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  1. Couldnt agree more. There were gaps to lead into and rarely did anyone lead. The next thing was a high kick into a pack that was swept away time and again.
  2. Hopefully no big issues with Rosman. He's been doing well in the games j have seen.
  3. The Weid is an interesting player. i saw the last half live and was, like a few other posters a little disappointed in his output, and was surprised he kicked that many (6). So why is he marked more harshly than others ? I think its because he could be so more effective if he started marking a lot of the marks he spills. He gets his hands on a lot of kicks but drops so many....it gets frustrating, probably for him as well.
  4. There were probably a lot of small reasons for not being there, plenty mentioned above such as Easter hols with people getting away, Covid, no real local rivalry (apart from Scully) and the ticketing system which is a shambles. I know a few members that would have been at the game normally but were out of town for the Easter break. It was strangely quiet on the way to the game, I come down Rathdowne St to get into the city and the traffic was very quiet. We got to the ground very quickly from the northern suburbs. Even the lady manning the cash register in the MCG food outlet commented how quiet traffic had been on the way in from Portsea. The weather was great for footy, but also great for a few days away. I counted around 70 - 80 GWS supporters in their area behind the goal, so they didn't bring many to pump up the attendance.
  5. It took a while to get there but we finally did. Melbourne finally had top people in so many positions. in recruitment, development, fitness and tactics, we seemed to have top people in those positions. Allied to those were a dose of luck with injuries (less for us and more to some of our opponents) and the introduction of an x-factor in Choco Williams to keep people on their toes and introduce a different (in my opinion) point of view. They all came together last year and provided us with players that can now be called Premiership Players. It was more about getting the right people in, then the end result will hopefully follow. Seems simple but it took us a long time to get there ....
  6. There are so many sentiments that I can identify with on this thread. Our family have been Melbourne supporters for close on 50 years. Unfortunately both parents have passed on in the last 3 years and missed the Premiership this year, which they would have loved to have seen and experienced, obviously. I still am getting used to the idea, I have had almost 50 years of thinking 'maybe next year' so it's taking time to realise it's actually happened THIS year. I still get emotional watching the last 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter despite watching it plenty of times. Like others have mentioned, I have admired and loved the efforts of great Melbourne players, however, up to now, when they were on TV etc, they're couldn't be described as premiership players which didn't quite elevate them to the status of other players in the same era, in my opinion. Now we can have those players....now we can revel in Melbourne's players having a Premiership reunion every few years, now we can have not just club champions, but competition champions.
  7. I thought the Prelim team did a great job at commentating (bennett, Mclachlan, Leppitsch etc). I'm usually yelling at the tv to tell the commentators to just shut up ! a lot of the time but enjoyed the prelim commentary. My wife came in and asked who had commentated and I couldnt tell her, so I thought that if they hadnt annoyed me for the whole game they must have done ok. BT or Eddie are nauseating.
  8. good initiative, the constant betting ads annoy me. Does anyone else see a similarity between Darcy and Neil from the Young Ones ?
  9. Hasn't taken Melbourne long to coach browns accuracy out of him.
  10. Viney out, Sparrow (or Harmes) in. I so tired of seeing Viney getting caught because he thinks he has some evasive skills, also tired of seeing him continually find the opposition with his passes, or handballing to players knees.... While we're at it, bring in someone that can work out how to get Max tapping to our players for a breakaway centre clearance, instead of the opposition.
  11. What's the point of winning the tap and constantly giving it to hawthorn...
  12. Same with viney and a number of Hawks players.
  13. I had to do that last night....Ed was over the top about evverything and just wouldnt shut up. Couldn't listen to it anymore. He just loves the sound of his own voice nonstop at a hundred miles an hour crapping on.
  14. If i click on/select the primary person on the app, the other people attached to my ticket and phone number appear in a list below. The down side is, I can't find where I can print them out to save time at the turnstile/entry into the ground. So I will have to fiddle with my phone to get multiple bar codes for the kids on my ticket. Seemingly, I also have to load Google Pay to get the barcodes on the phone. I'm not overly happy with the new process....
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