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  1. On the positive sides: - Good to hear that Trac doesn’t seem to be taking a backward step from last year - Brown kicking three in first first hit out with good accuracy (something that has burnt us in the past) - Wiz jnr scoring a goal and showing good attack, sounds like he’s not doing any harm towards getting an opportunity - Lever showing good early signs Very sad to hear about Hore though, poor bloke doesn’t seem to have luck on his side. Sounds like we have some niggles to go with a couple of long term injury’s (to be expected), hopefully they get themselves rig
  2. Bugger, poor guy. I was really looking forward to seeing him attack 2021 with some purpose. All the best to him with his recovery.
  3. Personally I thought it was a mistake to go only Captain and Vice-captain, when both got injured we ended up with Melksham as our captain (and I gotta say I have no idea how/why he was in that position given his awful form and honestly I have never thought he screamed leadership). I think there needs to be a group with roles. Captain - Gawn VC - Viney Dep. VC - May Leadership group - Trac, Jetta The odd one that people might look at is Jetta given he will be fighting for his spot. Ironically that is one of the reasons to have him in there, a bridge between the
  4. Great work @george_on_the_outer did you happen to spot if Tom McDonald was competing with the forwards or against them?
  5. Totally get all the responses regarding Vic park, it was just a thought but it sounds like that’s done and dusted. I have no issue with the location of our facility potentially going where Gosch’s Paddock is, right near Richmond station so easy to get to, in yelling distance of the MCG, and should we have a social club easy to for home games for pre/post drinks. But doing away with a large amount of parklands in the area runs a risk of having bad blood with the community. I just can’t see anywhere else in the sporting precinct though.
  6. Must be quite funny for Wiz and Yze to be back together at the club and seeing us at Casey fields. All those years of training at Junction oval in season and then Sandy in the off-season. A reminder just how slow and bad the club has been at getting us a proper base of operations. Kobe’s height doesn’t look terrible but he is very slight and skinny. Definitely not expecting much from him this year (should he get the nod).
  7. I just can’t work out why he hasn’t gotten to the finals stages of Australian of the year let alone winning it. His achievements for fighting MND are incredible.
  8. I remember hearing that the feasibility was starting early last year, perhaps COVID slowed that down from making any serious progress. I can only picture the location where we train right now as being the best plot of land to place a new training facility but as that is the only piece of (flat) public land for the public to go and kick a footy or go for a jog I imagine there would be push back from local councillors. The other option on the table is to somehow get the Pies to relocate back to Victoria Park with perhaps a juicy bit of government funding for an upgrade being a carrot for t
  9. If Tom can recapture some form and confidence in defence again it will almost be like we have a new recruit down there. Could allow more flexibility for Lever to play more of the floating intercept marker which is what he's suited for. I also have a soft spot for Tom so I want him to be able to find a regular place in the team whichever end of the park it may be. The first round of pre-season matches will be very intriguing to see as there's very little for the footy media to go on with how teams will look until they're out there again.
  10. Amazing work @Lucifer's Hero, blimey I’ve been missing training reports!
  11. I think your last line is probably the big one, I wouldn’t necessarily buy the idea of him blaming the incidents on mental health, but certainly the week he’s been through would weigh heavily on anyone. It stands to reason that he’d go into a depressive spiral with his shameful actions being played out in the media as one of the leading stories on news outlets and papers. Importantly it doesn’t condone his behaviour but I think it should be a signal for the media to back down a little and let the investigations run their course. It could also trigger a number of other women to come forwa
  12. Apologies for getting this conversation onto something training related but I’m starting to get really frustrated at the lack of info coming from the club with training. Pictures are nice but they lack context, there’s also word there was a time trial but is there any article about who performed well? Maybe I’ve been spoilt over the years by D-lands track watchers, and ok I don’t want to hear the usual “boys are flying” but just something about how they are handling training in groups or how Ben Brown is fitting in would be nice.
  13. The lack of info coming from the club is really starting to bug me, if this is the case I’d love a little write up of them asking him how it feels to beat senior players at the time trial and words from Burgess about how the players performed.
  14. It’s a very interesting question, I had a little argument with someone once saying that it appears (on the surface) that it’s a very common occurrence for public figures who have made morally poor decisions/illegal acts to end up pulling out the “taking time away for mental health reasons”. It’s difficult not to see it from the public’s point of view as the person not taking proper responsibility for their actions and using mental health as a screen to hide behind. That said, I have no doubt that the nature of this story being made public has caused him great distress and affected
  15. Unfortunately BDA this is most certainly not something that’s confined to the bubble of a footballer with entitlement issues or the state of mind of a bloke. This is something that is extremely common for women/girls that have public social media/chat accounts. Many of my female friends who have social media accounts and online dating profiles have had it happen to them several times I agree with @Lucifer's Herothat of this was in the public he would have the book thrown at him and with regular behaviour probably be put on the SO registry. The law is so far behind when it comes to shari
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