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  1. Haven't had that personal vitriol Bingers but my best taunt was in Sydney this year when after being very visible in leading some cheering for the Dees was met with Pies supporters moving behind us and cheering more loudly. Eg we yell Melbourne they add sucks. Not very imaginative but they became louder and more abusive as they took control of the match. After the game a group of about Six called me over to come up the aisle past them. A little bit fearfully I decided best to confront them. I congratulated them on their exam win to open the discussion and they laughed and said they admired my level of supporting ang the passion I exhibited. A quite civilised an friendly discussion occurred as we all headed to the exit past the celebrating Pies fans while Dees fans were as Trac said embarrassesed to show much emotion. The Pies theme song rang out and as we separated I managed to get in a fight nap thrust of defiance . "Id rather be 4 points clear on top and looking like playing finals , than on the way down without a coach" I said, "the premiership looks more like a cakewalk for us than you." The boys initially looked shocked and I was concerned that their good humour might be replaced by a violent reaction. They looked at each other quizzically and one lady ghee, they all laughed and thumbs up and agreeing comments were made. We all left united by the joy of our game. I will miss more than anything the mingling of supporters at this Grand Final. Good luck to all those in WA, I hope you can enjoy the game and can celebrate with joy but also humility, be proud of the achievement and but be certain that we will all be able to wear our colours with joy confidence and pride again for years to come.
  2. It seems a good strategy outlined and actioned. Reap benefit from inflated real estate return, wean off pokies earnings. Invest capital and spend returns leaving capital base. Remember to thank Joe Gutnick for this genorous option. Worried that AFL will see this club capital as a reason to decrease investment in our club and divert funds to less successful clubs. would like to see some consideration of capital returns on investment in entertainment facility in Fishermans Bend, including training grounds, gyms, club social area etc. A god plan would decrease poperating costs while enhancing the capital investment.
  3. Fulfilling the MFCsupporter sterotype I have spent the first post Qualifying week cocooned away at Dinner Plain ( lodge owned by my Cat supporting neighbour who was not using it.), with relaxed days skiing the summit, working on technique. The rest of the mountain was sparsely filled with snowboarders scraping and pushing the slush around. The mountain really needs some more snow which is due next Monday. I will by then be engaged in usual maintenance around the property (6acres regional) and decking out with red and blue to shock the bulls and chooks who will be the only viewers. The week will be low level contact dependent on any restrictions being relaxed. I have a few tasks scheduled this Saturday including listening to Coodabeens, collecting the papers and a relaxed weekend secure in the knowledge we can't lose this weekend. Next week I will continue to closely monitor demonland revelling in the advice and nformation that is being dispensed about a Grand Final participating team.This is such a rare but exhilarating experience. Contact with the many demon supporting friends and neutrals who are joining in my delight includingthe above neighbour. Knowing that I am not alone is reassuring. I am also hoping that restrictions will be relaxed ( I don't think Dan really wanted to impose bans but failure to obtain vaccine has required this action). My desire would be to enjoy a return to Squash competition where I can be recognised with the same reverence that other grand finalists have received in the past. Then the Coodabeens on Saturday with the Dees as the participants will totally change he content and interaction I have. ive got the wine sorted for the day and evening, and will distract myself during the week putting together an appropriate menu. Something easily prepared and served, relaxed but focused is what I am aiming for. I am positive and will enjoy the unfolding result. I think this match will be remembered for far longer than if we were at the G. i will miss the contact with the crowd. One of the panellists on Q&A recently, articulated the emotion of a shared experience (related to the performing arts) far better than I can, but that shared experience will be missed. I hope fervently that we, the supporters, can join and revel in that joined experience of victory, very soon. I would hate to have to wait until next season to congratulate the players and this is why I say the match will be remembered for far longer than a normal game. It will be a memorable day, it will be a glorious day, it is a new beginning. I will quote Trac who expressed it so well when saying the r23 win putting us on top of the ladder was for all of us supporters and meant "we could wear our colours with pride on Monday". We will be able to wear them with pride for many years to come. GO DEES
  4. I don't think that he will resent it but l do think that not being selected for the GF would have cut his m to the quick. He possibly realising Sed at PF that his time was over, handing over to the new generation probably easier to handle in isolation. Someone said he is one of us and this isolation really emphasises that. The time for celebration will happen, and it will be with us. It will be better than being on the fringes in Perth. Although Max and the team will give genuine acknowledgement the GF will be their moment, I hope they get that. When we all get together we will acknowledge a legend of the club, he may not have all the trappings of success but his record like Robbins will endure longer than many others. In the meantime every tribute on Demonland is well deserved and like this can barely do justice to him.I hope he enjoys the family and as they grow they are acknowledged by the club and its supporters as a significant part of the history of this club.
