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  1. I love you Dees. I love every Melbourne fan. I’m in shock.
  2. I think I might have just squeezed in 5hrs, woke up at 4:30 and barely slept after that.
  3. Yep I just woke from a dream sequence of two Dees goals. First was a coast to coast that was just shear will power of keeping it moving forward and pressure in the forward 50 ending with Kozzie getting the finishing touch. Then the second was to TMac after a brilliant run from Max draws a player so Tommy gets it out the back and snaps the goal. That was enough to wake me up. I honestly don’t know if I'm going to sleep much more tonight.
  4. I couldn’t open the HScum article but didn’t he fairly recently extend his contract? I wouldn’t even close to entertain trading out Dogga, the guy looks like he could be once in a gen sort of player. I know similar things were said about Hogan but it was a lot different with him, the talent was (still is) there but the mind and body just didn’t look like they were coping. Jackson on the other hand looks like he’s got a good head on him, his body is holding up well, and FMD can he play or what! Tell them to suck a fat one.
  5. Cody Weightman is definitely a contender, Bailey Smith I’d throw in as well. I’d also love to see one of our defenders smash Hannan (very fairly though) I’ve got no hate towards Mitch but it’s about letting him know that while you have mates off the field at the Dees, on field it’s fair game. I think I’m right in saying there’s practically no Melbourne player left in the squad who played with Stef Martin.
  6. My brother passed onto me (not sure how accurate this is) that Hunt had a quiet game in the practice match last week. With that in mind I can’t see Hunt as the sub. Sad for him, he’s had a good year. I don’t think anyone expected to take his spot and literally run with it so well.
  7. Who’s the player we hope Jack makes cry in the granny? I’d hope that early match he lays a strong tackle on Bont that has us feeling the aftershock tremors here in Melbourne.
  8. @Colin B. FlaubertFrom the sounds of it the good options were drying up so it was down to him throwing himself into the DFA market place or going for a bit of certainty and back himself to force his way in. For us, it gives us coverage and the knowledge that if one of Tommy or BBB have a form slump we can have Sam breathing down their necks to take their spot. If he’s signed on for a lower wage as well then it’s low risk. There’s been far worse than Sam we’ve kept on the list.
  9. Am I right in saying Matty Whelan missed our 2000 grand final as a late withdrawal? As you say every year there’s a hard luck story, this is why the calls for a squad wide recognition is absolutely fair. He contributed strongly to us getting to this point even if he won’t take the park on the day. Well done to all, fingers crossed Spargy and May are completely good to go. Am I right in saying it was Kade Chandler that did the tackle last Saturday? Cheeky him being on the bench.
  10. I’m happy to hear this personally, if nothing else this is coverage for Brown and TMac who both aren’t getting any younger, and this gives Weid a chance to change the narrative on his story. Keeps our current forwards on their toes knowing there’s someone snapping at their heels.
  11. I disagree that JJ is more flexible, he can cover the midfield and perhaps a small forward role, but if a defender goes down then we’re left scrambling for cover. At least Hunt has had experience in almost all facets of the ground (bar ruckman, and inside mid). I think JJ will be the sub, I’m not against it as he has done well this year, I just personally would prefer Hunt.
  12. I’m with the OP, I think having a role-playing mid as the sub limits flexibility. Hunt has experience in practically all areas of the game and has also been a critical cog at times through the year so he is well versed with our “system”. I also agree that the player should be able to have an impact with an injection of something different. Hunt has pace and a spark that could give the team a lift. He’s also a surprisingly good kick for goal.
  13. I lasted 5min watching it when they got onto some little piece about how the medal gets made. It is such a dull night.
  14. Picking Toumpas over Wines will always go down in history as one of the bigger drafting stuff ups by the club, but as many have said here it's a sliding doors moment for the club. If he comes to us maybe we're better in the short term but don't get the opportunity to have the mix we have now. Well done to him, he's had an excellent year.
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