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  1. Too rich for us I would think; he is a ripper though...
  2. Sad to hear but not a big loss; just not consistant enough. Thanks for your service Mitch and if you ever need a drafting job, give me a bell!!
  3. At least acquiring Higgins will fix their youth issues. The average age will drop dramatically!
  4. Hate the habit of bagging our players, particularly those who have given their all and are simply moving on because of the way modern sport has to be. Tom has been a great servant for us if he needs to move on to get a list spot, good luck to him.
  5. it has been suggested that Rhys is not in a good place at the moment. Reluctant to say any more but it is on the web if you care to look. Very sad if true.
  6. True, but he won't shift for a year by year. This is the eternal challenge in getting players to shift clubs
  7. heck! incredibly underwhelming video of nearlys, turn overs and a goal.
  8. Trading up players like Nibbler is where we will see improvement. We have a great top end of the list but we fall away quite sharply below our top 10 players
  9. Can you play? Might be worth a rookie spot.....
  10. Loved him, one of my favourites. Sublime skill base that was never fully exploited.
  11. I would love Gunston to be our target, pure class
  12. I thought he was good on Saturday but seemed to be playing further up the ground
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