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  1. Love this snap (found on demonland) - what caption do you think? Maybe: “Who catches the tossed smartie” or “Battling it out to be Fleetwood Mac’s next drummer”
  2. I always start watching (on Kayo) about an hour after 1st bounce, just so I do t have to endure the half time crappola and can ff through it. David King is so full of his own special understanding…. just so grateful I don’t have to hear Carro’ Wilson sour thoughts ……
  3. Yeah I noted that too. Thought the booing every time we took a shot on goal was on the nose. Just as well Goodes wasn’t playing for us….
  4. And it’s a pretty weird face to start off with…..
  5. Yeah - every time I see them I think how annoyed I’d be to be sitting behind ‘em.
  6. I’ve still got no voice left this morning, was an absolute treat to be there.
  7. Sorry to all of you doing it tough in lockdown from this horrid disease but I guess the alternative is even worse. let’s hope it works and ends soon! I’m Sitting at work in my office in Sydney CBD trying to be a mature 60 year old manager - inside churning and jumping around like a kid about to go on his first date. Biggest game I’ll have been to since our last Grand final.
  8. Response from MFC re interstate members: “Yes, you have access to Friday night’s game at the Giants Stadium. Please see the below barcode to be used in ticketmaster to access your $0 ticket. Tickets will be available from 2:00pm today” Ok, They’ve just sent out a general email to interstate members 👍with your barcode.
  9. Ticketmaster - they go on sale at 2pm. https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/melbourne-v-brisbane-lions-olympic-park-04-06-2021/event/13005AC1A2905847 I’ve asked the club if my interstate membership gives me access or if I have to buy a ticket.
  10. I’m bringing my little girl to the game on Friday too…. (She’s 27)
  11. I know I’m in the minority but as a sydney-sider I’m pumped!! now where do I get tickets!!
  12. Can’t say I disagree with any of the points made here. Mostly if it’s working and it’s not coming back there’s nothing to see here….
  13. It’s very noticeable that May kicks to the left on kick-ins pretty much every single time, a couple of times short to Salem but mostly long to a pack. I think even the commentary remarked on it in the Bullys game. I can but presume it’s with the coach’s approval and for good reason, but it seems very predictable? Of course that’s where Max and co set up. At the same time vision would show say Pickett right up the middle with plenty of empty space and with his speed could surely give a good lead up? Maybe the potential for intercept is too high? How about going right to a smaller pack for some unpredictably?
  14. But Lever has the ‘tache, so there’s that.
  15. Jesse looked ok in that game, dished off a few which came unstuck trying to be unselfish- should get a go with the big boys next week and Hannah played for Footscray same game and looked ok - with western Bullies injuries may also get a go next week.
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