his experience and treatment was different to that of a young indigenous draftee . Also highly likely be wasn't aware of it at all
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