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  1. Just heard the CEO on Sen with a token kinda apology which seemed more about resetting the narrative painting Collingwood as misunderstood and protecting their position that the report is in no way an admission of guilt in the pending Lamumba case https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=785661
  2. That's me I've had the same seats in the Olympic stand For years day there when they used to be red seats and the cheerssquad was there. Hopefully can sit there but, i guess I'll be happy just to be there
  3. Warren Dean was from Subiaco. Could roost it 60 metres off a step, struggled with accuracy and injury cut short his career. Loved himv in our 87 run
  4. He's an extremely driven and proud bloke, Melbourne floating him in a trade and no takers would be totally driving him
  5. Appears now omac had gone Spargo is the newb favourite whipping boy for some
  6. Was my first thought. Although I do like Charlie we definately don't need another. Will back him in though he's a demon
  7. Gave 13 years of his life to try make us a better club. Left it better than it was when he walked in, thanks for your service . Good luck at that rabble
  8. Breathalyzer Comment is up there for the best of the year
  9. Really I thought he moved better than lever and on par maybe a tad under weid. Anb obviously the best movement. Certainly looked trimmed and moving better than anything I saw this year. I'm behind the big fella loves the club ,his bro got delisted and must hurt being shopped around. Credit to him for not dropping his bundle.
  10. Tom is a proud man and working hard to get his agility back . Looks trimmed down and moving week in this vid. Few other vids on this trainers insta show Wideman, anb, lever all busting a gut in November great to see. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIMwRFbHqV4/?igshid=1lr025yx6gj4t
  11. Wish him well. Never thought he was as bad as many on here and think he would be handy at another team lacking tall defenders
  12. 2 hours reading replies to bucks tweet. You need to find a hobby
  13. An all time stinker trade period from the pies and geelong not to far behind
  14. High price to pay considering what we got Brown for who are similar in age and goals over the last 4 years. Cats paid overs bigtime
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