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  1. 6. Petracca - Best game for the year from Trac 5. Lever - Lever was bloody important after May's injury and showed true leadership 4. Fritta - He was brilliant with his kicking for goal 3. Oliver - They tried to tag him, they failed 2. Gawn - Big game from El Capitan 1. Salem - He is having an absolute cracker of a year, I don't think he was beaten once all day
  2. His biggest knock was kicking for goal. Today is tough conditions he was on song. Hopefully it's a boost to his confidence going forward.
  3. I just saw Caleb Daniel's tackle, now the Brisbane player is unhurt (mostly) by it but I have to say that is more dangerous than just about any tackle I have seen sent to the MRO. That is a neck-braking action, he drive the guys head into the ground with all of his weight. It's lucky that he didn't get him flush and that perhaps the ground was a little moist and soft, for me that is a tackle that needs to be eliminated completely. I think he got one week, I think that should be looked at worse the Dangermouse's bump.
  4. I initially had thought that, but I also did think he competed at contests to bring the ball to ground when marking the ball just wasn't going to happen. But he actually did take quite a few marks and played a connector role rather that a forward kicking goals. I think his output needs to be better but 2 good games, one more last week, and one ok-ish today. I think he keeps his spot for next week. Any word on whether we're going to bring BBB straight in after one Casey match?
  5. May will be missing regardless you'd think. Whether it's concussion or something more serious I can't see him being right for the Hawks. Definitely time to bring Petty in, does that mean we shift Tommo as our key defender or have Petty take the main role initially and make sure our zone is well set up for Lever? Daw could be an option as well, bring him in with BBB and perhaps look at shifting TMac into a defensive role. Also does Melksham keep his spot, for me he didn't do a whole lot apart from kicking his easy goal. I'd say give him another week to give him a chance to get some fo
  6. Haha I missed most of the first quarter, might've been around then he dominated! But I'll gladly bow and say I missed his contribution, 9 marks as a CHF sort of position is solid day at the office in awful conditions.
  7. First off: **** YEAH!!!! Secondly what's interesting is I think we still have more gears to go to. Our pressure around the ball is very good and you can see how linked our game is to that pressure. The moment it drops is the moment teams are let back into the game. What I loved: Petracca being the dominant beast he is. BOG today for me. Lever stepping up in more ways than one. When that cheating ump gave the tackle free kick against Jetta and then Brayshaw got done for his late bump tempers were flaring, Lever brought everyone into line and got us to reset. Big tick in a leade
  8. I think overall his performance has been a good one and it’s a shame he’s not continuing as president. I hope it’s not a pushing and more stepping down due to personal circumstances, I know he was in Perth for personal reasons recently and perhaps he (and maybe others) felt it was stretching him. Whatever is happening just let it be a smooth transition with no egos getting in the way of the club.
  9. Melksham at his best is pure quality, 2020 was poor from him but so it was for others who have been good over the first few rounds. Here's his chance at redemption. Sparrow will be back.
  10. Will be interesting to see if Duursma gets some kind of MRP review, the ball was dead and the port player completely vulnerable and not expecting a bump. Could’ve been really dangerous had his head hit the LED sign, it’s a really thuggish thing to do.
  11. Really glad to hear it, I feel like it was bad wording then. Perhaps saying in order foe you to specify where you want to sit you have to pay extra.
  12. Bearing in mind I live in the UK so might not be up on what’s going on with ticketing, I saw the guide to match day email and it was saying at the bottom that if you’re a general admission member you select that option and then pay a further $50 to get a reserved seat. Is that a mandatory option? If so then the AFL and MCG are an absolute disgrace, surely if you’re a gen admission member you select that option and if finds you a spare seat that you don’t have to pay for. People were doing it tough last year and most held onto their membership last year despite there being zero value to it
  13. I have been thinking about this ever since our first two rounds of awful kicking about whether training at Casey is hampering our goal kicking practice. Fritta in particular I’ve considered it because I notice the tough angles he seems to make a damn good first of or kicks them on game day but the easy ones he misses.
  14. Looks like Essendon aren’t going to be as bad as people thought they might be, it’s the best part of this time of year because you’re still finding out how good/bad a team really is. Case in point is us where we have won the first 3 but we’re still really waiting to see where we sit in the actual rankings. Credit to Sydney for managing to rebuild so quickly without having too long down the bottom. I know there’s a degree of enjoyment with seeing certain teams get shafted by the umps, but ultimately you just want a level contest that is purely decided on which team is better on the day/ni
  15. Alright, not a bad plan. I don’t like Eddie but when he gives something some thought and passion he can get things moving. But speaking of put up or shut up, maybe he should put his hand up for a board member (or even president) role. The break down of his ideas with my thoughts Roofed stadium - 100% and see if you can get Cricket Australia in on the party. No more cricket called off for bad weather down there. Money and commitments - I totally agree that if they want to get into the competition they should be committing to providing something right now in both money and play
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