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  1. We have a good squad allready. WE NEED SOME PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO WIN! Smith and Yze could be a good combination.
  2. I think that applies to most of our squad. We need an intensity coach to analyse and apply that feature to our players.
  3. Just stumbled on this post. Having worked in the health industry for thirty years, I have been astounded that this health issue was amplified into an economic issue by Scott Morrison. I understood that this was a recognition of the fragility of the health system and the most vulnerable demographic in aged care nursing homes.. The economy was already failing and his efforts were made to distract from those systemic failings. The urgency that the health crisis created allowed him to abandon the rhetoric against debt and justify a borrowing program that was to fund the ideological chang
  4. He's 24, should come cheap, knows the systems and fellow defenders, provides useful backup for injury or just selection rotation. He does have some abysmal games and like the rest of the side is inconsistent, but he has played some games where the back line was on top. He can kick well and I was always surprised that he did not kick out more often.Perhaps that is a role that he could be given to concentrate on while playing in the twos while waiting to be played when the opposition structure requires.
  5. Fritsch always seems to be in or lead to the wrong pocket.From the right field position for a left foot kick he seems more accurate.
  6. I'd like to add shepherding. This creates time and space and allows better decisions and delivery.
  7. Absolutely agree with the sentiments of this post. The voting shows the talent that exists in the squad. However it may also show how thin our next tier of players are.. i would have thought Pruess would get some votes for his few games and others who played back up or support roles would also get votes. An even spread i across the whole squad would be interesting. Also the votes being given by coaches may be biased as for instance Pruess might be overvalued due to his stepping up and performing a role in lieu of Max. Voting is subjective and so I'm not going to be critical of any th
  8. Agree totally. LJ and Weid are future and showed already they worked well together. Weid is young and has been overworked could do with a rest. Brown with his incentive and T Mac playing for survival should be told to work had and kick straight. Team told that they must win by 150 or it's a fail. Rest of the team selected from squad for reasons of survival or rested for future long term or short term. If the Bradbury happens LJ and Weid bought in for finals experience with other young squad. Anything can happen in finals and selection and game plans are critical. We have got it
  9. I worked in health industry for 30 years and agree it's not easy. Not sure of case logistics as it is down to severity and location of the cases. I am in the most vulnerable age cohort so appreciate the concerns of contact that lockdowns have represented, and await the impact of weather conditions. Europe heading to winter while we head to summer will be interesting development that may affect data . when I was in the industry we had a seperate infectious disease site and a distributed health service which had capacity .Many regions still have capacity but the specialisation support
  10. Well at half time. What could go wrong??? 1.3 to1.9 Am i in some parallel universe. Maybe I should go to SBS and the tour they month
  11. Went all out. Roast pork, Cheese and Jim Jam relish toasted sandwiches with a Beechworth Estate Shiraz. Kayo, a healthy fire and what could go wrong? I hope to return at half time.
  12. Look at the opposition, look at the desire and commitment of our players, select
  13. I understand all you say and agree with all but point 2. The current list has enough depth and variation that we should be a successful finals club. That we lost to Brisbane and Geelong by less than a kick, shows we can be. Port was similar to Dgs and Sydney where the players just did not participate for 100%. Richmond and West Coast were contests we lost that should be analysed to replace the players or structures that failed. We needto use the total squad at the appropriate time, and have a variety of structures and game practices to match our opponents. Goodwin may
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