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  1. If that crossed the goal line and scored and not added to the final score that's just amateur hour, controlling umpire should have given the all clear. Don't they even know the rules at this level?
  2. Freo will be lucky if Jackson can match the amount of goals Lobb kicked for them last year, I'm thinking probably not.
  3. Depends how good you expect him to become, my opinion is he'll be a solid player, have his moments but certainly no unicorn ( stupid term )
  4. Play West Coast and Geelong at the MCG
  5. He played a different position with the Swans and won a Brownlow
  6. And yet there are problems that need to be rectified and I'm not talking about Fritta.
  7. Even if he can just get one out he's a chance to mark with his reach instead of flying against 2 or 3 opponents.
  8. Happy for him to be a life member Happy to have him lauded when talking about 2021 flag, apart from that don't know why we're still talking about a Fremantle player
  9. Can't believe it's taken so long for this to be written.
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