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  1. It's an interesting debate - one of your better posts Werridee, although I feel a team is coming from you! There is now a big four of the post-war era - Barassi, Flower, Garry (two Rs) Lyon and Gawny. I was too young to see Barass play - but his infuence on our ability to win games is undoubted. From the replays I've seen, he certainly wasn't our most skilled player - courage and leadership being his mantra. Flower was skills and poise personified but needed a strong, tough team around him to really bring out those virtues which he never had until his final year of 1987 - he alm
  2. As I said on the game-day thread, what was most pleasing was that Goody, for the first time in his career as coach, did not rush in his first-year men, and stuck with his senior men over raw kids who all showed glimpses pre-season, but are not seasoned footballers yet! The choice of Sparrow, Jordan, Chandler and Baker - all third-year men - over these first year excitement machines was totally appropriate and ensures that they don't get disenchanted with their coach and let's face it, as good as Bowey, Laurie and Rozman have looked at training - these four have done their apprenticeship a
  3. Yes, but that decision had no impact on game - the Chol one did - he scored a goal from it.
  4. Continuing from previous game-day thread. final term 1) Chandler given the all-clear to return and then snags one with a left-foot banana on the run. Hunt a key part of the transition goal. Chandler's three goals and tackle pressure will probably see him play round 1, subject to a solid effort against Dogs next week. We played four small up front and we still have Kossie to add to that group, so one will likely miss out Rd 1. 2) Tigers started playing kids - fresh legs versus inexperience so hard to say who had the bigger advantage. 3) We got a good run with umps - home gam
  5. 3rd term. 1) Gawn's goal from outside 50m and general play excellent. Easily BOG at this stage but will be required big time to stave off Tigers who have wind this quarter. 2) Highlights: Rivers took one kick-in and dummied, had bounce and with wind sent it the edge of our forward 50m. Oliver's goal from ball-up where he had give-go with Trac and then wobbled it home. Lowlight: Chandler off with what looked a serious wrist injury. 3) Super team goal with Spargo handball over head, ANB deliberate handball under players leg leading to Chandler goal. Tough quarter coming up ag
  6. And one more thing - Harmes everywhere running his [censored] off - he's in our best three so far today - ignore other commentators.
  7. 2nd term; 1) We saw the good and bad of Hunt. His opponent Castagna got off leash and is probably Tigers best. But Jayden provided run and dash and his one-two with Jordan and then long kick to T.Mac saw him take us from deep defence to forward line in an instant - Tiger defenders had no chance of switching to stop it. T.Mac missed shot - unusual for him. 2) Trac (our best quarter one) had shocking quarter with terrible disposal, Chandler and Jones running into space as small forwards impressive. 3) Gawn resting forward when Jacko goes on ball is huge and a point of difference t
  8. Early thoughts: 1) It looks like Goody has finally figured out there is no need to rush in new players just because they look good at training - Jones and Jetta get games, while our third year men - Jordan, Sparrow, Chandler and Baker all get game time ahead of younger rivals. 2) Lever strong in air, Spargo vision, Trac brilliance, Baker and Langdon tackling. 3) It seems when Tiger bigs get free kick or mark in middle of ground we will sag off and ignore manning mark - thereby forcing their bigs to make right attacking decision. just one quarter though
  9. With a new signing on display, I decided to drive the 50min (traffic wasn't too bad this morning) down to Casey Fields and get a first-hand glimpse of Majak Daw. Some of you might say, gees don't you have something better to do than watch training, but when I used to go to Gosch's Paddock it was always a great way to get a better appreciation of the idiosyncrasies of certain players - whether it be Lynden Dunn and his booming voice or Trac skylarking or Joel Smith doing speedy run-throughs in the rehab group. As a fan, you can pick up so much more by watching from the sidelines - it'
  10. A clever decision by our brains trust, even if we have to wait a couple of weeks or so for him to be COVID isolated and approved to train. He is a big athletic body and can play any of the tall positions but I am curious to see why he didn't quite make it at North - even in his second coming. But above all else and regardless of whether he plays or not, the best benefit is that given he can be used as a ruckman, he enables Luke Jackson to be trialled as a forward in our scratch matches and ensures Gawny has a physically strong training partner apart from Dogga's athleticism to conten
  11. No Viney, no Brown, no Pickett (in SA). Hibberd and Vanders on the bikes. Melky, Mitch Brown and Angus (for part of session) in rehab. Trac and Olly off early, while Lever hurt his ankle late (but got back into session so can't be too bad).
  12. Thanks to Picket Fence and Back Pocket and yes I was out there as well today - been doing shopping on way home - hence slow reply. I was told it was a closed session and therefore had to stand outside behind the goals. I never quite understand the "closed session" line ... I mean if anyone can name me more than one revolutionary technique that has been concealed that has transformed the game then please list it. Under Roosy (with Goody's input) we trialled an extra man running through at bounces about five years ago, but with the 6-6-6 that has become obsolete and even when we did use it,
  13. Kobe looked lively at times (more so than Bedford), but missed a really good opportunity early in the game, although made up for it later on with his goal. I was actually more impressed with Deakin Smith, who played small defender for the B side and was clean. Both however are not long kicks which could be problematic in a side with Spargo. And yes, my bad on Sparrow over Swallow - although both flew in and out of the play.
  14. You would have to be a puffin muffin to drive all the way down to Casey (about 45minutes down the freeway from the city and on to Clyde Rd) on a day like today. And yes it certainly wasn't like Gosch's Paddock when I arrived - no coffee shop nearby, no Saty, no guys video recording behind the goals, no bike riders cycling through the park. In fact, aside from coaches, fitness guys, players and physios, it is fair to say no-one attended at all - except of course for a silly old fool like me standing behind a fence in a rainjacket at the Wilson's Prom end like a Mexican in Tijuana try
  15. It will be interesting to see which one of the new recruits Goody falls in love with so quickly that he has to play in our Rd 1 side this year. But if he for once stays loyal to his established players to start the season, then I'd predict the following. B: Lockhart (if he has a pre-season like last year then he's in) May Lever HB: Rivers Tomlinson Salem C: Langdon Harmes VDB HF: Melky Weid Fritsch F: Kossie B.Brown Petracca Ru: Gawn Oliver Viney Int: Jackson, Hibberd, Sparrow, Hunt Emerg: T.Mac will be fitter and pressing for selection but it may h
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