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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy? FUUUUUUCKIIIIINNN oath he is
  2. Think you had plenty of mates
  3. This is for all of us who have waited for so so long. Love you all, this club, everyone. Go you good things.
  4. Can't let Bont mark uncontested, surely someone can get a fist on the ball
  5. Have a feeling Max has gone to another level. The couple of 2week breaks have given him a new lease of life. Chased down Gary Rohan FFS most of our side couldn't chase down Rohan
  6. It's not on Fox/ Kayo. On 7 only. Does anyone know if they have an after game show.
  7. Never seen him look so steely eyed as the prelim and today's press conference
  8. Gee, how do all the local footy coaches do it ?
  9. Dogs doing all the talking leading up to this game I'd rather the actions
  10. I don't think they're a tough side at all, all this talk could be a suck in to get us to play the man. If we have to fly the flag fair enough, otherwise concentrate our attack on the ball and tackle hard and often.
  11. They'd need to do more than get in his way to stop Max
  12. Don't know what the current bumping rule is not because they've changed it so often but originally you couldn't lay a bump unless the ball was within 5 metres
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