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  1. For something that was not a riot 4 people died.
  2. Has anyone actually said he is highly rated ?
  3. But didn't you say Trump will end up winning?
  4. We've had a lot of players go backwards since 2018
  5. Can't see us making top four unless Brown has a huge impact. Finals and winning a final is a must.
  6. For mine he is a player who is good on his day, but doesn't have enough of them. Probably gets in the best player list about 3 times a season, has several games in the handy, useful category but also goes missing in several games. With Brown coming in to take some pressure off it's time for him to step up. I hope he does but if not where does that leave him ?
  7. Anything other than a first round pick was always going to be an absolute steal.
  8. We'll all hold our breath for Trump to provide actual evidence.
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