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  1. It means the Brownlow should be disregarded, or at least not be seen as the most prestigious individual accolade in the game. I’d put more weight in a media award, but I think the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year is the benchmark. Of which Gawn has won 1, and Oliver has now won 2.
  2. I’d think Bill’s physique should develop to be similar to that of GAJ, who I think was always more athletic than he appeared. Low centre of gravity & all.
  3. Oops! I’ll see myself out...
  4. Did he? I recall him doing burnouts in the carpark at a private school we trained at. Not sure about drink driving.
  5. Not sure they’ll be able to kick enough goals if their forward line is Jackson & Fyfe. Their talk of us mis-using Jackson & not appreciating his ability as a forward would appear to be more wishful thinking than anything.
  6. Ongoing gross negligence and incompetence.
  7. obviously we valued keeping a stronger draft hand next year over what was available... or other clubs were taking the p*ss with what they were asking to trade up.
  8. So much fluff, when is this going to start?
  9. Interestingly heard Tsatas interviewed on SEN this arvo and when asked (paraphrasing) who would end up being the best of the draft class, he nominated Weddle as an impressive athlete and then Jefferson once he gets his body right. Or something.
  10. Ducks & drakes. Only exceptional rucks get taken outside the rookie draft.
  11. Surely we took so long to put the pick in so we had time to work the phones...
  12. Well, I’m surprised but in Jason Taylor we trust. I’m excited that what I was concerned I hadn’t seen from him, I now expect to see.
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