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  1. 1pm general public unless someone kindly has a link to a card they’re not needing?
  2. An Eaglemont stalwart and lovely person from all reports. Very sad news.
  3. What does Tim Smith MP say that is incorrect or wrong? He's outspoken and says it as it is. Hard for some to take. Meanwhile we have another bloke still in a job who's been responsible for a debacle, takes no responsibility for it, throws a minister under the bus, the entire state is locked down, yet he's able to just continue on...
  4. Why not, given those in their wisdom decided to give Harmes 5 years. I'll say that again - Harmes 5 years.
  5. It goes on. . top of the ladder in 2004 with 4 rounds to go. . lose all remaining 4 games, lose the double chance, then lose to Essendon in its last finals win by less than a goal. 2006 - head to Adelaide to play a depleted Adelaide side with plenty of injuries. A win secures a top 4 spot. We got smashed. 2018 - we basically led the competition in every single stat that you want to be leading (i.e. points for, %, etc), lost crazy games like St Kilda and Sydney along the way, to cost us the double chance. Should have finished at least 2nd with home finals at the 'G.
  6. Getting the crystal ball out, I firmly believe we will win our next 3 games. Alarm bells out if we lose to Adelaide or North. Collingwood are so depleted I think we will win that one. We will be in the mix for finals after that, still to play most teams around where we will be. Sadly, I can see us falling in a heap there, with typical losses to St Kilda and the Dogs (who generally beat us), probably beat Freo unless it's in Perth (I expect it'll be in the NT though), Essendon probably a 50/50 depending on their injury list, a flogging by GWS and who knows against Sydney. It will be touch and g
  7. Time to call Fremantle and ask them how to pull a swifty with a contracted coach and a new coach - i.e. Mark Harvey (contracted) to Ross Lyon (poached); Simon Goodwin (contacted) to Alastair Clarkson (poach now)!
  8. Sky News regularly mention this. It's awful. Michael Tuck is meant to be a cracking bloke. My father knows him and speaks so highly of him. Terrible news for the family and everyone that knows them.
  9. Disagree. Heff was alright for us. He was basically a straight swap for Woewodin in many's eyes and supporters looked down on him because they didn't want Woewodin gone. Heff had a couple of injuries along the way, would have stayed with us if we offered him a two-year deal after 2005. Essendon offered him the extra year so he took the security. I think he was a Melbourne supporter and still keeps in contact with the old playing group (despite being on the Essendon board previously). It's not usual for ex-players that played for multiple clubs to actually support both their former clubs. I saw
  10. A couple of sliding door moments: - In the 2005 Grand Final, Leo Barry doesn't take that mark, WCE kick the sealer, and Roos never becomes a Premiership coach - In the 2010 Grand Final, the ball bounces the way it would 9 out of 10 times and Milne kicks the sealer. If this all happened, Roos' public profile would be a smidgen of what it is now - he wouldn't be regarded as a football God, and perhaps, just perhaps, Ross Lyon might be. .
  11. How on earth did he become a Melbourne supporter when he grew up in Perth, lived there up until about 10 years ago (so deep in his 40s), and actually play for the WCE? I don't get it. Not complaining though.
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