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  1. Yes please, commentary is just to keep eyeballs tuned in, zero analysis. Bring back Our Daisy. Selwood is a sleeping tablet. The rest apologists for the AFL. All the [censored] about players ‘ learning’ , prep for the tsunami of damages claims…
  2. Commentary dreadful, all their cash on the bombers? Give is a crowd noise feed please!!!
  3. I drove the Hume in the 80s and 90s before it became the relaxed drive it is now ( can highly recommend a break at Jugiong), very risky drive then. What was I thinking! No chance of losing concentration here, 180 kmh does tend to focus one’s attention.
  4. Headed up the Deadly Hume after watching the Dees at Casey versing The Tiges. Spent 5 days coping with 39 degrees and a tsunami of Taylor Swift fans, visited my demons supporting brother ( member) before flying back to Berlin. Beside myself waiting for this game, Go Dees!
  5. Ah, so my visit to family from Berlin will now not include a Demons shop drop in? Cant rent a hotel room or Air b and b for miles? Still dont know one of her songs, but if she gives Biden her endorsement all is forgiven…..see you at Casey on Sunday thrillseekers!
  6. Taken by the neighbors across the road in about 75, including Greg Splatt who later went on to captain Oakleigh. His dad Ron drove us all to the G in a blue Ford Falcon station wagon, got into an argument in the car park on the way out and suggested I bring some boxing gloves next time! The Splatt family are mad Melbourne, as we are too!
  7. Wilmersdorf Berliners are natural Dees supporters!
  8. Just So Melbourne ( been in the wine game all my life!)
  9. Watch AFL Ladies and Gents, but i am surrounded by Germans….
  10. Too afraid to drive this 12 y o Jazz outside of Brandenburg! ( even with the emergency rug for my knees ( or reserving seats) on board as pictured .
  11. Sorry, there are 2 in Germany, this on my wifes Honda Jazz in Berlin !
  12. Update: Tess from the club advised me my payment in October did not go through for automatic renewal, i sent her new card details and it was fixed inside 1 hour and the code for watchafl renewal supplied simultaneously ( and at the same time.., one for the buffs) cant ask for better than that!
  13. Dear Fellow International Demonlanders, anyone know if we receive a code for Watchafl like last year (came in January)? I have not seen anything yet and cant access Watchafl, therefore no Fox Footy and no cover of Match Sim I think, any clue?
  14. Mine because i was actually at the game at the Simon Eishold Goals end. Still not really over it …..,
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