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  1. I think this is our best 22 for now. With the possible exception of TMac returning this is a super strong side. Let’s get the job done!
  2. True. But there’s something poetic about a Hawthorn vs GWS game being the most irrelevant game of the weekend. So irrelevant I won’t even bother watching. Watching WC Richmond hoping for the miracle upset, watched North hoping they would injure the cats, to no avail.
  3. I think this is the main thing. He’s missed/not given off 3 easy snaps the last three weeks, if he kicks those and kicks straight with the first two shots against Brissie it’s 11-2 and no-ones complaining. I wish he would suddenly turn into Wayne Carey and mark everything and kick 10 a week but we won a flag with him playing a more accurate version of this current footy and he will stay in as a result. The only way he could’ve lost his spot is if Weid went to a new level but sadly, while he battled manfully yesterday his marking is way off. Those complaining about BBB’s hands should take a look at Sam’s (who I wish would take the spot by the scruff of the neck but hadn’t) 5 dropped marks, hands like rocks. BBB also suffers from what I would call ‘very big man syndrome’ any KPF/Ruck over 200cms gets monstered, tackled in marking contests, arms chopped, bashed in every pack, pushed in the back, no free, Gawny cops this the worst. There seems to be a sweet spot where if you are Hawkins/Walker/Tabener you get frees but if you get too big all of a sudden you’re fair game for every dog act available. The exceptions that prove this rule are Max King and Daniher who play for frees rather than go for the ball.
  4. How does not one reporter in the postgame ask for an eta or info on Jackson’s injury? Did we really need the question about Dawson? Asked about Max but nothing on Luke, useless!
  5. They play North, Adelaide and Essendon for their next three. I hope they don’t but it looks like they keep winning, I think you’re right though, it won’t continue being tight!
  6. Brilliant gutsy win missing huge structurally important players. Oliver, Trac, Viney Huge! Lever and Langdon back to their best! Forwards needed to take their chances more but we looked more dangerous again. Bring back Gawny and Jacko(🤞🤞🤞) and it’s our best 22 for Geelong. Let’s get a win for the ages! Also that was the most flagrantly biased umpiring display I’ve ever seen, sie of the clear frees to us that we’re missed, or just basics like marks and out on the full were a joke. That’s the closest I’ve ever seen to requiring someone sort of inquiry for corruption. Ruined the spectacle of a great, tough game!
  7. Confirmed: https://www.afl.com.au/news/790404 Mitch Brown in. JVR emergency (which also hurts Casey 😭😭😭) mods feel free to remove the question mark in the threads title.
  8. It may be glass half full/half empty stuff but I think we’ve been lucky this year. Realistically we’ve had three real first ruck options all year, Gawn, Jackson and Daw the likelihood of them all getting injured was always high, particularly given the crash and bash of ruck and contested marking and the fact opposition seem to get away with belting Gawn at every opportunity. The club clearly though it was a risk we could afford to take this year, possibly due to lack of available quality ruckman or draft picks, faith in Daw’s ability or faith in the ability of Weid and TMac to step up or a combination. But this was always a risk and with Majak’s ill timed injury, unfortunate retirement and the lack of other true first ruck backup if it costs us a winnable game it’d be a real shame. I hope Weid tears it up, but this will be his first ever game as first ruck and Reilly O’Brien is no slouch.
  9. The last I heard was that Dogga was travelling to Adelaide to test there. I imagine it’s hard to keep a football secret in Adelaide, particularly an opposition fitness test.
  10. The DeeBrief is reporting that Dogga is out for the crows with a minor PCL strain. 😳😳😳 Mitch Brown in? The horror….
  11. I agree with the ones you can’t stand and my appalling footy tipping in 2022 means that I appreciate how difficult an in the spot prediction can be. But both of Montagnas very, very wrong statements about us (that we would get smashed by the saints and that it was possible we would miss finals) were in early in the week articles, not pre-game stuff. He clearly dislikes us, like most of the football media it must be said, and always goes the negative narrative on Melbourne to his detriment.
  12. This is the same Montagna that had the saints thrashing the dees in round 8 and only one week ago had us possibly missing finals? He has done good analysis but when it comes to us and his beloved saints he lets emotion get in the way and makes some very, VERY, stupid calls.
  13. Some very exciting players coming in, I was sad to see Scotty and Parry go but overall we haven’t been pilfered by the expansion teams the way many others have, we’ve kept the core of our group together and added some quality. Duffy is a huge get! Small forwards were our weakness the last few seasons. Losing Colvin is the only big downside this year as she was stellar last season. Hopefully Browny or Wilson as the new recruit can step up. 23 existing, Wilson (Carlton), Ivey (Geelong), Mackin (rookie), Chaplin (pick 44), Johnson (pick 49), Gall (pick 72), Duffy. Out: Scott, Parry, Petrevski, Magee, Tarrant, Simmons Edit: I missed that Tarrant had left, that hurts particularly with Colvin’s injury as she had played some decent footy swinging back. Excited for the season ahead, go Dees!
  14. So here’s the pitch. “Luke, you can stay at the team that drafted you, that developed you into the rising star, put together a team that helped you win a premiership and looks capable of more, gives you the best ruck mentor in the game in Gawny and has all of your best mates. You can lock in to play with Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Salem for the next four to seven years OR you can go to a West Coast team just starting a rebuild or a Freo team that looks good, but hasn’t achieved anything yet” If he doesn’t extend for two years he’s pretty silly I reckon.
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