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  1. I'm surprised no one mentioned Melbourne losing the 1958 GF, then winning it in 1959
  2. 6. Viney 5. Brayshaw 4. TMac 3. Pickett 2. Trac 1. Gawn
  3. In: BBB. Out: Weiderman Especially in the first half, the ball was kicked so often to Weid and he just didn't succeed.
  4. Should win this easily. Just like we should have beaten Adelaide last year.
  5. Okay thanks Kit. Do you (or anyone) know if that means I should delete the WatchAFL app, then install it again and re-install the voucher code? Would the code work again after being used twice so far (my iPhone plus girlfriends iMac, which replays fine)? Thanks
  6. Hi FD. Since installing my 2022 voucher on my iPhone I've NOT been able to watch any pre 2022 replays. Frustrating with no footy to watch for months. Crazy thing is, older replays have worked on my girlfriends computer (though I don't watch footy at her place)!? Would love to get pre 2022 replays on iPhone though. Cheers
  7. Can I please ask overseas viewers whether they can see where exactly it will be shown on "WatchAFL" ? I see nothing on my "WatchAFL" app suggesting it will be shown at all ! (Could this be related to my being unable to get AFL replays for a few months now on my phone, yet on my girlfriends computer they show?!?) Thanks
  8. Thanks very much karthik! I hope you're correct. I see no mention of it on the WatchAFL app visible in USA.
  9. Just curious whether anyone knows of a way this game can be seen from California? Doesn't seem to be on WatchAfl nor streamed anywhere? Thanks.
  10. Most importantly, we've performed fantastically with the rules just as they are, so I'm against any rule changes right now. Who knew just how screwed we'd be in 2019 when 6-6-6 came in after our good 2018? We're rolling well, so let's not disturb our groove please.
  11. On the off chance that Nathan Jones is still there, he would be the most worthy and deserving of the honour.
  12. Just re-watched our round 23, and I give the Cats 44 point lead more credence than our great comeback. Cats didn't finish DESPERATE as they would in a final. Betting odds flatter us, we must be rested and come out blazing.
  13. Medi-sub should 100% be the best available player only. Either game could go to the wire. No sentimentality. I'm sure Nate would agree. If he's not the sub, stays in WA and we win the GF, then IMHO he'd be the most deserving, suitable person to do the Cup Handover!! I know it's usually someone more from yesteryear, but we can choose whoever we want and I think Jones is the one who most needs to be honored holding that cup whether he plays or not.
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