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  1. Absolutely spot on. One incident summed him up for me, second quarter we were coming out of defence, he had a mismatch on the wing with a much shorter opponent. the kicker sat it on his opponents head, he had the run and jump while the Pies player had to sit under the ball. Up he went leapt beautifully got both hands on the ball................and dropped it.
  2. Someone needs to get hold of him and tell him to stop trying to chip the ball through the goals, he does it every time with his set shots. kick it like you're 50 meters out son FFS
  3. I see him in games as a passive player in that he goes out to play hoping something will happen, not with the attitude I'm going to make something happen.
  4. And LJ is 10 times the player Weid is after about only 20 games.
  5. Bottom line Weid is an insipid player who only has minimal impact in games. BBB could not be any worse.
  6. If you think he is ever pushing TMac out of the side you are dead set kidding yourself.
  7. Made it ok,parked on grass across the street. Plenty of red and blue around, go Demons
  8. Going to the SCG for the first time today. Driving from Goulburn, just hope I don't get lost.
  9. Yes that was a real head scratcher.
  10. Weird game, St.Kilda dominating a hopeless Crows contrived to become even more hopeless themselves in the second half.
  11. Ring the services Victoria help line if you want to know if you can fly, they are usually pretty helpful. Just snuck up myself before the cut off on the 27th by train, thats another option but takes a whole day.
  12. Honestly, it wouldn't look much different if he doesn't start to improve.
  13. I believe the selectors have decided Weid and BB can't play in the same side so M. Brown becomes emegency in case TMac can't play. Case of better mobility.
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