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  1. The government will make the decision it seems so Casey or Docklands may still be favoured.
  2. You do make sense Macca. i am just disappointed that a Port Melbourne option has not been vigorously pursued for similar reasons. The govt seems to want to exploit that area.
  3. Tasmanian financiers should just announce that due to Covid uncertainties they will place all funding into a future fund to assist the emergence of a Tasmanian based AFL team. It will be an indicator of the financial strength of current AFL teams.
  4. Due to recent retirement notice there is no T$ but the no B$ component has always been seemingly ignored thankfully. B$ is always called out usually through insightful commentary. Many useful and more not so useful facts and ideas are unleashed and exposed in this thread . Long may it continue
  5. Leadership and captaincy are different roles and are not necessarily complementary. The captain tosses the coin and takes interviews, represents the club in official capacity. It is wise to have a captain and a vice captain to share the duties especially when one is unavailable. There may even be an opportunity to assign official roles to players eg Jetta to comment on issues relating to indigenous matters or a player to officiate in fund raising, member liasson, etc. Leadership is required in a range of situations , in a range of fashions. Again that range does not necessarily
  6. That is a great analysis and reference. Can hardly disagree with the luminaries quoted. I still say however the coach is the most significant role to prepare the players to respond to the things that are beyond the coaches control on the day.There is an amount of individual instinctive response but the most important feature of our game is the teammates responsibility and faith in each other, that team includes the coach. Thanks for the excellent response.
  7. Partly agree not totally Goodies fault, but it is his responsibility to get the players in the right spots, with the right match ups, and the right attitude to win. He also has capacity to remove players and move players to exploit opposition weaknesses and counter opposition strength. The coach and the players need to have faith and n each other and themselves. It's a team game and the coach is the most significant part of that team. He may need individual players to inspire and create but he must also teach the team to respond to that individual act.
  8. Emotional or behavioural. Not sure what is hard or soft. As I understand it e or b takes into account a more comprehensive model of economic factors and reactions than the old "all things being equal" model . This is a consequence of having more sophisticated technology that can analyse more than one factor. Ultimately it is all still conjecture.
  9. Did you notice that the Howard conservatives were built on the votes of the anti communist emigration programs that were implemented by the labor party. Many migrants we received were those fleeing the communist labelled victors of many wars.
  10. Oh I meant to ask if any of you had opinions on emotional economics as a practical approach to merge what can appear as conflicting theories.
  11. I have just read this thread having somehow being deflected to it but very happy I was. i started liking nearly every post, appreciating the considered and in depth ananlysis everyone was contributing. i cant say I am any more knowledgeable than all contributing. i scraped through matrices economics, lucky to get employment in health industry as computers were invented and progress , social and economic, charged ahead. Worked in local rural community, regional programs , state wide providers and regulators, private business, large and small, as senior administrator and own
  12. Maybe waiting for Richmond to relocate to Tassie so space opens up in the MCG precinct. Richmond (Tassie) tigers obvious rebrand to leverage off the new home in North Hobart (Richmond). Did I see they ate opening the season there????
  13. There should be a team aim for Ben Brown to kick the ton.
  14. Lets hope the coaches can get the team to make Brown our next phenomenal forward. If he can get 100 ( and his records of 70+ at northwould indicate he could) we would be well on the way to success. Other forwards will pick up goals around him if we make him our focus. Not BHAG but 100 for Brown should be our aim.
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