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  1. I presume it opens us up for mid season selections - most likely for #10 and #29
  2. You, my friend need to listen to the podcast. His partner has clearly been the making of him.
  3. Would recommend reading Between the Flags, Mono. It makes for insiteful reading regarding our woes over that period.
  4. Moves like Jayden Hunt (one of my favourites) but hopefully delivers into the forward 50 a bit better than JH.
  5. Depends on the draftee of course. A #6 KPP is less likely to play than a ready made Mid.
  6. Sincerely hope our #6 pick is in our best 22.
  7. My Bro was diagnosed at 43! unfortunately he went to liver cancer, a secondary of bowel cancer 6 months later. A terrible way for me to learn to keep on top of your Men's Health guys.
  8. The original article I read said that it did affect the soft cap but the article today is on the afl.com.au side said that it is exempt from it. Huzzah!
  9. 250k divided equally between 44 AFLM players = $5,681.00 ea 250k divided equally between 31 AFLW players = $8,064.00 ea 500k to the club but effects the soft-cap. A good breakdown I reckon
  10. Never as exciting as one hopes for...Thanks for your service though Brodie
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