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  1. The assumed rotating of players will be exercised on a case by case basis. Biometrics (distance covered, time spent in heart-rate zones) will be taken into account, but the overriding qualification will be based on subjective reports of recovery. Thus, players will have to be brutally honest about how they’re travelling in the days post-game. With our lack of injuries, we couldn’t be better placed. Hopefully that remains the case.
  2. According to Max ‘On the radio’ (MFC app), Oscar is the best defensive reader of play at the club. This guy has been underrated (a lot of the stuff said about him on Demonland is shameful) his entire career. The very definition of a whipping boy. Max also said that neither of the McDonald brothers ever read anything ‘external’ about their performances. Ever. And just as well.
  3. If the current NSW Covid cluster takes off, things are going to get tricky for the NSW hub. This flexibility the AFL talk about might soon have to be acrobatic.
  4. Hmmmmm.......not a single moment of that suggests we have come anywhere near the corner we need to turn. Still, a win’s a win, and it’ll give them some confidence. In what, I just don’t know.
  5. Honest to God, our ability to self-destruct attacking opportunities is like nothing I’ve ever EVER seen, often hilarious and sometimes spectacular. If it weren’t so hair-pullingly frustrating, it would be hilarious. Neutral supporters must have a whale of a time watching us [censored] it up so reliably.
  6. Our decision making is just comically bad. We just have no idea how to compete under pressure. NONE!
  7. Bennell kicked 4 in Sunday’s practice match, thinking he might get the nod at expense of AVB.
  8. As if any more proof were needed, chaos ball is not a game plan. It’s high risk, low percentage, and easy to exploit on the breakdown. I don’t think there’s any doubt now that Goodwin needs to pull something out of the fire, or he’s gone.
  9. Lockhart’s last 3 possessions have each been holding the ball frees against. Needs to improve that.
  10. I think James Harmes might be back in the midfield for good after this.
  11. We only won on the scoreboard. Carlton were/are the better team.
  12. This is just a comically bad team. A less deserved win I can’t ever remember.A woeful, fumbly, low skilled horror. So many passengers.
  13. If the match sim footage of him isn’t some weird genius CGI magic, it’s time to get excited!
  14. Just a training run for Eagles.
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