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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Low impact is part of the argument I would emphasise. But remind tribunal of "learnings". our club is more conscious than most of the impact of head high contact. Kozzie has altered his playing style and was able to turn a full collision as part of a football act into a glancing blow that had low impact on the player. We support a fine and believe Kozzie should keep playing to continue to inspire youngsters to increase skills in avoiding contacts and make changes to the way they play. Alternatively they could claim that he was unaware of any features of the game after he had his head ripped off in the first quarter and therefore is not responsible for the action.
  2. An appeal would be an opportunity to remind the tribunal of our club awareness of the severity of a head high hit. As we see the head as sacred we accept a fine for this low potential and impact as Kossie obviously pulled back . Show the incident in real time and note the glancing effect as Kossie was able to alter his shape and direction but could not avoid the glancing contact. Again refresh the Maynard example and why the club has welcomed the changed rules and therefore understands why Kossies action must be penalised, however this act was low impact similar to Pendleburys but unlike Pendles was in the flow of the game and a football act. We could also show the low impact that Kossie received when he had his head nearly pulled off with no free kick even given. Put that video on slow motion, select the point of impact and it looks worse than the contact that occurs as a football act. I am sure we could put together a compilation of contacts that were far more severe than Kossies. Welcome the leagues recognition of head high contact and hope that there is increased on field scrutiny and immediate action tken to such incidents.
  3. thanks to those who commented. It seems the line is marked at the back of the padding, so no goal for Bennie.
  4. did anyone else think that the briefest review i can remember with not multiple angles etc of BBBs goal was incorrect. The whole ball had passed behind the goal post but not past the padding on the goal post. I think the goal line is only as thick as the post not the padding, If im correct the whole ball was over the line. Im giving Bennie another goal
  5. would like to see us really bury them to make up for some of the times they did to us never take foot off the pedal
  6. in cased commentators missed Melbourne won the quarter and extended the lead
  7. may to hosp for tests Lever knee issue not being risked
  8. I recall a time when a Melbourne player was suspended for an "attempted" trip. In the weeks surrounding the suspension other teams performed actual trips without penalty, (not even a free kick). In the following week I recall Viney being tackled twice in what became a trip. He received a holding the ball call. Its arbitrary and subject to the umpires discretion. Melbourne receives little discretion from the umpires. I have suggested that the club invite/employ umpires to come to the club and tell us what is wrong with our actions, train with our players to embed correct tackling technique.
  9. I agree. I think we do have the cattle. its how we use them that is significant. Resting and loading so peak performance when required is the key. Old bodies need recovery while young bodies need to be tuned, Im sure the coaches know know whos at what stage. I would like to see an improvement in our forward structures however with concentration on separation and surging. It seemed to me that we often surge with brilliant passages of play but then would drop off all aspects particularly pressure on opposition. Kossie provides pressure in the forward line and I prefer him there rather than in the centre where we have plenty of options. the coaching needs to recognise when players are "off" and needs strategies to have them refocus. The game is played in the head when physical aspects are so tightly monitored and controlled. Im hoping for an improved mental approach. How the players handle all the preseason distractions is a good indicator and i look forward to the real season. I hope the players and coaches realise how much we all crave winning and how much we invest in them emotionally, and how fleeting and difficult is success. they have a great opportunity let em rip.
  10. I hate the emphasis on the gambling industry in our society, and always want to gamble responsibly. I know that losses always exceed wins and that winners profit on losers decisions. BUT geeeez thats a pretty generous return. I hope there are many and only demon supporters who win this one as those who dont gamble at all win the flag brag.
  11. that was a really great report. Both questions and answers, Thanks for those responsible. good that Richo was able to confirm Dland training reports so congrats for all those posters who keep us up to date or indeed ahead of the game.
  12. You anticipated my intervention that the failure to attract public transport infrastructure could provide a negotiating trigger. That the "quasi utopian development" could maybe benefit from an entertainment facility incorporating corporate and retail. A practical community facility that requires the infrastructure especially if supported by an AFL club attracted there with space allocated for the training grounds. Could be a mutually beneficial submission. You may be correct about the architectural wankers involvement, but they would have to shove aside the property and financial investors who have been encouraged over the years and are even now trying to recover their excessive outlays. I should add I have no financial interest in either area but am prepared to offer my project management and consultation experience. As you and other Dlanders may enjoy, the response to me has been muted. There has been genuine interest expressed but most are content to wait for the Caulfield project to kick off. I am also not opposed to that, but just see some opportunities to play projects off against each other to negotiate a better deal and get a better outcome. To do that would require greater detail. I do thank the 3 members who have contacted me offering their direct participation. We are all very much aware of our limited knowledge and experience in such a large project but are willing to continue to investigate options further and expand our ideas. I incidently have had no response from the club to my questions, but am looking on that positively, that the club are preparing a considered response. I would appreciate meeting the sub committee and may suggest that as a more convenient forum to resolve some issues.
  13. i reckon its great that all the options have different skills, as it gives really good flexibility in using the squad to give players rest or exposure depending on their development. Also in providing better match up on opposition and play different structures so opposition coaches cant just develop a single plan to combat us.
  14. Have noted before that May glides seemingly effortless. Amazing for such a big unit.
  15. Theres been a bit of discussion about Tracs kicking and mentioning his high ball drop. These fantastic shots of 666 show that to still be the case while other players have both low and high. It des seem that the high ball drop is more likely when a quick kick is actioned and the player is less balanced. Could the nature of Trac as a burst player be the seed for his high ball drop and the key fo his inaccuracy?
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