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  1. Petty seems to be a long way off.
  2. Probably when I'll get my ticket /barcode to actually enter the ground.
  3. Just how much power do you think the club has to delve into players personal lives?
  4. loges


    I find it amazing that people take so much notice of a gossip columnist that uses anonymous quotes to sensationalise his reporting of this story.
  5. st three years that Bbb and Tmac will suffice is based on sheer hope and not past reality. We are still lacking tall fwfs and God help us if Petty goes down again. He's got to get up first.
  6. Thought we were 15 goals down with the comments
  7. Probably good to own it but as one famous coach said , it's later than you think!
  8. Time for Sparrow to go to the next level I reckon.
  9. It's strange I got a rejoining offer of $15 off a month for 12 months limited time to accept but haven't heard of anyone else on here receiving it.
  10. Well keep your fingers crossed because he was moving more freely than a few others we're waiting on.
  11. Actually watching Fullarton running 3/4 pace last Thursday without any sign of a limp I'd say he'd be a chance if he gets enough practise in
  12. Don't expect Petty to play, Oliver and McAdam possibly.
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