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  1. Congratulations to Kozzie!!! As to the Carlton goal; to be out, every bit of the ball should be outside the outside edge of the line. I think that means that, looking from directly above, if the inside millimetre of the ball is above the outside millimetre of the line, then that ball is still in. As much as I'd like it to be clearly out, IMHO from that photo it could possibly be either way?
  2. Hi rjay, Hardtack and anyone else interested. I'm sitting in LA waiting for the memorial to start any minute now. Will have to wait a bit to tell more about Michael. Oh BTW, think it was1969 we first met at Bill Josephs agency, not '68 as I mentioned above, along with being the first act he ever signed, though they rushed Madder Lakes album out before ours (more stories later). Cheers all, it's starting
  3. Yes MurDoc, I understand. That's just like, My problem isn't necessarily falling out of the 4th floor window, it's the sudden stop when I hit the ground.
  4. I think Oliver and Trac are fabulous and we should pay plenty to keep both. I notice when one of them passes successfully to the other, they smile, seeming to want the other to star as well. Good selfless camaraderie influences players to stay. Conversely I'd notice Viney seem to fight Clarry for the ball. (Maybe less last year?) Great to keep Oliver and Trac playing together and to always generally promote team first play.
  5. 6. T McDonald 5. May 4. Lever 3. Trac 2. Oliver 1. Harmes
  6. Thanks. Hope you enjoy it and we win. It's at 7.45pm here.
  7. Yes I tried everything a hundred ways and times without success thanks very much Fanatique. Stayed up till 6am trying. Got up the next day, did it again and it worked!?!?!? Wheee. Piece of cake! Only took hours and 11 days, 3 emails and phone calls for MFC to send the voucher code too. 🙃
  8. Hi Fanatique :) I'm hoping you or some kind Demonlander will advise how to get my watchafl working this year please? The club are useless so far. I renewed international membership March 7 and finally got my voucher code 7 hours ago (after only sending 3 emails, waiting an hour on hold to get no-one, missing the dogs game etc. etc.). Some options say the voucher isn't valid, another says it's already used, but still no watchafl for yours truly. I'm normally decent with websites, but this MFC one is full of catch 22's and inadequate navigational options, at least regarding this.
  9. Yes rjay, I loved his enthusiasm with people, very social, loved the music scene, though understood little about actual music (I have stories about that too if you're interested). Yes I loved his sense of loyalty too. One day we were chatting in his office after numerous years apart overseas. He said, "We've fallen straight into talking together how we did when we spoke every day!" His memory was fantastic. We both remembered the same details from back in the day.
  10. Haha. Good story Redleg. And exactly as I'd expect him to respond. Would he have been in 11th or 12th grade in 1968? I first met a 15-16 year old Michael Gudinski in 1968 at Bill Joseph's booking agency while seeking work for my new jazz/blues trio with pianist John Capek and my brother. We spoke awhile before he introduced Bill. So friendly, exuberant and positive throughout. Michaels last words to me that day were, "And I LOVE your Band!" Now he couldn't possibly have ever heard this latest band! We'd never done a gig, recording, TV show, nothing. So immediately
  11. Thanks mate. I'll return your text or phone soon!
  12. Hi Tim hardtack. Yes it is a shock. Back then I knew him well and was the first muso he signed to Mushroom records and Mushroom publishing. Mushroom also had easily the biggest booking agency (run by Adrian Anderson and Adrian Barker). He was very intelligent and with much energy. Even in the past decade he'd remind me to call if I wanted to bring anything out. I'm feeling a loss here. Yes he left us too soon Must crash, it's midnight here in LA. Cheers Tim and fellow Demonlanders 🙂
  13. For gods sake why don't they have someone CALL the game!! would love to check out the new players, not sure who everyone is. A commentator would be 50 times better than their guests "just talking about footy". There's a game going on! Someone please call it!
  14. I agree "rjay". It's fabulous that we've imported more footy nous, especially Williams and Yze, but Goody still makes the final decision. If Goodys' stubbornness/ego overrides our assistants good advice, we're in trouble and he'll be out. Does Goody have it in him to listen, learn and delegate etc.?
  15. I think you were correct on every count rjay! Commentators called it a stray forearm and focused on Abletts smaller injury. I found it a bit sickening.
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