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  1. Kicked 43 goals in his second year (2013) 43 in his third (2014) 53 in his 4th (2015) then in the last two years he has moved more into the midfield and has averaged over 20 disposals and a goal a game. Not saying I rate him at a million dollars a year but he's certainly not a bad player
  2. There's no way that either of the two QLD clubs do that but man would I love that
  3. Sam McClure is reporting on trade radio that Freo are looking to trade him if possible. Obviously has had some troubles but has insanely good talent and would come super cheap. Worth a look for the right price?
  4. Dad and I just booked flights but are one membership shy. If anyone has a barcode that they won't be using and wants to help a brother out, that would be greatly appreciated!
  5. The Light Brigade in Paddington is a great pub for watching the Aussie Rules. That's where I watch it when ever the old man is up from Melbourne and we wanna grab a beer
  6. Electronic acts of high quality. He loves a gig does Jesse
  7. It's been used in the finals for about 3 years, I'm pretty sure we copied it. That being said, it suits us well so we copied it better
  8. Really want to be with you there as I reckon he will be the best player from this crop but Its really hard to win this having missed 5 games, in fact I think it has only been done once very early on if at all
  9. I absolutely agree with you, I reckon people are really forgetting Tyson's 2014, he still think he has utter star potential, supposedly played through injury a lot this year
  10. Yewwwww!! If he can play consistently like he did in that last GWS game then he can be a seriously damaging 3rd tall type for us, the guy can take a grab
  11. I love doing these, here we go FB: Jetta Dunn Garland HB: Melksham MacDonald Salem C: Watts Tyson Brayshaw HF: Petracca Pederson Vandenberg FF: Garlett Hogan Kent RR: Gawn Jones Vince INT: Viney Trengove Lumumba Harmes Depth: Pick 3 (Hopefully Parish), Pick 7 (Hopefully Curnow), Neal-Bullen, Frost, Bugg, Kennedy, Grimes, Stretch, Dawes Positives for mine are that this is becoming increasingly hard to do especially considering the fact that I can see (although maybe its real wishful thinking) Trengove getting back to becoming a really solid player rivalling our best mids). I can also se
  12. I think the people that are annoyed he is captain are just the people that assume the captain should be the best player, if that were the case then yeah Trenners probably wouldn't be captain but according to people in the club (you know, the people that actually see his leadership) can't speak more highly of him. All we see is what's on the field and if people say he doesn't stand up I have seen it consistently from him way back when he got a hitout third man up through for a behind to win the game against port all the way up until he put us in front last week, didn't hear people complaining t
  13. This is not my idea. i saw it on this article in the first comment. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/afl/more-news/draft-joust-to-secure-jack-viney/story-e6frf9jf-1226349309807 but yeah, considering apparently the compo picks can't be used for the father-son rule, what if we traded our pick 3 for a player of high quality (such as the much discussed dangerfield) and then we get to use the 2 compo picks and get viney at a steal in the 2nd round. Not my idea but i saw it and wanted to share it with you guys?
  14. I agree, i think its our job as supporters to support the club. obviously we shouldnt always be happy with what is going on but if Neeld thinks we might drop off i think we need to show him that we do love the Dees
  15. So agree, i read something today about one of the posters sons not wanting to be a demon supporter any more. A little harsh i thought. My dad has always told me that being a melbourne supporter was character building. we will do just fine in the future. hen we put in a bad performance I agree it hurts but realistically there isnt much we can do and we just have to hope for the best. We'll get there. Where are the Watts bashers this week?
  16. It can be bloody impossible to gain weight, that being said, we want strength rather than weight. If the players can be at the same weight and fitness but be significantly stronger then that sounds like a bonus to me
  17. RIP Jimmy, i wish i got to meet you, you are a true hero to so many people. To Sam and the kids, good luck with it all, he was truly a legend
  18. Classic cartoon there. Yeah, im glad Col is ok too. I freaked out when i read the headline, personally im stoked he is alright
  19. I dont get what all the fuss is about. If Col wants to play good on him let him play. its not like it is any of our choices
  20. remember his game last queens birthday match? awesome!
  21. Don't know if this has already been mentioned but this is a real offer. my mates dad is on the board or something and he told me so im pretty sure. i really hope he stays... obviously
  22. haha Rich has peaked. never thought id see someone peak in there 1st year. I admit i can't tell the future but im fairly sure he will be a star many players struggle with tags in their second year
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