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  1. Woey spent his first two years as a defender developing his craft and by 2000 was moved into midfield and had a super year - I recall a game at Telstra Stadium against the emerging Lions with Voss and Black where our midfield matched and even beat them and Woey was a major part of our rise that year along with first-year Green and Jeffy Farmer and the old brigade of Viney, Neita, Schwarter and Yze off half back. Powell and A.Mac were handy as well as you point out. But Woey struggled with tags in 2001 and was pushed out to the wing. There was a game at MCG where he was absolutely crunched
  2. Like others on DL I am warming to getting Brown. I understand the logic that it may not work having Weid, Jackson and Brown all in the one forward line, but ultimately when you look at it, a key forward is our No.1 shortage on our list. Weid admirably filled the void from Rd 6-14 and took huge steps this season, but you have to have back-up plans. When you look at our list, we have depth now to cover injuries in almost any area except the key forward spot and the left-side wing. Brown and Isaac Smith solve the problem. The issue now is making sure the Pies don't offer him way more an
  3. How good was it in 2010 when he took on the best forwards as a 22yo and beat Jon Brown and Brendan Fevola. It was just so exciting watching him play with such gusto that year as we started a mini climb with our two top picks Scully and Trenners adding to the euphoria. He was so good that year that he won an AA and I thought we were on our way. Then after the infamous China post-season trip the word came out that Scully was going and I'm sure Chipper was devastated as well. Very proud that he was asked to play at Hawks and showed why he was so highly rated on the biggest stage - quel
  4. All stars need to feel wanted and have egos that need constant reminding of their value so he would have been a little shocked by the B&F downgrade especially given he has been top two for 3 years now. I also suspect that after not railing him in for three years of panic "hot potato" gives, albeit laced with unbelievably courageous clearance work, that Goody and Ben Matthews sat him down and actually told him he had to lift after the Richmond game and the Port game. Going from a young player who could do no wrong to a scolded naughty boy can breed resentment, until of course a player
  5. Smith is the ideal back-up because he can play pretty much any position except ruck and he is happy to play a shut-down role on his opponent as we saw with his games late in the season on Papley and for a brief time even on Cameron. Personally I think we should be looking at our midfield set-up and whether we can afford to have three guys trying to win one ball - Trac, Oliver, Viney and back-up Brayshaw when there. One of our mids should be a team-oriented negater and I would argue that Harmes in 2018 played that role so well that he ended up a bit of a weapon. Smith has that ability as
  6. Can someone explain to me why you would want a right-footer for a left-side wing spot? OK a lot of clubs, us included, are forced to pick two right-footed wingers but if you can, you avoid the scenario. Saad's value is that he would free up Salem to play on a wing. Polec is also a left-footer, hence why our management is considering him, although I have great reservations about a player performing to a career-high level at a fourth club. Saad is the only potential recruit I am keen on that has been talked about so far this year. Happy for us to give Peter Wright a go as well, but onl
  7. Yep it's in the interests of all parties to get a deal done. Preuss wants to play AFL and we can't guarantee that, whereas GWS has only Matt Flynn and Kieren Biggs now that Jacobs and Mummy have retired or are about to retire in Mummy's case. I said on my Gawn to Gone topic that Preuss is a third rounder, but obviously if the other side of the bridge got involved, and I imagine Sydney would, then it's possible he could be a second rounder or a good fringe prospect. Harry Himmelberg would be a huge get and I believe he's out of contract. We'd surely have to offer them a third rounder
  8. Gawny was beaten by only one ruckman this year - NicNat in Rd 1 and that game was Gawny's first game coming off injury and he worked his way into the game after half time. He didn't play against Goldy or Grundy, but they were both cooked by then so he deserves to be in 40-man squad, but I expect him to just miss out and only one ruckman named. I have four players in the original squad who clearly don't deserve it. 1) Butler - brilliant for the first 9 weeks but lost his way over the final 8 games. 2) Olly - yes he had a few cracking games, but you can't use the ball so badly in big games
  9. Over the next few weeks, a lot of us Demonland ‘experts’ will try and pass judgment on who should be traded and what we can get for certain players and let’s face it, it’s not an exact science. But in an effort to avoid some of the fanciful wishful thinking from all of us, here’s my view on player value. Please feel free to adjust to your own version and pass comment – don’t copy whole thing, just cut and paste the ones you want to dispute. And in the interests of being fair to our entire list, everyone has a trade value, although clearly quite a few are contracted for a season or more an
  10. Five potential ins - Hibberd, Harmes, Lockhart, Sparrow and Jackson with three of them facing fitness test. Four potential outs with only one a gimme - Jetta (injured). Hibberd will be first cab in if fit and if not it is a question of Lockhart v Harmes. The other three potential outs that I don't think will happen are: Smith - tough call given he plays so tight, but ultimately with Thommo playing the third tall and Hibberd back, we can afford a second small defender and Lockhart gives us the extra offense. If Hibberd doesn't get up I'd expect Smith to stay. Removal of a s
  11. Having watched the game at length now, I'm happy to go with: 6 Rivers - yes he's a kid but he really tried to take us forward all night. If only he converted his two shots. 5 Gawn - Yes he was involved in two of their goals but still a massive presence which we all tend to underrate. 4 Viney - our hardest worker, but like his midfield colleagues missed targets so his intensity, not his influence, gets him these votes. 3 Fritsch - our cleanest marker on the night and hit more targets than others. 2 May - how many did Taberner kick? Our three talls down back kept their
  12. I reckon our list is pretty good and aside from having 2-3 too many players under 6 foot, it is a well balanced outfit and unlike five years ago, we now have some genuine stars (at least on paper). To me the real issue is finding a coach that can provide a gameplan that our guys have confidence in. The fact Fremantle were able to switch and spot up players with short kicks so often last night just made it clearer than ever to me that whilst Goodwin may be popular with lots of the players, he hasn't been able to get a game-winning structure. I also don't understand why our guys so rarely a
  13. When you are coming off a loss or two, all recruiters look shocking. Certainly the decision to draft another ruckman (Jackson) when you have the best in the game seemed strange at the time, but given we now know that Jackson has the mobility to play as a key forward, then it doesn't seem strange and looks like a wise choice - particularly as we traded out of the tall draft of 2018 when the Kings were on offer. I also was critical (sight unseen) of the need for another really small forward (Pickett) for a list that already had five small forwards (Spargo, ANB, Bedford, Hunt, Chandler)
  14. I made it pretty clear that I did not like the backline structure that we had against Sydney and while I am frustrated that we changed the successful back six (seven with rotation) that served us so well against Collingwood and North and one which served us pretty well against the Bulldogs (they beat us in the midfield) , I have to say I am pretty happy with the make-up of our side tonight. Whilst I would still prefer the intensity and kicking skills of Lockhart, the backline includes a better mix of talls and runners than last week and should match up well - May on Taberner, Lever on Hog
  15. I have had a bit more of a rethink on this team. I think T-Mac deserves to play this game and coming off a two-match break he will be fresh. He'll still be slow, but not as slow as normal. Further to this he deserves to play in what is our last stand for the year. He deserves to go down with the ship, so to speak, or rise up for our next challenge if we manage to turn it around. From the sounds of it Angus and ANB may be a tad too sore to play, so T-Mac and hopefully Harley should get the gigs - clearly Goody got jack of Harley's lack of pressure, but I think he may just have to appreciat
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