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  1. Koz would have to be delivering some serious one-liners out on the field, having a father who is a stand-up comedian.
  2. Along with Luke McDonald & Jack Billings, I believe.
  3. Not being the president shouldn’t have stopped her from making significant process thus far, if she’s capable of it. Having said that, I’m confident she’ll do a better job than Bartlett, who was there mainly for his own self-aggrandisement and elbow-rubbing opportunities. Not to mention the other issues that have been bubbling along.
  4. Interesting to see Tom Morris quoting an email that never went out. Almost as if the leak was told it would go out at 10:30pm, who forewarned Morris to write a glowing article, and then the email didn’t eventuate. Comedy capers.
  5. Nice bloke, needs the money, we need the change. Win-win. And Essendon lose.
  6. Geelong have a distinct political advantage and no nearby competition to provide facilities for the community.
  7. Snobbery like this is what holds us back. Our membership base and the club itself are littered with it, and it will continue us on the same path we’ve been on for decades. We simply won’t get any govt funding for any community based facilities in the city where we are; we have already lost that battle to Richmond and Collingwood et al. We can continue to try but we’ll continue to fail. And while we’re at it, those same clubs will continue to cross the invisible lines to usurp us in the unsexy (but richly fertile) areas, and grow their membership bases bigger and bigger again with re
  8. It has to be Casey. We have to embrace Casey or else we’ll wither an die. While we have a CEO that thinks Casey is lucky to have us rather than the other way around, we’ll struggle to make anything stick.
  9. The board and Pert have been played like a harp by the state govt for years on end. We need some actually smart business operators who can negotiate this crucial need and deliver. Not a smug clown like Pert who is incapable of operating a computer.
  10. Very top heavy OBS with a lot of “managers.” Plenty of chiefs, not many indians. I wonder who was responsible for these things in the past and why the hell has it taken until now to introduce these roles if they are so vital? I’d love to see some actual results for once. Or some resources employed with a modicum of strategic thinking, rather than this shuffling of deckchairs rubbish.
  11. One voice is not enough, but suffice to say that Bartlett is on borrowed time.
  12. This board (and CEO) have completely lost my confidence. Time for an overhaul - whoever has it in them to organise a challenge, you have my vote. Couldn’t be worse than this rabble.
  13. I think I nominated Rosman as being a strong candidate for being utilised in this way in the Rosman thread, likewise Isaac Smith at Geelong. Salem might not have aimed to do this much in the past, but I could see this becoming a clear instruction for him going forward.
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