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  1. In relation to the delaying tactics, I want that stupid school-boy looking act of standing on top of the player where the mark would be meaning the player who’s earned the free-kick/mark had to either crawl out or be ridden like a horse be penalised immediately. Firstly it looks pathetic, the player doing it looks like a 5 year old doing play fighting with his 7 year old brother. Secondly it is easily the most deliberate act of time wasting that every team does. It looks childish and it’s a blight on the game. The umpire should communicate immediately “step back, let the player up” as soon as their up “there’s your mark, stand”. If the player doesn’t move, 50m penalty. It won’t happen but I would’ve also like to see the protected area/stand your mark rule reduced to 25m instead of 50m. Seems like such a harsh penalty for a relative innocuous rule breach. Comparatively it’s the same penalty as doing something deliberately dangerous and late. Doesn’t feel right to me.
  2. I’d say it’s a chapter that’s over and done with. Jones and Nev I think we’re the last players on the list to have played that day (I think Gawn was injured that day). It will always be in our history, can’t do anything about it except for create better recent history so it just get further forgotten. Beating the Cats 3 times in a year, once after the siren to finish top of the ladder, and another time humiliating them to get into the Grand Final, is certainly a great starting point.
  3. He’s pretty much the only player you would say is “under the pump” to perform, he will also need a little bit of luck to fall his way but this has to be his time to wrestle the second forward position away from TMac (can’t see Brown losing his spot). Him, Hunt, Tomlinson, and Melksham should be coming with the most motivation I would have thought.
  4. Well I mean the older age are more prone to getting sick, and their all due for their superannuation in the next couple of years!
  5. Dang NOW they do this!? I've just returned to Australia and would've loved this deal!
  6. Given the rate of infection now and that they are asking people to get tested so late in the days they need to allocated days where certain sites are either open 24hrs on certain days, or simply after hours (open until say 11pm). My mum had her booster shot booked for Monday, got told Sunday at 6pm to get tested because she was classified as a close contact to someone at a cafe 2 days prior. Ran around like a headless chook trying to get to a testing centre only to be 3 cars from the end of the line before they called it quits. She went first thing Monday, rescheduled her booster for the following afternoon, but didn't receive a negative result until Tuesday evening. She had to re-reschedule her booster for Wednesday morning and drove on to Canberra so they can get to Sydney to be with my brother and his wife for Christmas. I'm sick of our governments making these rules and regulations, without the infrastructure to assist people in completing them, not to mention making the rules up with little to no warning. That stress (all for a negative test which we expected because we also bought a home kit to try to calm her that told her she was negative) was totally unreasonable and avoidable if they provide the opportunities for people to get tested out of normal hours. She was in tears at stages because she was worried she'd miss Christmas. She's 73 and doesn't need this **** (not to mention the added stress it gives to everyone else). As for everyone at the B&F, hope you all get the good news of negative results. EDIT: (Apologies for the rant!)
  7. There really needs to be compensation provided for clubs that don’t get their NGA prospects. Otherwise what’s the point of doing it?
  8. 4 year extension feels right for me, that gives him 5 more years and that will take him to the latter stages of Trac and Oliver’s careers. It will see Max hand over the reins to Jacko and the next round of young boys reach their peak.
  9. Whatever he’s dealing with I hope he gets through it ok. As many have said we don’t know full details but social media can be such a strain on people’s mental health, I hope this time away from footy is good for him.
  10. Does anyone have what they scored for JUST the Grand Final. Curious to know how they rated it, and whether Trac was the coaches pick for BOG.
  11. Clarry will go down as an all time great not just of the club but of the competition. Congratulations to him and all winners of various awards. Interesting (and really good) to see that ANB won the coaches award. I remember when he got unfairly screwed by the MRO for his dangerous tackle against Adelaide last year (deserved suspension but not the length), I genuinely thought that could be the end of him. But the club stuck fat with his, he came into the pre-season same as TMac with a clean slate and rejuvenated attitude, and became the true definition of a clubman and a role player. He clearly loves the club, and is loved by his teammates. I’m more than happy to eat humble pie with my previous beliefs on what he would be as a player. The other thing to note, as you’d expect from such a great year, is the players that ended up outside the top 10. Fritta had an incredible year, Brayshaw sacrificed to play a team oriented position, Spargo always cracked in, and Jackson won the Rising star. I don’t think any of them would begrudge their positions, they ultimately got to taste the greatest victory of all!
