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  1. I keep coming across twenty-somethings who’ve tested positive then had either ‘no symptoms’ or a couple of days cough. When I ask those if it was like the flu, they reply it was more like ‘a cold’. Different for different age-groups of course, but there’s undoubtedly a high number of those who’ve had the virus but haven’t been recorded as such. We are rapidly heading for endemic stage. Boosters will evolve to strain specificity, such as Pfizer’s ‘Omicron booster’ currently in the works. Treatments for the ‘illness’ will also evolve and improve. Putting aside the inexplicable attitude toward vaccines by some (a fractional percentage in Australia, thankfully), and the developed world’s greed-fuelled neglect of vulnerable countries, the global response to this pandemic is remarkable. Far from what it could be obviously, but compared to its obvious precedent, the Spanish Flu, remarkable nonetheless. All we need do now is redirect our vocational values system toward health and community (hospital staff on garbage wages are currently being slaughtered), and away from its frank obsession with ‘wealth accumulation’, and the future’s looking bright.
  2. Great stuff….would love to see a pic of it in situ. 👌
  3. Last two in the triptych are underway….
  4. Watch the GF played over Kings College carols………appropriately divine.
  5. You’re very close dpositive. Very! Stay tuned….
  6. They are. My print-makers are way until mid January, so after then. Just enough time to get the other two of the triptych underway and ready before season’s start. Planning to make them available as a pair……for the completists 😉.
  7. Great news ucanchoose…..the designed and the desired effect.
  8. For the sole reason that a delayed return usually indicates a problematic knee. That is, the return date is not by choice. The vast majority of the delays I’ve treated are caused by joint-surface trauma issues, not the graft, thus a compromised future. We discussed the article a bit at work when it came out, and noted the lack of commentary on this, but then again, that would need another study!). American Football is inherently hard to analyse because it is positionally based, meaning some field-positions will have very high incidence, others very low. I’m loathe to even compare the two.
  9. There’s always doubt, and there’s always tinkering/improvising on existing protocols. Otherwise known as trial and error. Ask David Schwarz. The women’s issue is troubling, and complicated. At the moment, their rate of ACL rupture is somewhere between 2 and 3 times that of men. There’s a number of theories as to why, none of which dominate. Anatomical differences (thigh to lower leg angle, narrower notch at the bottom of the femur that’s more likely to ‘cut’ the ACL in rotational activities), hormonal consequences (monthly ligamentous softening), developmental differences - are girls/women coming to the sport later less bodily ‘attuned’ or familiar with its bio-mechanical specifics? Current thinking is that it’s likely a combination of all these factors. The industry is trying to find screening measures (being doing this for decades) to assess the likelihood of ACL injury, and specific training to lessen likelihood, but I suspect nothing will change until the women’s game is made of girls/women who’ve all been playing from ‘birth’, like the men, and the ACL vulnerable are weeded out before they get to adult status. Even then, incidence will be higher. Do you then alter rules, etc to mitigate incidence, and how? Complicated. No, soccer doesn’t have the same joint forces through the knee. Less game time = less running = less load. Less body contact (no tackling), less spiking joint forces (jumping, landing), and arguably less rotational repetition. Australian Football is unique in its lower limb demands, all of which makes it a perfect storm for the poor old knee.
  10. Two problems with this. Australian Rules Football produces more ACL ruptures per playing hour per player than any football sport in the world. The reason rehab has been pushed from 9 to 12 months is not to reduce the risk of graft failure (it doesn’t), but to lessen the incidence of general joint irritability on return to the game (which has to do with lingering joint surface trauma suffered during the injury that ruptured the ligament). It has done that. As I’ve said, there are surgeons who push more aggressive returns. I don’t know who did Tommo’s knee, but if he comes back ‘early’, I’ve got more than a fair idea.
  11. Haven’t seen or heard of it for ~ 5 years.
  12. He wasn’t doing full contact. Used to be 9 months turnaround (surgery to full match ready) for ACL recons, but the last few years we’ve been standardising full rehab 12 months, predominantly to avoid incidence of ‘joint irritability’. Different surgeons have different ideas, but the vast majority now go with a 12 month protocol. Dispute it as you will, but if Tommo plays Round 1, it will be against trend.
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