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  1. Being overseas I watch games on TV and noticed that players spinning the ball in their hands a lot or looking uncomfortable before kicking, usually miss. Relaxed concentration with little or no ball spinning, more often nails the goal.
  2. 6. May. (Fabulous) 5. Lever 4. Smith (Our best forward in the game) 3. Spargo. (Wow, well done!) 2. ANB 1. Gawn. (Not one of his best, but we get used to him being so dominant) game plan: -2
  3. Curious whether you know this for a fact and why? A good source? ..or are you hypothesizing? Thanks
  4. Grundy must be SOOooo frustrated. We should be using that energy. If picked I think he might take some angry pills and show people what he really can do. Surely he cares about his future and doesn't want to go out with a whimper!
  5. More than anything I've seen for years, this whole episode seriously brings almost every part of the AFL profession into DISREPUTE! Well done AFL for failing to move towards societies desire to make our sport less barbaric while maintaining as much of its wonderful essence as possible. Well done AFL for giving soccer valid reasons to make further inroads into our unique Australian sport. This damages Aussie rules footy, a great part of our countries culture. It's sickening and should be remedied.
  6. The millisecond that Brayshaws kick passed, Maynard should have grabbed Brayshaws shoulders to absorb the impact. Instead Maynard lowered his arms and pushed his right shoulder out to transfer the full impact to Brayshaws head!
  7. Watched it a few times. He could have put his hands out to Brayshaws shoulders/ upper chest to absorb the impact with his arms, but instead he chose to put his shoulder out to transfer all the impact to Brayshaws head!!
  8. We're rattled, bombing it in long and high again 🤮 Forwards not giving options and no-one lowering their eyes.
  9. It's 2am here, game starts in 20 minutes. .won't sleep till it's over hope we start well
  10. Any flavour (maybe passionfruit) but double malt and two eggs, icecream and still runny, not like these bloody "thickshakes" they have here in the States. Happy birthday Jake!
  11. Hate to say it, but I think we have better flag chances if we take it easy today, no injuries and are in better shape for Collingwood at the G, than bursting our boilers trying to beat Sydney, who really want to win (causing greater injury and niggle chances) then the Lions at the Gabatoir.
  12. I love the Oooze and wish him all the best, but nah, I want him to stay with us and become our next senior coach in a few years.
  13. Hate to say it, but I only want this game to facilitate our not playing finals interstate. If we lose we stay in fourth place and probably play the pies at the G. If both Brisbane and Port lose, we must win to go to 2nd place. If just one of Brisbane or Port win, we must lose to avoid playing interstate, Unless the Pies lose, Brisbane win and Port lose, then we must win to play the Pies in 2nd place. Ours is the last of those 3 games.
  14. I'll guess it will be Smith sub, Tommo defense, Fritta and TMac forward, Sparrow mid.
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