  12. Hard to look past any Geelong win this year as they were all critical at the time. First win declared us as a strong player, second win got us the minor premiership (after the siren), final win dismantled them on prime time telly and got us into our first granny in 20 years. I can’t stand Geelong, their arrogance from players to supporters is only bettered by Essendon.
  13. I feel like there will be a few oppo fans with sour grapes that try to taint the achievement of last year. I think the funny thing is the quirk of the AFL is that it’s not unusual for the best team of the year to not win the Premiership. We defied that trend by being the best across the board the whole season, how Geelong almost snatched the minor premiership is beyond me because they were very ordinary early on. Port were pretenders. The Lion’s best was very strong but they couldn’t sustain it. Dogs were the only true challengers but [censored] the bed at the end of the season making it hard for them. There can be no doubt: we were absolutely the deserved premiers. Now comes the next challenge, backing it up as the hunted!
  14. How nice must it be for draftees coming to Melbourne thinking, “these guys have been good at nurturing and developing players”. It’s such a removal from what we were pre-Roos. Allowing young players to come into their own at a steady pace is such a beautiful thing. Hopefully this coming season they have a full VFL to get match practice and game time.
  15. In the same year and two presentations we had the first MOC not be told the ANZAC Eve medal before she went up to present it, and the second (far more important) have the MOC forget to let our coach have his extremely deserved time in the sun to have his speech. Bring back Craig Willis!
  16. Definitely wouldn’t disagree with you, I think each of them bring something different and equally important to the table. That moment in the GF that Oliver was being tackled by three doggies players and still managed to get a kick out of the congestion was absolute insanity and next level beast mode from him.
  17. I’m just watching the ANZAC eve match vs Richmond, holy cow he is just such a ridiculously cool customer. I know he was the same (if not better) in the Grand Final but he was so damn good, could’ve been as good a choice for the BOG medal as Petracca. The thing that makes him stand out above just about everybody is that he sums things up so quickly, he does these deft little taps and handballs that he knows he’s likely to cop a hit at the same time. His footy intelligence is just about the highest I’ve ever seen at the club.
  18. One of the best things about Jackson is that he is going to add at least 1-2 more years of quality football for Gawn. Bit by bit Max will hand over over ruck duties, maybe even be rested occasionally, because Jackson has proven he can handle the pressure of being the man in the ruck. Max will probably go down as a modern day great for his achievements already let alone what he could be capable of for the rest of his career. As for the chatter about player X (Gawn, Trac, Oliver) going down and we drop out of the 8. All three go down, well clearly that is the key components the engine going down so let’s see how any side goes with that. But I think if we lose one then there are others ready to step up. (IMO Trac would hurt the most)
  19. It’s obviously tricky to work out out of season by the other interesting one would be the same stats for “best 22”. Would have to imagine Geelong’s average age goes up then, the cliff is coming for them big time. I had a chat with a mate who’s a cats fan, discussing the fact of them being up there so long without the reward of a premiership. Didn’t seem to bother him much, he was quite happy just to be up there in the conversation. That home ground advantage is massive for them, I feel it’s papered over some cracks that they have. I just hope the when the cliff comes, it’s that bad that they don’t win at home and the cattery goes to half capacity of fans. (I really hate the cats!)
  20. Robbo probably didn’t give them a choice! 🤣 (To be fair he’s giving a good go)
  21. Walking up the G, seeing the sea of Red and Blue, honestly felt like the footy was back! It’s a weird event, but everyone’s having fun which is what matters. First time I’ve seen my brother in a year and half, great way to celebrate.
  22. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this, firstly I actually don’t mind the “tradition” of Blues v Tigers to open the season on Thursday. Secondly Wednesday night has got to be the least fan/family friendly hour, which means (as we have seen) fans will AGAIN miss out. At least a Friday/Saturday provides the weekend to recuperate and give kids some rest, Wednesday is ridiculous for everyone. Total fail from the AFL and I really wish Pert/the club had fought this to see passed the tv coverage numbers.
  23. I strangely enjoy watching the dogs get on top of us for that period. It reminds of just how much we had to work for this on the day. Will be interesting to see how everyone there reacts to that period, probably when the bars/food stalls will get busiest! 😛
  24. Anyone hopped off at Richmond yet? MCG gates open today or do we have to use the Swan St exit?
  25. Barassi missing out is definitely a downer on the event. He deserved this opportunity more than anyone to celebrate this moment with the fans but it’s impossible not to see him being the one to raise the flag round one next season.
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