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  1. I'm willing to give him his slow start off the back of an injury that can take a really long time to come back from. BUT he has to start taking his chances when they come, I can accept he's going to take time to get back to what he was but we need more from him. He's got the bye to get some time practicing his skills and kicking, but post bye he needs to be hitting the scoreboard.
  2. I've kept away from looking and posting on D-land after Thursday night, it was as bad a performance as I've seen from us for a long time. Worse than the Swans gave of round 0 because at least in that game we gave a yelp before getting overrun. Smashed in every facet of the game, no winners on the night. TMac, Lever, and May gave as much as they could in the face of constant pressure and the balls going inside the Lion's forward 50 had absolutely no pressure on it. My biggest consolation is that I don't think we can play worse and it's insanely rare that every one of our prime movers in the middle have such terrible games. I think the players and coaching staff need to put a pen through it, obviously still review it properly but also regroup after the bye knowing that that isn't "us". I'll also add that we need to be manage BBB in blocks of 3 games, I don't know if that was the plan and injuries/the fixture prevented it, but he was not capable on impacting the play at all. Tough night but if you offer me 4-2 at the start of the season I'd be happy with that.
  3. That's insane, I can't believe the at the very least REX don't run flights to Uluru from Alice. I can only imagine they figure as a tourist location most people only fly in/out from the major cities.
  4. Yeah I personally have no issue with him being the sub now that it's a tactical sub not medical sub. If there are others who are ahead that have earned a starting position then I think it's fair they get the chance first. Plus him coming on as the sub has a little bit of excitement "x-factor" about it, he can go with dare and freedom with the pace perhaps not as hot as first bounce.
  5. I think Koz deserves a week, for me it's not something we should accept in the game. I also think that Maynard coming out of last year with a premiership medal is one of the most disgraceful things in AFL history. 4-6 was exactly what he should've got. I hope their premiership is cursed and they never win another one until they retire Maynard's number.
  6. Don't think it works that way, it's for the footy weekend which would include Casey's match this week. Even so I wouldn't play him at Casey, every chances some local footy thug lines him up just to make a name for himself.
  7. I was watching that 360 segment with a big grin on my face, the kids loves the Dees so much. If Trac kicks a goal v Lions I hope he dedicates it to Eddy!
  8. Alright so no Koz, personally I'd like to see Woey a full game with either Tholstrup or Brown as the sub. AMW a chance as well from reading recent Casey reports, but where would we play him?
  9. Personally I'm not fussed about the verdict, would've loved for it to get downgraded but I accept the way the tribunal saw this one. Last year I reckon it's a fine but more credence is being put on potential injury and duty of care off the back of Brayshaw. Need big one's from Nibbler (who is in good form) and Chin.
  10. It's interesting their comments about game style, I have to imagine a lot of those who said it didn't watch the port game the week before. Has to be one of the games of the season as a neutral. The Crows game felt like they tried to bring the game down to a scrap to make it hard on us, we had to grind that win off the back of tired legs. It wasn't pretty but to use that as the game to say "they play a boring style" is a bit silly. I'd say the style we are trying to play more of is what we did against Hawthorn (who admittedly aren't great). It's not high tempo, but it's knowing when to pull the trigger and getting men streaming forward with the ball in regular motion. They must have nightmares about Gawn, he regularly seems to put in massive games against them. It seems silly to say but if he does it again I can't see us losing because it elevates so many other players into the game. But overall their comments aren't over the top or disrespectful, I've never really had any bad experiences around Brisbane fans.
  11. This is where I'm at with this bump, when I first saw it I thought, "it's a week". Nothing changes every time I see it, he gets him high and he doesn't need to. I'm totally happy with the club challenging it because in the past we have rolled over when I thought we should make a stand, this at least is telling the competition that we are backing ourselves to do what we need to do to win. I go on the AFL Reddit page and there were some really vitriolic statements from people and the general consensus is that he's a thug and a sniper. I like our players playing hard but I don't like our guys being seen as thugs and dirty players. I really do hope the club is able to curtail Kozzie's attitude on this. The other funny part of that page though were Carlton fans criticising the club for challenging. Like seriously, they are going to criticised a club for trying to use the rules to get their player off a charge? Some club supporters really have zero self reflection on them, you can guarantee is Cripps does the same thing they'll be whining that the other player ran into him and to challenge it at the Supreme Court.
  12. I think it depends on when it was said, and how far back the ball was to the middle. I think there's this weird mid point where a free after a goal places the ball where they are on the field (or in the centre if it's team's defensive area), and then conversely where if a free kick is given it is out of the middle. Because I think it happened in the immediate aftermath of the goal it meant it gets taken where it happened. I've probably explained it poorly.
  13. Always disliked them, but they really are insufferable when they get up and about. If Voss is smart he will be telling the players to enjoy the win, but know that they got away with one there.
  14. That would be huge if they did bring that in. One decision a match, get it right you retain it, get it wrong and you lose it.
  15. Look it would be very interesting to know what was said/thought was said. If it was also an expulsion of frustration rather than a direct attack there needs to be some leeway. In such a tight contest the last thing you want is a soft decision ending the contest.
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