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  1. Silly me I forgot about the ‘snubbing’ , ‘snaring’ and the ‘snapping up’
  2. Also really not looking forward to all the ‘swooping’ and ‘pouncing’ when clubs are reported on for their selections.
  3. How nice is it that the draft night is not one of the biggest things on our footy calendar?! We are not having to find the club’s saviour.
  4. I had the lovely guy I sold my tickets to send me pics from the game and even days after….
  5. Hi all, possibly nerdy, but I’ve put together some Dees pictures that look ok on my Apple Watch as photo watch faces. Of course you will have seen many of them already.
  6. Nobody has seen famous anthropologist Margaret Mead and Melksham in the same room……. Just saying.
  7. I went the premiership budgies from the budgie website - I know , I know it’s not from the club…… but was getting my wife something and I saw them there.
  8. Thanks to our WA supporters for flying the grand old flag - ticket is no longer available and one more seat filled with a supporter.
  9. Yeah I have 1 priority 1 tick too - paid for as well as my airfare Sydney to Melbourne (which have since been refunded with a credit voucher). I’d sell my barcode for $200 but really want a real Supporter too!!
  10. Snap! I have one of those on my office bookshelf!!
  11. I’m as nervous as Anne Frank practising the trombone! 60 year old unwavering follower here - yes mum dressed me in a Melbourne jumper in the cradle, had Hassa Mann’s number on my back. Will be sitting on my pat malone in Sydney tonight.
  12. Love this snap (found on demonland) - what caption do you think? Maybe: “Who catches the tossed smartie” or “Battling it out to be Fleetwood Mac’s next drummer”
  13. I always start watching (on Kayo) about an hour after 1st bounce, just so I do t have to endure the half time crappola and can ff through it. David King is so full of his own special understanding…. just so grateful I don’t have to hear Carro’ Wilson sour thoughts ……
  14. Yeah I noted that too. Thought the booing every time we took a shot on goal was on the nose. Just as well Goodes wasn’t playing for us….
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