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  1. Thanks all if you, great to get some intel about the boys.
  2. looks pretty positive, Burgo is earning his cash it seems
  3. Is this the first time the whole squad will be back in training?
  4. Yep, agree, the AFL updated it's digital assets during the year and went from being reasonably useful to downright awful. Sadly all teh clubs are linked it seems. To be fair, the staffing cuts can't have helped
  5. One of my staff is a friend of the family. Apparently a very close family and he has his head screwed on right. According to her, the boy can play but I guess she would say that.
  6. Not arguing with your feelings or attitude - you are definitely entitled to them but the Toiges had a similar clean out back in 2016 from memory. Not that it did them any good 😉
  7. I think they are at Casey for the long term covid wise
  8. It is moments like this that keeps the Finals series as only the second best time in the footy season!!
  9. I feel a bit like I did when Jack Watts left. Totally understand and it all makes sense but I was still hoping he would find that next level.
  10. Wouldn't have happened under Gary Pert's watch😁
  11. He could of course line up at CHB and form a pretty impressive spine May-McDonald-Viney-Brown (SSB)-Weideman
  12. Ha! just saw the announcement and was waiting for this thread. N-O spells No!
  13. Sadly, I remember that well Jack. (these days, players often kick backwards!)
  14. Or like a 50/50 decision, this is a 90/10 decision. A clumsy description but does make sense.
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