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  1. People saying these criticisms are not just basing them on yesterday's game, don't people get that.
  2. Yep, need the rain to clear we're not good in difficult weather conditions.
  3. The thing with Weid is it's always" he's just coming back from injury, give him more time, He needs to get the no. 2 defender.". Well I don't know what calibre of defender people think he copped yesterday. VFL standard I would expect. My old man once told me , tomorrow never comes.
  4. Given his ( lack ) of form last year I would have expected him to have to smash the door down to get selected not merely knock on it.
  5. Weideman is, what? After 6 seasons still struggling to get involved at VFL level.
  6. Thought neither side showed any system in the last quarter, it was bang it forward and hope, almost like they were panicking.. Two average sides I reckon.
  7. Tried to guide the shot each time instead of kicking through the ball.
  8. We won't be favourites, advantage us.
  9. What I would like to know is, how do you go to ground, gather the ball pop back up and snap a goal, without losing any speed whatsoever.
  10. Brayshaw's best game this season by far.
  11. Every game is tough and you bank your wins, but do we always have to win ugly.
  12. How does he even pick up the ball like he does.
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