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  1. I had forgotten to log on! after several attempts I realised that the issue was with the operator (namely me) ...anywhoo, all ticketed now and will not make that mistake again.
  2. Great to see on the AFL site that #26 and #50 are returning through the ressies on the weekend. Tempting to head down to Willy to have a look. 2 weeks ahead of schedule apparently
  3. Don't forget the Inspector Gadget arms. The number of times he stuck a mit out and either intercepted the ball or deflected to advantage in close was huge!
  4. COUGH...17 Touches in the second half that #13
  5. I used to quite like the old afl site. This one is horrid!
  6. To be fair OD, I remember following that draft very closely and at the time the recieved wisdom was Scully 1, Trengove 2 and daylight to the rest. It has clearly changed since then and as Cher would say :
  7. Watching at the game I thought he played his wing well.
  8. As my dear old Mum (a mad demon fan BTW) would have said. Don't get your knickers in a twist!
  9. If you have sourced an MCC ticket, it won't have a QR code on it as you need to use your MCC members card to access the ground. I had exactly this issue during the Boxing Day test. If you are getting tickets outside the members enclosure you should have a QR code
  10. Don't care what anyone says, when you play a full strength team whilst missing 8 first picked players of your own you will get spanked most times.
  11. Thanks PF; this enthusiasm may just be catching.
  12. Porterhouse gets big love on the Gus and Gawny podcast
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