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  1. Well constructed argument however we should note in years gone by players from many positions would win the award and much fewer umpires on the ground
  2. Are you out in cricket if the ball brushes the hairs on your wrist ?
  3. Been a fan of both but personally I think that both should be persuaded to retire
  4. GWS lost because of 2 bad mistakes in the third quarter, the turnover kick and then the player who didn't bodyline the ball. Both resulted in goals and gave Collingwood back the momentum
  5. Speaking of learnings when are we going to get implement some ?
  6. Goodwin needs to somewhat reinvent himself, midfield and forwards to practise hitting targets including goal scoring.
  7. It was a Head clash the, the bump was shoulder to shoulder
  8. In my opinion really disappointing and I'll timed article in the Hun today about good guy Maynard, all the usual platitudes. It's as though all the victims of concussion are just a nuisance, unimportant when compared to the thug who it seems has to be lauded because he's perceived as a good guy.
  9. Okay for the first 3 quarters, the last when it was on the line hmmmm?
  10. Our game plan whilst it keeps us always with a chance of winning it does the same for our opponents. We get away with it against lesser sides, but against the better slides, well we all are seeing what happens if we don't take our chances.
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