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  1. Clearly we know what you think, but what’s the answer to the question?
  2. Yeah, not sure if you’re not getting the point deliberately, or just don’t get it. I have no doubt Weideman will be dropped, or that his form means he deserves to be. I dare say he’d agree. The point is that you’ve personally judged him as being a failure in his chosen career. If you met him, would you say that to his face? I sincerely hope the answer is no. If it isn’t, well…..
  3. This sort of stuff is unacceptable. Have a bit of a think about it, and tell us all if you really think making that kind of personal judgement about a footballer at the highest level, who is undeniably valued by his peers but who you DON’T know, is either fair or justified. Just garbage.
  4. It’s hard not to be too reactive about this game, but in the cold hard light of day, that game was very instructive. We talk about culture a lot, and how it underpins the best teams, the premiership teams. I really hate to say it, but with all their board problems, list disasters, resigning coach and media hammering about them being a shambles, from 16th on the ladder against the ‘supposed’ premiership favourites, Collingwood have shown that they have something we don’t. At least at the moment. These are the games you win, for obvious ladder position reasons, but to show we ARE the real deal w
  5. Attitude and intent is everything in footy, other things being basically equal. We’ve been exposed today, when we knew they’d be playing with a full tank of it. Not up to it sadly….
  6. This IS the pies grand final. Can’t see them dropping it from being in front.
  7. Has he kicked a set shot this season?
  8. Biggest difference between these two teams is desire. They have it, we’ve left it behind. Find it again and we bring it back. Don’t and we lose easy. Simples. The most disappointing thing is we MUST have known what they’d bring, and why. .
  9. Standard Dees first quarter for 2021. It ain’t gonna work when it gets to the pointy end, not sure why they come out like this week after week (Dogs game excepted).
  10. Haha, didn’t know there was a word for it. It’s gonna be useful as a way to describe all the amateur authorities on Covid too I reckon. But you’re never going to win this one CBF, as the many “I respect anyone’s right to ….but I DO have a problem with……” responses you’re provoking attest. That kind of inherent inability to see self-contradiction is sadly all too human, as is the fact that when progress happens, they won’t even see their own attitudes shifting positively with it.
  11. Loving Demonland right now, particularly the considered analysis that isn’t so tainted by negativity. Game day thread is a shocker when things aren’t going well, but it’s so predictable as to be almost cute, like an irrational anger-frustration release valve. What gets me most, and I’ll never understand it, is the attacks on individual players, particularly when they’re personal, as if a skewed kick, an errant handball or a missed tackle reflects a personality or integrity defect in that player. It always makes me wonder if posters ever imagine how they’d react to reading or hearing such insul
  12. I live in the heart of Collingwood, and there’s a LOT of old-school, cheap-as ‘DEMONS’ beanies being worn on bearded noggins around here right now (maybe they’re escapees from west of Smith St). Otherwise, as it culturally now stands, Collingwood is one big fabulous melting pot…..can even have a kick down at Victoria park without needing a police escort.
  13. But that would mean we have to wait for all players to mature before we start potting them! Nuh, can’t be right.
  14. Watch his interview from a couple of weeks back on MFC website/app....he’s a serious, thinking man’s footballer. Will always be looking to get the best from himself.
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