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  1. I love Jonesy, and if you do ever read this stuff, I want you to know we are indebted to you for what you have brought to this club. Thank you. Can’t wait to hear about the safe arrivals of your twins. Nothing more important than family.
  2. Thank you for your post. The impact of depression is so wide and far reaching. I agree that any communication is beneficial as it starts something, hopefully for lasting positive effect. I salute you for what you no doubt have done as a carer, husband and father. so many of us are looking for a big finish to the season, but if we get there, it will be extra special to some. You are one of those and I hope they can pull it off for you and your family.
  3. I am trying to start talking sensibly about the team. Things like “we are the beat team in the comp” while true is difficult for my mind to signal to my mouth to actually say. What I want to do is: lock away finals (win next two weeks and that should be done) lock away top 4 (win the two more after that) Lock away top 2 (home finals would be so bloody good) then I will start being able to talk sensibly. By god I am scarred.
  4. I think I am right in saying in each of our games thus far we have been down and somewhat under pressure on the scoreboard. I didn’t expect that to be the case today but it was. I am extremely happy we have learnt how to turn momentum this season. And we seem to know how to fight back from bad positions in games / quarters. go get em Dees!
  5. In case anyone wondering, the ‘65 team won their first 8.........something to mirror or better!
  6. On the flip side, it could be pick 18! ?
  7. This article suggests that Jeremy Cameron is available for $900k a year (ignore the Treloar stuff). 1) can we rustle your $900k by letting some players go and 2) should we be trying to get Jeremy Cameron?! I’d love him in red and blue. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/afl-superstars-family-move-to-queensland-has-rumour-mill-running-hot/news-story/5c0b765161d878d9d4dca65421c41bde
  8. Love JV and the care he has toward winning in the red and blue. Think he is a talented player who just needs a more defined role in our team. Lose him and I’ll be absolutely gutted.
  9. Was Jeff Farmer a recycled player? I thought he was Dees off the bat? i thought Bizzel was terrific. Liked Vardy too.....
  10. Awesome to be able to pen such a reflection. Thank you for sharing with us.
  11. The pokies for some clubs might be a problem if they are financed or owned by someone else within the venue...... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-24/federal-group-demands-pokies-rent-from-closed-hotels-covid19/12082926
  12. Fully agree with this! For years people talk that they could work from home, this will put this to the test and i bet (like you) businesses will change their views on who needs to work in the office full time.
  13. Question: if we took him and he refused to play, would it be breach of contract and we wouldn’t have to pay the money; and would the amount still be counted in the salary cap after the first year?
  14. Don’t we have pick 2? GCS have a mid round compo pick not pick 3?
  15. Mate, we shouldn’t have beaten Gold Coast when we did. If we hadn’t, it would be an interesting ladder for the prized position of dead bloody last...
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