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  1. Love this. Great finals prep.
  2. This story just a makes McNamee sound naive & gullible. Also, it’s terrible management on his behalf - he was employing people to do this and make these decisions, but he was cutting their legs out from under them. Put good people in key positions, make sure they are properly resourced, and the rest will take care of itself. Buying in a star player as the onfield saviour of the club... what an imbecile.
  3. It’d be very unlikely anyway. The only rucks taken top 20 are can’t-miss types like Natanui or Jackson.
  4. Interesting he was available. Sounds like he should have been higher on the list of a few teams.
  5. Gotta be a ready-to-go selection, but I’d favour someone who will chase and harass, contribute to our team defense & ethos, rather than any player with the seductive traits of “classy” or “damaging.” No point getting to this stage of our “window” and then loading up on projects. We need break-in-case-of-emergency types to prop up our depth. The time to make our run is now.
  6. By Hawkins nature, he’s a bloke who would apologise for bumping into you, but he does have a nasty streak & I have no doubt the contact was intentional, while the result was not so.
  7. I think I misinterpreted Richo’s poorly worded commentary.
  8. Possibly. Hopefully. But I refuse to believe that a Channel 7 commentator would word it so poorly that it would be totally unclear.
  9. Langdon AND Sparrow suffering headknocks according to M Richardson on Channel 7, potentially being sidelined for the next 12 days also?
  10. Imagine if our captain wasn’t able to play, would be huge.
  11. Yes, I expect the forward pressure stats will decline as our forward line functions more effectively.
  12. With 3 x ACLs on the board, can’t see why we wouldn’t select 3 of the most promising eligible kids, so we can put them under the microscope for for half a season, keep the gems and jettison the duds in favour of draft picks (admittedly not entirely sure of rules around the midsession draft). Can’t see this draft lasting many more years. It’s not coming close to having it’s intended effect.
  13. Haymes is the only paint left that is Australian made and Australian owned. Dulux in the last few years bought heavily into Paint Spot stores and had them remove Haymes paint from their shelves, to put the squeeze on them. No affiliation myself, but knowing this information makes me much more likely to seek out Haymes for my next project.
  14. Surely it’s the only reason you’d recruit him?
  15. Riewoldt pretending to play the role of concerned citizen and mentor, but he’s actually aiming to diminish Kossie’s edge in my opinion. Ducks and drakes.
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