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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I agree "rjay". I read lips and body language pretty well and very closely watched their defenders appearing to heavily try to get inside his head when off the ball. (Not just that mock crying taunt.) I hope he gets a little help/advice so that becomes water off a ducks back to him.
  2. Well it's 4.33 am here, I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone.
  3. He has great agility too, quick change of direction. I'm excited by Chandlers footy and agree with you all.
  4. It shouldn't be about May having the courage to tolerate short term pain, it's about potential to do more permanent damage to his recovering injury. Broken ribs, plus I think they said a cracked transverse process. That's part of the vertebra. I'd let it repair.
  5. Yeah, I was about 86.674888% sure it wasn't Oliver too. As a guitarist I was too busy cringing for my hands. Hope your bands gig goes well Tim!
  6. I hear you HT, ..but I also saw a Dee reach to pick up the ball then a Hawk kicked it off the ground in danger (no free). The commentator didn't mention it. Reminded me of school games years ago. Cheers Tim
  7. Don't underestimate how hard someone can try if it REALLY matters to them, and I think this may mean more to Grundy than anyone else. (Of course Max is much better normally)
  8. WatchAFL has 5 headings to choose from: "Home", "Matches", "Shows" (which has on the couch, first crack etc.) "Channel" which I guess is a stream of Fox Footy (having never watched it in Oz) where you can also replay some older ones such as RDB Memorial, trading days etc., and finally "Ladder".
  9. Hi 640md. I live permanently os, so never used Kayo. I use WatchAFL on ipad, phone or laptop. Works fine. Part of WatchAFL is "Fox Footy" so hopefully the Richmond will show up there. Cheers
  10. Does anyone know whether overseas members with WatchAFL can see it please?
  11. 58er, you seem to be saying that Disco Turner has a bigger body than Tommo!?! They're both about 194-195cm but Tommo is 95 or 96kg and Turner is only 87 or 88kg. I think Tommo's bigger.
  12. Really wanted the pies to lose, but must admit they seem an incredibly well coached side.
  13. Our girls are more deadly inside 50 than our men.
  14. Being overseas I watch games on TV and noticed that players spinning the ball in their hands a lot or looking uncomfortable before kicking, usually miss. Relaxed concentration with little or no ball spinning, more often nails the goal.
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