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  1. Happy to memorialise, anoint or erect @binman‘s nudey-run onto canvas if he (or anyone who commissions) so wishes. Done nudes before, so shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Once-in-a-blue moon footballer. Had to laugh at his interview with Ben Gibson. He says all the right things….off the team script as it were, but there’s just no point trying to get someone like Kozzie ‘explain’ the way they play the game, or the nature of that game. He is a genius of pure competitive instinct, basically bred to become one with the ball, willing it into his possession and doing the best thing with it - scoring. It’s that simple, and why I love this game. It also makes me laugh when occasional critics say he shouldn’t fly for outrageous marks, or runs over the ball too often, or tries to take on too much. No, no and no. That’s the instinct, and it should never be second guessed.
  3. That wasn’t luck CBF. It was superb judgment and nerves of steel against 3 opposing spoilers. One of the best contested marks you’ll see.
  4. With 3 of their 5 best midfielders out. We have only 3 of our entire list unavailable, only one of whom is ‘usually’ best 22. If we’re a genuine premiership contender, 2 games out from finals, we just wouldn’t have got over the line with just 11 seconds to go. Still, things can change, our best could be yet to come, other contenders might wilt, etc, etc….but a LOT would have to change. Just looks very unlikely from here. I do love this win though. Week by week……
  5. Great to win as always, but that game told us everything we need to know, and sadly I can’t see how it ends in a 2022 premiership. How are we not just making up the numbers? Either way, as a wise man once said……”It’s a funny old game, footy”. GO DEES!!!!
  6. Like watching a really slow car crash…….
  7. This left side kick out of defence to Max is becoming just so woefully tragic in its predictability and result. It beggars belief they keep doing it. That alone makes us undeserving.
  8. Just a limping shadow of last year. Carlton without Kennedy, Cerra and Hewett should mean this game goes one way. And yet they’re making us look slow, uncertain, fumbly and secondary at contests. Their plan for this quarter will be pressure, turnover, forward at speed. Ours will be the predictable usual, allowing them to set up that manic contest again. Like last week, we won’t get it done that way.
  9. We really are uniquely dysfunctional at the moment. We’ve been utterly worked out. Pressure us hard, race the turnover forward to space and 1 on 1’s and our panicky backline does the rest. Carlton, well off their best 22, are just doing the Collingwood thing to us. And it’s gonna work.
  10. Nor me. It was way too simplistic, and frankly a bit ‘grandstandy’. (If you can have your fabulous motto, I can have grandstandy ).
  11. My point mo is that it all depends. The very likely situation here is that he had a bit of ‘run of the mill’ joint bruising/irritation that they thought would improve over the early part of the season, whence he could still play, and that the ‘chondral chipping’, if related (big IF), occurred in that 1st quarter, hence need for surgery. Once again, risk-reward in a situation where all wins are vital (don’t we know it). More specifically, they would have assessed the risk as such that he plays. The other possibility, just as likely, is that the 1st quarter injury was unrelated to anything he carried into the game. Imperfections and unknowns.
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