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  1. Brereton spills so much drivel he even contradicted himself on the same radio spot. Loves how Richmond committed 8 "snide" acts and how Soldo's ear massage of the opponent reminded him of Clumsy Mumford. Nasty acts where close to his heart he says in the below article. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/07/20/key-tiger-compared-to-giants-enforcer/
  2. They should hub the rest of the season in Victoria. Majority of teams are here, most afl standard venues. SA and WA close borders at the drop of a hat. NSW is cooked. Qld will induce PTSD.
  3. But we learned a lesson after we lost to Collingwood in 2017 in the last round, then again after our 2019 season, then again after we lost to Sydney in Cairns last year and Freo the following week. Definately after we lost to Adelaide, then collingwood . I think after the draw it's finally sunk in
  4. McDonald, Brown that's about it. Spargo if 35m and closer. I seriously think every other player is going to miss when they line up and am presently surprises when they kick a set shot
  5. Yep, that along with bombing into forward 50, 3-4 blokes all flying for the same ball, individuals trying to do too much and Max trying to do highlight reel taps all game
  6. Only bloke along with Salem in the team I feel is going to do something positive and execute when in his hands. The rest of them I've got no confidence in
  7. His triple jump routine dosent Work
  8. No chance we bomb it and it 3 talls fly for it and spoil each other
  9. We've lost our way everyone trying to win it themselves
  10. Maybe we should have a gold star for every premiership on the jumper. Thinking a logo that incorporates multiple elements of our heritage would also be great
  11. a. The ch7 stand up set looks terrible and awkward. b. What was Luke Darcy wearing jeggings?
  12. I got him confused with deakin Smith
  13. Good question, light, quick, good skills, id have him as a small defender
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