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  1. Sounds more like a self assessment there.
  2. Thanks for clarifying that, I thought I'd watched it on Kayo last year but obviously not.
  3. This is a f8cking disgrace, this hasn't been conveyed to subscribers at all. Looks like it's the same situation for the NRL grand final today.
  4. Watching game on 7 can't find it on kayo, only advertising replay time ???
  5. Does Rohan ever play well in a big game?
  6. Saints ? Won 1 more game than us and we beat them.
  7. How could Collingwood who have to fit De Goey et al into the salary cap possibly pay Brown as well.
  8. No, but the thing is, we need him to get up to around that mark. 40 goals would be great, but I'm not seeing it.
  9. Always happy to here the latest gossip. Get a bit sceptical though if an individual poster only hears negative info about the Dees.
  10. He is better than TMac now, but he can only dream of having a year like TMac had in 2018.
  11. Why would St.Kilda make an offer and then jump immediately to the front of the pack? They only had one more win than us but we did beat them I believe. Must have been some sort of offer. Surely this would be nowhere near decided.
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