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  1. What could go wrong? Still waiting for the words of wisdom Ethan.
  2. Hipwood one of the softest players in the comp.
  3. I think that's more of a reason to worry
  4. Well that's the problem, hopefully Weid has one of his better games, but Jackson does not take contested marks
  5. I'd still like to know who is our second marking target in the forward line.?
  6. Now that everyone seems to agree that we need to play 2 key forwards, not 1 or 3, can someone explain who the 2 marking targets are in the forward line because Jackson is not taking contested marks. ( This is not meant to mean he shouldn't be in the side)
  7. More like have a struggling win this week then lose to North
  8. Yes, have to agree better to be conservative with this virus instead of careless.
  9. Agree, it's time to give Brown a crack.
  10. I'd hate to see if they had our numbers, they'd probably want the place razed to the ground.
  11. With TMac so out of form I think They've got to give Brown a try just to see what he can bring, otherwise why did we recruit him.
  12. TMac looks done, but it's obvious to me why we played him Thursday,. We have Weid who is still not reliable and Jackson who's a first year player, if they're both off then who do you play through. It was a gamble, it didn't work, but I see why it was tried.
  13. I've just finished catching up with postings on this site. What I've learnt is we fluked the win against West Coast, fluked the win against GWS, Fluked the win against Geelong and fluked the win against Hawthorn. What an amazing run of flukyness. And what a load of rubbish, players come in and out of sides all the time and when you get to play them is just the luck of the draw same as the AFL fixture. Did West Coast fluke Geelong last night because Ablett and Selwood weren't playing. FFS
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