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  1. Maybe if using Apple TV you have a lot of streaming apps open in background? I find that sometimes uses up memory which affects the buffering for streaming? For me the picture was pausing for a second or two in Kayo then restarting a few seconds back - really annoying!! You can close them out much like you do an iPhone or iPad by ‘swiping up’ when you’re in the screen that displays all your streaming services. Made a difference for me.
  2. Flying to Hawaii the Friday night before the GF if we’re in it I’m thinking https://www.watchafl.com.au on iPad will have to be the go if there isn’t some sports Chanel taking the feed . On at 6pm Hawaii time - be watching from my hotel room. Maybe cast to tv.
  3. Interestingly the commentators have stopped banging on about him going every time he touches the ball.
  4. The hit/tackle similar to the one Chandler got 2 weeks for??
  5. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but that jumper looked like they were in Peter Alexander pj’s with the long sleeves.
  6. Yep, watched this live it defs would have been paid in the melb game, Tom Mac does less , but not here - it’s the inconsistencies
  7. I’d drop Hogan for Brown…. Oh wait…
  8. I think I saw a headline that said the February Goodwin bullying stuff was the catalyst for us playing well now (didn’t bother reading the article). Then stupid Riewoldt making his not funny smartarse comment about there being snow causing the low numbers….
  9. So does that mean if he has a number of as medical sub games he goes above the cut off for playing Casey finals?? No wait it’s based on games played for Casey isn’t it?
  10. Last night the lady umpire seemed to have a much shorter fuse than the bloke up the other end…. ya got put your arm out to guard the mark, but then you can’t turn toward the umpires with arms out to see if one of them is signalling play on….
  11. Is it just me or is the game replay on AFL on Demand without sound?
  12. Nobody’s ever seen Jake Melksham and Margaret Mead in the same room either…
  13. Interesting, just reading through the list (ie have not done the data analysis) it would seem by a fair margin the son more often than not fails to reach the same number of games than the father. So generally fail to reach the same level ?? Genetics not a good guide? I love the drafting rule though!!
  14. I think you can turn that off - no spoilers setting?
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