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  1. Yes was there and agree totally. But he did not always run to the correct delivery spot and I thought at some stages he was merely taking two defenders out of he action. Our midfielders did not seem to be delivering very well. We we're close to the pickets Row G and could really only watch him at the Randwick end. The whole game was a disaster. Was there with a swannies supporter who really wanted us to win and did have ademons hat on so took the comments of the Pies supporters with us. He felt we just did not handle the small ground.He sees a lot of games there and works for Zurich
  2. Don't think he's proved anything yet. Too slight for FF. He has shown rucksack Ng talent similar to Jackson but Jackson is the real deal on baller. LJ would struggle holding down FF. BB has shown he can hold that position, slightly heavier, faster and experienced, he as proven that.
  3. May was definitely standing Elliott when he was in front of us at the Randwick end. It was an obvious mismatch of size but Elliott was not able to use any speed advantage so it worked but May dropped a couple and fumbled uncharacteristically. He did take the first grab in the mark thar Cameron was paid but he was not directly standing him. Elliott certainly got away from him in Third quarter.He stood Mihohek a few times. Our defence did seem to hold positions while Pies forwards rotated. The subsequent confusion created was responsible for the looseness that led to goals. But the defence
  4. I like Chookrat comment. Good time to offer him a low price 3 year category as our future KPF to play and develop at Casey until he is ready and one of TMac or BB go down. On current form it is unlikely that any club will offer a big contract. He's really not showing any big time attributes. Needs much more development. Saw him in Sydney ran under the ball, ran to wrong spots, easily brushed aside. Bulk him up and get him to demand the ball through performance.
  5. Thanks H Wasnt sure which Humphries it was. It did bring back many memories of a hedonistic past.Your also right I can recall Coodabeens usual demon stereotyping. I must admit that I am creeping slowly towards it. Going to Sydney on Saturday, may check out the snow Saturday. Retirement has opened up many opportunities that were denied while running a seven day week retail business. I always informed others that Demons scarves were well in the minority on chair lifts. It will be interesting to see how f current success brings them out.
  6. Just doing a little bit of business for the old man . Great get H. Was it Gerry Humphris?
  7. I attempted and was timed out. My steam driven computer, remote location NBN and general brain dysfunction contributes to this circumstance often.
  8. Weid I see the future, he's still only 24. Back to Casey to continue his development. His best returns have been as a deep forward converting the upfield work of Brown and Mac in some cases. He can rove around and has been competitive in ruck. He is similar to LJ in stature, mobility and flexibility, but should be developed to replace BB orTMac TMac and Brown is the now. Both roving to the wing to create competition and entry points into the deeper forward position . if one is out the other should be back. They should not be competing together, one takes an opponent out of the
  9. I would prefer the health experts talking of a health response beyond a lockdown. This has become the go to knee jerk response since the economic response was so successfully introduced because our health system was to be "overwhelmed". This was based on overseas models and our limited availability of respirators. Once our capacity of respirators was improved and our intensive bed numbers including private beds was acknowledged, the Australian health system has not been appropriately recognised or utilised and has certainly not been overwhelmed. i would have preferred our politicians
  10. Well not sure it's always so clear cut. My sister believes it's due to difficulty with getting releases signed by medical trustees. As there were supply problems I did not want to get mine until the front line , quarantine, etc staff and the most vulnerable older and disabled etc. had their jab. I also believe incoming from overseas should not just be tested but should have the vaccine. I was under treatment and was concerned about side effects etc, I am now scheduled for mine but still find it crazy that others more vulnerable don't have theirs.
  11. I think very state has had some sort of outbreak. As the largest economy our density and activity levels are higher. We have more reliance on public transport than other capitals. I think we are testing greater numbers and have had more problems with receiving and distribution of vaccines. There seems to be a knee jerk reaction and response system. The lock down has been identified as the best solution. There has never been a recognition that this is a health issue and our health system needed to be adjusted to be fit for the changed demands.
  12. Despite many weeks of thousands of spectators attending games and travelling on public transport to get there we have a lock down due to one person coming in to the country. That this one case has led to multiples cases does show the potential extent of the spread and the virulence of this virus. it would be good if we had an effective quarantine system in place. Our tracking and tracing has improved although we are still only told of cases with no emphasis on severity. The tracking and tracing is supported by an effective vaccination program . It is disappointing there is
  13. Too many justifiable reasons. We are happy to play any team anywhere any time.
  14. I saw Brown and Weid in Richmond reserves match aand they combined well. Weid plays the deep forward Brown and Tmac are competing for the spot that moves around, creates space, contests and takes two defenders. TMac was so mobile last week and almost every game this year that he was taking the ball on the wing and even in half back. How about we put him on the wing to do that Tomlinson link role and have Bbtake the TMac key CHF role rotating with Weid and LJ. Dont know what I'd do when Lingers returns.
  15. We should definitely refer to the AFL. We are a club that should alert the AFL, other clubs, umpires and supporters that we will not be treated lightly. We will not roll over and continue to accept poor decision making. We will not accept it lightly from our players and will not accept it from others. We will respect and accept rules and practices but always strive for the right and best actions to be taken. We need to be consistent and send this attitude to our players.
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