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  1. It really didn’t take long for Gleeson and Christiansen to reveal themselves as a corrupt joke. Greene, Butters, Cameron, under the standard applied to Kozzie should ALL have gotten at least a week. There was potential for serious injury in all three, all three involved head high contact, should be at least one week each, probably more, but they don’t play for Melbourne, case closed.
  2. Christiansen and Gleeson have zero credibility. If this is the new rule and everyone who hits someone high, no matter impact will go for a week, fine. That’s a lot of suspensions though! The fact this was presided over by the guys who firstly refused to even grade Maynard over rough conduct and then the other who let him off make the whole thing a farce. We get worse treatment at the MRO than most clubs. Fact. The number of reports to suspensions is ridiculous, we don’t go that often but when we do we always get worse treatment and our players almost never get off unless we appeal twice. I feel for Kozzie, the contrast in media coverage between an incident in the play involving him and a bloke who judo chopped someone in the solar plexus and another who kicked someone is galling. Let alone Maynard. I’m done with this farce, I’m watching the game and reading Demonland and that’s it. The AFL and it’s media is a corrupt joke.
  3. I’ve never been so confident. We are winning this. Call the AFL doctor, the Adelaide doctor, a concussion specialist, compare the impact to Fogarty. Medium goes to light, Kozzie plays. Then I’d be tempted to sue the Roar for defamation on Kozzies behalf, “dirtiest player” seemed pretty defamatory to me. It’s time our club starts throwing some legal weight around, a main rumour for Maynard getting off was that Collingwood intended to challenge any ban in court. It’s time we start challenging the journos pedalling credibility less leaks and theories. Goody reportedly already threatened Kane with a defamation suit last year leading to an apology, time for more…
  4. Seriously, that’s brilliant! How can you possibly call something medium impact when the player wasn’t ever assessed or taken from the field? Especially when the AFL doctor seeing the vision thought it was minimal enough to not even bring him off. That should be enough on its own. But let’s get a biomechanics expert, compare the last ten other medium impact incidents to this one and send Kozzie to Soligo’s Mum’s place with some flowers just to be sure.
  5. Not sure if this hurts or helps us. On the one hand Brisbane are regrowing their confidence and will be able to rest some players if this continues to blow out in the second half. On the other hand it is difficult to change gears to a hard contest after an easy win..
  6. How many years does the competition endure North like this for? They’ve got the champion experienced coach, the extra high draft picks, the father sons, and they are still a blight on the comp.
  7. Exactly. Find another example where medium impact caused no injury at all and the player played on.
  8. There’s an excellent post on page four of this thread that has the picture of the fines for low impact offences and how they go up based on first, second, third offence. You can’t take previous actions into account when determining the sentence but the fines are determined by how many suspensions have happened recently. Sorry if I wasn’t clear in making that distinction.
  9. The rules don’t have a ‘lifting of the elbow’ clause. It’s careless, high, low impact. That’s a fine. If they find a way to make it a week we will challenge and win.
  10. Fine. Probably $6k because of Kozzie’s recent record.
  11. I truly can’t believe those saying this is anything like the Maynard one. There are clearly some fans that have made up their minds on Kozzie and want him to pay due to their perceptions. The only thing they have in common is both tried to smother, otherwise. Compare the pair: Maynard: front on, travelling towards kicker, misses the smother immediately then has more time to decide what to do. Lowers shoulder and turns, fist clenched, flexing for the hit square on the head with his shoulder. Impact is front on direct, so intense the player is knocked out cold, through a helmet, for two minutes. Kozzie: jumps on the spot, ball goes past him much later into his jump, clumsily tucks in elbow, hand open and loose, not flexing for the hit, glances Soligo once he is beyond him with his upper arm. Impact is glancing to the side, Kozzie is beyond Soligo and Soligo runs into him. The impact is so light that Soligo gets up and plays on immediately, is not assessed, has no injury of any kind. This is a careless, high, low impact fine. Anything else we go to the tribunal and FWIW I think the club would LOVE that as it gives us a chance to point to the Maynard decision, why the rule was brought in and point out the clear difference in impact. The media bias against us is so shameful, I’m not reading or listening anymore, they give air to absolute, credibility-less rubbish and whack our players any chance they get. Filth.
  12. If this is anything other than careless, high, low impact, fine we should sue. Seriously, we lost a player FOREVER to a bump with ten times the impact, more intent and incredibly severe consequences, (it knocked a player out through a helmet for two minutes FFS!) for NO suspension! Also the media can get stuffed! Where’s the “football act” horseplop from last year?! Or the “love tap” bulltish from last week?! Maynard ends a guys career, “football act, can’t suspend for that”. Pendlebury tries some martial arts to the diaphragm “love tap”, Kozzie jumps on the spot to smother a handball and lightly brushed a guys cheek, “suspend him, coach discipline him he has issues!!”. [censored] this noise! It was a free kick, but because the AFL needs to protect the head in the wake of the serious time it failed to protect the head six months ago it will be a fine, any more than that and the MFC should seriously consider legal action.
  13. More a children’s magician than a wizard I reckon. Cheap tricks with no real magic.
  14. Ditto. Scared the hell out of mine.
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