  5. Weiderman is the future. When we succeed as a premiership team he will want to stay to be a part of future premiership teams.
  6. Hope you are right. I reckon if so we are all over the cats, dogs and Port. Just a matter of picking our players who will match up. we have good depth for any injuries.
  7. Gee Bobby maybe you don't remember Hawkins taking off half of Mays face. The number of players ripping Claytons head off and then the full body contact that had him on his haunches. Scragging , body punches, blocking, channeling.tunneling. A moving blocker connecting a stationary target or the other way round,. Heavy, heavy contact. All legitimate and sanctioned by the umpires for one team and ignored for the other. Confirm then grows and before you know it they are then appealing for minor indescretions . Nerves take over and a side of beginners are beaten I don't think that last sentace will happen to us as we made of sterner stuff, have suffered the lack of support from umpires all season, oh, and last game we broke the cats, they limped into the preliminary beating a GWS that was bedevilled with its own trauma.
  8. I reckon we need the whole squad to get through the two games. Geelong will come out quite prepared to intimidate a few of our players. Injure a few of the key s and make the new boys tentative. Port will play the same crash or crash through hoping that their battle hardened older bodies will break the young demons. protect our keys by sacrificing some of our fringe players. They will all be rewarded with the flag this year and selection in next years winning team
  9. We need have high profile commentators remind the AFLofficials that the head is sacrosanct and penalise the accidental, ugly, contacts that are made by a few players. Mumford was probably the greatest exponent of grinding an opponents head into the turf but Selwood and Hawkins are also masters of the art of accidentally contacting the head. Selwood has also developed the art of leading with his head to get create a non existent free. When like last night Selwood antics are ignored it seems other high contact Is a consequence of similar action or is accidental. Geelong are a older, harder, side they will hit our younger, lighter bodies with every legal, illegal and accidental contact they can, a lot of commentators will applaud this as the epitome of finals footy, by all means the intensity and pressure must be there but it must be within the rules, the head highs, the in the backs, the late push, the holding accompanied with a punch must be fairly recognised. Both sides must play to the same rules. I am not reassured that Geelong are not favoured, but more significantly that Melbourne are disadvantaged.
  10. I would be bloody annoyed if they don't win and would expect some very hard analysis . No not looking at the match. It would have to be a learning experience which taught the team to win the next three. And the team must just give its all and leave nothing n the tank.Win well or lose well.
  11. I've said before we must use this sensitively as a motivation. Communicate transparently with Jones and the squad. Ask them all do you want Jones in the playing team? if yes let them know that he is replacing someone and they must play their backsides off to win the game for Jones and whoever is out. if no let them know they better play their backsides off to win because they will owe it to Jones. Jones can also be part of the decision and if he chooses not to take the field it is because he knows they will play their backsides off and win for him. Can be done in any order . The coaches will know how to handle it. They may even not do that at all but whatever they do they better win.
  12. Me too. We are lucky that we have quite a few really knowledgable observers of the next generation. They don't always agree but it's great to see their dedication and passion. You can disagree but don't denigrate their efforts.
  13. Lets make another positive out of this to send to the players. WE WANT T YOU TO WIN WE DONT CARE AGAINST WHO OR WHERE. WE WANT YOU TO WIN THIS YEAR SO WE CAN ENJOY THE HARD WORK AND EFFORT YOU HAVE ALL CONTRIBUTED We want you to win so we can revel in the joy of having supported your club for many many years. We will not be able to be at the ground or at joint gatherings but our collective wishes are certainly with you. WHEN YOU WIN WE WILL GATHER AS SOON AS WE ARE ABLE TO RECOGNISE AND CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS AND WE ASK YOU TO CONTINUE YOUR EFFORTS IN THE FOLLOWING YEARS TO ALLOW US TO JOIN YOU IN CELEBRATING IN A MORE IMMEADIATE FASHION. YOU ARE ON THE CUSP OF A DECADE OF DOMINANCE WE WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU. GO DEES.
  14. Shocking, horrendous, not great plan Has there been any examination of Fishermans Bend?
  15. Yes I have seen Weid display all those attributes ....in the twos and when he played as an unknown. i also saw Hawkins when he was a kid and played without support of his teammates and umpires coz he played without confidence and was erratic. A fresh start a team MFC would be a good return on our investment
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