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  1. How many players usually get invited to draft night?
  2. “Every AFL draft is a high-stakes game of educated guessing and projection, mixed in with various risks and rewards. With that in mind, Brayden George is this year’s most-coveted mystery box. Scouts know he’s a powerful athlete, a leader, highly skilled, disciplined, a good character and already compare him to big-name stars Jordan De Goey and Christian Petracca. What is there not to like?” The ultimate risk v reward prospect: Why Brayden George has AFL recruiters salivating
  3. There are many ways for a club to take forward steps from one season to the next. One of them is for a player or players to have breakout seasons and show great improvement in the way they play and their influence on the team’s performance. Who at Melbourne do you think can take the next step up?
  4. Does anyone know if that tall kid from SA with the funny name is going to get drafted?
  5. Bigger than Merv Hughes - no chance.
  6. Frankly, this thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Tommo doesn't seem to have any suitors and he's a contracted player so unless there's evidence of actual outside interest, he stays. End of story.
  7. Is Melbourne doing anything? It’s some random players wanting out and a couple wanting in. The club’s like the rest of us, eating popcorn and waiting for something to happen.
  8. About Knightmare, you’re right - I was being sarcastic and in that respect, a tad clever too because, although he’s all over the place at times, he’s spot on in rating this kid highly. This thread opened with the result of the Oakleigh Chargers B & F which was won by a player who you’ve said “looks poor”. You’re entitled to your opinion but in five of his NAB Cup games he was voted their best four times and second best once. In the only other competition game he played this year - the NAB Under 18 Championship final - he was named second best for Vic Metro. In reflecting on your last sentence, I can only conclude that you’re taking the [censored].
  9. Could have reached an in principle agreement already.
  10. That silly duffer Knightmare just issued his October power rankings and put Tsatas at 4 ahead of Sheezel and Cadman. "When given space on the outside, Tsatas is an elite ball user and places his kicks out in front of inside 50 targets to run onto. He also displays an innate ability to finish around goal, particularly when the ball hits the deck." Outrageous!
  11. It would be far fetched to imagine Melbourne getting involved in this sort of deal. I don’t believe we need a Bowes so it doesn’t get beyond first base. It’s also a costly exercise to pay that much for a player we don’t need and finally, far too adventurous for our recruiting people. Forget it.
  12. Injury List: Semi Final Christian Petracca - Calf | Available Clayton Oliver - Face | Available Bayley Fritsch - Knee | Available Andy Moniz-Wakefield - Groin | Available Charlie Spargo - Throat | Test James Jordon - Foot | 2 Weeks
  13. Bad luck for James Jordon. Injury List: Second Qualifying Final Judd McVee - Ankle | Available Christian Salem - Groin | 1 Week Taj Woewodin - Concussion | Test Andy Moniz-Wakefield - Groin | 1-2 weeks James Jordon - Foot | 3-4 Weeks
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