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  1. Supposedly and sadly. Horrible swing and a miss by Bartlett. Due diligence clearly not done.
  2. They’ve had stability for years and achieved squat.
  3. At times the club has thought we were close to a solution, only for it to all fall in a heap. The fact that zero progress has been made on what should be our highest off-field priority (save for ruling possibilities out) in the last 5 years is an indictment on the current board. Change is needed, and the only thing that should have held us back is a lack of quality alternative options. Lawrence appears worthy of a chance and we need more.
  4. I know little of David Rennick, but I’d imagine someone with similar experience may be critical to our chances of finally securing a training facility. And if does not come to fruition soon, heads should roll.
  5. I’d be inclined to say that his credentials are far more important than what games he attends.
  6. Clubs have pared back the staffing resources and media depts were heavily utilised during the hub, earning well-deserved holidays. We may need to recalibrate our expectations.
  7. No idea about Lawrence, but some new faces and minds are sorely needed.
  8. Learning so much in this thread! I’ve always worked off an inch being 25mm. Little did he know it was actually 25.4mm. It’s funny what you (or I) take for granted as “known facts.”
  9. Sorry to be the resident pedant, but 6 foot is 180cm on the dot, so just over in fact.
  10. I always assumed that the “Yowie” pronunciation was correct, since it’s how Gervais says it and they were mates. There you go.
  11. I think you might even find that Bowie rhymes with Yowie also, in spite of the commonly accepted pronunciation.
  12. List balance/needs pick rather than best available, imo. Welcome aboard young fella.
  13. Happy to bring in a couple of players who understand how to get front and centre, and can read the fall of the ball off a contest. Seems an unnaturally rare skill these days.
  14. GC weren’t going to use 27, so they get something for a pick that is essentially worthless to them. The issue is that GC surely could have shopped it around & received a better return from elsewhere, but then again, maybe not. Teams generally aren’t looking to pick up an extra pick this year & to trade out of next years draft. Maybe it really is the best return they could get?
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