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  1. It had to happen sooner or later. The Western Bulldogs have delisted Jackson Trengove (not to be confused with our former skipper Jack). He’s a 30 year old key position player who would be behind Mitch Brown on our list and therefore have no role to play at the club. However, for those with nostalgic feelings for the old days when we had a Trengove in the team and that Neeld bloke was coaching us, this could be really big.
  2. The best KP players will all go early.
  3. Geelong left with only picks 51 and 96. Wells is going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat with these picks.
  4. Eddie’s team is already making an application to the AFL for special draft assistance.
  5. Once his manager suggested that someone might pick him up as a DFA that was it.
  6. The bad news is that even less happens on the third day of the trade period than the second.
  7. Given that we’re courting 200cm Ben Brown, I would have though that our focus was already on height.
  8. They’re off an running for the 2020 Trade Period and Titus O’Reily has it all pegged out.
  9. The big news of the day on Trade Radio so far is that it looks like the Tigers are going to release Jack Higgins and that Melbourne is one of three clubs after him.
  10. Round 18: Injury List James Harmes (hamstring) — test Michael Hibberd (ankle) — test Luke Jackson (hamstring) — test Nathan Jones (quad) — 1 week Angus Brayshaw (foot) — season James Jordon (finger) — season Aaron Nietschke (knee) — season Harry Petty (groin) — season Kade Kolodjashnij (head) — indefinite
  11. Judging by the way the club has traded and drafted in recent years, I doubt that we will be holding what is currently our first pick (being Hawthorn’s R2 selection) by the time the draft rolls around.
  12. Injury List: Round 15 Michael Hibberd (ankle) – test Luke Jackson (hamstring) – 3 weeks Tom Sparrow (collarbone) – 3 weeks James Jordon (finger) – 3 - 5 weeks Marty Hore (quad) – indefinite Harry Petty (groin) – indefinite Kade Kolodjashnij (head) – indefinite Aaron Nietschke (knee) – season
  13. It's a dire need and we have to inject some of it into the team next week because the Saints have us well covered for outside mids.
  14. 6. Steven May 5. Jake Lever 4. Jack Viney 3. Christian Salem 2. Christian Petracca 1. Braydon Preuss
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