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  1. Is that like Hardwick should take no responsibility for Richmond's success?
  2. I counted 11 handpasses in the chain that created that goal Nash. Back in the day the MCC Members would have been shouting "Just Kick the THING!" We are scarey good at the moment.
  3. Bizarre indeed, I am always too busy watching the game rather than typing stream of conciousness onto the game day thread.
  4. Can anyone post the top of his head's distance from the earth?
  5. No love for Nathan Freeman from any club?
  6. Reckon we are already Daz. Huge step up this year from the Nibbler
  7. but by lots of others 😉
  8. Round, Quinlan, Templeton, Moore, Wilson, Barker not a flag between them
  9. careful with your wording there Werridee!! a behind to the Cats, we are not behind to the Cats!!😁
  10. Geelong get everything from the Umps.....EVERYTHING!
  11. Nope, this is a list of undefeated teams who did not win the flag that year.
  12. Might have been said already but after that May went to help him up and Franklin brushed his hand away....very grumpy old man.
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