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  1. I’m a little meh about selection this week, I’m worried the match committee have had their good period across GC to Lions and they’ve gone back to form. I feel like they needed to drop one of Melksham, Fritta, or Hannan as collectively they haven’t been great recently. Hannan missed some tackles badly last week so perhaps it’s a bit of a message. I like the INs, they address issues we had last week. Bennell - shocking skills Lack of run - ANB and Tomlinson Appetite for contest - AvB OUTs wise the only eyebrow raiser is Oscar as at least having him in the team provides another option should May not be having a good day or if he gets injured. I feel like we’re being short down back. Ultimately the midfield has to put in a much better showing, they are the lucky ones to have missed out on the chop. Brayshaw, Jones, even Harmes you could’ve quite easily argued for being dropped.
  2. Or possibly Jones for Tomlinson.
  3. It did almost seem to be a procession of Rising Star nominations against us, every week some random newbie would come in and show some players who had been at the club for 5-8 years how to play football. I’d really love to see Jacko get a nomination at some point this year.
  4. I would liked to see Bedford given another crack but I’m ok with ANB coming in for Kozzie. I think one of the major questions is do we bring back Bennell with the full expectation he won’t play against North? Or hold him back one more game perhaps looking ahead to say we may need him vs North. Also looking even further ahead if almost argue he’s more important to have vs the pies. I have a feeling that Jones is going to survive the chop, it’s tempting to make some wholesale changes but I think we’re going to end up with OUT TMac, Kozzie IN AvB, ANB.
  5. I’d probably go with both, looking at the teams we’ve beaten and looking at the teams we’ve lost to I’d say right now we look like a mid-card player in the vicinity of 8th-12th. That will be enough for him not to get the sack and I also don’t think he will resign, he’ll instead see unfinished business and try to turn it around.
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Tom back in against North as a way of managing Jackson’s fitness. It’s interesting you point to Tom getting to more contests because I felt like last Thursday was a real embodiment of what he’d been dishing up for a while, he always seems to get to the contest just that fraction too late which means at best he can spoil it but most of the time he gets out marked. In 2018 his first few steps off the mark were, for a tall forward, actually pretty powerful and quick. Now they just look slow and lumbering.
  7. Not a lot of tackles stuck properly last week, not a problem for AvB!
  8. Tough on our defence, their entries were with very little pressure from our midfields. How often were they streaming towards the forward line with players essentially escorting the player with the ball? Not unlike the forward line, for the defence to function properly it requires the midfield doing their job properly. Instead they turned the ball over with easy kicks and handballs (jeez it really was a horror show).
  9. I couldn’t see us losing to Essendon when they were essentially made up of all VFL top up players and yet we did. I never take anything for granted with Melbourne.
  10. Haha it changes my quote a lot but it’s meant to read “watching Melbourne there hasn’t been one year where you can expect every week we will out in a solid performance.” Sorry, my point actually is that we seem to always put out at least a couple of disgraceful games every year.
  11. It's interesting to see that most of the feelings on here point to Jack as the issue and to a large extent I see where it's coming from. He is a "bull" that busts through doing the classic "see ball get ball" mentality. I think that's still essential to our structure and in recent weeks he has been improving with better decision making (although like many that seemed to go totally out the window on Thursday). I've been a defender of Brayshaw despite is poor year so far and been hopeful he would turn it around, it just doesn't seem to be happening. I'd like to see him given more minutes in the centre and throw Viney into AvB's role (should he not be available vs Adelaide). I feel like that Viney's standing at the club is set, and there's no doubt he has put in performances that have got us over the line, so if it's a choice between him and Gus I think they may look at trading Gus. Brayshaw just looks lost right now, he doesn't seem to know where to be at the contest and I think he's working more as an outside player that every now and then swaps to being inside. Ultimately what was lacking last week was desire at the contests, everyone got their pants pulled down in that capacity. Even Gawn was knocking the ball down to himself every now and then. We lack class on the outside, I really would've liked us to go after Hill, but he's the sort of player we need, hopefully a little younger.
  12. It must be really infuriating for the club (as it is for us fans) that this seems to be a common trend. I mean the Brisbane game would've been a good one to have us prime time even with it being a loss, but of course it had to be our (thus far) worst performance of the year. Not exactly going to grease the wheels on any potential sponsorship deals.
  13. Definitely won't disagree on this point, in my entire time of watching Melbourne there has been one year where you can expect every week we will out in a solid performance. There will always at least one or two matches that utterly embarrass the club and it's fans. Fingers crossed we've had that performance for the year, for me though the response from the players will say a lot about them as a unit. They should be so disgusted by what they put up that they pledge to not let it happen again.
  14. In a sick strange way I'm kind of glad that Max is out, I think the players had started to get lazy with the silver service they were getting from Max. They forgot as ball winners they actually had to have the desire to get the ball. With the ruck contest now going to be a lot more even, dare I say it weighted towards the other teams, they will have to regain their hunger to actually want the ball. This also gives Jackson an opportunity to be our main ruck, I think we need to persist with Weid focusing on being a forward so someone will need to come in to chop out for Jackson. Perhaps Tomlinson, maybe Brown? We are being tested here, the players should be setting themselves the challenge to win just as many clearances as they did with Gawn. In a cheeky way throw at back at Max for saying "well I always give silver service".
  15. I disagree with this statement, beating up bottom 2 sides (and being 5/5) will tells us that at just over the mid-way point of the season we are rated in the middle part of the table with potential to go up and potential to go down. I think you're severely underestimating what wins over teams we "should" beat will have on the team.
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