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  1. Alright, I’ve seen enough, and am gonna put it out there. Kyah Farris-White is going to be a star for the Dees! He will be the random gun recruit of his generation.
  2. I reckon it’s because this team is easy to invest in. They are so openly engaged with playing solely for the joy of the game and each other that it’s impossible not to find it meaningful. Add to that how meaningful is the rise of the women’s game in the past 7 years after 157 years of being unwanted at the highest level, and now a premiership for the ORIGINAL club - of both the men’s and women’s game, and there it is. Just great stuff!
  3. Daisy speaks…………and once more she shows how it’s done. Selfless, respectful, just all class. The media can try ignoring her MFC association all they like, but she’s no less a Demon legend than any of our one-club Premiership skippers. And obviously she’s poisoned Mick Stinear with that same class.
  4. Brilliant effort! This team is the personification of an integrated unit. So clearly giving everything for each other it can’t help but bring tears. Effing sensational to see their joy, and once again, I love ‘em all. BOG though has to be Tyla Hanks for me. I watched her in her first season and was sure she’d be an elite midfielder. Doesn’t have the athleticism of some, or the brutality of Eliza West (made me laugh that the umpire pinged her for being tackled with no prior opportunity, but because she dragged the tacklers about 20 metres downfield, somehow she deserved to be penalised), but she’s a star! Just saw Shannon Campbell get the medal. No disrespect Shannon, but that’s just not right.
  5. Bad umpiring kills games. That was disgraceful umpiring.
  6. All class that quarter, brilliantly deserved. Kate Hore protecting the drop for her mark, then straight kick in the wind, Daisy sensing the moment and delivering perfectly. Just love Tyla Hanks instinct for best option disposal and opening up the game. Defence great as always. Too many contributors to single out really….love ‘em all!!!!
  7. Can’t get flogged in the last quarter like we did that one, can we?
  8. Which is who he’s reminded me of since he swung forward in 2019. It’s a no-brainer, particularly as key forwards are harder to secure, groom, sustain than key backs. Might have to eat my words of course, but there’s no doubt to me that Petty’s our next gun forward.
  9. In that case I’ve got one from Oxfart.
  10. @skort, where or what the *#,&% is Cambodge?
  11. @Timothy Reddan-A'Blew also an outstanding handle.
  12. Really want to know the origin of yours, @Engorged Onion…...aroused cooking or something springs to mind! Mine I’m sad to say is my surname, just seemed appropriate to the internet. Boring.
  13. We finished second on the ladder with the hardest draw, have a ‘seconds’ team who dominated the competition, have just recruited the 2nd best ruckman in the league, and a B&F winner at a recent Premiership club. Up to our necks in it. Outside of injuries, the burden of expectation is our biggest hurdle to winning 1 or 2 more in the next 3-4 years.
  14. Lachie Hunter is an outstanding footballer. If he gets his behaviour sorted, it’s an enormous win. The only point I can see with Schache is as a replacement for Mitch Brown. He’s not reliable AFL standard. Back-up only.
  15. Yep.Three pure goal kickers all at 192cm would do it.
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