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  1. Does my head in that some want BB out and Weid in, what do they think Weid can do that BB isn't ?
  2. But surely he's had way long enough.
  3. Good luck, Hawkins has a very competitive attitude Weid doesn't
  4. I would argue that Mitch Brown would be every chance to have as much impact as Weid playing as a forward. If not more
  5. Can you tell me how many more years of development do you think Weid needs ?
  6. If Jackson and Gawn are available why would we leave Weid in the team ?
  7. Geelong not really blaming a virus for last year's prelim final but actually are still, today's sun.
  8. Still a lot of mediocre performances from our forwards. Being propped up by Trac playing more forward.
  9. This comment contradicts itself
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