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  1. Delighted to hear talk (rumour) that we are after Brayden Maynard - who probably played his best ever game last Monday. He's still only 24, is a left-footer which we need, and as with Hibberd, loves playing on quality smalls or three-quarter talls and is tough as nails. He has an association with us via his dad and brother and significantly is part of the 2014 Victorian TAC group that we have put our faith behind - Trac, Angus, Lever. I would imagine we'd have to offload the Weid plus picks 33 and 38 to get this done - but what a perfect recruit if it can be achieved. I had
  2. Deespicable’s 2021 Mid-Year Player Rankings I almost didn't do the rankings this season. I mean it's not like everyone has a markedly different view anymore - we all know why Goody rates some players highly and there's not a collection of hard-done by players being left out in favour of Oscar McDonald. And team changes on Friday are almost a thing of a past - with injuries the only rational for most. Tell me which player you aren't happy with getting a game now ... tha
  3. Yep and if so Melky either plays or we bring back Chandler as well and ANB becomes and even higher half-forward.
  4. The logic of what Turner is suggesting is fine - at some point we need to bring Bowey in so he gets a taste and the longer he and Ben Brown go without games is a worry and will make it that much harder for them. The other thing is that I suspect Salem will have the Pies game off to give him a chance to get over his injury and it's time either Bowey or Lockhart got a game instead of Nev. If Hunt's injury is more serious than I suspect then both could play. As to the other changes, Ben Brown should come in for Weid. It's been frustrating watching how close Weid has gone to really naili
  5. 6 Petracca - was vibrant all night and his third-term goal was vintage Dusty. 5 Gawn - crumbed a goal and was our best at half time with plenty of clever kicks and handballs, but Trac took control in third. Age has early deadlines, reporter probably didn't see the second half when Trac got even better. 4 Oliver - lifted after half time with amazing run and carry and is getting closer to being the complete player. Set shots a problem - you can tell he doesn't think he'll convert them in his face. 3 Spargo - what a game from this guy. Check replay of his tap to I think T.Mac for a
  6. I am actually hoping that both Viney and Jackson aren't rushed back and we get them ready for the Dogs game, which will be our second 6-day break in a row and we will need fresh legs. I also want to see how Weid and Chandler go again. Chandler was uber-impressive against the Tiger pre-season and has stepped up at VFL level. He got pinged in a tackle early and it was one of those days where nothing went right for him - even the Gatorade drenching post-game. But he did keep working hard on covering players (Saad, Docherty etc) and deserves another shot. Weid had to get used to a
  7. Exceptional hey. So where does Luke Jackson sit if BBB is exceptional - on another planet. Try this: BBB has some limitations at ground level which are expected given he is 200cm tall. PS: Nic Nat says high all the way from Neptune as well.
  8. Ok, I have five big changes that have helped our team this year on top of the key one from last year. What I'd love to know is who was responsible? Should Goody get all the credit? I'd love to say I know the answer, but I put my calculated guess at bottom of each move. Interested to hear your views on who is responsible. 1) Loyalty to senior players In the past Goody has got excited with his new toys (I remember his glee at seeing Oliver play even when Roosy was boss) and promoted players ahead of their time. He was behind the Oscar Mac ahead of Dunny move, he promoted Spargo as an 1
  9. It's hard to see any changes, but there's at least four players who they need to get a game into - Chandler, Sparrow, Weid and Bowey. Hard part is figuring a way to do it when you are winning. As to those who started the drop Harmesy jibber, you seriously need to understand football. His best game since 2018 finals.
  10. A surprisingly tricky selection night coming and with wait on Fritter and maybe Brayshaw. Six players have good cases to come in - Harmes, Sparrow, Weid, Chandler and Bowey and Petty. The obvious outs are Tomlinson and Jones (he was 23rd anyway) and then it's a question of whether they want to pull the trigger on Baker and Melky or rest up a player for balance. Great to see so many people have finally cottoned on to the fact that ANB provides something, although clearly he went from riches to rags in this game. Can't see him missing though and that means Chandler has to wait. Co
  11. 6 Fritter 5 May 4 Salem 3 Jackson 2 Kossie 1 Oliver
  12. I certainly get the logic of not changing a winning formula and reading Goody's comments today he's decided he won't alter his line-up also with Brown and Weid to play North's VFL side on Thursday. And I also get that anyone who suggests a change against that philosophy at the moment is going to be howled down. But I am sorry, I just reckon that now is the perfect time to trial our planned new-look forward set-up which was halted in early Feb when Weid and Brown went down with injuries. I certainly understood the logic of staying loyal last week against Richmond and it paid off
  13. 6 Gawn - What a captain's game, laced by great goal. 5 Lever - Brilliant marshalling of our defence, critical with May out. 4 Langdon - Has anyone noticed how confident we are going down the wings now and how good is this guy. He will be tagged harder from now on. 3 T.Mac - with Fritter out, we needed one of our talls to step up and he was very good all day presenting. 2 Hibberd - Salem got more of the ball but Hibbo was sensational. His link up work was just amazing and he still played tight and tough like Nev. 1 Kossie - Sometimes you have to give a bloke a vote for
  14. It was great to see the impact Hibberd had down back - and as I said last week, it was critical he played in place of Jetta because he provides the left-side attack that we were going to miss with May out and Petty doesn't get involved in as much offence and we couldn't afford having two dour negaters in our back six. So thankfully Goody and MC didn't go through with the "we won't change a winning line up" plan. As to this week. Firstly on Petty. Yes I get that he didn't have a great game but historically he has shown he gets very nervy and takes a while to settle into his new role.
  15. Please don't keep endorsing this utter crap and get some perspective. James Jordon is a kid who works hard and has learnt his craft from a very strong midfield group for three years now. Because he is a kid, the expectations are not as high and the coach is only going to say nice things about him at a press conference. But Jordon is yet to do anything that stands out - anyone who saw what Hibberd brought first up knows what I mean - and while his work ethic is high, there is no guarantee yet that he will make it because he is not quick and he is not an exceptional kick and as a
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