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  1. Sad to see Gibbo go, hope he’s going onto greener pastures. Seems a genuinely good bloke and seemed a good sport with Gus and Gawny.
  2. Too late on that one, it’s being converted into a wetlands/park.
  3. This to me seems like an absolutely plausible reason, social media is toxic at the best of times but throw in racism and it’s so much worse. Some of the garbage he’s been subjected to is disgusting, if he has stepped away from the platform I say good on him.
  4. Yeah from memory that was during Gabriel Szondy’s time as president, and unfortunately our finances at the time were so dire there wouldn’t have been 2 cents to rub together to put in a bid (though that’s where government/AFL funding would have been nice to assist us).
  5. I don’t know if it’s possible but will the feasibility report of possible locations be released? Wasn’t it a multi-million dollar bit of funding to provide us this opportunity at establishing where the base could exist near to the MCG? One area that I can think of where there might be land that could be converted and be utilised for community benefits is around Port Melbourne where there could be some industrial land that we could also make into a hub for our womens team as well as a training facility.
  6. I’m genuinely at a point where I’m thinking we have no option BUT to look elsewhere from the city. We have been at this point of looking for somewhere to be near the MCG since I first started following Melbourne in the bloody 90s! We missed the boat on options that came our way, the likelihood of them coming along again is low, let’s look elsewhere. Still try to keep it near to the city (at least with a view of the city) but we are trying to find the perfect option and it might simply not happen.
  7. I won't go deep into detail but had a pleasure of interacting with Kate Roffey today, expressed to her how bloody proud I am of the club and that everything that's gone on in the last 16 months has been a fantastic ride to be a part of. She's a great operator, really down to earth in the way she speaks to the fans and the media, zero hint of an ego. I remember a few years ago there were laughs from the footy world about our lofty expectations, well here we are.
  8. Learn just enough to return to the MFC to take the reigns from Stinear for the Womens team (once he steps down as multiple premiership coach) and creating the Daisy Dynasty.
  9. I get that it’s hard delivering a speech after losing but surely you just keep it straight to the point: congrats to the winners, acknowledge your teammates and staff, quick thanks to the sponsors, and thanks to the fans. Should be no longer than 2-3min. It dragged to the point I switched off and only came back for Daisy’s speech (which went only as long as it needed to). I still can’t believe I’ve seen Demons teams with 3 premierships in the last 16 months. Bloody proud.
  10. Far out my heart is struggling after that. Well done girls, what an incredible achievement, so proud. 2021 AFL premiers 2021 AFLW grand finalists 2022 VFL mens premiers 2022 AFLW premiers We've got quite a club at the moment. No one deserves this more than Daisy.
  11. Damn this is going to be tense, first goal of the last could determine the winner. Both defences not wanting to give an inch. A but more composure and we’d be a goal or two further in front but the pressure from both teams has been immense.
  12. I think the interesting thing about this venue choice is that they will have home support advantage but they haven’t played on a match on it either, so they will be new to its dimensions and quirks in the same way we will be. I can only hope that there will be plenty of research by the coaching staff on it to determine particular points of interest and be wings to exploit at certain times. By the way has it been established if our players will get an opportunity to train on it prior to the match?
  13. So I’ll admit from the start I haven’t been following the AFLW as closely as I would’ve liked this season, but I was curious from those in the know that with the shorter season and not playing every team, which of the two clubs had the easier draw? The fact that we missed out on hosting the final by such a narrow margin makes it very interesting in that regard, though I do know there were some games that we should’ve been way more accurate in front of goal.
  14. I have to admit I’m torn on this whole stadium debacle. On the one hand Brisbane fair and square won the rights to host by just pipping us at the post for percentage. On the other hand this venue seems grossly inadequate to be hosting a grand final of a professional competition (which is what they keep pushing for). I would almost have said play the game in Sydney at Giants Stadium, that way it’s not being played at an undersized venue and incomplete ground, and the Lions aren’t playing away. I get the decision not to host it in Melbourne, much as we would’ve loved it to be here.
  15. Urgh don’t get me started on that.
  16. Honestly given his output last season I’d be really worried if the match committee were relying on him being our main focal point up forward. I like Petty in defence but I really would like there to be a serious consideration for playing him as a permanent forward.
  17. Even better I’d rather them lose after the siren.
  18. Fair call, the AFL have created this debacle and it’s them that need to wear the consequences.
  19. Apparently Cairns being considered should Brisbane win through. If the AFLW actually agree to go with it then they will rightfully labelled as a laughing stock. Crowd will be nothing, buzz will be zilch, atmosphere of a practice match.
  20. Brisbane need to accept some responsibility on this, surely they should’ve been canvassing the grounds for the potential home grand final weeks ago when they were top of the ladder. Is it the competitions responsibility to be micromanaging the teams on their ground availability?
  21. Look maybe it is going to be either of the two, but what I can tell you is I work on the broadcasting and I’ve been booked for the Sunday without being told anything about the Saturday. So if I was a betting man I’d be leaning towards that being the date.
  22. Haha very true, I should have said the one thing AFL should be making paramount is fairness and integrity. But it’s one thing they CONSISTENTLY fail at.
  23. It’s really strange, there are some rules that they seem harsher on (allowing opportunity to get rid of the ball) but then don’t punish rules the incorrect disposal enough. Something I love about women's footy though is they throw the ball up so quickly for ball ups. Keeps the game in motion as much as possible.
  24. This one I can tell you, Sunday 27th November. I hope if we win through the powers that be decide it will be in Melbourne. If so Marvel seems the best choice for all involved, we’ve never played there so in theory the turf is neutral, and it’s the best location for fans to get to. Plus there is a strong Fitzroy following in Victoria evidenced from our finals loss.
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