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  1. Good read but I think I will save my shadenfreude for this time next week!
  2. I would imagine they will play at the same time as the Grannie is scheduled.
  3. Great stuff, I love your writing style, for a short period I was there with you. Now you just need to live blog during the Grannie!!!😉
  4. Interesting to see that several of Geelong's team from last week's Prelim played in the Reserves Grandfinal in 64!...😁
  5. Received a text from my Cats mate this morning "That was the worst game of football I have ever seen. Congratulations. I don't want to talkor think about footy for some time."
  6. The Floodgates are about to open The Dee-rought is over!
  7. In fact FD, we are the stand out team! I voted no only because I believe we will have a flag or two in the next couple of years but in fact I will be very disappointed if we dont get the job done this year.
  8. I am wearing my #positivelingers Tee Shirt and MFC socks for each game. So far so good
  9. In an incredibly challenging year he has missed around 6-7 weeks with a significant facial injury and then landed himself a shoulder injury. Hard to judge anyone based on that form exposure. When he has played he has done ok by all accounts.
  10. 473 days old! Remember it vividly. A shout out to The Last Hurrah which describes the big day as if the author was there. After reading it I felt like I had watched a replay.
  11. I reckon he cramped up, probably did too much in the first half😁
  12. Sadly remember it all too well....I learnt to hate Hawthorn supporters that day
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