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  1. It’s a sliding doors moment, if the umpires had have noticed the other Melbourne players that had played better against West Coast and Scott West (more deservedly IMO) won the Brownlow how would his career have gone? He really did have a cracker of a year, was it Brownlow deserving? Perhaps not, but it was crucial to our GF push. I didn’t like the way we traded him out, definitely could have been handled better.
  2. Well I guess on the results of the year our coach is 9th so you’ve got your wish. 🤷‍♂️
  3. It's hard not to roll your eyes at some of the things he has said in the past but whatever you think of the bloke he should never have been given a clearly racially charged nickname. Reading that story about Robert Muir you realise that there have probably been hundreds of cases where minority players have been given nicknames that they feel denigrates or humiliates them but they stay silent because they don't want to be "that guy". If Lumumba actually went to the Pies to complain about it (which he claims) and nothing was really done then they have done themselves no favours and deserve every
  4. Good luck to Rhyce, I'm surprised this hasn't happened before to be honest. There's so much pressure on the coach and you only need to look at some of the stuff that's said about Goodwin to understand how much it could get to a bloke.
  5. Trac's goal vs St Kilda that only just made it through was pretty sweet given how many times the Saints have done us in. Also loved his power, pick up, and finish goal vs GWS; pure class.
  6. Seeing Jackson develop, he really looks like he could be something special. Seeing Kozzie hopefully get more confidence and a cool head to finish some of his great work. Watching Petracca, not much else needs to be said he's just a joy to watch. Hopefully actually seeing a game live.
  7. The Cairns issues aside (that really did scuttle our season) if Rebel are paying for this stunt I would just like to instead think about how they could've put that money into a local footy league competition, or donated that money to go towards people doing it tough. $100K spent on getting some MCG grass up to the Gabba in this climate feels like a wasted PR stunt, I'm just waiting for the moment a player injuries their knee on it because it shifts underneath them, bet that'll look real good for the AFL and Rebel Sport.
  8. Might be an interesting one of Nev to move into, I fear he could become a bit of a spokesperson for the Pies having to constantly field questions about a culture he has nothing to do with. Not unlike what Goddard had to do when he joined Essendon.
  9. Jeez who would want to be a defender in the AFL? Bit by bit they are taking away every avenue that they have available. Rushed behind - basically gone Disguised deliberate out of bounds - gone Rush kick out of the 50 with it bouncing out - gone Creating more rules making it easier for forwards to draw free kicks - in I'm not saying all those rules being altered are wrong but they really aren't giving the defenders much of a chance. Killing the ball with a big spoil is an art and shouldn't be taken out of the game. If they're going to bring that in than they should be enforcing
  10. Yep I reckon we should go for him, he's got attributes we need so go for it. Make it a part of the Jetta trade if it's going to happen, be interesting to see which club feels the other has more currency.
  11. More so meaning that if he is unhappy about something (like Petracca was last year) I’d want the club to sit down with him and sort it out. He’s a brilliant young midfielder and I would be over the moon to sign him long term but he has his deficiencies and I would rather him be unhappy about that than anything else.
  12. I’d say Jones and Jetta had very similar years in their output when they played, but if we’re rating their leadership qualities I’d say they’re on par. Both have been strong warriors for us. I’d struggle seeing Nev play at the pies, I could handle a couple of other clubs but the pies would be tough to swallow. But if he’s not going to be given best 22 opportunities (and it’s difficult to see that happening without injuries) for the well-being of Nev I could understand saying goodbye. But equally I’d also be keen to offer him a coaching and mentoring position beyond 2021.
  13. Jeez it would be tough to watch Jetta play as a maggie, but it does look like he’s on the outer with Rivers showing some flare, Lockhart showing some zip, and Hibberd returning to form. With players fit it would be hard to see him get regular games as much as it pains me to say that. I would really like to see us linked to more movement of players coming to us. I am a fan of the idea of getting Brown (medical due diligence pending), I like getting Smith from the Hawks but I hope if it’s 3 years it would be 2 years plus a trigger based on games played. Would prefer Polak though as he woul
  14. I wonder whether part of Hannan’s frustration would stem from seeing the likes of Melksham and AvB consistently avoid the chop (Melks in particular) despite being equally ineffective in the games. Personally I’m a fan and could see a trial on the wing for him. I’d still be offering him a 2 year with that said with an option for a third should he break through a certain amount of games.
  15. Hindsight’s a beautiful thing but I think he should’ve stayed in WA until after he was 18. We could still draft him and perhaps assign him to a WAFL club for development while he might pop over to Melbourne every now and then for updates and the chance to meet other players and coaches. But I think plucking him out of his home state at such a young age wasn’t good for his development as a human.
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