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  1. I might be wrong but wasn't Bol cleared due to his B sample and that took ages.
  2. Hopeful for Petty after a full pre season, excited for Windsor.
  3. Same but sometimes he should just keep his mouth shut. Has become rent a quote.
  4. Yes that was a good half of football but can he repeat it he's not been reliable in the past.
  5. What does the weather have to do with it ?
  6. Yes the players who could barely get their hands on the ball in the first half but hey another excuse to get stuck into the coach. Wouldn't have mattered what the game plan is if you can't get the ball, not that any on here would know what it was anyway.
  7. some good points and some not so good.
  8. If we're up 18 in tackles could only be because we were second to the ball
  9. So we had no ruck, you can't tell me the tactic wouldn't have been to rove to the opposing ruck, couldn't do it. Smashed in clearance and contest or should I say obliterated. Not hard enough at the contest no tackling pressure, this allowed them to get the ball to the outside far too easily, then they were just off to the races. It takes effort to tackle , Where was the effort from last week. Then we had Lever playing like he was concussed .
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